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Umbridge Meets Her Match

"You can't get out of it" Jeremy stated "Seriously?"

"I didn't bother trying" Harry sighed "She hates me."

"She really does. He barely talked and got a week of detention" Rishi added.

Jeremy looked like he was a moment away from a nervous breakdown "Okay, okay. I can postpone for a later date. Just please, PLEASE, don't get any more detentions."

"Don't worry. I'll get out of it" Harry told him.

"Okay man" Harry and Rishi each gave Jeremy a bro-hug before the 7th year ran off. Harry and Rishi watched him run to Ravenclaw Tower, worried about their friend.

Since he was oldest remaining student, Jeremy was promoted to captain. Ravenclaw simply needed 2 new chasers to replace Roger and Randoplh. But, the responsibility of being captain wasn't for Jeremy. The beater was a great strategist but was terrible at organization and managing. Keeping track of pitch times, and statistics was a nightmare for him and it was showing.

"We REALLY gotta help him" Rishi noted as they walked to the library.

"For sure" Harry agreed "I think Vanessa is helping him out."

Rishi chuckled "You think that..."

"I think that Parvati is rubbing off on you" Harry cut his friend off, laughing.

Rishi joined in as well. Once they calm down enough to speak, Harry agreed with his friend "Yeah. I think that she does like him. She asked him to the Yule Ball, remember."

"Jeremy said that it was just as friends" Rishi pointed out before a grin appeared on his face "But, Vanessa never said anything like that."

"Oh god" Rishi said "She is rubbing off on me."

After dinner, Harry marched over to Umbridge's office. Unlike a normal student, he was quite eager for this detention. He almost skipped to the office before composing himself. He wouldn't want to give himself away.

Harry knocked on the door and upon hearing Umbridge tell him to enter, came inside. Umbridge was standing next a wooden next which had parchment along with a quill. The blood quill.

"Welcome Mr Potter" Umbridge gave him a cruel smile "You will be writing lines today. Please, sit."

Harry sat down in the chair as Umbridge continued "I thought it would be fitting for you to write 'I must not tell lies.' You will write until I feel like you have learned you lesson."

Harry made a show of looking around the desk and at the quill "Is this self-inking? I see no ink."

"You won't need ink" Umbridge told him.

Harry took more time looking at the quill as if he really did think it was self-inking. In reality, he was charming the quill in order to help himself in his plan. Harry did notice that Umbridge was getting suspicious so he asked "This is self-inking? How does it work?"

"We can get into that later" Umbridge said a little too quickly "Please get started."

Nodding timidly, Harry began writing. He also took the liberty of casting a special glamour charm on the parchment. This one would show him slowly righting "I must not tell lies."

As he finished his first line, Umbridge felt a searing pain on her back. She dismissed it as back pains and focused on Harry. The boy was probably trying to hide the pain he was feeling.

But, she felt that pain again, this time on her arm. Ignoring it, she watched a calm Harry write more and more lines. And she continued to feel more and more pain, all over her body. After a while, she couldn't ignore it.

She rolled up her arm sleeve and gaped at the sight. On her arms, were the words "I must not be a toady bitch." She looked at her legs, and saw the same phrase. The same with her back and chest. The phrase was all over her body.

Harry resisted the urge to giggle and kept on writing. Umbridge eventually rounded on the boy "What did you do?!"

"What do you mean" Harry asked innocently.

"You're using it on me" Umbridge shouted, careful not to explain what he used.

"I used what?" Harry asked "Professor, I'm just writing lines."

Umbridge grabbed Harry's arm "Come with me. We're going to the Headmaster's office."

Before she could take him away, he quickly finished his sentence and watched as the phrase appeared on her forehead.

Harry then set his arm free "Don't touch me. I will come. But, do. Not. Touch. Me."

Umbridge didn't care. She just wanted to punish the boy. She marched him over the Headmaster's office where she parked him outside, going up alone. After waiting a few minutes, the gargoyle opened again and Harry took this as a sign to head up.

Upon arriving in the office, he found Minister Fudge, and Madam Bones there along with Umbridge and Dumbledore. Harry looked at the group and then asked "Where are my guardians. I will leave unless my guardians are here."

"My boy, they are not..." Dumbledore attempted to say before Madam Bones cut him off by saying "Of course. I will summon them."

"Can you also bring Sirius and Remus?" Harry asked hopefully. Amelia nodded and floo-called them as well. Soon, the Gopals along with Sirius and Remus were also in the office.

Seeing that her time was now, Umbridge began ranting "I want that boy expelled! He used a blood quill on me!"

Harry quickly whipped his wand out "I swear on my life and magic that I have never owned a blood quill, so mote it be."

An Expecto Patronum alleviated all concerns that Harry lost his magic so Amelia turned to Umbridge "How is this possible?"

"We could look at my memory" Harry offered "That way, you can judge for yourself."

"We will do that" Amelia replied before Umbridge could budge in "I believe you have a pensieve, Headmaster?"

"We won't need one" Harry told her. Pointing his wand to his head, he pulled a wispy blue ball out his head. A flick of his wand turned that ball into a screen which displayed the detention. He moved next to Sirius, Remus and the Gopals before starting the memory.

Everyone in the room watched the detention play out, and how Umbridge got to her current state. Finally, once the memory was done, Amelia turned to them and said "There is evidence of a blood quill at play. So, Dolores Umbridge, you're under arrest."

"WHAT" yelled Umbridge and Fudge at the same time.

"I do see a blood quill" Amelia told them "The one Dolores gave to Lord Potter. So, this can not be his fault. He didn't know of you using a blood quill during the detention."

"It was supposed to go on his skin!" Umbridge yelled, forgetting all warnings of being cautious.

"So you were planning on harming him" Amelia crossed her arms "I can charge you with having the intent of punishing a minor and a Lord of an Most Ancient and Noble house. Plus, there's possession of a Dark artifact. As for why it went on your skin, that can happen when one messes up the charms on the quill."

Handcuffing Umbridge, Amelia apologized to Harry for Umbridge's actions before carting the woman off. Fudge was about to go after Amelia when Harry grabbed him. Harry then whispered for only Fudge to hear "All bets are off. I call for a vote of no confidence next meeting."

"B-but..." Fudge stammered, his face quite pale.

Harry glared at the man which ceased all attempts for Fudge to speak "You may have told everyone that Voldemort is back but you told your workers that I forced you to say that. And that led to me almost being tortured. You're a failure of a minister and not at all what our country needs."

Harry let Fudge go, who eagerly ran off to the Floo. Giving a quick nod Dumbledore, who was staring sadly at him, Harry walked outside with Sirius and Lupin. The Gopals left since Deepa Auntie had the night shift today.

"What did you tell Fudge" Sirius asked.

"I will call for a vote of no confidence" Harry answered "After all this comes out, everyone will be clamoring to get rid of him."

Sirius nodded and set off with Lupin after giving Harry some quick hugs.

The next day, Harry woke up bleary-eyed with Rishi shaking him "What the hell man?!"

"Sorry dude" Rishi shrugged "Breakfast is starting soon. Be happy that I didn't blast you with water.

Internally swearing at Rishi, Harry took his quickest shower ever and headed to breakfast. On the way down, Rishi asked him "What happened last night?"

Harry chuckled "Umbridge learned that she shouldn't be a toady bitch."

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