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After seeing their forms, Harry and Rishi began practicing their transformations. Sirius' instructions were based in how they performed transfiguration. They had to imagine their end result (in this case, their forms) and then will your object (their bodies, in this case) to transform into that end result.

They were instructed to start small by transforming a small part of their body like an arm or a leg and slowly move up into transforming their whole body. Their training got a boost when Sirius invited his niece to join them.


"So" Sirius began "I have some good news."

"What?" Harry asked curiously.

"A while back, I went to Gringotts" Sirius explained "I wanted to kick Bellatrix from the Black family and reinstate my other sister Andromeda. I invited her for that and afterwards, we went out for some food and caught up. I learned that she has a daughter, Nymphadora Tonks. And, Nymphadora is a metamorphagus, so she can transform herself to look like anyone. I invited her to work with us."

"Why?" Rishi questioned.

"Metamorphagus and Animagus training are very similar except for what you transform into. When she learned how to transform, she did many of things we're doing now. She could give very valuable" Lupin added.

"May I present" Sirius drawled as Harry, Rishi and Lupin gave him a drumroll "Nymphadora Tonks!"

"Don't call me Nymphadora!" a young voice said back. Harry then got a good look at semi-cousin. She currently had pink hair and other than that, looked a typical black.

Sirius rolled his eyes "Oh yeah. Don't call her Nymphadora."


With Nymphadora joining Sirius and Lupin in "creating more Marauders," Harry and Rishi began mastering their forms at a much quicker rate. By the time that letters arrived, Harry had mastered all his forms bar the dragon while Rishi had finished and was practicing transformation during a fight. They had also taken a trip to the Ministry to register one of their forms. Harry decided to register his horse form while Rishi went with his coyote.

They were practicing when they heard Molly yell about letters so they ran out of their room to see Hogwarts owls drop 6 letters in front of them. Each kid grabbed their letter and opened it though Rishi and Harry were much more eager than the Weasleys.

Harry's eyes widened as a badge emboldened with a "P" fell out of his letter. Rishi turned to him "Great job man!"

"But..." Harry was worried. He didn't know how his friend would react to him getting a prefect.

"Dude, I'm not mad" Rishi chuckled "You deserve it. You're the top student in the school and you've done so much for the school. There is no one else who should get it."

Harry sighed in relief. He had suspected that Rishi could be mad and was happy that he wasn't jealous at his appointment.

Fred pretended to cry after looking at Harry's badge "I can't believe it."

"Where did we go wrong with him, Fred?" George fake-sobbed.

Ron shook his letter, as if he was expecting to get a badge as well. But, nothing but his letter was in the envelope. Ron's eyes widened in shock and he ran off, with his mother hot on his tail.


Dumbledore put his face into his hands into exasperation while Molly exited the floo. He had promised Ron a prefect badge when the boy entered school. In fact, he had told Minerva to make him the male prefect.

Calling up Minerva, he waited for the Transfiguration Professor to enter the room before asking "Lemon drop?"

She shook her head "No thanks. What do you need?"

"I was under the impression that Mr Weasley would be a prefect this year" Dumbledore told her. This sentence was carefully crafted by him. He wanted her to feel guilty and that she betrayed him. This would help him get his way.

"I was not under that impression" Minerva stated "I told you that I would make Mr Longbottom a prefect."

Dumbledore silently fumed. It seemed his current tactics weren't working "I believe that Mr Weasley is a better choice."

"Actually, I believe the oppsite" Minerva said "Mr Weasley is near the bottom of his year, with those like Mr Goyle and Mr Crabbe. His grades aren't acceptable for a prefect. I have also gotten many a complaint about his table manners and I feel that he isn't responsible enough for the role. Mr Longbottom, on the other hand, is in the top 10 of his year and helps the younger students with their own work. He will be better than Mr Weasley."

"How is the boy supposed to work at the Ministry then" Dumbledore asked, still trying to make her guilty "His qualifications aren't very strong without a prefect badge."

"Even with a prefect badge, he wouldn't get one with his current grades, prefect badge or not" Minerva glared at him "If you excuse me, I have to visit a Muggleborn. Good day."

Dumbledore wished her goodbye and once she was gone, groaned. Dealing with an angry Molly Weasley wasn't very fun.

It was unanimously decided to throw Harry a party to celebrate his new position. But before then, they needed to do their school shopping. Harry, Sirius, Lupin and Rishi planned to make a quick run to Diagon Alley. They didn't have much to shop for this year. They just needed books and some new potions materials. But, that didn't stop Molly Weasley.

While the four of them headed to the fireplace, Molly walked in front of them "I will be getting everyone's supplies. Give me your vault keys."

"What?" Harry asked in disbelief. He heard her, but he was surprised that someone would say something so stupid.

"It's not safe for you to go" Molly told them condescendingly "I will buy everyone's supplies so I need your vault keys."

"Hell no" Rishi growled.

"Same here" Harry snarled "I'm not giving you my keys."

"Professor Dumbledore ordered it so..." Molly said before being interrupted.

"You have no right to demand their keys" Sirius yelled "Neither does Dumbledore. Their vault keys are their business alone! Besides, you have a history of stealing from Harry. You really think he'll give you his key?"

Upon seeing Molly's shocked face, he continued "Oh yes. We know about that. We also know about the payments from Dumbledore. We can easily tell the DMLE about it and open an investigation. But, we won't, until you force us to. So save your crap and let us go."

Sirius pushed her aside and was about to toss some floo powder into the flame when Molly muttered "With an attitude like that, it's no wonder you were sent to Azkaban."

This shocked Sirius, who despite his hatred of her, never thought she would say something like that. Harry on the other hand, expected her to "How dare you bitch!"


"You have no right to say that!" Harry yelled "He was angry! Angry that his best friend was murdered before his eyes! He went after the man who caused this, but was wrongly sent to Azkaban! Don't forget, that we can send your ass to Azkaban anytime we want. And on true charges, unlike for Sirius."

Molly was irate that he spoke to her like that and tried to voice it "How dare you..."

Harry was done with her "As Scion Black, I ban Molly Weasley, Ronald Weasley and Ginevra Weasley from any Black property so mote it be."

Suddenly, all Molly, Ron and Ginny's things were outside the house, along with the people themselves. Turning to the Twins, he told them "You can leave if you want. I won't hold it against you two."

"We're staying" the Twins said together.

Sirius, who had gotten out of his shocked state, hugged his godson "Thanks pup."

"No problem Padfoot" Harry hugged him back "It was my pleasure."

After that inconvenience, everyone got their supplies with no hassle. Molly, of course, was incensed that Fred and George didn't leave after they were kicked out but they simply reminded her that they were of age and could do anything they pleased.

Dumbledore was also mad that they threw the Weasleys out. He had come to chew them out but Sirius told him of Molly's actions and that he had every right to do so. And once Dumbledore found out that Harry himself threw them out, he left it alone as he didn't want to make Harry mad (or at least madder) at him.

The next day was their return to Hogwarts. After apparating to the platform and wishing everyone goodbye, Harry and Rishi got onto the train and into their usual compartment. And within a few minutes, found themselves surrounded by all their friends and bombarded with questions.

"What forms did you get?"

"Can you use all of them?"

"How long does it take?"

"When can we start?"

"How many forms do you have?"

Harry held up his hands, trying to placate his eager friends "Guys! I need to go to the prefect meeting right now. We'll fill you guys in when I get back."

Harry gave Daphne a kiss on the cheek and left the compartment, with Hermione, Draco, Parvati and Neville following him. Those 5 all headed to the prefect compartments while Rishi, Padma and Daphne stayed behind, unsure of what to do.

The 5 new prefects arrived in the carriages and waited to see who their fellow prefects would be. It was a tad bit of a letdown. Pansy Parkinson sneered at Harry upon walking into the compartment. She also gave Draco a look which suggested that she wanted to drag him into a broom closet at that very moment. Next came Ernie Macmillan and Susan Bones. Harry was not a big fan of either and didn't care much for them. Since most of his friends were prefects, he could do rounds with them instead of the two 'Puffs.

"Hello everyone" the Head Boy said once all the prefects were here "I am Zachary Donald, this year's head boy. To my right is Penelope Padgett, your head girl. To all our old prefects, welcome back. To our new prefects, congratulations. Now then, let's get started."

Penelope continued their joint speech "Today, we will review your responsibilities and then hand out patrol schedules. Let's start with your responsibilities. You must always be respectful to everyone. We set an example for our school and house and you have to take that seriously. After the sorting today, you must lead your students to the dormitories. We expect the 7th years to lead them while the 5th and 6th years make sure no one is falling behind. You also have to patrol the hallways and the Express."

"You will paired with a partner for patrols" Zachary said "Don't let petty rivalries get in the way of a good job. We will allow you to pick your partners but you must take it seriously. We don't want to see you diving into broom closets just because you can be out past curfew. If we catch you repeatedly breaking the rules or not taking your duties seriously, we will recommend that you be stripped of your badge."

"Now, you can choose your partners. They're not permanent, don't worry. If you feel that a change is needed, let us know and we'll swap you. We recommend choosing someone from your year but it's up to you. So, go ahead and pick."

Seeing Pansy walk towards him, Draco quickly paired with Neville, afraid to be stuck with the pug-faced girl. Harry paired with Parvati, since he knew that Parvati and Pansy would fight on patrols and didn't want her to lose her badge. Hermione swiftly asked Susan, who accepted. Taking a closer look at the two Hufflepuffs, Harry noted that Susan looked angry at her housemate.

Hermione walked up to Harry and whispered in his year "Sorry about that. It's just..."

Harry cut her off and whispered "Don't worry about it."

Hermione gave him a quick smile and walked next to Susan. Once all the pairs had been decided, Zachary waved his wand at a paper and then reproduced it for every prefect "These are your schedules. You patrol the hallways after curfew 4 nights a week with your partner. Use today as time to practice. Get to know your partner and settle the minor disputes that may come up. Find us if anything major occurs like wands being drawn or a fight. Now go on and make Hogwarts proud!"

Since Harry and Parvati were assigned the first patrol, they headed out first. As they walked to their area, Harry told her "I'm sorry that Rishi isn't a prefect."

Parvati laughed "Don't worry. I'm not heartbroken or anything. Besides, if he was prefect, he probably wouldn't want to clean closets during rounds. Either way, I can wait for 7th year."

"What happens in 7th year?" Harry asked, genuinely curious.

"Since we're all of age, we can leave Hogwarts during downtime." Parvati explained.

Harry's eyes widened which caused Parvati to chuckle "Should I be worried for Daphne?"

The two of them had a very nice patrol, talking about old events, plans for the upcoming school years, and Rishi's mistakes. And between his best friend and girlfriend, there were a lot of screw-ups to talk about.

They didn't run into many problems during the ride. Only a first year pureblood bullying a first year muggleborn but Harry settled that by separating them and warning him that he'd dock house points in the future.

Their patrol lasted 30 minutes so they got to stay with their friends for the remainder of the journey, where Harry explained the Animagus training and promised to teach them during their breaks, which placated them. As Rishi and Harry described the thrill of your first full transformation, the train pulled into Hogsmeade station. The group got down and strode to the castle, eager to let their fifth year begin.

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