The Stand @theactualrealone
The Animagus Potion

"Are you two ready?" Sirius asked.

Both Rishi and Harry nodded so Sirius continued "We were going to do the method that we used to be Animagi but we learned of a better method."

"Really?" the idea of a unusual method excited Harry "What is it?"

"Rishi, would you like to explain?" Lupin gestured to the rising 5th year.

Rishi took a deep breath and began talking "In India, my family is known for working with animals. We run multiple reserves out there and do stuff like breeding. One of my ancestors realized that if we could communicate with the animals, our lives could be easier. Of course, you can't speak the language of a certain animal. Or else, parselmouths wouldn't be as feared. So, they came up with a method of becoming animagi. Except this time, you have multiple forms. That way, they could communicate with a variety of animals."

"What differences are there?" Harry questioned.

"A lot of it" Lupin said "There's no mandrake leaf, no dew, no storm. You make a potion which allows you to see all your possible forms. After that, you have to practice transforming."

"It's a hell of a lot safer" Sirius told them.

"Then why don't people use it" was what Harry asked next.

"It's in my family grimoire" Rishi explained "It's also really useful to have that advantage."

"The rules state that you must register a form" Sirius grinned "Not multiple."

"How many forms will I get?" Harry asked. This way had surpassed all of his meager expectations.

"An average person gets 2" Rishi answered "Some get 3 or 4 and two people have gotten five."

"Well then, let's get started" Lupin rubbed his hands together "You two have to make your own potions since it relies on blood of the individual."

The four of them were prepared to stop but heard the Floo. Realizing that an Order meeting was today, they left their work for another day.

Out of the Floo came Dumbledore. They were expecting him to arrive early, even if it was 6 hours early. What they weren't expecting was the entire Weasley family to be with him. Sirius voiced his shock "Dumbledore, why are they here?"

"I wish for you to take them in" Dumbledore said, eyes twinkling "They are known to be prominent Light wizards and I fear that they could be targeted by the Death Eaters."

"Fine" Sirius said "But, if they cause problems, they will leave. We have important work and can't take the time to solve problems."

"That is understandable" Dumbledore conceded "I will leave to let them to settle in. See you soon."

Dumbledore left through the Floo and an awkward silence came to be. Finally, Molly began talking "Now then! Let's get everyone into a room! Ron and Harry can bunk together while..."

Sirius held up his hand "You forget your place, Molly. This is MY house."

"Oh, of course" Molly said "But, I am much more experienced to..."

"Let's get this out of the way" Sirius growled "This is MY house. You need to remember that. When I'm in your house, I respect YOUR rules. But now that you're here, you respect my rules! Do you understand?"

Molly looked irate that someone dared to stand up to her but Arthur cut in before she talked "We understand Sirius. Thanks for welcoming us in."

Sirius clapped him on the back "Of course Arthur. So, let's get bedrooms out of the way. We have enough rooms for you all. Molly and Arthur can share one together since they are married."

Fred raised his hand "Lord Black..."

"May we..." George continued.



"Room?" They finished it together, causing Sirius to laugh.

"I like you two" Sirius grinned "Of course you can. Ron can sleep alone as can Ginny."

"Won't Ron get lonely?" Molly whined.

"Okay, Ginny can bunk with Mundungus" Sirius said "He's considering staying."

"Absolutely not" Molly shrieked.

"But, won't she get lonely" Sirius asked innocently which helped the dim-witted Matriarch get it for once.

Harry sighed. This was going to be a long summer.

That became even more evident when the Order meeting came around. Sirius had invited Harry to sit in due to his involvement in the fight against Voldemort and Harry accepted. But the moment Harry stepped in, the bomb known as Molly Weasley went off "What is HE doing here? He can't be here!"

"He's here because I say so" Sirius glared at her "He's the one He-Should-Not-Be-Named is after and besides that, he's done more to fight him than most people including you."

"That isn't true!" Molly hissed.

"Oh really" Harry laughed "So, you've fought a younger version of him, survived a kidnapping attempt by Voldemort himself and much more?"

Molly gaped "B-but..."

Fred and George also walked in which snapped Molly out her shock "What're YOU doing here?"

"We want to be here" Fred said "And, we're of age so you can't throw us out."

Molly steamed at their refusal to listen to her and sat down. Dumbledore walked in and was surprised to see Harry "What is he..."

Harry put his face in his hands. This was getting annoying real quick.

If possible, the Weasleys became WORSE after the Order meeting.

Harry, Rishi, Sirius and Lupin spent most of their time working on the animagus potions but the Weasleys found that rude. They tried to rope the four of the into cleaning until Sirius reminded that them he had house elves for that. And he threatened to throw them out which helped.

That didn't mean that they weren't annoying. Molly insisted on cooking which made Kreacher wail. After Sirius revealed to be against the Weasleys, who were blood traitors, Kreacher liked him more. And when he found out that he couldn't cook, he was irate with Molly. He verbally beat down the woman until she let him cook. Kreacher also put up elf-wards which banned Molly from the kitchen, which was downright awesome.

Ron and Ginny were also nuisances. They wouldn't leave Harry and Rishi alone to work, whether it be on schoolwork or the potions. All they seemed to think of was the opposite gender and Quidditch.

Once, to shut them up, Rishi and Harry played a game of Quidditch with them and Fred and George. One beater, one chaser, and one keeper. First to 200 points, wins. The Weasleys minus Fred against Harry, Rishi and Fred.

It should've been a blowout for the Weasleys. George was a top beater. Ginny trained to be a chaser and Ron did so as a keeper. Harry was trying to play chaser and Rishi was trying keeper. Instead, the Weasleys were obliterated. Ron was somewhat competent in the beginning but Fred quickly trash-talked Ron into a failure of a keeper. Meanwhile, Rishi held Ginny to only 2 scores while Harry feasted on Ron.

After that, the Weasleys never asked to play again which made Harry and Rishi very happy. Even Fred and George didn't want to play Quidditch. Unlike their brother, they were working on creating products. Sirius and Harry had invested in Weasley's Wizard Wheezes and became partners with them. They would fund the Weasley Twins' research and when they went into business, 40% of profits would go to Lord Black and his heir.

The distractions made it harder, but they managed to finish their potions. They would enter their mindscapes for the forms.

Rishi threw Harry a playful look "Bottoms up?"

Harry laughed "No doubt."

They lightly hit their vials, then chugged the potion together.

Rishi saw nothing. It was quite odd but that feeling vanished quickly. He found himself in a foggy environment. It was like he was on top of clouds but the clouds were darker, a gray color.

He tried to move around, learn about this new world he was in. He found himself unable to move. He was almost planted into the ground. He then began looking around from his current spot, but found nil. It was annoying.

Then, he saw figures emerge from the fog. He couldn't get details but he could see shapes in the fog. By his count, he saw four.

The first to emerge from the fog was the coyote, his patronus. He was expecting this one. He petted the coyote and felt a rush go through his body. He felt more powerful though he didn't get how.

The next animal he saw didn't walk to him like the coyote; it flew. A falcon swooped down from above. Rishi almost ducked in instinct but on a whim, let the falcon reach him. It landed on his shoulder and he felt another surge of power in him.

The one after the falcon surprised Rishi the most. Wagging its tail, a dog came out of the fog. It ran to Rishi joyfully and began licking him repeatedly. In response, Rishi rubbed it behind the ears. He always wanted a dog but his parents were worried about whether he could manage it. Eventually, he stopped asking. As he rubbed it, he felt yet another surge enter his body.

Finally, he saw the final creature escape the fog. It was bigger than the rest combined. It was an elephant. It stomped its way to a stunned Rishi. Unlike the others, Rishi didn't pet it quickly. He took a minute or two to overcome his shock at the elephant's size. Finally, he petted the elephant, and felt that familiar surge of power in him. Then, he came to.

Harry also found himself in a foggy area. Unlike his best friend, he didn't attempt to look around. He simply took a deep breath and waited.

The forms came much quicker for him. By his count, he had 5 forms, which excited him a lot due to its rarity. That excitement then turned into curiousity regarding his forms. Luckily, that curiosity didn't have to wait to be satisfied.

Like Rishi, the first animal which came to Harry was his patronus, the panther. However, unlike Rishi, Harry's first move wasn't to pet the animal. He stared at it, waiting for it to do something first. Despite this environment being harmless, he wasn't going to jump into it headfirst. Harry planned to analyze it first, then act.

The panther apparently got bored of Harry not doing anything, and put its neck under Harry's hand, as if it was demanding to be touched. Harry sensed that he had to so he touched the panther. He felt a jolt of power enter his body, a bit like when the goblins broke the blocks on him.

Harry began looking at the horizon, waiting for another animal to come from the fog. As he watched, an animal did walk towards him. But, it picked up speed quite quick. It appeared to be a thoroughbred horse. In Harry's mind, it was quite beautiful. Its coat was brown but Harry suspected that when transformed, it would be black. And when Harry felt its mane, more power entered his body.

The next animal flew down from that foggy sky. It was a raven which caused Harry, a Ravenclaw, to break down into laughter. He could only imagine Flitwick's reaction if he learned of this form. The raven circled Harry for a minute, like it was judging him, seeing his worth. It must've found him worthy as it perched itself on Harry's shoulder, sending more power into him.

The next animal Harry saw scared him a bit, until Harry remembered where he was. It was a bear. The bear took a moment to look at its surroundings before going over to Harry, who stared at it. The bear stared back, creating an awkward time, until Harry patted the bear on the head, sending yet another surge of power into himself.

Finally, Harry waited for his last form. He expected it to be more of the same. He was kind of hoping for a stag or doe, so he could have a form similar to one of his parents. But, he honestly doubted that would happen. And he was right. It didn't happen.

Like the raven, it came from the sky. And when it did, it scared Harry better than any bear could ever manage. It flew around the foggy sky for a bit, as if it was trying to increase Harry's fear. Finally, it came down, giving Harry a chance to be face to face with a Hebridean Black Dragon.

He knew about them of course. He did a bit of extra reading regarding Care of Magical Creatures and they came up in a section regarding dragons. They were one of two breeds to be native to Britain. And in Harry's opinion, they were quite beautiful. They had purple eyes and dark, rough scales. Harry bet that they'd be a hell of a fight with those and their bat-like wings. Their tail had an arrow-tip which would probably be very useful for fights. In short, it was amazing.

Taking a deep breath, Harry touched the dragon between the eyes. He then felt the strongest surge of power yet enter his body. Then, he came to.

Harry woke up with a start and looked around. Rishi was beside and based on his position, he guessed that his friend had been up for some time. Harry didn't say anything to him and just took deep breaths.

Once he had the energy, he asked "What did I miss?"

Lupin shook his head "Nothing. We decided to wait for you. Beats saying everything twice."

Harry nodded and looked at your friend "What're your forms?"

"Coyote, falcon, dog and an elephant" Rishi answered.

"A dog" Sirius grinned wildly "I knew I always liked you."

"Uh thanks" Rishi said "What about you, Harry?"

Harry grinned like his godfather "Panther, horse, raven, and a bear along with a Hebridean Black."

Rishi, Sirius, and Lupin gaped before grinning just like Harry.

"This" Sirius gestured to the four of them "This is going to be VERY fun."

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