The Stand @theactualrealone
The Aftermath

"Are you going to fucking leave him there" was the first thing Harry heard upon his return "You all are fucking cowards."

"Awwww" Harry said, causing Cedric to swing around furiously "Didn't know that you cared that much."

Cedric rushed forward and hugged Harry "Oh thank god, you're okay. Come on. We gotta get you to Madam Pomfrey."

"I wish to speak with Mr Potter" Dumbledore interrupted "My boy, if you'd..."

"I am not your boy" Harry cut him off "And I need medical assistance."

"As do I" Cedric added.

Dumbledore couldn't argue with that and let Pomfrey take the two Hogwarts champions away to the Hospital Wing. She did everything but threaten them into the beds and after applying potions to them, went to keep Dumbledore and the Ministry away.

Cedric turned to Harry as soon as she left "Now spill. What happened?"

Harry was worried "Are you sure that you want to know? There's a lot at play here and some stuff that you don't know."

Cedric still nodded so Harry began explaining "Peter Pettigrew used my blood to bring Voldemort back. It was all planned by some death eater at Hogwarts. However, Voldemort never said who."

"It was Professor Moody" Cedric told him "They caught him during the tournament. I found out when I returned."

"Do they have him?" Harry asked.

"They gave him the Kiss" Cedric moaned "They truly are dumb."

Harry sighed "Anyway, Voldemort wanted to fight me but I managed to escape."

"So, he's back" Cedric's eyes widened.

"Yes" Harry said "But, you need to follow my lead. Like you said, the Ministry is REALLY dumb. They'll try to avoid saying that he's back and discredit the both of us. We can't just yell at them. We need to provide evidence. Which, I have."

Madam Pomfrey finally couldn't keep them all at bay and the Ministry stormed in along with Dumbledore. Harry gave them a smile filled with mock joy "Hello Minister. How may we help you?"

Fudge growled at the boy "Dumbledore is telling us a tale that He-Should-Not-Be-Named is back! Is this true?"

"Yes" Harry stated "I saw him brought back to life."

Fudge shook his head "That is a hallucination and..."

Harry laughed "Fudge, Fudge, Fudge... are you saying Lord Potter is lying?"

This caused Fudge to back up hurriedly "No... I'm not... I'm just saying..."

Harry raised his wand "I swear on my life and magic that Lord Voldemort was brought back to life, so mote it be."

"Expecto Patronum" Harry raised his wand as his panther emerged from the wand, frightening Fudge, who looked at Harry, surprise evident in his face.

"So, am I lying?" Harry shrugged "Besides, you can choose to ignore that. But, I will deliver my evidence to Wizengamot and call for a vote of no confidence in you. I don't think you want that."

Fudge may have wanted to ignore all this but couldn't ignore losing his job, however unintelligent he was "Yes, yes. I suppose Voldemort may be back."

He tipped his bowler hat to his fellow wizards and left the room, scared out of his wits. Dumbledore also left the room, but not before throwing Harry an annoyed glance.

Once they were gone, Harry's family broke into the room. They all took turns hugging him and when Mr Gopal had delivered the final hug, Sirius asked "What happened?"

Harry explained what happened and Lupin nodded in approval "Good job. Swearing an oath was a smart idea. If he continues, swear it again and show them a memory of the event in question."

Sirius nodded "Dumbledore was going to take action. He wants to reestablish the Order of the Phoenix."

"Isn't that Dumbledore's vigilante Light side group?" Harry asked. Sirius had told him stories of him and James while they were in that group."

"Correct" Sirius replied "Me and Lupin will rejoin."

When everyone else looked shocked, Lupin elaborated "Keep your friends but your enemies closer. We are in a difficult spot here. We're anti-Voldemort but also anti-Dumbledore. We need every advantage we can get. If we join the group, so be it."

Sirius rubbed his hands together wickedly "Besides, he asked to use MY house for meetings. I hear EVERYTHING they say while inside my house so, we can easily gather information."

"We have to go now" Mrs Gopal said "Stay safe. We'll talk when school is over."

Harry's family left the room after that. Harry then decided to sleep and rolled over. That put one Cedric Diggory into his view, who simply laughed "Wow."

"Finally, we have our head boy speech" Dumbledore said during the final feast of the year "May I present, Head Boy and Winner of the Triwizard Tournament... Cedric Diggory!"

Cedric smiled and went up to Dumbledore's podium. Every year, the head boy and girl gave speeches at the end of the year. And this year, they also asked him to combine it with the winner's speech for the Triwizard Tournament. He was supposed thank everyone for his victory and also talk about what being a Head Boy taught him.

"Well, I don't think many Head Boys had to combine two speeches into one" Cedric chuckled "I think that already sets me apart."

Everyone chuckled a bit as Cedric continued "I'll start with all the thanking I need to do. I'd like to thank my dad. I couldn't have done without him. I'd also to like to thank the professors of Hogwarts too. They taught me so much over my 7 years and without that, I would've died in an instant. Harry Potter also deserves thanks from me. He warned me about the dragons and gave me time to prepare. My house treated him like shit and he never blamed me for it. Even when I apologized for them, he told me that it shouldn't come from me. He's a great guy, and I can see him giving this speech one day. Finally, I'd like to thank my wonderful girlfriend Fleur."

A select few in Hogwarts were shocked by this. They thought that Fleur and Cedric just hooked up for the Yule Ball. Cedric grinned at the few stunned faces "The best part of this year was meeting you. This tournament may have been crazy, but I would do it all again just to meet you. I can't wait to spend more time with you."

Fleur smiled at that. She was planning on staying in Britain for her Mastery in Transfiguration. Cedric also planned to stay in Britain and both were excited with what would come.

"Now, I have to talk about my year as Head Boy" Cedric said "I learned a lot from it, that's for sure. I became better at leading, being quick on my feet and problem solving."

Cedric sighed. Here came the tough part "But, I also learned that life isn't as straightforward as you could think. Especially with people. Until this year, I believed the Hufflepuff was the best house. We were loyal and kind to all. I couldn't think of better qualities to have in people. Now, I'm not sure. Hufflepuff has proven that they aren't always loyal and kind. They were rude to a boy who saved them time and time again. They praise him, think of him as a hero but insult him at any available chance."

The Hufflepuffs' faces paled. Was this really what their leader thought of them. Cedric smirked once again "The houses are truly irrelevant. I don't understand why so many people allow these rivalries to take place. I've seen Slytherins who act rashly and Gryffindors who act cunning. The houses are just ways to build conflict. We need to understand that, in the end, we all are in the house of Hogwarts. We can't argue or fight. We must stand together. Thank you."

Cedric got down from the podium to applause from all the houses.

"Well this was interesting" Draco summed up as they relaxed in the Hogwarts Express.

"For sure" Rishi laughed.

"So, he's back" Daphne asked her boyfriend "He's really back."

Harry nodded "He's back. Voldemort is back."

"D-did you see my..." Draco stumbled over his words, afraid to know the answer.

He got a nod from Harry which caused Draco to look downwards, worried out his mind. It was all coming to quickly for him. He thought he would have years to make this choice. He did not have those years.

"Hey man" Neville hugged Draco "It's going to be okay."

"What are your summer plans" Hermione asked. She wanted to distract Draco.

"Me and Rishi are spending the summer with Sirius and Lupin" Harry answered "The only downside is that Dumbledore's Order of the Fried Chicken will be staying there. So, I'll have some fun pissing them off."

"There's also Sirius' animagus training" Rishi said "He'll teach us in the summer. We'll try to teach you guys during the school year."

"Speaking of which" Harry remembered a question from earlier "Why did you make him talk with your dad?"

Rishi chuckled "You'll find out soon Mr Potter."

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