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The First Task

The day after the Weighing of the Wands, Dumbledore was having a bad morning.

He thought Harry would take the abuse from other students badly, and would come to him for guidance. That would bring Harry under his wing and firmly in the light side.

Now, he wasn't so certain with that plan. None of Harry's friends left him so Harry was fine. And when Harry was attacked, he fought back. They guy wouldn't let someone hurt him.

And now, he had the issue of the dual cores. He expected for Harry to get the holly and phoenix feather wand. That was supposed to be the plan. Instead, Harry had a combination of two wands, which meant that his and Voldemort's wand may not be connected.

Dumbledore's thought were interrupted when a letter arrived. Upon seeing that it was red, he applied silencing spells on his room and opened it.


With that, the letter dissolved into ashes, leaving a frightened Dumbledore in its wake.

It was mere days before the first task when Fred and George popped up in front of Harry "Hiya Harry!"

Harry gave them a small smile "Hi guys. What's up?"

He suddenly found himself being dragged away by the twins, who simply told him "We need to talk."

Once they were in a secluded classroom, Harry stared at the twins "Spill."

"We got a letter from our brother, Charlie" Fred began.

"Charlie works in Romania, with dragons" George's eyes gleamed "In his letter, he mentioned that he would be coming to Hogwarts for the first task."

Harry started realizing what they meant as Fred continued "If Charlie is coming, then the task has to do with dragons. So when Charlie arrived, we went down to say hi and overheard him and his coworker talking."

"Apparently, you need to get past a nesting mother dragon in the task" George finished.

Harry grinned "Thanks guys. I'm going to go tell Cedric."

"Why would you tell him?" Fred asked.

"His house has been jerks to you" George added.

"Cedric's been nice" Harry answered "If he sees someone being idiots, he tells them off. He believes me about the Goblet and I thank him for that. Besides, who's going to tell him? Teachers can't help and I don't see anyone from Hufflepuff figuring it out."

Fred nodded "Make sense."

"Bye Prongslet" George and Fred said in unison as they left the room. After they left, Harry raced to find Cedric. He eventually found him in the library. He moved to get to him, but was blocked by Hannah Abbott, Susan Bones, Zacharias Smith and Ernie Macmillan.

"What do you want Potter" Zacharias snarled.

Harry rolled his eyes "I have no business with you. So move."

"We're not going to let you hurt our champion" Hannah crossed her arms, trying to look tough. In reality, none of them did.

"Look, I'm trying to help him. So let me pass or else..." Harry growled.

Susan laughed "Or what Potter?"

By this time, Cedric saw the confrontation and walked over "What's going on?"

Ernie pointed at Harry "He was going to attack you but..."

"I figured out the First Task" Harry told Cedric, ignoring his yearmates "I figured I should tell you. But your buddies here decided that threatening would be better. Even when 3 of them aren't even in the top 30 of our year."

Cedric glared at the younger Hufflepuffs "I swear..."

Harry gave Cedric a sweet smile as he pulled him over to a secluded area "First off, the first task is about dragons. We have to get past one. Second, I'll handle them. I figured out a few things that'll teach them consequences."

Cedric smiled "Thanks. I appreciate it."

Harry patted the taller boy on the back "No problem, man."

On the day of the first task, Harry could confidently say that he was nervous. He had multiple plans for fighting the dragon but he wasn't sure which he would need. He had a plan A, plan B, plan C and a plan D though he wasn't super confident in any of them.

When the time came, Harry and the other champions were escorted to a tent in the forest. Once they all arrived, Bagman began talking "For the first task, you have to steal a golden egg from a dragon! To decide the order and which dragon you will face, dip your hand into this bag."

Every champion reached their hands into the bag and all of them emerged with a dragon. Cedric got the Swedish Short-Snout and the honor of going first. Fleur would go second against a Common Welsh Green. Krum would go after her, fighting an Chinese Fireball. Finally, Harry would go and fight a Hungarian Horntail.

When he pulled his out, Harry got lots of sympathetic looks from his opponents and teachers alike. He shrugged those off however and focused on the task. He wished Cedric luck as the Head Boy went to fight this dragon. Sadly, Harry could not see the action from here, but was treated lots of visual effects, such as dragon roars and gasps.

Cedric returned after a while, his face burnt. As Pomfrey tended to him, Cedric told his tale "I turned a rock into a dog to distract the dragon. It worked but only for a bit. Eventually, the dragon focused on me again and burnt me. But, I got the egg."

Harry congratulated Cedric as both of them listened to Fleur's fight. She too came back in a bit burnt, though it was her skirt. Once she was seated, she also explained her plan. She put the dragon to sleep and it stayed that way. However the dragon snored a bit and sent a bit of fire her way.

Krum came in moments after she finished her explanation. Then, it was Harry's turn.

"Finally" Bagman announced "Facing the feared Hungarian Horntail, we have the Boy-Who-Lived, Harry Potter!'

The crowd cheered which caused Harry to smirk. Everyone was perfectly willing to bully him until he had to be a hero. He found that disgusting.

Harry watched as they brought the Horntail out for the fight. Once the handlers were away, Bagman yelled "Begin!"

Much to everyone's surprise, Harry didn't do anything. He simply walked over the dragon and said "Hello mighty dragon. I am Harry Potter."

People began whispering when Harry said this. Bagman then tried to fill in everyone's gaps "I believe Mr Potter, who's reportedly a Parselmouth, is using the language of the snakes to speak with the dragon!"

"A speaker..." the dragon hissed "I haven't seen one in ages."

"Yeah, we're pretty rare around here" Harry laughed "I need a favor."

"What is it?" the dragon questioned.

"First, what is your name?" Harry asked. He felt quite weird calling her dragon right to her face.

"My name is Charlotte" the newly dubbed Charlotte answered.

"Well Charlotte" Harry began "May I have an egg of yours?"

"You may never have my eggs!" the mother exclaimed.

Charlotte looked ready to attack him so Harry held his hands up "They have placed a fake among your real eggs. The golden one. Check it."

She did as Harry asked and looked at it. She seemed to gasp upon smelling it "It is fake! Liars!"

"They wish for me to have the egg" Harry explained "May I have the egg? I don't wish to fight."

"I see no value in it" Charlotte hissed "You may have it." Using her tail, Charlotte picked up the egg and handed it to Harry, who smiled.

Bagman gasped "I don't believe it! Harry Potter convinced the dragon to give him the egg! This is amazing!"

Harry smiled "Goodbye Charlotte."

"Goodbye Harry Potter" she replied "It's nice to know that not all humans are bad."

Clutching the egg, Harry walked back into the tent. And much to everyone's surprise, he was completely fine. No scratches anywhere.

Cedric grinned "How'd you manage this?"

"I had a conversation with the dragon" Harry shrugged "Nice lady."

"Vot are the scores" Krum asked, when all the judges came into the tent.

"Harry is in first with 44" Dumbledore answered "Next is Krum with 42. Followed by Cedric with 39 and Fleur with 37."

Bagman rubbed his hands together "Congratulations to all of you. Marvelous job! Now, the next task will be in Febuary. But a clue about it can be found in that egg you all have."

The judges left the tent and moments later, the champions did too.

While Harry was competing, his friends were laughing the stands. Everyone had to struggle through their task but Harry simply had a conversation with the dragon. It was honestly a very funny moment. They even bet on what he would do, which Daphne won. The task was a fun occasion until the 'Puffs showed up.

Ernie, Susan, Hannah and Zacharias marched over to them after the task "Your buddy Potter is a cheater."

Rishi growled "Say that again and what you get."

"Potter's a lying cheat" Susan snarled "How else can he talk to the dragon?"

Daphne rolled her eyes "Parseltongue? Dragons are reptiles too."

"Whatever" Hannah smirked "Cedric's still gonna win?"

"You realize that he's in third right now" Draco said.

"Shut up snake!" Zacharias shoved Draco.

Rishi laughed "I'll give you two options. Walk away or face my wrath."

The 4 'Puffs knew that Rishi was a above-average student so they chose to walk away. As they did, Rishi still took out his wand and cast something. Daphne looked at him "I thought you would let them walk away."

"I never said unharmed" Rishi smirked "A simple invisibility spell can be very effective."

Parvati giggled "You mean that..."

They looked and saw that the 4 Hufflepuffs were in only underwear "They see their clothes but no one else does. To be kind, I let them keep their underwear."

This set everyone off into laughter. As they were laughing, Harry came into view.

Daphne gave him a small smile and hugged her friend "Impressive job, Harry."

"Thanks Daph" Harry hugged her back and moved onto the rest of his friends. Once all the hugging and congratulations were in order, Draco gave a wild grin "Come on guys. Party on me. Dobby showed me this cool room."

As Draco led them to the room, Harry asked "How is Dobby anyway?"

"Dad freed him" Draco shrugged "He threw a sock at Dobby in anger. I sent Dobby here. You can have him, if you want."

"He seemed nice" Harry responded "I'll see."

After a few more minutes of walking, they came upon a wall. Draco then walked in front of a tapestry 3 times and suddenly a door appeared in the wall. The group entered and found a room which emulated a common room.

Draco spread him arms out "Welcome to the Come and Go room. Or the Room of Requirement. You simply walk in front of tapestry 3 times while thinking of what you need and it appears."

With that, Harry and his friends began celebrating Harry's success. In the middle, Padma asked a question which was on all of their minds "Can you open the egg?"

Harry grinned "Let's see."

Luna, who had watched the task with them, shook her head "You shouldn't. It looks like the egg of the merpeople."

"Aren't their merpeople in Black Lake" Hermione asked. Upon receiving nods, she continued "Why don't we place it in water then since it's a merpeople egg."

After asking the room, Draco grabbed a tub of water and placed the egg in it. Harry dunk his head in. At first, he didn't hear anything but then, he heard a song emerge from the egg.

Come seek us where our voices sound,

We cannot sing above the ground,

And while you're searching ponder this;

We've taken what you'll sorely miss,

An hour long you'll have to look,

And to recover what we took,

But past an hour, the prospect's black,

Too late, it's gone, it won't come back.

Harry brought his head back up "It sang a song."

"What was it" Daphne asked promptly.

Harry then repeated the egg's song to his friends, who then began thinking.

"We know it related to merpeople" Draco said "So, the merpeople take something you'll miss and hide it in the lake."

"And I have an hour to get it back" Harry finished "But what would I sorely miss?"

The rest of their party was not spent celebrating, but thinking of the next task.

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