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The Fourth Champion

"What the fuck is this" Harry shouted angrily "Why the hell am I in this?"

"Language Mr Potter" McGonnagall admonished "Now go to the back room."

"I have to try not to die in a very dangerous competition because you all couldn't properly protect the Goblet" Harry yelled "I think I have the right to swear right now!"

"Go Mr Potter" Dumbledore said tiredly. He didn't expect Harry to put up this much of a fuss about the tournament. Then again, Harry never did as Dumbledore expected.

"Fine" Harry growled as he stomped to the side room which turned out to be the trophy room. Cedric looked up when he entered "Harry? Do they need us back there or..."

"Apparently" Harry snarled "Someone put my name in the goblet so I have to compete."

Fleur snorted "Why wouldn't you want to compete?"

"Because I could die" Harry rolled his eyes "No offense but I'd like to live."

A swarm of teachers and Ministry officials then barged into the room and began talking hurriedly. Finally, Dumbledore asked the burning question "Did you put your name in the cup, Mr Potter?"

"Of course not" Harry exclaimed.

"Zis boy is lying" Madam Maxine responded "Zis tournament is rigged. And by 'Ogwarts no less!"

"I have never known Harry to lie" Snape glared at Maxine.

"Of course" Moody began "Someone could be trying to do Mr Potter in. Placing his name in the Goblet would be the perfect tactic. It would make it easier to get away with it."

Karkaroff snorted "Why would you assume that it's a death plot."

Moody looked at Karkaroff, obviously irritated "That's my job. Besides, he's only a fourth year. He wouldn't have the strength to make the Goblet believe that there is a fourth school."

"I for one, love this" Bagman happily shouted "This is a story for the ages!"

No one looked happy about this and Karkaroff especially "Maybe you did it Moody. You seem to have a plan to do it."

"You should remember Karkaroff" Moody growled "I have to think like a Dark Wizard."

"May I say something" Cedric said as everyone's head turned to him "I don't Harry especially well. But, I can say that he didn't enter this. The guy never goes looking for attention. He just wants to have a normal life which he can never get."

"I agree with Diggory" Krum continued "I met Potter recently but he never struck me as the fame-loving sort. In reality, he should be complaining about this, not any of us."

"Thank you guys" Harry said "Now then, I have something to say. Can I see the slip of paper?"

Dumbledore looked confused and handed it to Harry, who smirked upon receiving it. He grinned "I don't have to compete. This isn't me."

"What do you mean" Dumbledore was getting worried. His plan had to work.

"Didn't you tell us to put our full name?" Harry asked Dumbledore "For example, Krum had to write his full name since there are many Krums out there."

Dumbledore nodded but he couldn't see where Harry was going with this. Harry continued his rant "Whoever put my name wrote Harry James Potter, which isn't my name."

"WHAT" all of the adults shouted in unison.

"My full name is Hadrian James Potter" Harry laughed "Harry is a nickname. I just prefer for people to call me it rather than Hadrian. So legally, as Hadrian James Potter, I don't have to compete. Some poor chap named Harry James Potter has to."

"Is zis true" Madam Maxine asked happily.

"It is!" Bagman said, shocked "To enter, you put your full name. Harry doesn't have to compete!"

Dumbledore got pissed. His plan was failing! Harry was supposed to feel rejected by the entire school, including his friends, and come to him for advice and support. This had to work so he yelled "Obliviate!"

Suddenly, the events of the interaction were gone in the heads of 8 people. It was replaced by the fact that Harry had to compete in the tournament, whether he wanted to or not.

With this new memory in their heads, the four champions walked back to their dormitories. Cedric and Harry walked together. In the middle, Cedric broke their uneasy silence "I believe you. Don't worry."

"Thanks" Harry gave Cedric a small smile "This means a lot."

"I'll try to explain to my house that you didn't" Cedric told him.

Both of them shook hands then went their separate ways.

The fallout from this was huge. Despite Cedric believing him, everyone else (bar Cedric and his close friends) in Hufflepuff thought of Harry as a clout chaser. They were mad that he tried to steal their champion's spotlight. Hufflepuff made it their mission to make Harry's life a nightmare. The issue was, Harry easily outclassed all of their 7th years in magical power. If they sent a hex, he sent it back, only stronger. If they tried to curse him, he sent a stronger one back. Best of all, wandless casting let him do this without getting into trouble.

Every house but Ravenclaw stuck by Cedric though (a few Ravenclaws did believe Harry was a cheater but they were small in number). Luckily for Harry, all his friends stuck by him. As Rishi put it "We're not idiots like everyone else."

Nott even took the time to make badges which went from "Support Cedric Diggory, the real Hogwarts Champion" to "Potter stinks." But when Nott tried to yell at Draco for "not supporting Slytherin's endeavors," Draco gave Nott hell from Harry.

Harry was in potions class when Astoria, Daphne's sister, stuck her head in the doorframe "Professor Snape? Harry needs to go for the Weighing of the Wand."

Snape nodded "Off you go Harry."

Harry packed up his things and went off with Astoria. She looked at him after a while "I'm sorry that no one believes you."

Harry raised an eyebrow "Do you?"

Astoria nodded feverishly "You're Daphne's friend. I'll support you just like my sister does."

This got a smile from Harry "Thanks."

Astoria gave Harry a small hug as they arrived "No problem."

Harry entered the room as Astoria ran back to her class.

Mr Crouch started talking once Harry walked in "Good everyone is here. This is the weighing of the wands. We need register your wands for the tournament. But before we do, Ms Skeeter here will interview you all for a small piece on the Triwizard Tournament."

"Maybe not small, Barty" Skeeter licked her lips as she looked at the championns.

"I've heard of her" Cedric whispered to the other champions "She has a habit of making up stories."

Harry smirked "Follow my lead."

Ms Skeeter looked at Harry "Why don't we start with you, the youngest of the group. Come with me and..."

"Sorry, I can't" Harry apologized with mock sadness "I can't without my agent's permission."

"Well, who is he" Skeeter said "I'll have a little chat with him."

"He's the Giant Squid of Black Lake" Harry told her seriously "Without his written authorization, I can't be interviewed. I apologize for the inconvenience."

"Same with me" Cedric said.

"As me" Krum added.

"Me as well" Fleur told her.

Skeeter looked shocked at this turn of events which caused quite a few of the adults there to laugh. They hadn't wanted Skeeter but the Prophet sent her. Now, she couldn't lie and if she did, she couldn't weasel her way out of it.

"Now then" Barty chuckled "Ollivander, why don't you began the Weighing?"

The grizzled wandmaker watched as Fleur went up first. Ollivander began inspecting the wand and began talking to himself "9 and a half inches. Rosewood. What's the core, Ms Delacour?"

"A Veela hair from my grandmother" Fleur answered.

"A tad bit unstable for my liking but very good" Ollivander said "Your wand is fine. Next?"

Cedric walked up to Ollivander who upon taking up, resumed talking "Ah, now, this is one of mine, isn't it? Yes, I remember it well. Containing a single hair from the tail of a particularly fine male unicorn... Twelve and a quarter inches... ash... pleasantly springy. It's in fine condition."

Cedric smiled and went back as Krum went to Ollivander. Ollivander took the wand "This is one of Gregorovitch's wands, eh?"

"Yes, sir" Krum nodded.

"A talented wandmaker he was. 10 and a half inches and hornbeam with what core?" Ollivander asked the Bulgarian seeker.

"Dragon heartstring" Krum told him.

"It's in fine condition" Ollivander handed the wand back and gestured for Harry to come forward.

Ollivander smiled sadly as he held Harry's wand "I remember this one well. One of my finest creations. Have you been using it well?"

"Yes sir" Harry responded.

"11 inches... Combination of hazel and holly for the wood... And the dual core of a Thestral hair and a Phoenix feather" Ollivander murmered "Tad bit rigid. Fine wand. One of my best, indeed."

Dumbledore coughed "Did you say dual core?"

"I did" Ollivander nodded "Well then, all the wands are in fine shape. Best of luck, champions!"

Harry then left the room, ignoring Dumbledore's call. He suspected that Dumbledore didn't like his dual core, but he couldn't care less.

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