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The Goblet of Fire

Harry was starting to like his fourth year at Hogwarts. In contrast to his other years, it was pretty normal.

The weirdest thing about it could be Mad-eye Moody and even still, Moody's classes were pretty good.


"Today, we're going to work on the Imperious Curse" Moody growled when he entered the room.

Nervous glances were thrown across the room. Finally, Boot had the courage to ask "Do you mean we'll be casting an Unforgivable?"

"Of course not" Moody snorted "We're going to work on throwing it. The ability to throw off an Imperious Curse is very useful and can prevent you from getting into all kinds of trouble."

Padma appeared worried "Do you have permission?"

Moody nodded "I do. Now come on."

Moody had them line up and one by one, they would step forward. Moody would cast the curse on them and order them to do something. All of them failed. He made Draco quack like a duck, Hermione jump on her book, Rishi to stand on a chair, Padma to dance and Daphne to smile.

Then, it was Harry's turn. Moody cast the Unforgivable and Harry started to feel his mind go foggy. He then heard the order: Jump on the desk. Harry felt an unwilling presence order him to do it. He had to. Jumping on the table was the right thing to do it.

But a part of Harry said that it wasn't. He shouldn't jump on the table. He didn't want to. Finally, he looked Moody straight in the eye "Do it yourself."

Moody cackled as everyone else gaped at Harry "Well done lad!"


That had given way to many rumors but the only real issue which had come up so far was Hermione wanting to start an elf rebellion. But Harry had shut that down pretty quickly.


"Hermione" Harry asked "Can we talk?"

Hermione smiled brightly "Sure! But only for a bit, I have more badges to make."

"Yeah, about that" Harry fidgeted "Don't make them."

"What?" Hermione responded, confused.

"Don't do S.P.E.W" Harry told her.

Hermione's confusion morphed into anger "So, you're willing to condone slavery?"

"Of course not" Harry recoiled from her barb "The reason they work for us is because they need to. Without us, they die. It's a symbiotic relationship. When a house elf bonds to us, they use our magic to live and do magic themselves. In exchange, they do a bit of cooking and cleaning, which they enjoy."

"But" Hermione insisted "They're abused!"

"Some people are jerks" Harry said "Does that make everyone jerks."

"Of course not" Hermione exclaimed.

"There you have it" Harry smiled "Some people do abuse the relationship but most don't. Most elves are happy and by freeing them, you ruin it."

Harry watched as she realized the impact of her actions.


Harry hadn't heard another word on S.P.E.W since then. Now, he was outside with the other students, waiting for Beauxbatons and Durmstrang to arrive. This did not appeal to Harry, who wouldn't have gone until he learned it was mandatory.

After about 20 minutes of waiting, Beauxbatons came, in style of course. Everyone watched as a flying carriage came down from the sky. From inside, emerged a rather large but undeniably attractive woman.

That woman marched over and shook hands with Dumbledore "Dumbly-Dorr, zanks for welcoming us to 'Ogwarts."

"My pleasure Madam Maxine" Dumbledore smiled "Why don't your students head inside. They seem quite cold."

Indeed, the Beauxbatons students were very underdressed for the British weather so Maxine marched her students inside. Minutes later, a ghostly ship came from the lake. Harry guessed that it was Durmstrang. Leading them out, was Karkaroff.

Sirius told him about the other schools and mentioned that Karkaroff used to be a Death Eater. The only reason he walked free was because he informed the Ministry of other prominent Death Eaters. Harry had no respect for one who would abandon their group so easily.

Harry then noticed that Viktor Krum was among Durmstrang. Harry had heard that he attended Durmstrang but was under the impression that he graduated. Apparenty, Harry was off on that.

Since Durmstrang had arrived, everyone went back inside for dinner. Harry went to his Ravenclaw table. Seeing him, Krum moved to join him "Potter."

Harry nodded "Krum. Welcome to Hogwarts."

"It is a pleasure to be here" Krum sat down next to Harry which caused multiple people to groan since they wanted to sit with Krum (Ron Weasley among them).

"Do you plan on competing" Harry asked.

"I do" Krum nodded "It seems like a interesting way to end my education."

"It is indeed" Harry said as the everyone dug into the food, which was now much more varied to help the foreign guests.

Krum was the first thing that made dinner a tad bit tense. The second was one of the Beauxbaton girls.

It seemed as if one of the girls had every male eye on her. She was definitely pretty, but Harry didn't see why they all couldn't take her eyes off her. Krum looked at her and nodded "I believe that she's a Veela."

"That explains a lot" Rishi said "Why isn't Harry affected?"

"Occlumency barriers" Harry answered "Mine are a lot stronger than your's. Most kids haven't had specialized practice in it, and as such, can fall prey to the allure and the imperious. You can mostly hold her off though, which is good."

They continued eating their food and after everyone's plates were clear, Dumbledore got up to speak "I would once again like to welcome Durmstrang and Beauxbatons to Hogwarts!"

People politely clapped and once they were done, Dumbledore gestured to a goblet which was standing on a stool near the teachers' table "This is the Goblet of Fire. If you wish to compete in the Triwizard Tournament, you simply place a piece of paper with your name in it. I have also drawn an age line around it, so no one who is not 17 can't compete."

This gave way to more applause and people began hurriedly talking on who would represent which school.

The next day had many people put their names in the cup. Most hilariously, the Weasley Twins used an age potion to try and compete but the age line prevented that. Krum placed his name in for Durmstrang and Harry noted that no one else for Durmstrang followed suit. Cedric put his name in the cup and all the Hufflepuffs were bragging that he would win. The Veela, who was named Fleur Delacour, also placed her name in the cup.

Dinner on that day was very dramatic. At the end of it, Dumbledore went over to the Goblet and announced that they would now announce the champions.

"Competing for Beauxbatons..." Dumbledore drawled "We have Fleur Delacour!"

Almost all of the males clapped feverishly for the girl as she strode to a side-room.

"For Durmstrang" Dumbledore continued as he plucked a name from the Goblet "We have Viktor Krum!"

Everyone clapped for Krum, who shook hands with Harry and Rishi before heading to the same side-room as Fleur.

"And for Hogwarts... Cedric Diggory!" Dumbledore said happily as all the Hufflepuffs cheered for one of their own. Harry too clapped. He was excited for his older friend. He would do great.

"That is all. Head to..." Dumbledore paused and noticed something: the goblet was still lit.

Dumbledore reached into it once again and pulled out another name "Harry Potter."

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