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Diagon Alley and Gringotts

Rishi nodded "Ok Nanna. C'mon Harry!"

Rishi grabbed a hold of Harry's hand and dragged him to the fireplace where Mr. Gopal was grabbing some powder.

Harry's eyes widened "W-what are you doing?"

"Floo travel" Mr. Gopal then turned to the fireplace and said "Leaky Cauldron." He grabbed onto Harry and dragged them into the fireplace. When they emerged, Harry looked around to the house gone. In its place, stood a pub.

"I was like that too the first time" Rishi laughed "We all are."

They brought Harry out of the pub and into a bustling alley filled with people. From what Harry could tell, it was some sort of magical mall with stores selling pets, wands, and spellbooks.

Mr. Gopal looked at Harry "I imagine that you have questions."

Harry nodded "Where are we? What is Gringotts? Why are we going?"

"This is Diagon Alley" Mr. Gopal replied "This is where most of Magical Britain's shopping occurs. Gringotts is a goblin-run bank used by most wizards. As for we are going..."

Mr. Gopal sighed "Harry, you said that you lived with your aunt and uncle, correct?"

Harry nodded so he continued "I used to know your parents. Deepa works at St Mungo, a magical hospital. One day, while I was visiting her, I ran into a man. He and his wife were there for a check-up. He was your dad, Harry. Since Deepa was also pregnant, she and your mom stayed in contact, exchanging tips and such. One day, Lily mentioned her family and how her sister absolutely despised her and magic. And yet, Lily put you in her magic-hating sister's care. That doesn't make sense."

Rishi nodded "Okay, so what can you do?"

Mr. Gopal opened his mouth but Harry beat him to it "My mom probably said who gets custody over me in her will. If in there, it says I shouldn't go to the Dursleys, you can make the case that I shouldn't live with them."

Mr. Gopal smiled "Exactly. I have some business to look after. You two can look around."

After he strode off, Rishi turned to Harry "Where do you wanna go?"

"The bookstore" Harry quickly responded.

Rishi gave a quick nod and they ran off towards Flourish and Blotts. When inside, Harry's eyes widened at the books. And of course, their topics.

"What are all these" Harry gaped.

Rishi laughed "Yeah, I should've seen this coming. Most books concern a few specific topics, which are taught at Hogwarts. They are Potions, Transfiguration, Charms, Defense against the Dark Arts, Herbology, Ancient Runes, History of Magic, and Astronomy along with a few others. Then there are non-educational topics like Quidditch and such."

Harry turned puzzled "What's Quidditch?"

Rishi laughed once again "I'll show you some time. Anyway, what sounds interesting?"

Harry began to respond but was cut off by a boy saying "Grandma! Can I get another Hebology book?"

They looked and saw a chubby boy speaking with his grandma. The grandma shook her head "No Neville. You already have many at home."

Rishi turned to Harry "That's Neville. I'll introduce you."

"Hey Neville" Rishi walked over with Harry following "Hello, Lady Longbottom."

Lady Longbottom tutted "Rishi. I've told you before. Call me Augusta."

Rishi smiled "Of course. This is my friend Harry Potter. Harry, this is Neville and Augusta Longbottom."

Harry gave a small smile "Pleased to meet you."

Augusta nodded "Likewise."

Rishi looked outside and saw his dad standing there "We have to go, ma'am. You guys should come over sometime."

Neville looked at his grandma "Can we?"

Augusta turned to her grandson "We'll see."

Rishi and Harry headed outside, not before Rishi bought Harry a few books about potions, charms and transfiguration.

Mr. Gopal smiled when he saw them "I figured you guys would buy something. I just never thought it'd be books."

Laughing, the trio set off for Gringotts, which once again, flabbergasted Harry. They headed towards a teller with Mr. Gopal in the lead.

Once they reached the teller, Mr. Gopal said "Hello. I'd like to examine the wills of James Charlus Potter and Lily Potter."

The goblin teller looked at a file then at Mr. Gopal "To do that, you need their boy."

Mr. Gopal nodded "He's right here." He gestured for Harry to come forward. Harry complied.

The teller stared at Harry "He'll need to take a inheritance test to prove that he's their son and the heir. Then, we'll give you access."

With a nod from Mr. Gopal, the teller pulled out a small needle "I'll need a sample of blood."

Harry nodded. At this point, he was numb to small amounts of pain. The goblin pricked him and then put the blood on a blank sheet of parchment. The blood melted into the sheet which soon displayed writing.

Name: Harry James Potter

Father: James Charlus Potter

Mother: Lily James Potter

Godfather: Sirius Black

Godmother: Alice Longbottom


Potter - Lord

Gryffindor - Lord

Emrys - Lord

Peverell - Lord

Slytherin - Lord

Black - Heir


Blocks on Magical Core, Vision, Height, Strength, Speed (placed by Albus Dumbledore)

Harry looked puzzled "What're blocks?"

"The blocks diminish your ability in certain areas" the teller replied "The block on your magical core, for example, weakens your magic."

Mr. Gopal's eyes narrowed "Dumbledore placed them?"

The teller nodded "He did. We can remove them after he takes the inheritance tests."

Harry nodded "Okay. What are the tests?"

The teller gave a smirk "I'll get them."

Rishi hugged Harry "It's been nice knowing you. I'll miss you."

Harry's eyes widened "What? I'm going to..."

The teller returned, with 5 rings in his hand "Here they are. Put on the rings. If you aren't worthy of being the lords, the rings will punish you. Each house has their own set of criteria."

Harry turned to Rishi and shoved him "Idiot."

Rishi laughed "To be honest, I didn't know it'd be this way. For all I knew, you would need to fight a dragon."

Harry looked at Rishi's hand and saw a ring "You guys do the same thing."

Rishi nodded "Don't worry. Worst thing is that the rings will burn you a bit."

The teller laid the rings of the desk "Start when ready."

Harry grabbed the first ring, which had the Potter crest. He slipped it on. His fear grew for a moment before settling when nothing grew. He continued the process, grabbing the Gryffindor ring, then the Emrys ring, followed by Peverell, Slytherin and Black rings. No pain occurred.

The teller nodded "You are the rightful lord or heir for these houses congrats. I'll get your account manager."

The teller disappeared returning with another goblin "This is Ragnok, your account manager."

Ragnok gestured for the 3 to follow him. He took them to a conference room where they sat down "We have lots of business to discuss. We haven't gotten replies to our letters."

"What letters" Harry asked.

"We send you monthly account reports" Ragnok replied "They detail your finances."

Mr. Gopal pursed his lips "Can we see a complete overview?"

Ragnok nodded and handed them a sheet.

Potter Vault

1,500,000 galleons to the Weasley Vault - Authorized by Albus Dumbledore

200000 galleons to the Order of the Pheonix Vault - Authorized by Albus Dumbledore

When he saw their confusion, Ragnok clarified "The other vaults have seen no withdrawls."

Harry still looked confused "Who gave this guys permission to do this?"

Ragnok shook his head "He gave himself permission. He declared himself your magical guardian. However, you have the power to fire him and declare someone else your magical guardian until you are emancipated."

"If he isn't emancipated" Rishi began "How can he claim is lordships?"

"Normally you can't" Ragnok answered "But, he is the last remaining member of each line. Therefore he can claim them but not be emancipated."

Harry nodded "I'd like to fire Albus Dumbledore from his role as my magical guardian. I'd also like to declare Mr. Gopal as my magical guardian."

Ragnok smiled "Of course Lord Potter."

Harry looked at him, confused "Lord Potter?"

Rishi smiled "As the head of your house, we have to refer to you as Lord Potter. For example, my dad is Lord Gopal."

Ragnok nodded "The second order of business is what to do with your other houses. You can either combine them or leave them be."

Harry thought for a moment then asked "Are there differences between each house."

"Yes" Ragnok "There are different levels of houses. It'll take long to explain though."

Mr. Gopal nodded "I can help with that. I can teach you."

Harry smiled "I will postpone my decision until I better understand."

Nodding, Ragnok continued "Next, you need to declare a proxy for your seats on Wizengamot, our legislature."

Harry smirked "Easy. Lord Gopal, can you be my proxy? I trust you will act in my best interest."

Mr. Gopal nodded in agreement "I accept this honor."

"Finally" Ragnok said "We have the will of James Charlus Potter and Lily Potter. You weren't available in the beginning for a reading so we never opened it."

The Last Will and Testament of James Charlus Potter and Lily Potter

Hey everyone! If you are reading this, Voldemort found us. Please know that Peter Pettigrew was our Secret Keeper

To Lupin, I give you 300000 galleons. Please, get better robes

To Sirius Black/Padfoot, I give you 3000000 and guardianship of Harry. Please take care of him and Remus

To Harry, we want you to know that we love you. We always will. If you want to talk, use the portraits at Potter Manor. WE gives you all our Gringotts vaults and the Potter Lordship. We love you.

If we pass, Harry must go to the following people, in order

Sirius Black

Remus Lupin

Frank and Alice Longbottom

Severus Snape

Jai and Deepa Gopal

Under no circumstances should he go to Petunia and Vernon Dursley.

Mr. Gopal looked shocked "Can we send a copy to Amelia Bones of the DMLE?"

Ragnok shrugged "Sure."

Harry looked between them "What's going on?"

Mr. Gopal sighed "Harry. It is believed that your parents were betrayed by Sirius Black. We all thought that he told He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named where your parents were. We also thought that he killed Peter Pettigrew. But, if Pettigrew was the Secret Keeper, Black may be innocent."

Harry's eyes widened "Where is he?"

Mr. Gopal looked down "In Azkaban, a high-security prison. They didn't even give him a trial. But, with this, we could get him out!"

Harry grinned "Really!"

Rishi also grinned "And, if they said not to put him with the Dursleys..."

Mr. Gopal laughed "We can get you out of there!"

Ragnok watched the trio with amusement "This should be interesting."

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