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The Qudditch World Cup

"Come on guys" Harry grinned "We gotta get there early!"

Lupin rolled his eyes "I still don't understand why they didn't give you an Order of Merlin for it."*

"I mean" Rishi said "It's too early to tell. They haven't announced this year's inductees yet. Maybe he'll get it. Maybe he won't."

Sirius shook his old friend "Come on Moony! Tickets to the World Cup are so much better than an Order of Merlin! Who even cares about those?"

Rishi opened his mouth to answer but Sirius cut him off "That was rhetorical, Gopal. Is your dad ready?"

"Ready" Mr Gopal strode out of his study "Just ironing out some final details. We're going to use a portkey to go. Since they probably want to marry Harry at this point, they've sent it to us."

Mr Gopal brought out a soup can which everyone grabbed onto. Once Mr Gopal said the word, they portkeyed to the stadium.

Harry grinned as they looked around the stadium "This is awesome!"

Just like his godson, Sirius grinned "Isn't it. Now, why don't you two take a look around? We'll set up our tents and thank Fudge for the tickets."

After a quick thanks to the adults, Harry and Rishi walked off to search the stadium. They knew Draco would be in attendance but didn't know of anyone else coming. They were looking at the pitch when they heard someone call "Harry!"

Harry turned to see Cedric and a man who he guessed was Cedric's dad. Harry and Rishi walked over with Harry starting the conversation "Hey Cedric. And hello to you too sir. I assume that you're Cedric's father? My name is Harry Potter. This is my friend Rishi Gopal."

"Indeed I am" Cedric's dad smiled "It's a pleasure to meet you two. You're the seeker which Cedric beat last year in Quidditch."

Cedric rolled his eyes "Dad! I only won because of the dementors. Harry was about to catch it when he fell."

"It was still a good game" Harry said "Are you Head Boy this year, Cedric?"

"I am" Cedric smiled "I'm excited for it. Do you two hope to be prefects next year?"

Rishi laughed "If he doesn't make Harry a prefect, someone's gonna get pissed!"

"True. True. Anyway, we'll see you guys around" Cedric laughed "Oh, and congrats on the cure."

Cedric and his dad walked away, looking as if they were discussing something. Harry and Rishi then began feverishly reading a program until they heard another person yell "Harry!"

This time, Harry and Rishi found themselves facing the Weasley Twins. George grinned "Well, Fred."

"Well, George."

"It looks like our buddies."

"Harry and Rishi."

"Are at the World Cup!"


"On that cure, Harry."

"Okay!" Harry said "Can you two stop with the twinspeak?"

"Anything for Prongslet" George replied.

"So, is your family here?" Rishi asked. He needed to know whether he'd have to survive through the Weasel.

"All but my mom" Fred answered "Don't worry. We won't tell them about you guys or else Ginny will start squealing and Ron will rant. It's good for us if we don't."

Harry rubbed his hands together "So, any new pranks?"

"We're glad you asked" George said.

"We're trying to start our own line of pranks" Fred told them "We're calling them Weasley's Wizard Wheezes!"

"Our goal is to become a competitor of Zonko's" George added "Right now, we're in a experimental phase and once we've perfected all our goodies, we'll try to go into business."

"While we're still in Hogwarts, we'll try to sell them unofficially but when we graduate" Fred grinned "We'll open our own store and sell them for the masses!"

"That sounds awesome" Harry's face grew a wide grin "How much money did you get for it?"

"Well, we have none" George rolled his eyes "Our mom thinks that we'd fail in the business. And we have no spare money either way."

Harry was suddenly struck with an idea "I have the money. What if I become a silent partner in this? I can help start you guys up!"

The twins did their secret twin communication and finally, Fred said "We'd love that. We'll tell you once we're ready to go commercial."

After shaking hands, the twins parted way with Harry and Rishi. Those two began rounds, looking to see which had a bigger fanbase. Thy were heading back to their campsite when Rishi crashed into someone.

Rishi was apologetic "I am SO sorry! I wasn't looking!"

"Don't vorry about it" a thickly accented voice replied "I vas also not looking."

Harry looked at the newcomer and his eyes widened. The man before them was Victor Krum! The bulgarian seeker!

Rishi also seemed to realize this and was reasonably shocked "Um, wow. Good luck in the final."

Krum gave them a smile "I assume that you've learned who I am?"

"Yes" Harry stuck out his hand "I'm Harry Potter. This is my friend, Rishi Gopal."

"Harry Potter" Krum repeated "I've heard of you. Vill you be cheering for Bulgaria?"

"Probably" Harry said "Not a big Ireland fan so I don't know."

"That's good" Krum laughed "I vill see you later this year. Goodbye."

"What does he mean by that" Harry asked Rishi once Krum left. Rishi shrugged in response.

Soon, it was time for the match so Harry, Rishi, Sirius, Lupin and Mr Gopal hiked up to their box. Both Harry and Rishi were hyped at their view. That feeling decreased when the Weasleys and Fudge entered the box.

Seeing that their friend was worried, Fred and George quickly sat behind Harry. They knew that Barty Crouch Sr, Percy's boss, and Percy himself also sat behind them along with a man named Ludo Bagman so Ron and Ginny had to sit near Fudge.

The game then began with both teams playing EXTREMELY fast. Krum was absolutely destroying the other seeker, using a Wronksi Feint on him. Despite that, Ireland climbed out to an early lead. As the game continued, the mascots got involved. Harry laughed when he saw Ron gleefully picking up leprechaun gold, which would soon disappear.

After many minutes of play, Ireland was up 160 points. Krum finally got the snitch over the Ireland seeker. That caused both the Weasley twins to whoop in joy. When Harry looked confused, Fred explained "We bet Bagman that Krum would lose but catch the snitch."

Both of them looked at where Bagman was seated and found the seat vacated "Oh shit."

The tents in the Gopal campsite were quiet as everyone slept. Then a bang was heard and all of them woke.

All of them, kids included, rushed out to find the old tollkeeper, Mr Roberts, being levitated by a group of masked men. That was, until Sirius sent stunners at them. The adults then got to work, send spells at all the incoming threats. Harry and Rishi, eager to help, cast Protegos near the adults to let them focus on their attack.

Eventually, the attack died down and people quieted. Sirius began mobilizing people, sending them to arrest the masked men. The ruckus resumed once a skull appeared in the sky.

Mr Gopal turned to the kids "Get inside. Now!"

The kids scrambled inside their shared tent. Mr Gopal soon joined them and began talking "You know of the Death Eaters?"

Both of them nodded so Mr Gopal continued "Those were Death Eaters. It's believed that they were trying to make people believe that He-Who-Should-Not-Be-Named is back. That mark is the Dark Mark, which they cast after a kill."

"I want you two to stay here" Mr Gopal ordered "It's for your own good."

Mr Gopal then left the tent. And for once, Harry and Rishi followed the order.

After the incident at the World Cup, Harry and Rishi were banned from going out by Mrs Gopal. That was until she had sense talked into by Mr Gopal, Sirius and Lupin. Even after that, they were banned from going out without an adult.

Being unable to even leave the house without the adults, Harry and Rishi spent their time getting ready for Hogwarts. For some odd reason, they needed dress robes this year so they had to take a trip to Madam Malkin's to get some.

And when Sirius joked that when you had a girlfriend, getting dress robes was a morbid affair, Mrs Gopal asked Parvati and Padma if they wanted to join the Madam Malkin's trip which led to Harry, Rishi and Padma spending 2 hours waiting for Parvati and Mrs Gopal to agree on a color scheme for Rishi.

All this created a mysterious atmosphere when everyone returned to Hogwarts. No one had heard of needing dress robes for Hogwarts and much time in the compartment was spent discussing why they need them. Draco said he knew but he refused to tell them, saying "it's a surprise." Despite much pestering, no one could convince him to tell, even when Luna offered to get rid of his Nargles.

Everyone still had a fun trade ride. It was fun, until Ginny Weasley came.

She opened the door and gave Harry a flirty smile "Hi Harry."

"Weasley" Harry said curtly "What do you want?"

"You" she smiled, trying to be seductive.

"Okay" Rishi looked like he was thinking "I can put you on the waitlist right now."

Ginny blinked "What?"

"We have a waitlist for Harry" Rishi told her slowly, as if speaking to a child "You're currently 4096 on the list. You can move up to first, but it comes with a price."

"What is it" Ginny asked quickly. She seemed to be buying Rishi's bullshit.

"You have two options" Rishi answered "Daphne, be a dear and read them out."

Daphne looked like she would kill Rishi later "Of course. You can pay a fee of 1,000,000 galleons. Or, you can shag the trolley lady. Pick one."

Ginny appeared to be thinking on it and said "I can't do either."

"Then you can't move up" Harry smirked at his friend's tactics "So, goodbye. We'll inform you of any change."

Harry quickly shut the compartment door and gave way to laughter from everyone. That laughter lasted them all the way to Hogwarts. They boarded the carriages and made their way to the Great Hall. Harry didn't pay much attention to the sorting and was only snapped back into reality when Dumbledore stood up to began talking.

"For our old students, welcome back" Dumbledore said once applause from most students died down "And for our new students, welcome to your first year at Hogwarts. I'd like to announce that Alastor Moody, former Auror, is our new Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher."

Harry clapped for this. Moody had taught Sirius during Auror training and Sirius spoke highly of the man. Plus, he wasn't fully entrenched in Dumbledore's redeemable shit.

"I also regret to announce that the Quidditch Cup will not take place this year" Dumbledore continued. This caused cries of anger and despair to pop out across the room. Dumbledore held up his hand, asking for silence.

Once silence was attained, Dumbledore resumed his speech "I do have the pleasure though to tell you all that we will be hosting the Triwizard Tournament this year!"

Confusion spread across the room, most people asking what the Triwizard Tournament even is. Once Dumbledore caught wind of this, he began explaining "A long time ago, Beauxbatons, Durmstrang and Hogwarts, the three top schools of Magical Europe, would compete in a tournament. A student from each school would represent their school in three tasks. The one who acquired the best overall score in the three tasks who would win the tournament and 1000 galleons. It was cancelled a long time ago due to high amounts of death but, with new precautions, we have gotten permission to restart it."

With that, Dumbledore ended his speech and the prefects began taking everyone to the dorms. On the way, Harry entered the discussion with his yearmates on the Tournament.

"I think it's bloody awesome!" Micheal exclaimed "You'd get 1000 galleons from it! Plus, you'd probably get fame!"

"Corner" Rishi drawled "Do you think you would survive?"

That shut Corner up and Harry had to agree with Rishi. The Tournament sounded fun on paper, but Harry would NOT want to be in it. It was awfully dangerous.

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