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The Lupin Cure

Harry knew that curing lycanthropy would be hard. He didn't think it would be this hard.

He had gone through dozens of experiments and all had failed. He was beginning to get annoyed with every failure. He had started in June and he had made no progress by August.

When Harry had confided his struggles in Rishi, his friend simply told him that if it was easy, someone would've found it already.

Harry was looking into potential ingredients when Rishi burst into the family potions room "I have a weird idea."

Harry's face shot up and stared into Rishi "Doesn't that apply to all your ideas?"

"Well yeah" Rishi conceded "But, it could help."

This evoked Harry's curiosity "In that case, do tell."

"A normal human can't turn into a werewolf while one while one who is bitten can" Rishi explained eagerly. When that solicited no reaction, he added "That means they're different in some fundamental way."

"What's your point?" Harry asked, exasperated. He had no patience for Rishi repeating common information.

"That means a werewolf bite causes some change in the DNA. If you can find a way to indentify that specific part, you can fix it, thus curing the subject of lycanthropy" Rishi told him "What do you think?"

Harry grinned "That could work."

He then began focusing his research on items which could potentially heal a strand of DNA which had been altered by a werewolf bite. He eventually decided that not all of the ingredients from the Wolfsbane potion would be used. He eventually compiled a list ingredient.

1) Kanchan Leaves

2) Aconite

3) Giant moonwort

4) Bloodroot

5) Eye of Newt

Once all the ingredients were acquired, he began the preparation of his hopeful cure. His research determined that part of it would have to be similar to the preparation of the Wolfsbane potion. Other than that, he did what he always did and simply put ingredients when he felt that it would work. He would also mark when he did so in order to create usable instructions.

After 2 weeks of preparation, the potion was ready. Harry had simulated its effects and it appeared. He just needed his first human test subject.

Lupin was reading a book when Harry approached him "Lupin, do you know someone who is willing to be tested upon?"

Lupin nodded "I do." He then pulled his shirt sleeve, leaving the top of his arm bare.

Harry's eyes widened "What are you doing?"

"You can test it on me" Lupin told him.

"But, it could fail" Harry said worriedly "You could die!"

"I believe in you pup" Lupin smiled "You can test it on me."

"B-but..." Harry stammered.

"Harry, my life isn't any more valuable than the next wolf out there" Harry finally got the idea that Lupin was determined.

"Okay. Let's get you on a bed. Let's also get Deepa Auntie here" Harry called for her and brought Remus to a bed.

Mrs Gopal came in "What's going on?"

"I think I made my cure" Harry told her "Remus offered to be my test."

Mrs Gopal nodded "What happens after you give it to him?"

"For now, keep him on rest" Harry said "If all goes well, he won't transform."

"When do you apply" being a nurse, she knew all questions that people asked when new potions were brought in.

"The night before a full moon" Harry answered "Tomorrow, take him outside and monitor him."

Mrs Gopal nodded and began relaxing Remus as Harry prepared the syringe and the needle (it had to be injected for the best possible effect). Before he injected it, he asked one more time "Are you sure?"

"I'm sure, pup" Harry then injected the potion.

The next day, everyone seemed quite restless. Lupin had simply fallen asleep after the injection and Mrs Gopal reported that there were no side effects as of then. When night came, Lupin walked outside with everyone's eyes on him. Everyone in the house had all independently decided to stay up to watch Remus. In the beginning, they all watched him but after a while, they began doing other things.

Even then, people began drifting off to sleep. Only Sirius managed to stay up the whole night. And when Harry woke up, Sirius was there, yelling "He didn't transform! He didn't! No change!"

Harry's face morphed into a grin as Rishi tackled him with a hug "You did it man!"

The grin never left Harry's face "I did."

Lupin smiled as he walked back inside "Now, the best part comes. I got to the ministry and announce that I am no longer a werewolf. You want to come with me?"

"Hell yeah" Sirius laughed "I want to see their prejudiced little faces when they find out!"

"I'm in" Rishi grinned.

"Same here" Harry was happy. His uncle would finally have the life he was destined to have.

The four of them flooed to the ministry. All of them checked in and headed to the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. Remus went to the reception who asked "Hello. What do you need?"

Remus smirked "I wish to renounce my status as a werewolf."

This caused heads to swivel as the reception shook her head "I'm afraid that's not possible. You're a werewolf for life."

"I was" Remus answered "Until someone developed a cure. I didn't transform at all last night."

"You'll have to take this up with the department head but I'm afraid he's not here" the receptionist told them "You can return..."

"Screw this" Sirius growled, grabbing Remus and the boys "We'll go elsewhere."

"Where are we going" Rishi asked.

"The Minister" Sirius smirked "As a Lord, he has to hear me out."

"Smart" Harry laughed "And I'm here too."

"Exactly" Sirius looked extremely proud "You're finally getting this whole lordship thing."

The four of them marched to the Minister's office where the receptionist told them to wait. After about 5 minutes, Fudge burst through his office doors "Lord Black! Lord Potter! Good to see you as always! Please come on in! I was just talking with some friends."

Sirius and Lupin exchanged nervous glances. Fudge's cabinet was a tad bit prejudiced in their own right.

Fudge had his undersecretary, a woman who looked very much like a toad, the junior minister, and the Head of International Magical Cooperation, Barty Crouch. Fudge gave them a grand smile "We were discussing future plans. Now, what do you need?"

Sirius put his hand on Lupin's shoulder "My friend here wants renounce his status as a werewolf due..."

He was cut off by the toady woman going "Hem, hem hem."

"What is it Madam Umbridge" Sirius asked politely.

"I don't think he can do that" Umbridge said with a smile that almost looked cruel "One is a werewolf for life."

"I was" Lupin told her "Until someone made a cure. He tested it out on me and I did not transform at all."

"That is preposterous" Umbridge said "Minister, throw them out of here for their outlandish claims?"

Harry raised an eyebrow "Are you, a simple Madam, suggesting that the Lord of an Ancient and Noble is lying?"

Sirius raised his wand "I swear on my life and magic that one Remus J Lupin did not transform into a werewolf during that last full moon, so mote it be."

"Lumos" Sirius' wand tip lit up, giving way to a smirk from both Lupin and Sirius.

"What did Sirius do" Harry whispered to Rishi.

"A magical oath" Rishi whispered back "If he was lying, he would lose his magic and his life."

Fudge looked shocked "Are you saying that a cure has been made?"

"Yes" Sirius nodded "A friend of ours made it for Lupin himself. It was tested out last night."

"I used to feel the wolf inside of me" Lupin said "Every day, I felt the wolf inside whether there was a full moon or not. Now, I don't feel it. It's gone."

"So, can he renounce his status" Sirius asked.

"Of course!" Fudge exclaimed "I will work on it myself! A cure! Who made it?"

"I did" Harry raised his hand.

"A child would not be able..." Umbridge began.

"I swear on my life and magic that I create the Lupin Cure so mote it be."

Harry silently lit up his wand tip, smirking at Umbridge "Minister, will you let this woman continue to slander us with no apology?"

"Ah yes. Dolores?" Fudge turned to her, silently pleading.

"I apologize for my words" Umbridge said with no hint of remorse.

"No worries" Sirius said "Now then, we must be off. Harry is giving his cure to St Mungo's."

After they left the room, Lupin turned to Harry "The Lupin Cure?"

Harry nodded "I have to name it. And who better to name it after than the one who it was intended for?"

Sirius laughed "Good name. Now, let's go to St Mungo's. They'll have a heart attack!"

The Boy-Who-Lived Creates Lycanthropy Cure

By Penelope Clearwater

In a press release yesterday, St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries announced that they now have a method of curing werewolves of lycanthropy, thus turning them into normal humans. Further questioning revealed that Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, created this cure himself with the help of his friends and family. According to Mr Potter, the cure was meant to help Remus Lupin, former Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts and Mr Potter's friend. Mr Lupin was also revealed to have been Mr Potter's first test subject and did not transform on the last full moon. This cure (dubbed the Lupin Cure by Mr Potter) is sure to have a big impact in the Wizarding World.

Harry grinned as Rishi finished reading the paper "You know, I'm a bit sad about this."

"The attention?" Rishi asked.

"Well, yeah" Harry conceded "But, also the fact that it's done. I liked working on it. I liked helping Moony."

Lupin smiled "I'm glad to hear that. I also have good news."

Harry and Rishi turned expectantly as Lupin continued "For Harry's contribution to Wizarding Society, we were able to get tickets to the World Cup!"

This caused grins to slowly form on Harry and Rishi's faces. Finally, Harry said it "We're going to the World Cup!"

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