The Stand @theactualrealone
Meet Peter Pettigrew

"Remember at LEAST 200 points" Roger reminded "Only catch the snitch if we're up by at least 200 points. Or else, we'll go undefeated, but lose the Quidditch Cup to Gryffindor. And I will not lose to Wood! So remember..."

"Roger, you don't need to coddle me. I'll remember" Harry told the captain.

Rishi grinned "If he's about to get the snitch, I'll whack him with a Bludger."

Roger looked furious at that idea and Rishi put his hands up in surrender "Just kidding. Just kidding."

That calmed Roger down "Good. Now then, Ravenclaw on three!"

The team put their hands in the middle and chanted together "1, 2, 3, RAVENCLAW!"

With that, they ran outside to the cheers of the crowd. Their opponents, Gryffindor, ran out at the same time. Based on the crowd, Harry guessed that Slytherin was also cheering for Ravenclaw while most Hufflepuffs were cheering for Gryffindor. Harry didn't care though. He had a game to win.

Wood and Roger shook hands while Madam Hooch preached about playing a fair, clean game. Harry and Rishi took that time to shake the Weasley Twins' hands.

"Well George" Fred said.

"Well Fred" George mirrored.

"We'll have our hands full today..."

"Dealing with these two..."

"Did you know Harry..."

"And Rishi..."

"That our little Ronniekins..."

"Plans to try out for keeper next year?"

Rishi laughed "Good. That gives me an excuse to send a bludger at him."

"Best of luck today..."

"We hope that you do well..."

"Even if we win!" the twins finished their speech together. Seeing that Madam Hooch was done, the four mounted their brooms and took off once Madam Hooch realized the balls.

Harry didn't have much to do. Roger was insistent that Harry stay out of the way until they were up by 200 points. The only issue was, Gryffindor was no slouch. Their chasers, Alicia Spinnet, Angelina Johnson and Katie Bell were considered to be some of the best at Hogwarts. Ditto for Fred and George. Harry held the advantage at seeker but Oliver was easily the best keeper as he was getting offers to go pro. With nothing better to do, Harry decided to help the chasers out.

While keeping an eye on Adam Scott, the 7th year Gryffindor Seeker, Harry quietly sneaked up behind Wood. Once Roger was close enough to score, he yelled "BOO" right into Wood's ear.

Wood quickly turned around and gave Roger the chance to make the score 10 - 0 in Ravenclaw's favor.

Harry continued his antics. When a Gryffindor chaser had the quaffle, he'd scare them into dropping it. He'd fly at Wood to chase him away from the goalposts, giving his teammates free shots. He pulled some feints on Scott, causing him to crash. All while the Weasley Twins and Rishi laughed it up.

At this point, Wood was getting pissed "This can't be legal!"

Harry didn't like Wood's attitude so he sneaked up behind Wood yet again and when Randolph was close, he whispered "But, it is, Wood. It is."

As soon as he said that, he went back up, causing Wood to look around furiously for him, allowing Randolph to give Ravenclaw a 270 - 70 lead. Harry then ceased his antics and began hunting for the snitch. He knew that without his distractions, Gryffindor would have a much easier time scoring. This gave a very small time period to find the snitch. Luckily for him, he saw it near Lee Jordan, Hogwarts' biased commentator. He sped off towards it.

Scott, noticing Harry flying, hesitated before seeing the snitch himself. He then joined the fray for the snitch. The issue for Scott was, he was on a Cleansweep. Harry on the other hand, had given the Sirius the idea of investing in Spudmore Inc, which was trying to compete with the Nimbus Racing Broom Company. As a token of thanks, Spudmore sent Sirius his newest broom, which was named the Firebolt. Sirius gave it to Harry for Christmas.

This gave Harry a huge advantage over Scott, who never had a chance. Harry secured the snitch in his hand, causing Leed Jordan to yell "It's over! It's over folks! For the third year in a row, Ravenclaw had won the house cup!"

Harry grinned and lifted his clenched fist up in the air, which led to cheers from his housemates and others who were happy at the demise of Gryffindor. Harry flew back down and hugged a happy Rishi. The pair then went searching for their friends. First, they found Parvati, who told them "Your Ravenclaw friends are heading to the party. Draco went to talk with Flint. Daphne went to find her sister. And Neville..."

"Is right here" Neville hugged Harry, then did the same to Rishi "Nice job guys! 3 in a row!"

Parvati smiled, "Also..."

She quickly kissed Rishi on the cheek, who looked shocked afterwards (according to Parvati, he always did).

After that, they heard growling coming from behind them. When they turned around, they saw an infuriated Ron Weasley "Traitors."

Neville's eyes narrowed "What do you mean, Weasley?"

"You're hanging around with Ravenclaws who just BEAT our team" Weasley snarled "And Patil here KISSED one of them! You two get away from them!"

"No" Parvati said curtly with Neville nodding his agreement.

Ron smirked smugly "Well, we all think you should. Dean, Lavender, Seamus, get over here!"

Those three came over and looked curious "What is it Weasley?"

"Don't you think that Longbottom and Patil here should get away from those two" Ron asked.

"Of course not" Lavender snapped "They're friends Weasley. Get that through your thick head."

Dean sighed "You're a idiot. No one cares if they're friends besides you."

Weasley huffed angrily at this and marched off while everyone else headed back inside.*

The party was fun. Ravenclaws weren't usually avid partiers but at times, they became ones. The party went on to about 10:00 since it was generally agreed that they shouldn't stay up too late.

The next day, Harry and Rishi were planning on meeting Sirius. Lupin realized that he could bring Sirius in at time since Sirius was an auror and fought against Dark Arts. The moment he found out, Lupin invited Sirius to come in to talk about his experiences. The real reason was for everyone to catch up and for Sirius to meet the rest of Harry's friends.

So Harry was pretty pumped up for DADA that day. When he got in, Sirius waved at him and Rishi. And when class started, it lived up to expectations.

Lupin began class with a role call then began talking "Aurors use topics we learn in DADA every day at work. Because of its importance in their jobs, i thought it'd be nice to invite an auror to speak. May I present, Lord Sirius Black, auror and my old friend."

Sirius grinned "Hi. I'm Sirius Black and let's get straight into it. Being an auror is tough and requires lots of magical skill in several areas. One of those is DADA. Dark Arts users can pop up anytime. It's important to be able to defend yourself against. DADA saved my life many times in the war against Voldemort."

Sirius continued talking about the uses of DADA throughout his career and everyone was really into it. In the end, many students had questions which Sirius happily answered. He missed working with children. He had so much fun helping Lupin teach Harry and Rishi. Maybe he could convince Dumbledore to restart those old Dueling classes which his dad told him of.

After class, Harry, Rishi, Daphne, Parvati, Hermione, Neville, and Draco all headed up to Lupin's desk.

Sirius grinned "These are your pals, eh? I think I know most of them. Who's the brown-haired girl and the blonde girl?"

"Daphne Greengrass."

"Hermione Granger."

Sirius nodded "Nice to meet you two. I'm Sirius Black, Harry's godfather."

While the group of 9 were talking, Ron quietly entered the classroom. His mom was appalled at his DADA grades ("your family fought against the Dark Lord!") and told him to ask Professor Lupin for tutoring. He didn't expect there to be others and certainly not Sirius Black.

Lupin looked at Ron "Mr Weasley, how may I help you?"

"W-well" Ron stuttered, nervous of Sirius "I was wondering whether..."

"Your rat" Sirius cut him off, looking at Scabbers "How long have you had him?"

"As long as I can remember. My brother found him as a kid" Ron answered, confused by the auror's questions.

Scabbers suddenly realized who he was talking to and scampered off. Sirius then ran after him with Lupin following. Worried about his uncles, Harry ran off with his friends following. Ron just stood there and decided to wait for Lupin's return.

Once the rat headed into the Whomping Willow, was when they stopped running. Everyone (bar Lupin and Sirius) was confused and Harry voiced it "Moony. Padfoot. What's going on?"

Lupin looked at sky and swore "Crap. We got to do this quickly. Basically, as you know, I'm a Werewolf and..."

"YOU'RE A WEREWOLF" Hermione exclaimed, shocked.

"Yes, yes, however that's not important" Sirius told them "When we were at Hogwarts, me, Harry's dad, Remus and Pettigrew were all friends. When we found Lupin was a werewolf, we wanted to help him. It took us 2 years, but we managed to become Animagi. We would help Lupin after his transformation in here. It was planted to let Lupin leave the grounds and go into the Shrieking Shack to transform."

"Pettigrew's form is a rat" Sirius continued "That should've been a giveaway. When I saw Scabbers earlier**, I realized that he looked exactly like Pettigrew. And if we look at his paws, I bet we'll see that one is messing."

Realization dawned on Daphne "Pettigrew is missing a finger."

"Exactly" Lupin added "Now hurry."

Sirius turned into a dog and pressed a knot, opening the Willow and ushering everyone inside. Once they were all in, they began swiftly moving, searching for Pettigrew. Eventually, they found the rat in the Shrieking Shack.

Sirius gave it a grin that was borderline sadistic and cast the animagus reversal spell. Slowly, the rat turned into a short and balding man.

"S-sirius" Peter nervously exclaimed "R-remus! And Harry! You look just like James..."

"You don't get to speak of James" Sirius shouted angrily "I should kill you where you stand!"

"Sirius" Peter pleaded "Please don't kill me. Remember all the fun we had together?"

Seeing that Sirius still looked angry, he turned to Lupin "Please, Moony! I'm sorry! Don't kill me!"

Lupin simply turned away from his old friend and Pettigrew looked at the kids "Don't let them do this to me! Please!"

Sirius pointed his wand at Pettigrew "Payback's a bitch, eh? A..."

He was cut off by Harry yelling "No!"

Sirius turned to Harry "What? You want this scumbag to live?"

Harry shook his head "The man doesn't deserve to live. He's a disgrace to all wizards. If he had a wand, I'd snap it."

"Then, what..." Sirius was still confused.

"Dad wouldn't have wanted you guys to become killers. Bring him in for questioning. We may be able to get valuable information out of him. Then, we can send him through the veil" Harry explained.

Sirius sighed "You're right, pup."

Lupin conjured up some chains and linked Pettigrew to himself. The group of them then began walking back to the castle when Neville realized something "Wait, isn't today a full moon?"

Everyone's eyes widened as they turned to Lupin, who just gazed upon the moon.

"MOVE!" Sirius yelled as Lupin began his transformation "GET BACK TO THE CASTLE! I'LL TAKE HIM TO THE SHACK! MOVE!"

Sirius began trying to move the transforming Lupin but his efforts were in vain as Lupin completed his transformation. Sirius turned into a dog and jumped onto Lupin. They appeared on the verge of a battle when Lupin was hit with 7 stunners. He fell, knocked out. The 7 of them, plus a now human Sirius, cast Petrificus Totalus on Lupin and began using their magic to move him away.

All was good, until Padma pointed out that Pettigrew was gone. And the dementors thought that he was among them.

"Oh fuck" Sirius said "Harry, Rishi, try your damn best right now for a Patronus."

"EXPECTO PATRONUM" yelled Harry, Rishi and Sirius. Out of their wands emerged Harry's panther, Rishi's coyote and Sirius' dog.*** They charged at a dementors and eventually, none were seen.

Everyone sat there, in need of a break after all this. Then Rishi collapsed and everyone broke out in conversation.

Hermione was the loudest "Did you three just use corporeal patroni?"

Parvati was persistent "What happened to Rishi?"

Neville was worried "Are they gone?"

Sirius sighed "Yes we did. Lupin and I taught them over Christmas break. Rishi is just exhausted from using his patronus. And yes, they are gone, for now. We need to get back. We'll find Remus when the moon is gone."

Lots had happened since that day. Lupin had resigned from his past citing concerns over the safety of the students. He worried that if another incident happened, someone would get seriously injured.

The news that Peter Pettigrew was disguised as Scabbers was a big surprise to the magical community. The Ministry launched an investigation on the Weasleys to see if they were aware of this, which they weren't. And with the news that students had to fend off the dementors, the Board pushed for the dementors to be recalled, again citing the safety of the students.

This was good news for Harry as he no longer had to suffer through them. And now, he could return home to his friends and family. This summer especially, he had work to do. Lupin's incident had opened his eyes to the world that his uncle was living in. He could never get a job and when he did, it was tough holding onto it. So this summer, he had a goal. He would cure lycanthropy.

* Lots of events involve Hermione and Ron interacting. I see no reason for them to do so, especially after the incident in their first year.

** In my story, the Weasleys never won a lottery. They would've gotten the money by stealing from Harry.

*** We never know what Sirius' patronus is. I decided that his patronus would be his animagus form, which is a dog.

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