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First Date

It was finally Halloween which meant that first Hogsmeade visit. Which also meant Rishi and Parvati's first date.

For both of the people involved in this date, the time leading up to it was nerve-wracking. Most of the third-years were not romantically attached so hearing that some of their peers would be going on a date was a big deal.

Padma also took her sister's first date seriously. When Parvati informed her that she and Rishi were going to Hogsmeade together, Padma immediately sought Rishi out. She then informed Rishi that if he hurt her sister, she would castrate him. Rishi believed her threat.

As for Parvati, she had to promise most of her classmates that she would tell them what happened. She was also stressing on what to wear. She wanted to look good but look like she didn't try. Luckily, most of the older Gryffindor girls offered their assistance. This made it slightly less stressful. She ended up wearing a flowery top and jeans. As for her hair, she decided not to put it up.

Rishi was also nervous. Most of the boys just told him "Don't fuck this up." Rishi took that very seriously. Like Parvati, he wanted to look casual, but good. He ended up in a t-shirt and jeans. He even tried to comb his hair. Some of the older Ravenclaws advised him to get a gift like flowers. Rishi ended up getting some for her.

So after a breakfast of waiting, the two finally met up at the doors along with everyone else. The two didn't even get to say hi before Daphne, Hermione, Lavender and Padma took Parvati away for some "girl talk." The boys, feeling the need to retaliate, then took Rishi away for "boy talk."

The two parties then met up back in Hogsmeade. When they did, Harry gave everyone a grin "Now then, should we leave the lovebirds alone?"

This caused everyone to devolve into laughter except Rishi and Parvati, both of whom blushed. Everyone then split up. Lavender went off to find some other friends. Daphne went to hang out with her friend Tracey Davis. The rest bar Rishi and Parvati went off. That left Rishi and Parvati. As they went off, Draco whispered "We're really gonna leave them alone?"

Harry shook his head "First, we do a bit of shopping then we spy."

As they walked away laughing, Rishi and Parvati stood there awkwardly, unsure of what to do. Finally, Rishi broke their silence "I got you these."

He handed Parvati, who smiled at him "They're lovely. Thank you."

"Where do you want to go" Rishi scratched the back of his head, a sign of his nervousness.

Parvati gave her old friend a lopsided grin "We're going shopping! Come on!"

Rishi laughed and let himself get dragged away by Parvati. She took him over to Galdrags Wizardwear "I want to get some new clothes. You can pick the next store."

After getting a shrug from Rishi, Parvati immersed herself in the clothes. After grabbing a bunch, she headed to the changing rooms. While she tried them on, Harry browsed the shoes. He needed new ones. After Parvati tried on all the clothes, and paid for the ones she wanted, they left the store. Rishi then took her to Honeydukes, where they browsed. They ended up buying some candy, mostly with the intent of trying to see who could survive more of it.

The pair also went to Zonkos. According to the Weasley twins, this place was heavenly. And it lived up to that. Parvati laughed when she saw Rishi's face light up upon entering. Rishi probably would've gotten one of everything until he remembered that the items were banned. Parvati looped her arm around him once he realized that and gave him a smile "You could always come during the summer."

Rishi smiled back "I guess I can."

The two then left Zonko's in pursuit of food other than candy.

Ron Weasley was having a bad day. Scratch that, he was having a bad couple of years. It all started when he came to Hogwarts.

His mother had constantly told him that he would be the best friend of the Boy-Who-Lived. He would be the one by his side, guiding him through the Wizarding World. Together, they would be the most popular kids in Hogwarts and would destroy all those future death eaters in Slytherin.

That and the promise of unlimited food caused him to be very excited for Hogwarts. It would start the best days of his life, where he would be rich, and powerful with every girl wanting him.

That never happened. Instead of meeting him, Harry became friends with Rishi Gopal. Apparently, they had been friends for a long time. Even so, Ron tried to join them. He found their compartment and asked to join.

When he went in, he found Harry hanging out Slytherins! When he warned Harry, he was told off. And worse, Harry Potter was some kind of bookworm like Percy! Despite these glaring issues, Ron still tried to be friends with him. He tried talking to him in class. He tried joking off with him during Flying lessons. He tried going on adventures with him. But, every single time, he failed. Harry Potter had no interest in being friends with him.

Instead of moving on, Ron stuck with this. He couldn't accept that Harry did not want to be his friend. It was wired into his brain by his mom, who would never make him see his own mistakes. He couldn't figure out why Harry hated him. It certainly wasn't his fault!

Then, it hit him. It was Rishi's fault.

The git had taken Harry away from him. If it wasn't for Rishi, Ron and Harry would've been best friends. So, Rishi Gopal would need to be punished for ruining his life.

Rishi and Parvati decided to get some butterbeer at Three Broomsticks. After they got settled, another group walked through the door, though they paid them no mind. That group was in fact their friends who wanted to spy on the young couple.

As they silently got a table, Padma reported what Parvati told her through their twin bond "She's having fun. And based on what I'm seeing, she's still having fun."

They watched as Rishi smiled at Parvati and walked to get drinks. As he went up, he looked around the room and saw Harry, Padma, Draco, Neville and Hermione all trying to hide themselves. He stifled a laugh as he walked back with the drinks. When he sat back down, he smirked "Look who's here."

Parvati looked around and saw her friends. Unlike Rishi, she made no effort to stop the laughter that came out "Should we say hi?"

Rishi shrugged "Might as well. We have to go soon."

Parvati nodded and the two walked over to their friends, who were trying their best to act as if they hadn't been watching them "Hi guys."

"You guys are here" Harry said with fake surprise "We had no idea!"

This got a snort in response from Rishi "Sure. Anyway, we should head back up."

Everyone then got up and began leaving Hogsmeade. The walk back was much shorter since they weren't in a horde of students. Eventually, they returned to Hogwarts. When they got there, Parvati pulled Rishi aside after everyone left.

She smiled at Rishi which cause his brain to go fuzzy. He managed to smile back and they continued their silence until Parvati said "I had fun today." She then pressed her lips onto Rishi's.

Rishi felt his brain explode even if her kiss lasted for a second. When she pulled away, she gave him a sweet smile. After a few minutes of Rishi simply being dumbstruck, he finally spoke "I'd... I'd like to do this again. To take you on another date."

Parvati's brain exploded with happiness at this though she downplayed it on her exterior "Are you asking if I'll be your girlfriend Rishi?"

Rishi nodded in response "Will you?"

"Of course" Parvati said, grinning at her new boyfriend.

Harry spit out his juice when Padma said "Pettigrew escaped."

He turned to her, shocked "What do you mean?"

"He apparently attacked someone" Padma explained "He's on the run."

Rishi's eyes widened "He could be coming here then!"

Padma and Hermione suddenly caught on "He could be after Harry."

Harry sighed "No time to worry about that. Come on Rishi. We have a game."

Rishi quickly finished his breakfast and the two headed out to the locker room. After a quick speech (where Roger stressed not underestimating Hufflepuff), they were out on the pitch. When they got out. Harry found Cedric Diggory, the Hufflepuff seeker, approaching "Good luck Harry."

"You too Cedric" Harry smiled, shaking Cedric's hand.

Cedric laughed "I'm certainly going to need it today."

Everyone got into position and once Madam Hooch released the balls, they were off to the races. And it wasn't a fun face.

The rain was coming down hard on them and the wind was no joke either. Harry nor Cedric could find the snitch and primarily spent their time helping the chasers score. Even still, Ravenclaw had a good lead of 270 to 140 when Harry got a glimpse of the snitch. He began racing after it and once Cedric noticed, he too entered the race.

Harry was better than Cedric though and had a comfortable lead on him when he got cold. He was cold the entire game since it was raining but this was different. It was cold in a more creepy way. He pushed through it and was about to grab the snitch when he heard screams.

He heard sadistic laughter and a woman's screams. His mom's screams. He looked and saw black creatures rising up, swarming the field. The screams continued and Harry couldn't handle it. He lost control of the broom. Then, he saw nothing.

"Hey buddy" Harry woke up to Rishi's concerned voice "Are you okay?"

Getting his bearings, Harry began looking around the room. He saw the usual gang and one surprise, Cedric which confused him "Cedric?"

"Hey" Cedric looked sad "I'm sorry about the game. I tried to make them redo the match but they wouldn't go for it. Only reason Roger isn't here is that Madam Pomfrey made him take a shower."

Harry shook his head "Don't worry about it Cedric. At least you got the snitch."

"Thanks" Cedric got up from his chair "I'll see you around, Harry."

Once Cedric left the Hospital Wing, the chatter continued with Harry resuming it "I guess Hufflepuff won."

"Yeah" Rishi seemed to be nervous though not as much as when he asked out Parvati "That's not all."

Harry looked at him, inviting Rishi to continued "The Whomping Willow doesn't take kindly to... anything. Your broom is broken. And... I don't think we can fix it. Sorry."

Harry sighed and rubbed his temple "That's okay. It's just a broom I suppose. What were those things I saw?"

"Those were dementors" Hermione responded "The Ministry sent them to guard Hogwarts because Pettigrew is out."

"So the Ministry agrees" Padma looked at Harry, worried "Pettigrew is out and he's coming for Harry."

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