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The Chamber of Secrets

"Did you hear about Colin" Parvati asked "He got attacked too."

"That sucks" Harry shook his head "He seemed nice."

"I thought you hated him" Padma inquired.

"He's just excited" Harry explained "He's new to the Wizarding World since he's a muggleborn. He's going to be excited to see anything remotely interesting. And then when you see a boy who survived a killing curse, you're bound to excited to meet him. I don't blame him."

Rishi nodded knowingly "You were like that too. For a year, you were amazed by any form of magic even the most simple kind."

"I remember when he saw a broom" Neville laughed "He looked like he was in heaven."

While everyone laughed, Hermione's face stayed stoic "Did you look in the journal?"

Harry nodded "It has a map to the Chamber. The only thing it doesn't have is how to get inside."

"It could be parseltongue" Draco calmly said, unaware of the group's collective confusion. Upon seeing it, he elaborated "Apparently, Salazar had the ability to speak with snakes and passed this to his descendants. If he wanted to make sure that only descendants could enter, speaking in parseltongue would be a great way to ensure that."

"There's only one issue. How do I speak in parseltongue" Harry asked.

"We could always bring a snake here" Daphne replied "And then we could hope that the ability comes out naturally."

"Where could we even get one" Neville was not in love with the idea of getting a snake.

Draco let out a grin "We have some snakes in there. None are poisonous so no need to worry, Neville."

Neville sighed in relief at that. After he got a nod of agreement from all in the group, Draco raced off to grab a snake. He returned an Eastern Garden Snake. He then put it in front of Harry and began waiting expectantly like the others. Harry and the snake simply stared at each other until Harry heard a voice hiss "Hello."

Harry turned to the others "I think it said something. Did you guys hear that?" Upon a shake of their heads, Harry turned back to the snake in shock. He then heard it speak again "Is something wrong speaker?"

"I'm trying to speak parseltongue" Harry bemoaned "I know I can. I just don't know how."

"You just spoke it" the garden snake hissed at Harry.

Harry turned to the friends who all sported huge grins except Draco who was smirking as if he knew it all along. He turned back to the snake "Thank you."

"My pleasure young speaker" Draco then picked the snake back up and ran to quickly return it. When he got back, everyone exploded into talk. But in the end, they came up with a general plan. Tomorrow, they would go into the Chamber to stop the attacks. Right now, they had Lockhart's dueling club which Hermione convinced to attend saying that the experience would be very useful. Harry doubted that but attended for Hermione's sake. The group headed to the dueling club, ready to be bored.

"Hello students" Lockhart yelled, a fake smile adorning his face "Headmaster Dumbledore has allowed me to create this dueling club in order to teach you all to properly duel."

"Can he even duel himself" Rishi whispered to Draco. Draco and Harry snickered at this while Hermione threw them a stern look. She seemed to be soaking all this up eagerly.

"Here is my partner, Professor Snape" Lockhart continued after giving Rishi an annoyed glance "Today, we will show you the basics of duelling. Me and Severus will do a mock duel."

Lockhart and Snape got into position, then with a "3, 2, 1" from Lockhart, Snape swiftly sent Lochart's wand flying. This led to thunderous applause from most students who weren't Lockhart fans. Others like Hermione were shocked. Lockhart quickly picked up his wand and tried to save face "Ah yes. Don't worry folks. I merely let Snape have his way with me. That is Expelliarmus, the disarming spell. Go on and try it out. Go into pairs."

Draco and Harry nodded and got to work. In the middle, Draco whispered "I have a idea. Can you help me out?"

Harry nodded and Draco proceeded to whisper his plan into Harry's ear. And as he did, a mischievous grin formed on Harry's face. Harry quickly nodded once Draco finished and the boys went back to practicing. When Lockhart called for some students to practice, Harry and Draco quickly volunteered. Lockhart gestured to the stage. The boys went up and bowed. And when Lochart yelled "BEGIN," their plan went into motion.

Draco and Harry started by trading weak spells like Rictusempra and Tarantallegra. But, then Draco used Serpensortia, the snake summoning spell. The snake began looking around for a target. And then, Harry quietly whispered "Attack the man in the brown robes." Only Harry and the snake heard this. The snake hissed and turned its attention towards one Gilderoy Lockhart. It then began advancing on him.

Lockhart let out a high-pitched scream and bolted for the door. This seemed to make the snake even more interested in him as it began moving faster. Lockhart screamed yet again "Don't hurt me! Don't hurt me!"

Students began talking among themselves. The most common idea was that Lockhart was an idiot. If he could defeat trolls, banshees and yetis, why was he afraid of a snake?

Lockhart tugged on the door. Snape, enjoying his colleague's terror, had locked the doors to prolong this incident. The snake hissed, moving closer and closer to a wide-eyed Lockhart. It finally reached him and opened his mouth, giving Lockhart a clear view of its sharp teeth. Lockhart promptly fainted at this, causing roaring laughter.

Word spread of the incident in the dueling club. The Daily Prophet even reported on it, questioning why Lockhart was teaching DADA. Lockhart also shut down the dueling club which ruined his reputation even more. But, Harry and his gang had more pressing matters to worry on. It was time to go into the Chamber of Secrets. The heir had done more damage, attacking a Hufflepuff named Justin Finch-Fletchly.

Harry got out the journal and the group began following the map. On their way, Filch cornered them, but once he heard it was House business, he scampered away. The map eventually led them to inside the girls' bathroom. Despite, the boys insisting on not entering, the whole group ended up inside the bathroom. Daphne quickly cast a locking charm on the door. They all then began looking around for the entrance.

Harry was getting annoyed at their lack of success when Daphne called "I found something!"

The group came over to her and looked. Carved onto the sink was a little snake. "Seeing as it's our house symbol, it should mean something" Daphne explained. Harry bent down, looking for some entrance. He then remembered Draco's words on parseltongue possibly being the entrance.

Seeing as there was no clear entrance, Harry decided it was worth a shot "Open."

With that, a pipe opened up and the group trudged in though Draco didn't seem too pleased by this turn of events. Neville seemed to agree with him once they encountered a giant snakeskin in the pipes. Both seemed eager to enter the actual Chamber. Finally, they came to a wall which was covered in snake engravings. Harry tried the parselmouth trick again and the wall opened up, revealing up.

Neville didn't seem to like the giant snake statues while Draco was just happy to be out of the pipes. The group rummaged around quietly until Hermione exclaimed "WOAH!"

Harry ran over, worried until he saw a giant library. Hermione ran and grabbed one. She started looking at it but grew angry "What is this? I can't read it!"

Grabbing it, Harry looked at it himself "This is Salazar's research. I think there's more of them. This says volume one."

"It must be parselmouth" Padma added "That way, no one could read his research except himself and his family."

"This research is amazing" Harry flipped through the pages "He has ideas for so many potions. Language potions. Protection potions. Improvements for them. Wand ideas. This is pure genius."

"I believe Harry just got his own Bat Cave" Rishi snickered. Hermione, Harry, and the twins laughed while the rest appeared confused. Harry started sorting throught the library, attempting to bring some order to the room. Rishi, Draco, Daphne and Parvati were searching for more rooms while Hermione, Neville, and Padma were applying many a Scourgify on the dusty room. The group was content, working in silence until the "room hunters" came running back, screaming.

Leaving their current jobs, everyone went to have a look at them. But, all they got was a simple point to a door. Moments later, a giant snake came sliding out of it, hissing at the intruders. Hermione gasped "That's a basilisk! They can kill you with their looks!"

"So this is the monster in the Chamber" Padma reasoned "But, why is everyone's getting frozen. Not killed."

"If you looked at it indirectly, like through a camera, it could petrify you" Daphne explained "How do we kill it?"

"Do we need to kill it" Rishi asked "Harry can try pulling rank first."

Harry nodded and began to speak "Hello mighty basilisk. I am Harry Potter."

The basilisk hissed, though with less venom than before "A speaker..."

"Yes" Harry continued "I am also Lord Slytherin."

"Tom lied" the basilisk replied, anger evident "He said he was the only Slytherin left."

"I apologize for him. I plan to remove him as heir Slytherin" Harry said, trying to please the snake "I would like if you stop your attacks on muggleborns. Is it okay if I turn around?"

"I can protect you from my gaze. Our eyes feature protective lenses. When we remove the lenses, our enemies die" The basilisk then appeared to considering Harry's first request "As you wish. I do have one request."

"Name it" Harry told it. He just hoped that it wasn't something crazy. He also geatured for everyone to turn and face the basilisk, assuring them of no danger. After some time, they all were facing it.

"Care for my child" the basilisk stated.

Harry was expecting for it to ask for freedom or something similar. He was not expecting that "What?"

"I am dying" the basilisk explained "I've only stayed this long on the orders of Tom Riddle. Now that I don't need to follow his orders, I can finally pass on. However, that leaves my daughter unattended. I would like for you to care for her."

"Sure" Harry replied "I will do so."

"Thank you my Lord" the basilisk seemed to smile. It then took one last breath and stopped breathing. Its body laid still on the ground. Harry looked at it until Parvati asked "What happened?"

"The basilisk is dead" Harry said after a lengthy pause "It asked me to care for its daughter. Come out." Harry made sure to ask in parseltongue for the snake's benefit. The gang waited for a minute, but a small snake finally emerged. It appeared to be frightened.

"Hello" Harry told the young basilisk "I'm Harry Potter. I will be taking care of you now."

"Is mommy okay" it asked, her voice full of fear.

"She has decided to pass on. It is my duty as Lord Slytherin to take care of you. I will not hurt you. I will not torment you. I will take care of you. I promise" Harry replied, trying to sound caring.

"Okay my Lord" the basilisk replied, the fear almost gone.

"Call me Harry" he told her, giving her a smile.

"Okay Harry" she slithered up Harry's body, placing herself on his shoulder.

"What's her name" Daphne asked while, petting the young snake. She appeared to be the most at ease with it besides Harry.

Harry thought for a moment. He hadn't thought of names and calling the basilisk by its species was pretty dumb. Finally, he got it "How about Dorea?"

No one had anything against the name. Harry then brought it to the basilisk "May I call you Dorea?"

"You may" Dorea answered with a giggle.

The group left the chamber after that. Harry also came up with a plan for Dorea. She would stay in Harry and Rishi's room. Harry also looked through his family tree to find a Tom in the Slytherin family. He found one in Tom Marvolo Riddle. He decided to strip Tom of his family magic and title of Scion Slytherin. This way, Tom couldn't use parselmouth.

Harry also used the Slytherin's texts to create alarms wards around the Chamber. These would alert him of any intruders, namely this Tom Riddle. He could then go to the chamber to confront Tom.

The plan went into action sooner than Harry thought. Tom must've gotten annoyed with not hearing the basilisk speak to him. Harry, who was sitting in his bedroom at the time, quickly grabbed the closest of his friends. Rishi, who was in the bedroom, joined him. He found Daphne and Padma on the way so they ended up with him. They descended back down the pipe and into the Chamber.

Once they arrived, they found themselves looking at the youngest Weasley. Daphne was the first to voice her shock "Ginny?"

Ginny turned and looked at the 4 students. She looked normal except for the her eyes. They seemed glazed over "I am Tom Riddle."

"I am Harry Potter" Harry stated "This is Rishi Gopal, Daphne Greengrass, and Padma Patil. What did you do to her?"

"Miss Weasley discovered my diary" Riddle began "She poured herself into it. Her worries. Her fears. Her crush on you, Potter. Eventually, I was able to put a bit of myself into Miss Weasley. I compelled herself to complete my mission. Eventually, I was able to possess her somewhat."

"How" Padma asked. As far as she knew, what he was talking about wasn't possible.

"I put my 16 year old self into the diary. So that even after my defeat, I could complete my ancestor's mission to eradicate all Muggleborns" Riddle told them "I don't wish to hurt you. Join me, the most powerful wizard."

"You're the most powerful wizard" Rishi laughed "You're just a 16 year old boy who got outsmarted by a bunch of 12 year olds."

Riddle took out Ginny's wand and waved it. His name, Tom Marvolo Riddle, appeared. He waved it once more and the letters rearranged themselves to form "I am Lord Voldemort."

"Oh" Rishi said.

"Yes Gopal" Riddle smirked "Now, let's finish this. Shall we?"

He snapped his fingers, expecting something to happen. When nothing happened, he snapped them again. He kept on snapping and grew angrier with every failure "Where is..."

"She's dead" Harry told him "And I have her daughter."

Riddle's eyes widened as Harry lunged for the diary. Tom prepared to curse Harry but Rishi cut him off with a Expelliarmus. Daphne then used Petrificus Totalus on Tom, freezing him in place while Rishi grabbed Ginny's wand. Angry, Tom began cussing them out until Padma stopped him with a Silencio. The group of 4 then looked at the diary.

"What do we do" Rishi asked "If this is You-Know-Who, then there's probably some powerful magic at play. Which means, we can't just stomp on it."

"I heard that basilisk venom is very strong" Daphne added "If Dorea bites it, it would probably work."

"Dorea, can you bite that book" Harry asked. He knew Dorea was still growing and might be able to. She had grown for sure during the time he had her. She was a little over 2 feet at first. Now she was a healthy 5 feet.

"Of course" Dorea slithered over to the book and after a moment, bit it. There was silence, then Tom began screaming. Then, the body of Ginny slumped down. Harry and Rishi went over and picked her up by the arms and legs. The group of 4 began leaving the Chamber.

Midway through their return, Ginny seemed to wake up. She looked at everyone "What's going on?"

"You've been the one attacking Muggleborns" Rishi and Harry set her down "It's not your fault though. Someone possessed you. We managed to get you out."

"Am I going to be expelled" Ginny fretted "I can't be expelled!"

"Don't worry" Daphne sighed "It wasn't your fault. We can even show our memories to them."

This seemed to calm Ginny down. She then spent the remainder of the time silently ogling Harry.

Evntually, the group emerged from the pipes. Ginny then went running, Harry suspected to Dumbledore. Everyone else decided to relax in the Great Hall after their adventure.

The school year ended quite peacefully. Harry sold the basilisk to the goblins, with Dorea's permission. He then sent part of the money to Colin and Justin's families since the basilisk hurt him. Once Colin heard of this, he thanked Harry and promised to tone down the pictures.

Meanwhile, Lockhart's classes continued to be terrible. Sick of it, Harry secretly organized a rally where students would send letters pertaining to Lockhart's teaching. This put Lockhart into a rage which peaked with Lockhart attempting to obliviate some laughing students. Luckily, Snape stunned him and sent him to the DMLE for a trial. Since then, DADA was taught by an Auror, which was significantly better.

The only downside seemed to be Ginny Weasley. For some odd reason, she believed Harry saved her because he loved her. Not because he had to. He got wind of this when Daphne informed him that Ginny tried to hex Astoria for mentioning Harry in passing. Since then, Harry made sure to give the girl a cold shoulder. Something which bothered Ginny immensely.

The group arrived home, happy and content. Ravenclaw won the cup. The Chamber didn't bother many people. In the end, it was a pretty decent. And Harry got a snake (which Mr and Mrs Gopal had wildly different opinions on).

But, in the Weasley household, a rat was laughing. His time for revenge was coming. He would get revenge for his master.

Year 2 had ended. Thanks for reading. Please leave a review.

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