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The First Victim and A Crazy Bludger

Ron knew it was a bad idea. He knew it from the start. Why would he miss the feast for Nearly Headless Nick's deathday party? He'd miss so much eating! But, Ron had a sense of good in him. Nick had been nice to Ron from to start. He owed to Nick to go. He just wished that the food was better.*

Eager to escape the creepy headless hunt, Ron had gotten himself lost leaving the party. The redhead, who had gotten tired after running, slowly walked the corridors, hoping for some familiar sight. This eventually led to a deserted corridor. Looking around, Ron's fear which was already getting quite large, grew immensely upon the next sight. He turned and saw in blood red writing "The Chamber of Secrets has been opened. Enemies of the heir, beware." He then looked and saw Mrs Norris, hanging from the ceiling, completely still.

Ron let out a high-pitched scream upon seeing this and as he did that, the feast let out. And hearing a scream, the majority of the students chose to investigate as did the teachers.

Filch stomped forward, eager to punish a student. He then saw Mrs Norris and he became even more eager. He grabbed Ron by the arm and gave him a sadistic grin. As Filch did this, Theodore Nott laughed "You'll be next Mudbloods!"

This caused Hermione to give a tiny shudder of fear as other Slytherins laughed in agreement. The other teachers quickly began shepherding the students away while Dumbledore, Lockhart, McGonnagall, Filch and Snape dragged Ron to Lockhart's office.

"Did you guys hear the news" Parvati asked casually during a break.

Padma rolled her eyes "We all heard about the Chamber of Secrets writing. Everyone has."

Parvati in turn rolled her eyes "Of course! I was actually talking about the Heir of Slytherin."

"The Heir of Slytherin" Rishi looked at Harry nervously "What do you mean?"

"Apparently, the heir part refers to the heir of Slytherin" Parvati answered "He's the only one who opened the Chamber of Secrets."

"Wow" Neville simply said "So I guess he's going after Gryffindors."

"Or Muggleborns" Hermione said quietly "I asked Professor Binns after class. He told me that Slytherin left the school after an argument about Muggleborns. Maybe he'll go after them."

The group pondered this for a bit while doing their homework. During this, Rishi grabbed Harry aside "I just realized something."

Harry looked at him shocked "You think I'm attacking people?"

Rishi shook his head, a grin forming "No. You're Lord Slytherin."

Harry was still confused by this "Explain."

"If one is the Heir of Slytherin" Rishi replied "They have to listen to you. And any powers they have extend to you as well. Which means access to Chamber."

By this time, Harry caught on "So I can stop whatever they are doing because I outrank them."

"Exactly" Rishi exclaimed "But we need to find it. And we'll need help. So you gotta explain to them."

Harry conceded the point and walked back with Rishi accompanying him. The group looked at him as he came back "We need to talk?"

"About what" Daphne asked, eyebrows furrowed.

"I am Lord Slytherin" Harry said, bracing for the explosive responses that he anticipated.

Instead, all he got was a "What?" from Neville. He continued "When I met Rishi, he and his dad took me to Gringotts. That's when I claimed all my Lordships which include Slytherin."

"You're the one attacking everyone" Hermione asked, scared "Why would you..."

Rishi jumped in before people heard "No he isn't. It's the heir of Slytherin. Who answers to Harry. Our plan is to find the Chamber and make the heir stop since he has to listen to his lord. If we find the Chamber, we can stop this."

The group turned to each other for a moment then looked back at the pair of boys silently until Daphne said "What do we need to do?"

"It's impossible" Hermione persisted 2 weeks later "No where does it say where the Chamber is!"

"Actually, I have an idea" Draco shrugged "Since Salazar Slytherin made the Chamber, he knows where it is. Most likely, it is stated in his journals. You could look in the Gringotts vault."

Harry nodded "I'll ask Flitwick for permission to leave after the game."

Rishi looked at his watch "I think we should head out. See you guys afterwards."

The group waved as the boys left with Draco yelling "Beat the Gryffindorks!"

Harry and Rishi speed-walked to the locker room (they didn't want to get in trouble). They quickly got dressed as Roger looked at the team "First game of the season guys. We need to start off on the right foot. Statistically, teams that start out well finish well. Harry, get the snitch as soon as possible. The Gryffindor chasers are deadly. We need minimize the amount of type they can score. Randolph, Jeremy, we need to pass it around. Wood is a top-notch keeper with a chance to go pro. We need to tire him out if we want to score. Jason, Rishi, occupy Fred and George. Make sure they don't get a chance to attack us or Harry. Grant, try your best to stop them! Let's go!"

The team nodded in response and rushed outside to cheers from the Ravenclaws, Slytherins and many Hufflepuffs. Madam Hooch sent the balls up and the game went underway.

From the get-go, Harry could tell something was off. He saw a bludger come flying at him and dodged it. Rishi sent it to Oliver Wood which gave Roger a chance to score making it 10 - 0. Fred and George sent it back at their chasers but instead of going at them, it curved and went to him. Harry managed to dodge it but it came right back. Rishi even had to act as protection detail for Harry until Harry waved him off.

It became more fun later. Harry had been on the receiving end of taunts from the opposing seeker Gabriel Dove. Harry had gotten seriously pissed when Dove dissed Harry's house by calling them weaklings. So, Harry wanted payback. Seeing bludger fly at him once again, he flew right behind Dove so that the bludger smashed into Dove, causing him to fall off. After Gryffindor put in a replacement, Harry did the same thing.

At this point, the score was 90 - 10 for Gryffindor so Harry decided to even the odds. He flew behind the Gryffindor goalposts so the bludger went at Wood giving Roger, Randolph and Jeremy open shots. When Gryffindor had the quaffle, Harry went near a chaser so they would have to duck, giving them a chance to steal. This allowed Ravenclaw to score 130 unanswered points.

Harry was having fun. He was pissed about the bludger but having fun manipulating it. Eventually, he found the snitch which until then, took a backseat to staying alive. Harry flew towards, hoping that he could outrun the bludger. Going faster than he wanted to, Harry managed to secure his hand on the snitch then as the bludger went at him, he cast a Glacius on it to end his suffering.

Harry then went to the locker room and went into the shower. A cold shower after a game was always comforting. Afterwards, Harry tied his towel and went to grab his clothes. He then found the same house-elf from before standing in the locker room. This was unexpected "WHAT THE HELL?"

"Hello Harry" Dobby said to the shocked boy "You must leave Hogwarts!"

Harry sighed as he searched for his robes "How so?"

"The train barrier closed and the bludger was tampered with" Dobby squeaked.

"Wait, the barrier closed" Harry asked "And how would you know about that if even we don't? Unless..."

"It was the only way to keep Harry from going to Hogwarts" Dobby said gravely "The Chamber of Secrets has been opened."

Harry's eyes widened "You know about that? Can you tell me more?""

Dobby shook his head "Dobby not allowed to." Dobby then attempted to pop out but was stopped when Harry grabbed him. Dobby then cowered on instinct, bracing for a blow that didn't come.

"Dobby, I have one more question" Harry pressed "Who is your master?"

"Master doesn't want me to say" Dobby then popped out.

"It was so weird" Harry exclaimed "That elf is so insistent to me leaving!"

Padma smirked "Seems you have an elf for fan."

"Who is the elf's owner" Daphne asked "You could probably file an complaint."

Hermione's eyes widened "Elfs have owners? You condone slavery?!"

"We condone it because he have to" Harry replied "Without an owner, the elf loses his magic and eventually dies. They need us to survive."

Hermione nodded knowingly as Harry continued "The elf's name is Dobby. Who's his owner?"

"D-dobby" Draco stuttered "His name is Dobby?"

Harry nodded "Do you know him?"

"He's our house elf" everyone looked shocked at this "Which means my dad is involved with this."

Draco looked down in shame, afraid of the retribution he'd get. His friends didn't berate him as he thought. Instead, Rishi summed all of them up with "You're not your dad. It's his choice. Not yours."

Harry nodded "Ok. Here's what I'm thinking. Draco, when you get home for the holidays, see if you can find any information. Be subtle. For example, casually ask if your dad knows about the Chamber. Next break-time, I'll head to Gringotts and look in the journals. See you guys later."

The group then split to go to classes.

*Harry isn't a Gryffindor so he and Nearly Headless Nick won't really know each other. That's why Harry couldn't be there

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