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Quidditch Tryouts

A old, frail bird swooped down from the sky, heading for the Gryffindor table with a smoking red letter. It stopped right in front of one Ron Weasley. Fred and George, seeing this, starting laughing "Even we haven't gotten a howler yet!"


With that, the letter burnt in Ron's hand and the next part of his humiliation began: the laughter. The entire hall, including his house, began laughing at Ron except for Ginny who was a bit embarrassed herself.

Gilderoy Lockhart was slowly moving up Harry's enemy list.

It started when he and Rishi met this Gryffindor first-year named Colin Creevy while heading to DADA. Creevy, who was a muggleborn, asked for a picture with Harry. Harry said no. Creevy asked again. Harry said no. Creevy asked one more time. Before Harry said no, Lockhart came in and volunteered to take a picture with him. Harry then said no and left with Rishi. At the moment, Harry was under the impression that this meeting would be the low point of the day. Then he had Defense.

Lockhart gave them a quiz. All the questions were about himself. To Harry, it was the dumbest quiz ever. Hermione was feverishly answering every question. Rishi, who swore never to read the books and only bought with the plan to sell them as soon as he could, was goofing off on the quiz. Harry decided to answer all the questions which actually were relevant and not answering those which were stupid.

Afterwards, Lockhart began admonishing them for not knowing information such as his favorite color and how many times he was in Witch Weekly. He then revealed a cage of pixies which were for a practical demonstration. He released them while Harry watched, happy that they were actually doing something useful.

Lockhart, instead of demonstrating, chose to release all the pixies at once who began terrorizing the classroom. Lockhart, when he saw this, ran away. The Ravenclaws and Slytherins, who had DADA together, decided to leave the room and let Lockhart handle it. It wasn't exactly their problem. Hermione wanted to stay but when she heard that they might be late, agreed to come. But not before getting some revenge on their afriad professor.

Draco, Harry, Rishi, Daphne and Draco's friend Blaise froze each of the pixies in place while all the students left. When everyone was out, they let the pixies move again and wreck havoc on the classroom.

The coming weeks proved 2 things. That Lockhart was consistent with his inability to teach and that Colin was consistent.

Lockhart had decided on teaching the students using his books. He would act out scenes from his book, frequently having Harry help him in acting them out. DADA was starting to become less popular than History of Magic. The one bright spot was when Rishi broke Lockhart.


"Professor" Rishi raised his hand "I have a question pertaining to the books."

"Ah" Lockhart replied "Is it about my fight with the Yeti. Because let me assure you that..."

"It's not" Rishi cut him off "I looked at Travels with Trolls and it said that you fought the troll on 3/20. Is that correct?"

"Yes, that's true. I don't see what..."

"In Break With a Banshee, you say that you also fight the banshee on 3/20 of the same year. And they are in completely different locations. How is this possible, sir?" Rishi asked with mock-politeness that Lockhart didn't seem to pick up.

Lockhart opened his mouth to respond and then closed it. He looked to be having an internal debate "Well, you see... I fought it then... uh, class dismissed!"

The students streamed out of the classroom. Draco turned to Rishi as they left "I thought you swore never to read them."

Rishi laughed "I didn't. Hermione read them and I asked."

The kids burst out into laughter at this.


The story quickly spread throughout school, making Lockhart a laughingstock. Even some teachers couldn't resist laughing.

Colin Creevy was also becoming infamous for his obsession with Harry. He constantly wanted pictures of Harry or anything magical. Harry chalked it up to the sudden exposure to the magical community. However, he REALLY did not like Colin's obsession with him.

Luckily, Harry has Quidittch tryouts to keep his mind off things. Most of the school teams only have people try out for positions that aren't filled. However, Ravenclaw's tradition is to do a full tryout every year. That way, if talent is there, you can capitalize on it instantly. That meant that Harry had to try and compete to keep his job. Roger insisted that he would do great but Harry still worried.

Harry and Rishi headed down to the pitch at 8:00 for tryouts. All they knew about the team was that Roger would be on it as captain. Roger looked over the 40 Ravenclaws who were tryouts then began speaking "Welcome to Quidittch tryouts. I am Captain Roger Davies, chaser. I want you all to start by going into groups based on which position you want. Chasers, beaters, keepers then seekers. Hop to it!"

Everyone ran into their groups. Harry looked and only saw Cho in his seeker group. There were 20 kids for chaser, 7 for beater, and 11 for keeper. Roger nodded at this "I want 5 laps around the field. If you get tired, you can go. But you won't make the team. Go!"

40 brooms went up and started flying around the field. At the end, only 34 remained, with 1 chaser, 2 beaters and 3 keepers dropping out. Roger waved those kids goodbye then turned to those remaining "Now, we will do position-specific drills. Beaters, then chasers then keepers then seekers."

Harry patted Rishi on the back as his friend flew up with the 4 other beater hopefuls. Roger animated some moving targets and released bludgers but not before protecting those on the ground. He then had each beater take turns trying to hit the targets. There were 10 targets total (Roger wanted an easy percentage). The first 2 kids each managed 6/10 scores. Rishi, who went third, got himself an 8/10 score. Jason Samuel, a 6th year, went fourth and got 10/10 while the 5th person got 5/10. Roger smiled and congratulated Rishi and Mark on their new starting beater spots. He then told the first two kids that they were reserves and would be called up in case of injury.

When Rishi came back to the ground, Harry smothered him with a hug which was short-lived since Roger wanted the beaters to help with chaser tryouts. The 19 chaser hopefuls were first given a race. 2 laps and the top 10 would move on. Once that was done, Roger brought the beaters into play. He asked each chaser to try and score while Rishi and Jason fired bludgers at them. In the end, Roger selected Randolph Burrow and Jeremy Stretton.

Roger then tasked the 8 keeper hopefuls with stopping Randolph, Jeremy and himself from starting. The person who got the most saves would be the keeper. After 80 shots, Grant Page and Vanessa Donald tied for the top spot with an 7 saves. Roger decided to let both participate in practice and then decide.

As tryouts happened, Harry and Cho exchanged glares which slowly grew in intensity. When time came for them to compete, their glares were at full strength. Roger informed them of the plan: he would release the snitch and let Rishi and Jason fire bludgers. The first to get the snitch would win.

Both took to the skies. Cho's plan was to tail Harry since he was skilled at finding the snitch. Harry was aware of this since she kept on following him. Harry decided to kill 2 birds with one stone and get revenge on Cho while helping himself win.

Harry looked and pretended that he saw the snitch near a goalpost. Harry went into a dive for it. Seeing him, Cho followed suit. Both raced near the ground and before he hit the ground, Harry pulled up. Cho, didn't have time to. She crashed into the ground at full force. As she was moaning in pain, Harry saw the snitch for real and got it, securing his spot on the team.

Roger smirked at this. Cho's attitude to the other Ravenclaws had made her a lot of enemies in the house so most were happy she didn't make the team. As Harry returned to the ground, Roger began his final statement "Thank you all for attending tryouts. I will post a list of the reserves tomorrow. Congrats to all who made it and I'll see you at practice."

Harry and Rishi took this as time to get a shower. Both headed into their respective showers and afterwards, headed back. They were meeting up for studying with their friends and needed their books.

"Come to me" Harry heard as they walked. Harry stopped in his tracks and looked around, worry creeping in.

"Let me rip you... Let me tear you..." Harry heard that voice again which sounded closer to a hiss. He looked around again, alarmed "Did you hear that?"

"Hear what" Rishi replied "You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Thought I heard something" Rishi nodded in response and the pair headed back to Ravenclaw Tower and later, to the library. Harry didn't speak of any voice again. But, he couldn't keep that voice out of his head.

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