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A Ford Anglia and Luna Lovegood

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"You can't go to Hogwarts" a squeaky cried out yet again "It's not safe."

Harry sighed "What do you mean?"

"A great threat is at Hogwarts" the house-elf squeaked "It will hurt Mr. Potter!"

Harry nodded "Thanks for your concern..."

"Dobby" the house-elf "My name is Dobby."

"Thank you Dobby. You can go now" Harry replied "I will not attend Hogwarts."

Dobby celebrated "Thank you Mr. Potter! Thank you!"

The house-elf then quickly left as Harry shook his hand "I wonder if wizards know of crossing your fingers while talking?"

Harry smirked "King's Cross. Never gets old."

"I always wondered about the name" Rishi added stroking a non-existent beard "A King's cross would be of some religious importance. Maybe a king fancied himself a god. Or maybe during a war, a king was captured and..."

"We get it" Harry put his hand up "Don't make me try Silencio."

As they laughed at Rishi's mock-sadness, the family locked hands and apparated to the platform. Seeing the scarlet beauty before them, Harry and Rishi bid the Gopals goodbye and ran inside but not before receiving some hugs. The pair of the boys began that annual search for an empty compartment, eventually finding one. 2 Wingardium Leviosas brought their trunks up to the shelves.

A knock on the door brought Draco and Neville into the compartment as well as Hermione. Soon after them, the Patil twins entered. They were all excitedly talking on classes when another knock was heard. Harry opened the door and saw Daphne and someone who he assumed was her sister.

"Hello all" Daphne said "This is my sister Astoria. Can she sit with us?"

Parvati laughed "Of course. Come on in!"

As Harry and friends waited for the train to start, a different scene was unfolding in King's Cross. The Weasleys, who as usual woke up, rushed to try to make the train. Molly brought Ginny through the barrier first. Percy then went through followed by the twins. That left Ron. Eager to return to Hogwarts and eat, he started to run to the barrier. Then he hit a wall.

Confused, he backed up and tried again. He didn't go through. Panicking, he thought of his dad's Ford Anglia. He raced outside, and got into the car. Soon, Ron was flying in the clouds, heading to Hogwarts.

Harry's trip to Hogwarts was nowhere near as interesting as Ron's trip. His trip was much more docile, filled with laughter and talk between friends. Neville was eagerly talking about a greenhouse his grandma told him of when Hermione cried "What is that?"

The group turned to the window and saw a Ford Anglia. Then, they saw the red-haired boy who was piloting it. The group silently gaped at Ron until Draco broke it "Weasley must really want Harry to notice him."

Harry snorted "He's succeeding in a way. Now, I'll remember as a complete idiot."

Daphne shook her head "He's breaking the Statue of Secrecy. Even Dumbledore can't save him now. He's at the mercy of the DMLE."

"Where he'd even get the car" Neville asked "No way he could've found that on the street."

"He got it from his dad" Rishi replied "The twins told us about it. Apparently, their dad is obsessed with Muggle products and wanted to fix it up."

After that point, the subject of Ron left the conversation and was forgotten. The kids spent the rest of their time discussing classes and Quidditch (which appeared to be the two most popular topics) until Hermione advised them to get their robes. Soon, the train ceased its movement and the group filed out to the carriages while Astoria went to the boats. Harry, Rishi, Daphne and Neville are headed onto on carriage while Draco, Parvati, Padma and Hermione went on the other. When they got on, Harry's eyes widened.

"Uh" he began "What are those?"

Daphne looked at Harry quizzically "What do you mean, Harry?"

"Those animals drawing the carriage" Harry added "What are they?"

"There's nothing drawing the carriage Harry" Neville looked concerned "Are you okay?"

"Those are thestrals" Rishi laid back on the seat, sighing contently. Seeing everyone's confused faces, he continued "Thestrals can only be seen by those who have seen someone die."

He then looked at Harry "Your wand core is a thestral hair and you didn't know about them. Dissapointing."

Neville and Daphne chuckled as the carriage moved along. Eventually, the group arrived at Hogwarts and went to their own tables. After a tad bit of waiting, the first years arrived and the sorting commenced. Unlike last year, he watched with much more attention, clapping for each new Ravenclaw.

"Greengrass, Astoria" was called after a few names. Astoria went up nervously and after a few minutes, was sent to the Slytherin table where her sister gave her a hug.

Ravenclaw didn't get much, getting a boy and a girl before McGonnagall called "Lovegood, Luna!"

A blonde-haired girl went and sat on the stool. After some time, the hat called "Ravenclaw!" The house cheered but Harry noticed a lack of applause from the new Ravenclaws. And when Luna moved to join them, he saw them stiffen. Apparently, Luna saw this too. Before anything bad could happen, Harry gestured for Luna to join them. She smiled and sat across from Harry.

Near the end, McGonnagall said "Weasley, Ginevra!"

Harry suddenly got nervous. The girl seemed to be in awe of him and Harry wasn't interested in putting up with that at every meal and in the common room. Plus, if she knew of the marriage contract, she probably wanted to be with him. Harry didn't follow any religion as the Dursleys used to tell him that God doesn't care about him. Now, he tried to remember all those gods Deepa Auntie talked about so he could pray to them. Luckily, that wasn't needed as before Harry started praying, the hat cried "Gryffindor."

Harry saw the Weasleys cheer and congratulate her sisters on her placement though Ginny looked a bit peeved at her placement. Harry shrugged it off but realizing something, looked back at the group of redheads. Ron wasn't there.

Ron was have the time of his life up in the clouds. He was heading to school in style, and was sure to be the talk of the school after this. He would become the most popular guy in school with ladies lining up to be with him. And Harry would finally see his greatness and become friends with him! It was foolproof!

There was one, tiny issue: gas.

As Ron was driving, the car alerted him that it needed more gas. Ron ignored it, as he did not know what gas was. He kept going at the high speed he was at earlier. This led to a point, where Ron was unable to sustain this speed. This led the car falling through the sky. Coincidentally, he reached Hogwarts at this time. As the car fell, it picked up speed, scaring Ron even more. This fear also caused him to soil his pants, filling the air with a putrid aroma.

Inside the Great Hall, the students were finishing dessert when they heard a bang on the roof. Dumbledore, believing it to be unimportant, began his speech.

"Welcome to another year at Hogwarts! To all first years and a few older students who seem to forget, all students are banned from going into the Forbidden Forest. I'd also like to introduce Gilderoy Lockhart as the new Defense Against Dark Arts teacher."

That final statement set off cheers from students, mainly female including Hermione. After the cheers subsided, Dumbledore continued "If there are no questions, then I'd like to prefects to lead..."

Dumbledore saw a 4th year Gryffindor raise his hand "What's on the roof?"

Dumbledore looked up "I will perform a simple banishing spell to check. It will bring whoever is up there, down here."

A wave of Dumbledore's wand followed and Ron Weasley appeared in the Great Hall with a Ford Anglia. Snape sneered at the boy "I believe we know why Muggles are speaking of a flying car. Come with me, Weasley."

Ron looked helpless and Snape dragged him away to laughter from the other students. With that, the students trudged back upstairs to their dormitories. On the way, Luna was introduced to the group of Ravenclaws. She smiled as she shook Hermione's hand "There are nargles around you."

Cho sneered at her "Shut up Loony."

Harry glared back "What did you say?"

Cho glared back "She's crazy. Talking about made-up creatures."

Rishi laughed "Or maybe you're jealous."

Cho sputtered "I-I'm not jealous!"

A shrug was given in response "You belittle her and deny your jealousy. Sounds like you're jealous of a first-year Cho."

No retort came out of Cho's mouth as she silently went through the common room door.

Luna smiled at the boys "Thanks."

Harry looped an arm around her "Anytime. Anytime."

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