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Chapter 5

Silence was all that one could hear in the kitchen of Grimmauld Place after Harry's introduction. Everyone simply stared at Harry in shock, bar Harry, Dumbledore and Minerva. They couldn't believe that the tall boy standing before them was once Noah's scrawny brother.

The silence was finally stopped when the Weasleys twins dropped a couple dozen pins on the ground. When all eyes shifted to them, they gave a guilty smile and said "We wanted to see if we could hear the pins drop."

For once, their mother did not began berating them as she was still shocked that this dangerous boy could have Potter blood in it. He was dangerous! Then her mind began suggesting that the Potters knew that, and that's why he left.

A wave over anger surged over Noah as he glared at his brother. He finally found his brother who ran away, who left him. He felt like attacking Harry but remembered the beating that he received the first time that he tried that. Noah wanted to glare at him, but that felt wrong. He couldn't figure out why so he stuck with having a blank stare on his face.

Meanwhile, the Potters were in shock. Here was their long-lost son and he was looking at Dumbledore like a father. They respected Dumbledore but they believed that Harry should look at them like that. Besides, he was the Boy-Who-Lived. If he didn't look at them as role models, they wouldn't get any of the perks.

Sirius and Remus were the first to act. They ran up to Harry and enveloped him in a hug. Harry laughed in their embrace as he felt some of their tears splash onto his shirt "Hey guys. I missed you too."

"We missed you cub" Sirius sobbed, hugging Harry tighter.

"Where have you been?" Remus asked with worry "We've looked all over for you!"

Harry chuckled "I was under a modified Fidelius. Unless you already knew, you couldn't find me. I please Cat Woman had the only address."

"You knew where he was and didn't tell" Sirius turned to his former Head of House, who was looking a little peeved at being called Cat Woman by Harry.

"I did not know that Harry was there. Only Albus" Minerva said before looking at Harry "And for the record, don't call me Cat Woman."

Albus smiled "Why don't we get started?"

"Hold up" James Potter snarled "You knew where he was and didn't tell us? How could you?"

"I told you all that Harry was the Boy-Who-Lived on the day that Voldemort attacked. You two chose not to believe me and instead said Noah was the one who defeated Voldemort. Afterwards, you treated Harry horribly. Not giving him dinner. Punishing him for accidental magic. Blaming him for Noah's problems. Meanwhile, you overfed Noah, rewarded him for any magic and let him do whatever he wanted. And when I heard that you would stoop to sending Harry to your magic-hating sister, I took him away. They would be even worse than you. I rescued Harry and trained him for his duty."

Lily was annoyed at Dumbledore's actions but felt like they were simple problems "Well then, thank you. Now that we know about this, we'll take care of him. Come over here, dear."

"Not in a million years" Harry laughed "What're you going to do to me? Stuff me with food and buy me toys I don't want or need? I'll pass. I'll stick with a father who actually disciplines his kid and teaches him about boundaries."

"We can train you" James added hopefully "Lily is amazing at Potions and Charms! Meanwhile, I'm superb at Transfiguration and Defense Against the Dark Arts!"

"He's been with the greatest Wizard since Merlin for about 10 years" Bill rolled his eyes "You really think he needs your training?"

"If we're done with this chat, I'd like to begin the meeting" Dumbledore sent the underage kids (besides Harry) out and began the meeting.

The meeting wasn't complicated. Albus simply explained that he was going to return to Hogwarts and what we wanted the Order to do. It was quite short and sweet. Dumbledore also told them how he'll contact them regarding future meetings.

After the meeting, Harry and Albus made a quick escape. But, they promised Sirius and Remus that they'd return soon when the two men asked to see Harry again at a later time. They also set up a guarded floo connection so that they could enter after someone inside the house gave them permission.

Once they were back at their home, Harry took Albus aside for a talk "Do you have any ideas?"

Before the meeting, Harry and Albus decided that to defeat Voldemort, the order would be necessary. However, they wanted to create an inner circle within the order. People that they could trust with no boundaries. Dumbledore had seen his mistakes from last time and decided that he needed to trust more people.

"I think Sirius, Remus and Alastor are a good start" Dumbledore said with agreement from Harry, who added "They're the only ones here who want to fight to help people. They're purely light."

"Bill Weasley could be useful" Albus said as well "His mother could be a concern. She does not appear to be a fan of you."

Harry snorted "Her looking at me like Satan does make her opinions quite clear. I'd say Minerva as well. I would draw the line at Snape though, despite the fact that he's your spy."

"Harry, I trust Snape with all my heart" Dumbledore told his surrogate son, who simply responded with his explanation "I know Snape was important in the last war. However, you haven't seen him in the last decade. You have no idea of telling if his allegiances have shifted back to Voldemort. Until we can confirm that he's really on our side, I say keep him in the outer circle."

"Your logic does make sense, however he needs inside information for Voldemort. If he can't provide it, Voldemort will get rid of him and we won't have a spy anymore" Dumbledore pointed out.

"I'm not saying to cut him off. Just don't give him any major information" Harry conceded.

"That seems acceptable for the moment" Dumbledore agreed. They then moved on to some lighter topics.

The next day, a boy sat in his room, thinking over everything that had happened. His brother had run away, and that he could not forgive. But, he sensed there was more to the story. That there was more to Harry Potter, or Harry Peverell, that met the eye.

Finally, he looked at the cloak and grabbed it. Ignoring his friends' calls, he went to the floo and looked at address which Dumbledore left. Throwing in the floo powder, he poked his head through and asked "Can we talk Harry?"

Harry looked at the floo and saw his brother with his head through the floo. Interested in what he would want, Harry let him through. As Noah entered, his friends tried to get in as well.

The current Head of House Peverell raised an eyebrow "I did not think that your friends are invited."

"They aren't" Noah turned back to see his friends trying to enter.

"Where Noah goes, we go" Hermione shouted loudly.

Noah shook his head "This is just me. I'll be fine."

Harry nodded "I don't plan to hurt him." He then closed to floo, keeping Hermione, Ron and Ginny out.

"So what do you want" Harry said, leaning against the wall.

Noah felt scared at the moment, scared of what his brother might do to him, scared of what he might say to him. But, he swallowed that fear "I want to know why you ran away."

"And why is that?"

"I always wanted a brother" Noah smiled ruefully "And when I found out that you ran away, I felt cheated. But, you couldn't have run away with no reason. Why did you run away?"

Harry sighed "Do you promise not to get angry?"

"I promise" Noah swore.

"I ran away because you and your parents" Harry said honestly.

Noah gaped "What? No, you're lying!"

Harry chuckled "I though we agreed that you wouldn't get mad?"

"Fine" Noah growled "But, you better explain! NOW!"

"Okay" Harry laughed "It's like Dumbledore said. Your parents mistreated me and favored you. They'd punish me for everything and force me to do all the chores. If I didn't, I'd be starved and sent to my room for days at a time. I was basically a house-elf. In fact, one could argue that house-elves were treated better than me. So when Dumbledore asked me if I wanted to leave, I took his offer."

"What did I do?" Noah asked, though he suddenly felt like he knew the answer.

Harry smiled sadly "You were a part of it. Whenever I performed magic, you took credit for it. You blamed any mistake you made on me. You broke a vase, my fault. You started a fire, my fault. You punched a kid, somehow my fault. You learned from our parents and began blaming stuff on me. And then, when I asked to play with you and Ron, you'd laugh and reject me. It grates on a kid after a while."

Noah looked down, ashamed on himself. He bullied his own brother into leaving. He ruined his chance at a sibling by himself. It wasn't Harry's fault. It was his fault. He ruined his dream.

"I" Noah took a deep breath "I'm sorry, Harry."

"The blame lies with your parents" Harry gave him a pat on the back "Not with you."

"Here you go" Noah handed the invisibility cloak to Harry "I heard that this was a Potter family heirloom. As the older son, you should've gotten it from dad. Not me, though I suspect that he would've given it to me either way."

Harry took it with a smile "Thank you Noah."

"I guess I'll see you around. Bye Harry" Noah stepped back through the floo, not hearing Harry say "Bye Noah."

I know there will be some critics due to this chapter. So I'll explain this now. I know I characterized Noah as a bully, but he's not a bully to everyone. He's only mean to those he feel are beneath him like other Hogwarts students. People like Hermione, Ron, and Ginny, he's nice to. With Harry, he sees his brother and he doesn't want to lose him again. So, he's being nice to him.

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