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Chapter 4

The Order of the Phoenix was sitting in the kitchen of Grimmauld Place, waiting for their leader to come.

In the room sat a variety of different people. There was Alastor Moody, a retired auror who made almost any death eater piss their pants upon seeing him. There was Kingsley Shacklebolt and Nymphadora Tonks, current aurors who believed Noah's claim of Voldemort's return.

There was Minerva, who was the only one prepared emotionally for what would come with Albus' arrival. There was Lily and James Potter, parents of Noah and respected fighters. The Potions Master of Hogwarts, Severus Snape, was there as the Order's spy.

Arthur Weasley was also there. He was a talented fighter and was there with his wife Molly, who was just a cook. Arthur knew that Molly would not be of much use but could never say no to her wife. Their two oldest children, Bill and Charlie Weasley, also joined the group.

Sirius Black and Remus Lupin were also present. They weren't interested until Minerva told them that the Order would be focused on finding Harry. That got them to quickly sign up.

Those were the main components of the Order. There were other members like Hestia Jones and Emmeline Vance, but they were quieter and didn't contribute as much to the planning as the others.

Outside the kitchen were the children of the Order. Noah Potter and the Weasleys were currently trying to eavesdrop. With them was Hermione Granger, who had no parents in the Order but was at risk due to being Noah's friend.

The children kept on trying to get in but after a while, settled for talking outside.

Hermione was still flabbergasted from what Noah had told them earlier "Are you sure that you didn't defeat Voldemort?"

"That's what Voldemort said" Noah replied.

"He's a slimy snake!" Ron spat out "You can't ever trust them!"

"Yeah" Noah grinned, thinking Voldemort must've lied to him.

"So, Albus Dumbledore is coming to the meeting" Hermione squealed "Aren't you guys excited?"

Albus was Hermione's hero. He had been portrayed as a protector of Muggleborns and she desperately wanted to meet him. Upon reading all about him, she was disappointed to find that he no longer worked at Hogwarts, but finding out that he would be coming made her feel better. She had read ahead, eager to impress him. She wanted to him to believe her to be brilliant and to take her under his wing. He'd endorse her and help her on the path to glory.

Suddenly, the fireplace outside the kitchen heard a "whoosh" and everyone quickly crowded around it to see them.

Albus Dumbledore stood there, his eyes in their full twinkling glory. His robes were much calmer than usual, being just a plain gray. However, what was with him took more attention.

There was a boy beside Dumbledore. He was a quite attractive too, as Hermione and Ginny were staring at him and beginning to drool. Ron looked angry at the sight while Noah was studying the boy.

He felt familiar to Noah, but he couldn't place it. He saw something familiar in his black hair and green eyes, but he couldn't tell from where. But his eyes, those scared him. They weren't filled with anger or anything. They looked... bored. As if he thought that they were nothing compared to him.

Noah felt himself get angry at the boy. He wanted to attack him, but before he could, Dumbledore said "Hello."

That set off everyone mobbing Dumbledore, shouting their greetings and how much they missed him. Albus took it in stride though and shook everyone's hands while trying to speak to all of them individually.

Finally, Dumbledore chuckled and said "How about we begin the meeting?"

People agreed with him and began going back into the kitchen. Dumbledore went into the kitchen with his surrogate son following, which was met with lots of shouts.

The loudest of those shouting was of course, Molly Weasley "This is adult wizards only!"

Dumbledore nodded "I know. However, I believe my ward here is beneficial to the fight. I've been training him for quite some time to help us in the war. He stays with me."

Whispers came to life in the room and outside as people began discussing who this mysterious ward of Dumbledore is.

Noah's anger at the boy grew at this "I've been training for over 5 years! If he's there, I should be there!"

There were shouts of agreement from Hermione, Ron and Ginny as Noah continued "Besides, he can't be all that good! I defeated Voldemort!"

Harry chuckled "I thought Voldemort said that you were a lie? That your older brother defeated him, not you?"

"Voldemort was lying!" Noah yelled "I am the Boy-Who-Lived! And you're nothing!"

"If I'm so weak, why don't you fight me?" Harry asked conversationally.

Noah nodded vigorously "I accept!"

Everyone in the room bar Dumbledore and Harry felt like this would be a quick fight in favor of Noah. They were partially right in fact. It was quick, just not for Noah.

The Potter boy sent a Expelliarmus at Harry which was swatted away. Harry then transformed into an amarok and pounced on Noah, who screamed shrilly in fear. He took down the boy and grabbed his opponent's wand.

Harry, still in his amarok form, gave a grin which showed all his teeth "I think I won."

Molly screamed "You're a werewolf! Get him out of here! He's dangerous!"

"He's not" Remus glared at Molly "He's fully in control and he can speak. Besides, it's not even a full moon. Are you an amarok?"

Harry shifted back to human form "Correct. It's my animagus form, so I control when I transform. So if the banshee is done yelling at me, I'd like to start the meeting."

Caring for his frightened son, James sent a glare at Harry "Who are you?"

"I'm Hadrian Peverell, formerly Harry James Potter."

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