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Chapter 3

Minerva couldn't apparate as she had no idea what the place looked like so she settled for flooing to the location. She found access blocked so she left a message for Albus.

She then waited in her office, doing some paperwork. Meanwhile, she heard the Potters deal with a family argument.

Noah had an issue dealing with the fact that he wasn't the Boy-Who-Lived. He was currently trying to convince everyone that Voldemort must've been lying. James tried to tell his son that they couldn't take that chance but he didn't want to hear it. In his mind, he was the Boy-Who-Lived and no one could possibly be it.

Noah also didn't like how his brother ran away. He loved the bond that the Weasley family had (though in reality, that bond was very weak) and always wanted a sibling of his own. He had asked his parents multiple times but they found that they had trouble reproducing after giving birth to Noah and Harry. Now, he learned that he had a brother who left him. Noah felt anger towards his brother. He wanted to find him and beat him senseless for leaving him.

All Lily and James felt was annoyance. They said that Noah was the Boy-Who-Lived and now, he wasn't. If the public ever found out, they'd be ridiculed. They needed to get Harry back so they could spin the story. They'd tell everyone that they knew Noah was not the Boy-Who-Lived but as part of a plan to trick the death eaters, they pretended that he was. Meanwhile, Harry was secretly training to defeat Voldemort. Lily and James would even say that the Ministry was aware of this in order to build better relations with them.

After about 2 hours of waiting, a message from Dumbledore came. It instructed McGonagall, and ONLY McGonagall, to come through the floo. Upon her entry, the floo would be blocked once more. If anyone else tried to join, they'd remove the location from their mind and lock the floo down.

That stifled James' idea to secretly hitch a ride so Minerva went alone. She went through the floo, which locked behind her. Inside, she found Albus Dumbledore waiting for her arrival.

She smiled upon seeing her former teacher. They embraced and he whispered "I missed you Minerva."

"I missed you too Albus" Minerva said back.

"Come, let me show you around" Albus began leading her around his house. It wasn't as large as Hogwarts by any means, but it definitely wasn't small. It was a manor, but which manor escaped Minerva's mind. She wasn't aware of the Dumbledore family having a manor.

He showed her all the rooms which were numerous. He had all the necessary rooms along with a home office, a library which had numerous books (Minerva suspected that Hermione would have a heart attack if she saw how many books were present) along with a basement which was basically another living room.

As she showed her the bedrooms, she noted that despite the fact that he neglected to show her one room. That grabbed at her curiosity, and she couldn't get it out of her head. When they made to leave for tea, McGonagall asked "What's in that room" while pointing to the room in question.

The old man simply turned away saying that the room was private, but the Headmistress wasn't deterred. Ignoring Dumbledore's protests, she strode to the room and opened the unlocked the door.

Inside, she found a meditating boy. That set off numerous alarm bells as she was never aware of Dumbledore having any family bar his brother Aberforth. It couldn't possibly be his son and even his grandson.

Sensing her presence, the boy opened his eyes and that's when she felt real shock stir inside her. Minerva had seen those eyes before. In fact, she had seen them only hours ago. Those were the eyes which Lily Potter possessed.

The boy's lips formed a smile as he stood up and held out his hand "Nice to meet you ma'am. I'm Hadrian Peverell."

"We have some explaining to do" Dumbledore admitted to his former employee.

Albus believed that everything was better with tea and lemon drops so he and Harry brought Minerva to the kitchen for the explanation. After serving Minerva with tea, he asked "Lemon drops?"

Minerva shook her head "I can't believe you still like them."

"He does" Harry told her "I still don't get what he see in them! Chocolate Frogs are infinitely better!"

The boy laughed after saying that and Minerva was suddenly filled with visions of seeing James Potter laugh like that. That helped her remember what she wanted "What's going on Albus? Why do you have Lily and James' boy here?"

"It's a little more complicated than you think" Dumbledore told his old friend.

"Then, please, make it simple" McGonagall gave Dumbledore a glare which he hadn't received since his resignation from Hogwarts. It was one of the things he didn't miss from Hogwarts.

Dumbledore nodded "How about you begin? After all, you requested this meeting."

That seemed fair to her so she began "As you know, Noah Potter has been a target of You-Know-Who after he apparently bested him as a child. But, at the end of the Triwizard Tournament, which was held this year, You-Know-Who captured Noah and came back to life. He then revealed that Noah was not the Boy-Who-Lived. That his older twin, Harry, was really the one who bested him. We want your help to defeat You-Know-Who again. We hope to revive the Order of the Phoenix and we want you to be the leader as well as for you to become Headmaster once again."

"Wow" Harry said.

"Wow indeed" McGonagall told him "I believe you owe me a story now?"

"Of course" Dumbledore replied "When Voldemort attacked the Potters, I told the Potters that Harry was the Boy-Who-Lived. I saw the scar on him. It was dripping with magical power while Noah's scar appeared to be an ordinary scar. However, Lily and James paid me no attention and proceeded to tell the world how Noah defeated Voldemort. I eventually decided that it would be a good thing for Harry. I could still work with him and no one would pay him much attention, but that plan didn't work. The Potters wanted nothing to do with Harry. They treated him like a house-elf. They'd beat him for mistakes and blame all Noah's troubles on him. Sirius, Remus and I tried to stand up for him but the fame was too much. When I heard that they would send Harry to Lily's sister, who despised magic, I had to do something. So, with Harry's permission, I took away from Hogwarts to train at the age of 4. He deserved a better life."

McGonagall was in shock. She didn't like how the Potters had changed after that Halloween but she didn't think that they'd stoop to abusing their son. She barely resisted to stomp back through the Floo and give them a piece of her mind "Oh god. So he's been training with you all this time?"

"Yes" Dumbledore told her "He will have to defeat Voldemort once more, and he needs training for that."

Harry looked at his surrogate father "Albus, will you return to Hogwarts? It appears as if they need you."

"We do" Minerva added.

"I know you need me" Dumbledore said sadly "But I can not leave Harry. He's my son in everything but blood."

"Take him with you" Minerva exclaimed "He can join the 5th years!"

Harry snorted "I finished the Hogwarts curriculum a few years ago. Returning to Hogwarts would simply restrict my ability to learn more."

The current Headmistress tried to come up with a way to get Dumbledore to return. Harry returning too would be beneficial so she needed them to come. Finally, an idea hit her "What if you went as Dumbledore's apprentice?"


"All teachers can have apprentices" Minerva explained "You're basically his apprentice as this point. When you return, declare Harry your apprentice. He doesn't have to attend classes and instead, can continue to study with you!"

"That would work" Harry said, a smile forming on his face "You know, I was never a cat person but I believe I could make an exception for you, ma'am."

"Did Albus tell you about my cat form?" Minerva asked.

"No, I just smelled cat fur on you" Harry chuckled.

"You're an animagus as well?" was the Minerva's next question. She was honestly impressed with how much Albus had taught Harry. She didn't think they would learn this much.

"Yeah" Harry said. He then transformed and in the room laid a wolf, but it was definitely a different wolf. It was more humanoid as it stood on its hind legs. It had grizzled fur below its wolf-like head.

"A-are you a werewolf?" she couldn't believe that with Albus around, Harry would get exposed to a werewolf.

Dumbledore chuckled "A common mistake. Harry is an amarok. They're similar to werewolves but have a few key mental differences. Think of Remus when he transforms. He becomes a different person. However, Harry remains in control upon his transformation. He can still speak normally and is basically a human in the wolf's body. He's also immune to silver and dittany."

Harry changed back and grinned at McGonagall "You like it?"

"It's certainly interesting. Whether I like it remains to be seen" McGonagall admitted.

The group of 3 made some small talk until Albus finally said "I will return to Hogwarts. But first, we must get a few things in order. I must officially claim guardianship of Harry. Then, I need to make sure that his OWL and NEWT results are visible along with his animagus registration. Finally, we'll officially make yo"

A question about his scores lead Albus to smile "He got all O's with distinction. He even surpassed some of my old records."

"Why do they need to be displayed?" came from Harry to which Albus told him "I wouldn't put it past people to attempt to remove you from your position as apprentice. If they try, you can show your grades, proving that you deserve the honor."

"That makes sense" Harry said.

"Well, then tell them we'll see a week from now at Grimmauld Place for the first meeting" Dumbledore said as he and Harry bade McGonagall goodbye. McGonagall then strode through the flames into her office, which was now vacant.

She leaned on a wall and sighed. He was back. Albus Dumbledore was back.

I wanted Harry to have an animagus but couldn't decide which animal. I eventually decided on the Amarok, which is an Inuit creature. If you want to know more about it, simply google "amarok wolf." Anyway, thanks for reading and please leave a review!

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