Dumbledore's Heir @theactualrealone

Hi. It's been a while.

If I'm being honest, all the negativity got to me after a while. I got angry for a bit but, after rereading this story I realized you were right.

This story has no direction at times and a good chunk of the chapters are fillers which don't contribute to the plot whatsoever. This story is not going anywhere good at the moment.

I don't want to give up on it though. This was the first story which I truly was felt was somewhat original, that wasn't just a specific trope which a few small changes. I'm proud of the story's original idea and wish to write Dumbledore's Heir to the best of my ability.

That's why I'm putting this story on hiatus. I want to plan out everything about the story, so that it has a true direction. I want to a plot which I can confidently stick to. I want to figure out how each character develops throughout the story before I begin typing. I want a plan for how this story will work.

So, I will not be submitting any new chapters for the foreseeable future. Instead I will begin planning out the new and improved Dumbledore's Heir. This story will remain up until the improved version is released. In short, this story is dead and a rewrite will be coming.

Add me to your alerts or follow this story if you want to know when the rewrite is up. If you have any ideas for the rewrite, PM me here on or on Discord (TheActualRealOne#9436).

I hope to see you all soon,


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