A New Adventure @sara1991
Chapter 2

"So—tell me about your new friends. You said the girl was your sister?" Kaede asked, looking at Inuyasha as everyone sat down.

Nekohana seemed out of it and wasn't one hundred percent there as she leaned against Haruto.

"Yes, that's correct. Her name is Nekohana; she's a half-cat demon on her father's side and half-human on our mother's side. Other than that, I don't know much about her. My mother gave her to some community to keep her protected shortly after she was born. She seems like a dense but happy girl." Inuyasha calmly said—or as calmly as he could.

"I see. And you are?" Kaede asked, looking at Haruto.

"I'm Haruto; I'm Nekohana's betrothed. You'll hear her call me "Haru;" she's the only one who does that. If she lets you in, you can call her "Hana;" most everyone she likes does." Haruto calmly said.

"She likes us?" Sango asked, shocked.

"I guess… I know she really likes that Kagome girl." Haruto said, answering Sango.

"So you've got new travel companions, then? What was the cat's name again?" Kaede asked, looking at Kyo.

"Kyo." Inuyasha calmly said.

"Kyo? Well, Kyo seems to really like Kilala—and her him." Kaede said as they watched Kyo sniff Kilala's butt; Kilala seemed to enjoy it.

Once Kyo was done, Kilala started sniffing his butt.

"Do you think they'll have kittens together?" Shippo asked, watching Kyo and Kilala.

"I don't know. It all depends on Nekohana. It depends on if she wants kittens because I'm sure she'd get half—if she wants kittens that is." Sango said seriously; she secretly wanted kittens.

"Ha! You don't know her very well; she loves kittens. She's been looking for a female demon cat, like Kyo, for years so they could have kittens together. But don't worry; she won't let Kyo just impregnate your cat. She'll want to talk with you about it first. But, yes, she wants a family of demon cats." Haruto explained.

"That's pretty cool." Sango said, looking at Kilala; she does start her heat cycle soon.

"So, Inuyasha—what does ye think about having a little sister? Ye are no longer the younger sibling; ye are the older sibling." Kaede said, looking at Inuyasha.

"To be honest, it's weird. You're right; I am the younger brother—I've always been the younger brother. But I will do my best to protect her because that's my duty as an older brother. Also I don't want mom rolling in her grave; that's what she would do if she found out I found out about Nekohana. She seems like a good kid. And as annoying as he is, Haruto seems like he's a good kid as well." Inuyasha calmly said.

"Excuse me?! I am no kid; I'm twenty-one. And your sister is fifteen!" Haruto exclaimed, annoyed.

"Shouldn't they be older than ye? My sister pinned ye to a tree and ye were pinned there for around fifty years." Kaede explained, looking between Inuyasha and Haruto.

"When I first met Inuyasha, he was pinned to a tree; I was the one released him." Kagome explained.

"Our elder put us into a deep sleep and sealed us in a protective crystal for over fifty years; he only released us three years ago. At the time she was twelve and I was eighteen." Haruto explained.

"What if that was the time your village was killed off?" Inuyasha asked in a bored tone of voice.

"I would've sensed that." Haruto said, becoming defensive.

"Oh, really? You didn't seem to sense anything when you brought us to your village." Inuyasha shot back.

"Neither did you!" Haruto shot back.

"Please stop." Nekohana said, coming back to reality.

"If it weren't for Nekohana, I wouldn't be with you right now! She means more to me then you will ever know and I will do anything for her!" Haruto yelled.

"If I had known about her years ago, she would never have been with you!" Inuyasha yelled back.

"Please stop…" Nekohana tried again, trying not to cry.

"Oh, aye… I better put a stop to this." Kaede said, holding up a new beads of subjugation necklace; she sent it this time to Haruto.

"Nekohana, say a phrase of subjugation. Quickly child." Kaede hurriedly said.

"Uhh… Umm… Down?" Nekohana questioned.

As soon as she said "down," Haruto fell face-first into the ground.

"Oh, Haruto, are you ok?!" Nekohana asked, panicked.

"Hahaha!" Inuyasha started laughing; he couldn't help himself.

"Inuyasha—sit boy!" Kagome exclaimed, causing Inuyasha to fall face-first into the ground.

"Inuyasha, are you ok?!" Nekohana asked, still panicked.

"That's what you get, you mutt…" Haruto said, annoyed.

"Haru, that's not very nice." Nekohana said as Haruto and Inuyasha sat up.

"That's what the beads of subjugation do. Like Kagome has power over Inuyasha, you have power over Haruto. And no, Haruto, you cannot take the beads off yourself. Only Nekohana or I can remove the beads. Nekohana, I advise you not to take them off—at least for a little bit." Kaede explained.

"Ok." Nekohana said, unsure.

"Don't worry; I'll make sure the beads stay on." Kagome said with a smile.

"Same here." Miroku calmly said.

"I have a feeling this'll be good for you both." Kaede calmly said.

"Do you like sparring?" Haruto asked, looking at Inuyasha.

"Of course, I like sparring. What kind of question is that?" Inuyasha questioned, standing up, taking Haruto's challenge.

"Ugh! I'm going home." Kagome said, standing up, annoyed.

"Oh. You said you'd show me how it works." Nekohana excitedly said.

"Yes, follow me. Inuyasha, please come with so she doesn't get lost on her way back." Kagome sternly said.

"Yeah, yeah." Inuyasha mumbled as he started following Kagome.

"Haru? Are you gonna come with as well?" Nekohana softly asked, looking at Haruto.

"Might as well. Can't have you falling and getting hurt." Haruto mumbled as they all started walking to the Bone Eater's Well.

"I don't always fall and get hurt!" Nekohana exclaimed, flustered—just before she fell face-first on the ground.

"Are you ok?" Kagome asked, concerned.

"Case in point." Haruto sighed, helping her up; he knew she was just fine.

"I'm ok." Nekohana said, rubbing the back of her head.

"This is normal for her... However, one of these times, you really are going to hurt yourself. So—start paying more attention." Haruto sternly said.

"I do pay attention." Nekohana said, sticking her tongue out before walking on.

"Branch." Haruto plainly said.

"What?" Nekohana asked, confused.

"I said "branch." As in, watch out for the branch that you nearly just walked into." Haruto said, holding up a small tree branch.

"Oh. Thank you, Haru." Nekohana happily said with that big smile that Haruto couldn't stay mad at her—and she knew it too.

'She's a cheeky little thing.' Miroku thought to himself.

'She's smarter than others think. She'll have to teach me how to do that.' Kagome and Sango both thought as they watched Haruto grumble and follow Nekohana, keeping an eye on her so she wouldn't fall and/or hurt herself.

'Why do I feel that they're both going to be a handfull—especially Nekohana? I already have to deal with one brat, a perverted monk, a bitchy demon slayer—and Kagome...' Was what was running through Inuyasha's head.

"Here we are." Kagome said, showing Nekohana the well.

"It's just a well." Nekohana said, looking at Kagome.

"You would think that, but watch." Kagome said as she got ready and jumped in.

"Huh!" Nekohana gasped in surprise, leaning forward—perhaps a little too far, as she fell down the well after Kagome…

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