A New Adventure @sara1991 This is an older story of mine I found. I have writer's block & am going through some of my older stories & editing them with Grammarly. So hopefully it'll be better. The jewel was destroyed, but Naraku still exists Miroku & Sango never had kids Kagome never got stuck in her time period & can still travel back & fourth at will Rest Inside. OC x OC. Inuyasha x Kagome Miroku x Sango 2 years 6.6K 0 0 Inuyasha Explicit English In Progress OCKagome H.InuyashaHaruto (OC)Nekohana (OC) OC/Nekohana (OC)Kagome H./Inuyasha Sexual Content Family SiblingsLoveRape Read 1. Chapter 1 5313 0 0 2. Chapter 2 1254 0 0