Ash and All the Girls @darkness
Chapter 61 Reservations of the War

With Team Armageddon in the shadows currently, the agency decided to have a few people at the ready while sending many others home for a short while. The trainers and their pokemon have been fighting hard but still need their recoup time as young adults.

The giant station began shooting small ships out and each of them with their silver rockets taking off and propelling themselves in all directions. Inside one, Ash and Dawn shared the large blue leather seat. Dawn wore a black striped crop top and jean shorts with sneakers. Ash's jeans went with his blue and white plaid shirt buttoned over a gray undershirt. As they've aged they slowly started dressing less like they did as kids.

Dawn typed in the coordinates of a location near home and they followed a course set in the air. She took a moment to appreciate all the sophisticated tech. The various screens acted as rear view mirrors to the ship. There was a line that moved up and down with their speed. The rest was pretty complicated but they knew enough to get themselves where they needed to go.

"I hope it's okay" Dawn says. "I'm taking us about a mile from your house. I plan to go see someone else rather than stay over with you guys this time."

"That's completely fine" Ash says with a soft chuckle. "You're always welcome at our place, but of course we have separate lives to live. I hope you have fun."

"Thanks" Dawn replies. "You as well. We have earned this break after all the battling we've needed to do. I'm sure your wife misses you a lot."

"Well, I miss her like crazy" Ash says. "She handles herself well without me around, but we both hurt a little when we are apart."

Dawn could notice the bulge appearing in Ash's pants, but she knew better than to act on it as it was from thinking about Serena.


A few hours later their ship landed in a secluded area of the woods near Ash's home where it could be hidden for later. Ash and dawn said goodbye and went in separate directions.

Dawn with her large bag went to a small shop where she was planning to meet up with an old friend. Entering Le Café Fantastic she looked around the room at the various guests sipping coffee and munching on pastries. Then she spotted the toned muscular build, short red hair, and soft green eyes.

"Zoey" Dawn exclaimed when she had walked closer.

"Dawn" Zoey said with joy as they hugged. "It's so good to see you."

"It's good to see you too" Dawn says, sitting down to join her friend. "It's been quite a while."

"Too long if you ask me" Zoey responds. "But you look great, you've really filled into your body."

"Zoey" Dawn says blushing a little. "You always try to embarrass me like this."

"I can't help it" Zoey says. "You make it too easy. But in all seriousness, what have you been up to?"

"Oh, uh, n-not much" Dawn struggles to say. She is unsure if she really wants to share all the gloom and doom she has been up to with dealing with the evil organization. "I've been working at a business agency (accurate enough) and training with my pokemon still. In case we ever wanted to do contests again. What about you?"

"That's great" Zoey says. "The contest scene misses you. I know I do, it's too easy to win without my best rival. But as for me, I've been judging some of the smaller scale ones. It pays pretty well and I still get to engage with what made me so happy years ago. I've also been making the effort to visit my family more."

"Wonderful news to hear" Dawn says happily. "I've been visiting a lot of old friends. You remember my good friend Ash, I stayed with him and his wife."

"Ash is married now?!" Zoey is quite shocked from this. "I knew he was a bit of a ladies man but I thought he was too dense to really ever catch on. Either way, good for him."

"Yeah they seem quite happy now that he is less dense haha" Dawn jokes. "So yeah, seeing some friends, that's why I'm glad you contacted me. I've been wanting to see you too."

"Speaking of which" Zoey says. "We should get going before it gets too late otherwise we won't find a good campsite."

"Sounds good" Dawn says, getting up and scooting her chair in.


Ash was approaching home, as he did he saw Serena come out a walk towards him. She was beautiful with her lengthy honey blonde hair, her beige turtleneck sweater, he loved the way her jeans tightened around her nether regions, he was desperate to pull them off. As he picked up his pace and jogged towards her, Ash couldn't help but notice she didn't run to him like she normally does, her face also seems quite solemn.

When they reached one another they hugged tightly. She was so warm, her frame was so thin yet gave off so much energy. "I'm glad you're back" Serena says into Ash's neck. As great as it was to hear, again she didn't sound all that happy.

They pulled back and Ash looked at her questioningly. "Is something wrong?"

"No, I-uh, no, just forget it" Serene says dismissively.

Before she could turn to head inside with him he caught her by the wrist.

"Serena" Ash says more seriously. "What's wrong?"

"I didn't want to do this right when you came back".

"Do what?"

"Ash, I've been struggling" Serena says after a pause. "You being gone for so long and so often is putting a strain on this family. Ally takes work, she's an angel but she misses you. I miss you. I know I told you to go and fight, but…"

"Say it Serena" Ash says, urging her on.

"I gave up the once a month deal quite some time ago" Serena continues. "And I was fine with you still doing… at least, I thought I was." Ash's face drops, showing signs of worry. Serena isn't sure if it's because he fears her being sad, or fears being unable to be with multiple girls anymore and she wants that she can't read him. "When you're with me, and we go at it I feel like the most important woman on the planet. And you being with Dawn doesn't bother me since I know she doesn't love you like I do and she's fine with it. But when you go out, first of all I know sometimes it happens more than once a month. I also know you're out there, risking your life, and I'm not there to fight with you." Serena's voice is getting more and more angry.

"I told you I don't want you there" Ash says hurriedly.

"Any you think I ever want to hear that from you?!" Serena yells.

"I don't want you there so I know you're safe" Ash says trying to save himself in this now apparent argument.

"And I want nothing more than to always be by your side, Ash" Serena says emotions leaking out. "We're in this together, you always make me feel like a queen, and you mean the world to me. I just worry one day you won't feel that same drive for me. Bonding with other females in a life and death situation."

"I'd never do that" Ash says now upset. "I love you more than anything. I love our daughter and spend time with her when I can. This family, us, the pokemon, is my everything. I fight to protect all that."

"While you're also nagging other people" Serena says.

"Which we agreed on" Ash says. "You are my number one and forever will be. It's not fair to me to be mad when we never talked about the once a month thing sense. You should have came to me sooner if it bothered you."

"When Ash?" Serena asks. "You're away a lot, doing a lot of things with other people. It's not fair you maybe, but it's not fair to me, your wife, to feel this way."

"I'm really sorry I've made you feel this way Serena" Ash says looking at her sadly.

"Just, just come on inside" Serena says waving her hand towards the house. "Ally just went down for a nap but she'll be happy to see you in a couple hours."


When they got back inside, Ash could not read Serena's mentality. She was quiet, but she marched around the house like a government agent herself, showcasing only focus and strength.

"I need a drink," she says as he locks their door.

"Al-righty" Ash responds. This mood he could handle. Assuming she wasn't trying to get hammered to deal with him.

He went into the kitchen and opened up the fridge. Oh, man… bunch of meat, fish, sauces, two inches of milk that was now solid.

"We don't have much right now babe" Ash grimaces. "You just want water, or?"

"No Ash, I need an actual DRINK. Anything will do" Serena not so smoothly replies.

"Uh… can do" Ash squeaks looking over the fridge door.

As he poured her some vodka they had for special occasions over ice, he watched her walk around, moving toys out of the way, partly folding strewn-about clothing, sighing with what seemed to be frustration.

He went over to her. He wanted her in his arms, but he just gave her the glass for the moment. She put it to her mouth and took a singular long drink… and coughed until her eyes watered. While she gagged. He maneuvered her onto the couch and joined her on a second cushion.


"Shut up".

Okay then, he sat there literally twiddling his thumbs in his hands while she composed herself. After Serena's throat recovered from the burning she took another smaller sip before placing the glass on the nearby table with a sour expression.

She tackled him so quickly he couldn't react. One second Ash was staring at his worn and scratched finger. The next next, he was pressed into the couch and she was straddling him and… oh, Arceus, her tongue was shooting into his mouth.

She felt so freaking good, but the vibe was all wrong. The desperation, the anger, and the fear mixed together to make this unlike how they normally got intimate with each other, it wasn't a moment Ash wanted to be in. They were going to end up further apart if they kept going.

Ash lightly pushed her back away from him, even though his hard-on begged otherwise. "Serena, wait-"

"No waiting, I want to have sex."

Ash closed his eyes, goodness gracious, so did he. All night long with his wife. Except not like this. He was thinking about the words to say to reason with her, before he lost his breath looking back up at her. Serena had pulled off her turtleneck and was working the clasp of a black bra that made his manhood tremble.

His hand squeezed her thighs tighter as those cups came off her tits and her nipples sharpened in the chill of the room. She started unbuttoning his shirt, more accurately if it didn't come off in a couple seconds then she'd basically rip the button off each time. The need for resistance was killing Ash, the most glorious woman ever wanted him and he needed to stop it. He refused to take her like this, the air between them was foul.

"Serena… no."

"Please don't say that to me."

Once Serena had all the buttons undone she pulled open the plaid shirt and pushed up Ash's gray undershirt, her tongue licking up his toned abs before reaching his nipples where she sucked on once roughly, getting a soft groan from her man.

Ash tried to get his hand on her cheek. "I love you."

Serena, picking up her head, replied "Then don't stop me."

"I won't do this," Ash continues. "Not with how we are now".

She stared at him shocked, surely the great Ash wasn't refusing sex. She bolted upwards and turned her solemn face from him.


She shrugged off his hands, trying to battle them away though he was persistent.

"Let me… geez… let me hold you. Come here".

She rubbed her eyes. Laughed in a tragic little way. "I am destined to be denied and less favored, aren't I? Sure I've had a fulfilling life so far but-"

"I didn't say I wouldn't be with you." She glanced over at him, tears glimmering on her eyelashes. "I just… can't do it with this anger. It'll ruin what we have. When our bodies connect, I want it to always be… special" Ash says.

That line was out of some show he'd likely seen on TV but Ash didn't care about being smooth right now.

"Serena, why don't we just go into our bedroom and lie down for a while." He handed her back the turtleneck and she put the thing to her chest. "If we end up doing nothing but looking at the ceiling or at each other all night, at least I'll be doing it with you. And if something happens, even better, and we won't be pissed about it afterwards. Okay?"

She wiped off the tears that had already fallen and pulled her shirt on over her head. Serena looked at the vodka she tried to drink. Ash got to his feet and held out a hand to her. "Come with me my love" he says softly.

After a long moment, her palm met his and he pulled her up and guided her to the room that was so familiar to them. When Ash shut the door, the color in the room dimmed significantly, so he turned on one of the little lamps at the bedside table. The low-watt bulb glowed like embers on a fire.

"Come here." He drew her over to the bed and laid her down. Ash eased himself down next to her so he was on his side and Serena her back.

As he smoothed some of her honey blonde hair out onto the pillow, she closed her eyes and took a shaky breath. Gradually, the tension loosened in her body.

"You're right. That wouldn't have gone well" Serena eventually says.

"Believe me, it isn't because I don't want you." Ash replies. As he kissed her on the shoulder, she turned her face to his hand and pressed her lips to his thumb.

"Are you scared?" she asked. "About what could happen facing off against those stronger Armageddon goons?"

"No" Ash said strongly. The only thing he worried about was her and their child. He didn't want them to hear the words phrasing his death. Ash prayed it wouldn't come to that.

"Ash what if, if they win"


"Just, it could happen. They could try to take the world".

"I won't let that happen. There are more good, kind trainers in this world than bad ones. We will stop them. But if the worst happens, so long as you and our girl are safe then I'm happy."

"But Ash, we need you" Serena says, getting emotional.

"Hey" he responds. "I'm not going anywhere. Now I don't want to talk about all this sad talk".

He lays his head down next to hers and continues running his hands through her beautiful blond hair. When her breathing grew deep and even, he inched a little closer, tucked her against him and shut his eyes.


This is some FxF stuff till the next break.

Now evening time, the fire was crackling outside the large blue tent. Dawn and Zoey had spent the day hanging out, hiking, and canoeing throughout the forest. They had a lot of fun and now were settling in. Zoey spread out the heavy blanket before sitting down next to her friend/rival. She had on her white and green jumper zipped up to the neck as well as sweatpants. Dawn wore her pajamas too, pink sleep pants, her yellow and pink jacket zipped up midway showing a glimpse of her white tank top as well. Their shoes had been kicked off near the entrance to the tent they had closed up.

"I needed today" Dawn says, stretching a little. "It was a lot of fun and helped me clear my head."

"I had a great time too" Zoey replies. After a few seconds pause she continues. "Dawn, you want to tell me about your real job".

Dawn's puzzling expression couldn't fool her.

"I know when you're not being fully honest. You can tell me anything" Zoey says sincerely. "What's going on".

Dawn relents and fills Zoey in on Team Armageddon and all the battling her and ash along with other trainers had been doing. She explains how lately she worries they aren't doing enough, that the world could be in serious trouble this time. She also worries about herself a lot, but stays strong since she really doesn't have much in terms of people to support her.

"Wow" Zoey says after some time. "I'm sorry you have to go through all that. But I'm proud of you for putting up with it all."

"Thanks" Dawn says, not meeting her friend in the eyes. "It's just hard when I feel so alone out there."

"Well you got me" Zoey says pulling Dawn's face to look at her. "I'll think about you when you go out there. And I'll believe in you, since I know you're strong and can handle it."

"I'm really lucky to still have you" Dawn says smiling with her eyes shining from tears.

Zoey crashed her mouth into Dawn's, both girls' necks jerking forward to smash lips against one another. For the first time in a long time, Dawn felt like someone's first choice, the sadness leaving her immediately. She wanted this more than she realized as she gave herself to Zoey, their normal rivalry being pushed aside so the redhead could dominate the blue-haired girl. Hands were roaming as feminine sighs filled the tent. Dawn leaned her head back as Zoey's lips attacked her throat; she could feel her pajama jacket zipper being pulled lower.

The air was cool on Dawn's arms as the jacket was slowly being slid off with Zoey saying "Let's take this off, hmhmhm".

Dawn wanted to play too, so she pulled at spots of Zoey's pajama top in the darkening night. Eventually the blue-haired girl found the zipper and snaked it down. Zoey whipped off her top and Dawn went right after the white with blue-trimmed sports bra; she was surprised to see nothing else covering her friend's torso, it appeared Zoey was prepared for these events. Dawn didn't want to waste time, she wanted skin to skin so she slid her fingers under the sports bra, her thumbs staying on the outside as she lifted the material off her friend completely.

2 perky B-cups starred at Dawn, taking the bait Dawn wrapped her lips around Zoey's plump boobs and made out with the girl's chest. She licked herself along the nipples before placing kisses around the area. Zoey's fingers dragged on Dawn's neck before running down along the white cotton of Dawn's tight tank top.

"Oh Dawn" Zoey sharply whispered as she pulled her friend deeper into her lustful cleavage. Dawn's hands caressed every inch of her rival turned temporary lover. She never had the chance to feel-up her sexy friend and worried she'd never get the chance to do it again.

Suddenly, an invasive sensation shot Dawn's head up. The upper half of her butt was feeling the cool air now, her pink sweatpants were hanging very low and Zoey's one finger was nestling its way inside her asshole. Dawn looked at the red-head with an uncomfortable face but Zoey laughed at the moment and drew Dawn back in with more hot smooching.

Zoey dug her finger deeper into Dawn's ass, getting the submissive girl to moan, opening her mouth wider for Zoey to insert her tongue and suck on that of the other girls. Dawn was losing the ability to hold herself up now, the anal play was becoming too much for her. Zoey then played dirtier and used her finger in Dawn's butt to hold the girl up so Zoey's other hand could slip into Dawn's front and play with her sloppy entrance. Zoey's hands meticulously worked both ends, running themselves in and out of the heated flesh. Dawn's arms wrapped around her, shaking as they struggled to hold on.

Dawn pulled her lips from Zoey, a string of saliva following her mouth. She had no more self control and moaned audibly, anyone within several meters of their tent would know either someone is being attacked or fucked. The movement of Zoey's hands started to generate a squishing sound as Dawn's juices squirted out of her.

Zoey's hands had to pull away as Dawn fell to her forearms panting. She came so much, estrogen filled droplets were falling from her pants. Dawn could no longer sleep comfortably in her lower half clothing which might have been what Zoey secretly wanted.

Not wanting to show she was finished, Dawn yanked down Zoey's pajama bottom and pushed her rival over. Zoey's auditory yelp ensured her surprise. After getting the pants off her rival Dawn was again surprised to see there was no underwear being worn by Zoey. Before Zoey could say otherwise, Dawn parted the red-head's pussy lips and worked her tongue into the girl. Tasting the salty essence Dawn rubbed her tongue along all the inner flesh she could. She could feel her friend's hands on her head, pulling her mouth further into the pussy.

Dawn sucked slow and deep, working her lips around Zoey's entrance. Zoey herself was quivering, her thigh had to drop to the ground to avoid a cramp with how hard she was forcing the muscles to work. She felt her lower half become numb, all her nerves around her vagina were in full use as the tingling sensation from having another girl dig into her was becoming too much. Dawn was shockingly getting horny again. Using one hand to hold Zoey open, she used the other to work her pants off as much as possible. She couldn't get them completely and didn't want to stop, so she settled for rubbing her damp self.

The blue haired girl continued to work over her friend, bobbing her neck back and forth to get at Zoey from different angles. Her tongue slithering in deeper, tasting Zoey's taste, and pulling itself in and out of the moving muscles. Zoey herself hooked a finger around Dawn's left tank top strap and yanked it down. Dawn getting the memo slid her arm up as the strap came off. Immediately after she felt Zoey's hand in her shirt, teasing her nipple and lightly squeezing her beast. It felt so nice to have someone that couldn't leave your body alone even when you were pleasuring them. Dawn didn't stop her relentless pursuit until Zoey began to cum in her mouth. Dawn's sticky tongue kept working until her friend relaxed her limbs around her.

"Oh man" Zoey sighs. "Holy shit. That was good. Thank you".

Not hearing a response Zoey sat up to see Dawn staring at her with a strained face. Moving her head to one side, the red-head noticed her friend was fingering herself again.

"Zoey" Dawn groaned. "I want to play with you all night".

"Oh poor baby" Zoey says, sitting up and leaning into her friend. She pulls Dawn's other top strap down and then removes the shirt along with Dawn's sweatpants in one swift motion. Now fully naked, the girls share a wet, messy kiss before spreading their legs and rubbing themselves against each other. Clit on clit, they scissors, the friction of the flesh making them move out of rhythm. They continued on like that for some time.


Ash must have fallen asleep because when he woke up, it was in the best possible way. He was kissing Serena's throat and his hand was moving up her side, heading for her breast. He'd thrown a leg over both of hers, and his erection was pushed up against her leg. With a curse, Ash backed off, but Serena followed, staying with him until she was half on top of him.

Her eyes flipped open. "Oh… we uh…"

"Yep" Ash laughed a little. He swept his hands up to her face and pushed her hair back. Their eyes met intensely.

Lightly lifting his head off the pillow, he kissed her softly on the mouth. Once, twice, three times, four times…"

"Is… something happening?" Serena asks smiling.

Ash's response was drawing her deeper into their making out, then entering her with his tongue, stroking against hers. As he kept at it, their bodies began to move together, mimicking the sex act, his hips coming forward and moving back, hers absorbing him, rubbing against him. It was hot.

Soon that turtle neck was off once again, this time tossed to the other side of the room. Ash's hands savored the sensation of running along Serena's soft back. Her spine arching lightly, pushing her midsection harder into him making Ash moan. His hands went lower, pulling up her skirt, feeling the shiver of the skin on her thighs as he got higher and higher. Getting to her butt he traced the outline of her underwear with a finger on each side before cupping her ass and squeezing her cheeks making her gasp into his mouth.

Serena sat up a little, pulling her man up with her. Ash took this chance to capture her nipple in this mouth, sucking on the nub and proceeding to lick circles around it. She pushed off his plaid shirt, Ash arms pulling themselves free and discarding the article before reaching back to hold onto his woman. Her arms wrapped around his head, running through his hair she pulls him to her other boob. Needing him to bite her other nipple, his mouth latches on and pulls on her flesh.

Serena's hands rub Ash's back and shoulders, feeling his toned muscles shifting under his smooth t-shirt. Keeping him in place to take ownership of her tits, urging him to not stop yet. Ash went about kissing all around Serena's breasts, giving the whole area his attention. He lightly nips at her skin, licking every inch, smelling her sweet floral scent. His hands move up and down her thin sides, grazing the sides of her boobs with his thumbs while sending chills down her back as his fingertips gilded back down.

After some time, Ash leans his head back. He smiles as he stares at her face. Serena lets a moment pass before grabbing Ash's shirt by his chest and pulling his lips to hers again. Their mouths smash together, kissing more wildly this time. Serena's hands grabbing and releasing various sections of Ash's t-shirt, pulling him closer and closer. Finally her hands grab at the hem of his shirt and pull it up; Ash puts his arms up and breaks their kiss long enough for Serena to pull his shirt over his head and off his arms, throwing it to the side of the bed. He grabs her face and brings her to him again. They fall back onto the bed kissing and holding one another.

She ran her hands up and down his sides, and he felt the heat in him go nuclear, especially as she slipped one arm between them and her palm headed south. When she hit Ash's lower belly, his erection pulsed with the desperate want to be touched, to be stroked, to be squeezed until exploded. He grabbed her wrist and withdrew her.

"I want this to be all about you" Ash says warmly. Before she could protest he covered her mouth with his own.

Serena, now on her back, relaxes as her panties are pulled out from under her skirt. Ash, kneeling on the bed, bends down, and pushes his head into her skirt. She soon felt his mouth on her entrance, licking up and down her pussy lips. A few well-paced kisses to Serena's clit made her shudder. She could feel her man pushing in deeper, sucking on her flesh, making her juices start to leak out.

Serena's taste made Ash moan, she was so sweet, like honey. He forced his tongue into her and swirled it all around. He loved feeling her twitch as he ran his mouth along her smooth muscles, licking every spot, nibbling her on the outside, spreading her lips with his. Serena's voice became a whisper as she tightened on his face, he continued his motions and rode out her orgasm, only stopping when her body relaxed again. Ash wiped off his face and reached out to pull off that skirt.

Once she was naked, he had to admire all that soft female skin. Her perfect breasts with nipples straining. Her secrets. And her face was the best of all; it showed no fear, just erotic anticipation. They both wanted the same thing, and weren't going to stop until they had worn themselves out. Ash got up so he could undo his pants; pushing them and his boxers down he shook them off and climbed back onto the bed.

As he laid down, she rolled into him.

"Oh, Arceus," he breathed as their skin met.

"You're so very naked," she whispered against his shoulder.

He smiled into the side of her head. "So are you".

They kissed passionately as Serena guided herself onto Ash's cock, the raven-haired boy thrusting his hips up in order to get inside her quicker. Rather than riding him, Serena rubbed her butt around, moving Ash around inside of her. She held onto him, bouncing lightly up and down with her body in quick motions while their tongues attacked one another.

The penetration was rapid, Serena had full control of Ash inside of her, urging him in and out though she focused more on their loving embrace rather than the humping. He loved her so much, he needed her so badly, once their mouths got tired he effortlessly flipped them over so he was on top and didn't slip out of her. Wrapping his arms under the pits of her knees, Ash pushed Serena's legs up and widened them, he then roughly pounded her, instantly hearing their bodies smack against each other.

"Ohh, Ash, you're so rough suddenly" Serena said through a quickening breath.

"I can't help it," Ash says strained. "I need to hump you. Your body feels so good".

He plunges himself deep into her, moving in at differing angles to hit contact to every inch before pulling his length out and sliding it back in. Ash's hips worked as if they were on autopilot, driving themselves into Serena's lower half, feeling his length stretch her over and over. Ash grinned seeing Serena's hand grip the bed sheets so tightly, he gave himself to her hard, inviting her to moan and contort however she must. He was practically grunting as he felt the urge build up inside of him. His dick tensed as he felt her cave pull on his member, the thrusting became more sporadic before Ash shot his load deep into Serena.

The hot cream of Ash followed up with his continued motions and took Serena over the edge again. Her tongue stuck out and droll fell down her chin as she released, her vagina quivering as it shook along the dick that had made it react that way. Once she was done Ash pulled himself out of her and laid on top of her. They stayed like that for what felt like hours, their sweaty, sticky bodies connected closer than ever as their breathing began to mimic one another.

Serena held onto Ash, promising the universe she'd never let him go, even if he had to for her.

To be continued…

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