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Chapter 60 The Tides Shift

Yes I've been busy, yes I know that's a bad excuse, yes if you haven't read other chapters this one won't make much sense, yes I know that's not the most fair thing but if you only come for the dirty stuff you'll still get it and you can stay for the plot should you so choose to 3 .

Deep underground, along past the torch lit stone hallways, the grunts stood at nervous attention as they listened to the war of words inside the conference room. They dared not enter the chamber as their masters debated the future plans.

"Fucking Ash Ketchum! I should have finished him off when I had the chance" Norm bellowed, smashing his fist into the table, denting it. "I had him at the store base, I HAD HIM" he yells smacking the female grunt trying to calm him.

"That's enough Norm" Another sage by the name of Demetri spoke as he reached a hand out to the woman. "How dare you strike a lady".

"Don't you go telling me I'm out of line Demetri!" Norm scorns across the room.

"Oh what's the matter Norm baby, your panties in a bunch?" Sage Ruby asks.

"Blow me" Norm sneers, sitting back in his chair.

"Ohahahaha, it seems we've been caught with our pants down huh" Ruby continues amused.

"Pants down?! Those pesky trainers have been pretty much fucking us for the past several weeks now" Norm complains.

"And I'm sure you loved it".

Demetri sighs before saying "Has he been told yet?"

"About these past failures?" The calm and deep voice drew looks from the sages towards another end of the room. Sage Bismuth steps from the shadows and continues, "Yes, maybe it's time I make myself known".


Ash and Dawn got back from yet another successful mission. That makes 3 this week alone they have managed to deal with. Team Armageddon's plans are being stopped over and over and more of their members are being arrested thanks to the work of Ash, Dawn, and the other trainers. The evil team was losing faith from their supporters and the chances of gaining more members were now slim. Soon only the sages would be left.

The raven and blue-haired trainers entered Dawn's quarters aboard the government ship. They had worn disguises on this past mission so they wouldn't stand out upon waiting for the grunts to arrive. Ash dropped his bag on the ground and leaned against the wall after shutting the metal door. He removed the sunglasses he'd been given and stood there in a navy blue button-down with khaki shorts; his sleeves were also rolled up.

Dawn kicked off her shoes and stretched, as she turned around Ash took note she unzipped her pink and purple sweat jacket, it revealed the semi-see-through white t-shirt that only hung just past her boobs. Her white bra was visible underneath and it all came to a head with those tight short-shorts she bore. Even when disguising herself Dawn sure knew how to accessorize.

Her look seemed to have sped up Ash's blood as his shorts grew a bulge. It was so sudden the member hurt a bit pushing on the crappy metal zipper. Once Dawn looked down at her phone Ash reached over and grabbed at himself to ease the aching lust. But almost reactionary, Dawn looked up at him and saw Ash staring at her while touching himself. Their eyes met sharply with a hint of blush spreading across both their faces.

"Sorry" Ash says chuckling while pulling his hand away. "It's been a long day and you just looked so nice".

"Ash Ketchum'' Dawn teases. "You are always a smooth talker even when you literally get caught with your hand in your pants". She walks up to him swaying her hips. Dawn presses herself into the young male's torso with one hand reaching down to hold onto the penis shape in his pants. Ash gasps lightly before Dawn says "It's that sensitive huh? Well let me help you".

Dawn undoes his shirt and pops it open and then immediately after goes to get the shorts down around Ash's ankles. She reaches into his boxers and begins to play with him a little. Dawn's hot breath hits Ash's neck as she pumps his member down.

"This big fella is practically begging for it" Dawn whispers.

"You sound so confident, Dawn" Ash says nervously. "I like it".

"Me too" Dawn says grinning. "But what I really like is how good you are to women".

Dawn pulls her hand from Ash's underwear and lightly claws at his chest. Ash pushes off from the wall and removes his shirt. He grabs Dawn by the face and pulls her lips into his. Their tongues graze one another as lips smack together in a heated exchange. Ash grabs onto and pulls off Dawn's jacket; it lands on the floor with a flop. Ash's hands then plant themselves on either end of Dawn's bare stomach where her top doesn't cover. Dawn's painted fingernails trace around the tanned boy's shoulders as she holds onto him. Their kissing becomes more sloppy and wet as they lose themselves in the moment.

Ash walks himself out of his shorts as he stirs Dawn towards her bed. Once he sees it out of his peripheral vision, Ash shoves Dawn onto the mattress. She inches her way up the bed as Ash undoes her short-shorts and pulls them along with her underwear straight off. Dawn's wet and open pussy quivers for the touch of the passionate male. He kneels down and wraps his arms around her thighs, parting them. Ash's tongue teases Dawn's clit for a moment, pushing the bump around, warranting moans from the blue-haired girl. He then buries his face into her love cave and sucks on the sick.
"Ahh, mmmm" Dawn moans as the muscles in her limbs contract and relax all over the bed.

Ash listens to Dawn's breathing and once she starts to gasp he cuts the motions off. Dawn looks distressed at first, wanting to come, but her strained face becomes one of happiness as Ash quickly pulls his cock out of the opening to his boxers. He jerks Dawn's lower half towards him and slides inside her very easily.

"It looks like you've been letting other men play with this too" Ash says slyly. "Well let me remind you of my touch".

Ash wastes little time rocking himself in and out of his friend. Dawn cocks her head to one side and lays her arms back next to her head. She lets Ash own her body and he makes sure to take good care. His motions rub against every part of her insides, eventually running over the little spot deep in and down. The friction against that spot gets Dawn to arch her back a bit.

The humping sensation gets Ash off as he pulls leg flesh with his hands. He pounds Dawn, used to this position they've used often. But he wanted more. Ash readjusts, and lays on top of Dawn, he pushes her bra and shirt up past her breasts and goes to suck on her left nipple.

"Ah-, aww, Ash, do you like it?" Dawn asks.

In place of a verbal answer, Ash begins his thrusting again, taking all vocabulary away from Dawn. He racks his hips up and down, driving himself into Dawn using little circles. He continues working on her boobs, painfully yanking her nips to points before sucking on her bare flesh. Dawn lays there, her body pushing itself into Ash. Her insides wrap around him and spasm. She releases herself on him, grabbing his head and pulling him wide-eyed into her chest.

"Uh, fuck me hard, ahhhh" Dawn says constrained.

Ash rolls them onto their sides and grabs onto Dawn's ass. He bounces his lower half against hers harder, feeling the wet heat from deep within her. Losing rhythm, Ash grunts roughly feeling the pulsations go up is cock before releasing himself. They roll off each other and sigh.

"Another satisfied customer" Ash says.

Dawn laughs and sits up before saying "Well, almost satisfied". She grabs her shirt and pulls it off before climbing on top of Ash. "Wanna do it again?" she cutely asks and then goes to kiss him.


Some time later, the young adults were startled awake by loud knocking on Dawn's door.

"You and your man toy need to get to the bridge and fast" Tiffany calls from the other end of the door. "I hope you guys were able to relax afterwards cause this one sounds like a big one".

The team of trainers lined up before the executives as well as the giant screen with mission info.

"Nice to see you all made it here quickly" Raless says.

Agent Vorn cuts her off "Things are serious young trainers. Team Armageddon has attacked the pokemon research station in Viridian City".

"Viridian City" Ash says out loud. "I didn't know they even had a big-deal research organization".

"They have been setting up shop to learn about the elements of mythical pokemon we have little to no information on" Raless interjects.

"That means there is plenty of information on high-powered pokemon. If Team Armageddon gets their hands on the studies done there, they will know the locations of several legendary pokemon. We're still not sure what they intend to do with these creatures but whatever it is, they need to be stopped".

"No need to worry" Dawn says heroically. "We'll go down there and put them down like we've been".

"Soon they won't be able to come back from all these consecutive losses" Jeremy responds.

"Heck, Team Aqua was more a world threat than these pushovers" Tiffany sneers.

"Hey" Raless shouts. "Don't underestimate the enemy until you've beaten them".

"She's right," Ash says. "We need to handle this head on".

"Agent Vorn" the ship pilot stands nearby.

"Have we arrived over the city?" Vorn asks.

"We have sir" the pilot responds. "But there's a problem".

The screen on the main wall of the room, lights up with schematics of the research facility.

"In these locations the team has taken multiple hostages. Not only the scientists themselves but innocent visitors to the facility".

"We'll set up plans of attack" Vorn says, not taking his eyes off the screen. Dawn notices a bead of sweat slide down the man's face. "Trainers, just be ready to undock and get in there".


The trainers were soon on the ground and moving. Stationed at multiple points around the facility, Ash looked inside the metallic back door's window. Seeing no one in the door's vicinity, he gestures over to Jeremy to come over.

"Run your bypass thingy Jeremy" Ash says, keeping his eyes on the inside.

Jeremy opens up a small computer that hooks on to his arm, he plugs a magnetic cable into the keypad and begins typing away at his console. The whole sequence only takes about 15 seconds before the keypad lights up green and clicks. Ash pulls down on the door knob to keep the door from relocking. He looks at Jeremy and they share a nod. Moving swiftly they make their way inside.

"Mamoswine, use hidden power!" The large mammoth pokemon charges up small green orbs around it and fires them into the opposing Purloine, knocking it out.

"You bitch" the Team Armageddon grunt yells out in frustration.

"Krokorok use stone edge" the other grunt commands. The crocodile pokemon creates large sharp stones around its arms and throws them, a couple of the pieces breaking into Mamoswine and Ariados.

"Are you okay Ariados?" Tiffany asks.


"Then return fire with poison sting!"

The purple needles shoot out of the spider's mouth and into the face of the Krokorok, making it too unable to battle. The grunts try to run away but the girls are able to catch and arrest them. They later find the hostages and escort them outside of the building.

"Hey Ash we got the hostages" Dawn calls out to him on their communicators. "Do you have eyes on the computer mainframe?"

Ash and Jeremy are running through the halls of the facility after having dealt with some grunts of their own. "We'll be there soon" Ash calls back. Breathing a bit heavy now the young men reach the main room. The doors have been blown open and upon further investigation they see some device plugged into the mainframe. Jeremy runs in and begins typing away at the computer.

"This system is so impressive," he says. "Once I can hack into it I can redirect the flow of files and pull them from this device. It appears it's sending the files via signal, I may not be able to stop them from getting some of the information, but I can at least prevent further loss."

"Use flame thrower!"

"JEREMY LOOK OUT!" Ash shouts. "But it's too late. Jeremy gets engulfed in flames. Screaming at the top of his lungs he falls over and rolls around as he tries to put his scorched skin out. Eventually the fire dissipates but the red foaming blisters speak on behalf of Jeremy's pained state.

"I need medical treatment!" Ash says into his communicator. But it seems the signal might be getting jammed now. "WHO DID THAT?!"

"I'm afraid I had to be the one to engage in such vicious actions." The voice comes from a man appearing to be almost 7 feet tall. He enters the room wearing a long black trench coat. His hair is short and white, one eye is brown and the other is grayed out with a scar through it. A large and scary looking Magmortar walks in behind him grinning sinfully. "My name is Bismuth. I wish I could have made your acquaintance under kinder circumstances. But I can't have you interfering in our plans any longer".

"So you're one of the sages running Team Armageddon" Ash says coldly.

"So I am. Though I prefer to take action rather than do the planning myself" Bismuth responds. "You must be Ash Ketchum, the noble trainer I have heard such tales of."

"If those tales include beating the asses of most of your organization then you heard right" Ash says. "You just hurt my friend. So you may talk nicer but you're no different than the other scummy people in your team. You guys need to be stopped, I refuse to let you hurt any of the legendary pokemon again".

"Hurt?" Bismuth questions. "No, they will be liberated. My master seeks their help in changing this world for the better. Only the strong will be on top, and I am to make sure that happens. Go Conkeldurr."



"Fine, you want a fight, I'll give you one. Ready Pikachu?" Ash says.


"Unfezant, I choose you!"

"May the better trainer wish young Ketchum boy" Bismuth says. "Conkeldurr use slam, Magmortar flamethrower".

The muscled pokemon despite its size leaps forward and brings down the concrete pillars it holds. "Dodge it Unfezant, and Pikachu jump up". The bird pokemon is able to use its wings to shoot itself out of the way, the ground cracking underneath the impact. The flames shoot forward but Pikachu is up in the air as the fire goes under him.

"Counter them with Thunderbolt and Ariel Ace!". Pikachu releases a bright shock and zaps Magmortar, the flaming pokemon showing the pain in its face. Unfezant jolts itself in a straight line and cuts into the side of Conkeldurr.

"CONKELLLLL" the pokemon roars.

"Keep up the pressure, air slash!" Ash commands.

Unfezant controls the air around it with its wings and blasts blades of wind that connect into the back of Conkeldurr, dropping the pokemon to a knee.

"Good job, now Pikachu, quick attack!"

Pikachu quickly runs at Magmortar for a tackle.

"Catch it!"

"Stop the attack and jump off of Magmortar's arm"


Pikachu does as instructed, no longer aiming to hit Magmortar he jumps onto its incoming arm and leaps off. "Now, Electro-ball!" Pikachu creates a large ball of electricity from its tail and shoots it at Magmortar connecting into the large body of the pokemon.

"You are so going down" Ash says. "Unfezant Aerial Ace again!"

"Rock Tomb Magmortar!"

Unfezant flies at Conkeldurr once again but this time Magmortar shoots purple orbs from the cannon-like arms it has, these orbs connect with the ground and form rock pillars, one of which Unfezant crashes into and loses all momentum. "Now charge up Dynamic punch Conkeldurr".

"Oh no" Ash says in surprise. "Can you go on Unfezant?"

As Unfezant slowly gets up Bismuth makes another command. "Now use smog". Magmortar breathes a thick black haze into the room making Ash and his pokemon cough roughly.

"You're good Ash, but I'm better" Bismuth says. "Time to finish this. Magmortar, use flamethrower!"

"Get out of there you two."

The fire blaze's into the smog igniting it away and showing the scene of Unfezant being burned and knocked out. Pikachu was able to leap out of the way. "Just what I thought" Bismuth says. "Go Conkeldurr".

Having been fully charged for a while now Conkeldurr jumps at Pikachu and blasts Ash's best friend in the face with an explosive punch sending him dowards, Ash catching his friend and both getting knocked into the wall behind them.

"It's been a pleasure battling you Ash Ketchum." Bismuth says pulling his device out of the computer. "But now I must be going out and capturing some legendary pokemon. I look forward to our next encounter." And with that Bismuth and his pokemon make their escape leaving more smog behind to cover their tracks as the medical team comes in to help Ash and the wounded Jeremy.


"I blew it out there today" Ash says staring into his reflection on the metal table. The rest of the team are sitting around the table and/or leaning against the walls. "I wasn't cautious enough and not only was Jeremy hurt but I let that Bismuth sage guy get the better of me".

"We all could stand ot be more cautious" Dawn says. "We were caught up in having own so many battles against Team Armageddon already we thought that was all they could do".

"It seems the team has brought out their bigger players now" Agent Vorn responds.

"They have" Ash says. "He was a stronger trainer. And he talked about a master, meaning the sages aren't the biggest strength they have. Whoever this person is, they need to be stopped".

"I just worry how we'll stand against all of them" Tiffany says with just the slightest hint of fear on her cold face.

"Regardless, we can't back down now" Agent Vorn continues. "All of you, take some time to yourselves. You'll be contacted when we here word of the legendary pokemon being challenged. Until then, stay ready".

To be continued…

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