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Chapter 59 Forced to Grow Up

Ok working on the split of the plot and lust. Bear with me. I want this story to actually have a story that isn't just about banging. I mean we are at like 60 chapters so might as well have some depth. You know, come for the dirt, stay for the plot.

NOTE: If you ever receive updates that are from other chapters, just note I am in the process of fixing the grammar and length of certain ones. I've been fixing chapters 1-10 and the big chapter 20 (that sucker now is at 7600 words). So if you ever want to go back things should be a little better and the story has a little more, better written feel.

Ash and Dawn were gearing up with their pokemon as the ship was about to reach the drop zone. After some fun-filled days with his family, Ash teamed back up with the other trainers to continue their fight against Team Armageddon. This time they were heading back to the place where Ash won his first ever league, Alola. It was gonna be hot but they had to dress to be prepared for any situation so the loose clothes and swimsuits were gonna have to be left behind.

"You guys hear for once we are landing instead of 'dropping in?'" Jeremy asks the power duo.

"Seriously?" Dawn asks in return. "I thought the whole point was following up on reports of the presence of Team Armageddon. I would assume that means we don't let them know we are onto them".

"You are correct" Jeremy responds. "However, according to Agent Vons, we have relations with some people here and they are going to be assisting us".

"Oh, so we're heading somewhere where this ship won't stand out to the enemy" Ash says in realization.

"Exactly" Agent Vons replies walking up behind them. "You may know a woman by the name of Lusamine. She'll be assisting us".

"That's the mom of a friend I know in Alola!" Ash says getting excited.

"Another girl you know" Dawn hints while grinning.

"Perhaps" Ash blankly replies.

"Either way" Vons says, clearing his throat. "She'll be guiding us in our next plan of attack. It is imperative we get her help and stop Team Armageddon at this next juncture. I don't know what they are working on but it is certainly something big. The more progress we halt while we search for their leader, the better".

"Understood" Dawn says.

"We won't let you down" Ash says, pumping his fist.


Within the hour, the ship lands near the shallow sea line, and the agents and trainers unload into the mansion Lusamine is staying at for the time being. Machines and unknown supplies are brought inside and the leaders make their way in to begin discussions. Upon their ascent of the wide stairs, Ash's eyes glaze over with a shine of happiness. Dawn notices the change in demeanor and she follows his gaze over to a section of the mansion in the distance. A small, cute girl with straight yellow hair, and a frilly, white sun-dress stands peeking out from a column.

Ash jogs over to her and Dawn follows suit. The girl seems quite shy at first but once she notices Ash coming over a smile spreads across her face and more of her body appears from behind the concrete.

"A-Ash, oh my gosh. It's really you" she says in pleasant surprise.

"Hey Lillie" Ash responds. "It's good to see you. Oh, this is my friend Dawn, she's also my partner for our mission. Dawn, this is my friend Lillie from Alola".

"IT's nice to meet you Dawn "Lillie says softer than when she talked to Ash.

"It's nice to meet you too Lillie" Dawn replies. "You are so cute".

"Thanks… I like your hair".

Dawn jiggles and twirls a strand of her dark blue hair in her fingers. "Thanks, I have worked on my Piplup believe it or not".

"Alright you kids" Lusamine says walking up. "I'm glad my daughter has her good friend back but she needs to be getting ready for Ronaldo. And I need you two at the briefing".

"Who's Ronaldo?" Ash asks very confused.

"I-It's nothing!" Lillie hollers shaking her hands in front of her body. "N-N-Nevermined that, just go save the world and stuff". The small blonde then books it down the side of the building.

Ash and Dawn exchange a look before following Lillie's mother to the board room. Once there the agents plan the investigation into the Armageddon sightings and the next day will be spent locking down a specific location to the enemy's whereabouts.

"I have been able to pinpoint this 2-mile long radius to the location of Team Armageddon" Jeremy says, glasses glinting away his eyes from view.

"You trainers will group up and see what can identify" Vons continues. "You must be on guard at all times, especially you who find yourselves in those woods".

"I have security drones set to campus the scene in the meantime" Lusamine speaks up with a grey metallic bot levitating next to her. "Before engaging on your part you are to alert us or one of these drones".

"But we will be allowed to engage those we come across right?" Dawn asks, eager to fight.

"You can do as you please, either fight or wait for help" Agent Vons reassures.

"Alright" Ash cheers high-fiving Dawn. "I'm ready for this. Gonna go make those guys pay".

"You may disband for the night" Lusamine continues. "Enjoy the hospitality of my mansion. Rest up, and be ready to move at first light".


The evening time soon set in as the trainers and soldiers made themselves as comfortable as they could before a mission. Dawn was already trying to catch some Zs, but Ash was going for a walk around the building as he was not tired yet. He had shed his black jacket he wore upon arrival, now down to a plain white t-shirt, loose-fitting jeans, and some teal slippers. Pikachu was riding his shoulder, snuggling close to his owner.

The mansion was huge and Ash worried he was getting himself lost, but those thoughts soon left when he saw Lillie sadly looking out from a balcony at the slow-waving ocean. The soft breeze blew her dress into her legs and pulled on the backside. Ash decided to have the electric mouse hop off and go hang with some other of the looming pokemon as he went to go see what was up with his friend.

Ash entered her room as the door was opening; making sure to keep privacy he closed it behind him. Ash made sure his footsteps were loud as he approached Lille so as to not scare her. The tanned boy rested his elbows on the railing as he joined Lillie. She looked over at him and gave him a soft smile.

"Come on Lillie" Ash says after failing to get a response from her. "I know you really well as you let me into your life. So I can tell something is bothering you. I don't want our reunion to be so depressing".

"I'm sorry Ash" Lillie replies. "I've just had a lot on my mind. I heard there are some crazy things happening with that bad team trying to steal pokemon and you guys have to try to stop them. But on a more personal level I've had a lot come up and throw me for a loop".

"So" Ash says looking at the ocean and breathing in the cool air. "Who is this Ronaldo, cause I feel like you don't enjoy talking about him. Is he a friend? Or a rival trainer?"

"No, nothing like that," Lillie says. She pauses for a moment before saying "He's my fiancé".

"WHAT" Ash says, shifting to one elbow. "Wow, I never thought you'd get engaged so quickly, I mean I know how shy you can be so it could take time to let a guy in but if he makes you happy then I guess-".

"That's the problem" Lillie says turning away from the open scenery and taking a couple steps toward the doorway to the room. "He doesn't make me happy because I don't love him. I barely know him".

"Then what's going on?" Ash asks.

"It's arranged. My mom wants to keep our family rich, and he's rich. She wants me to have children. He wants children. She fears I'll never be comfortable to talk to a guy to fall for him so she found one for me".

"That's terrible," Ash says. "She can't do that. You need to marry the one you love above all else".

"She's my mother Ash" Lillie continues as she walks into the room, lit only by the bright moonlight. "I don't have any special talents that would allow me to go live off and provide for myself. I'm stuck under her roof, her rules, her world until I can get my own life. With the world getting more dangerous she is making sure that happens sooner than later".

"I still say that is the wrong way to do it" Ash says. "It's not fair to either of you to be forced into a marriage. You deserve true happiness".

"I don't even know what true happiness is" Lillie says. "I just want the freedom and the will to make better decisions for myself. But mom says no drinking, no partying, no classes on things that interest me, no pokemon battling. I have to be the sweet, innocent, stand-around virgin since I haven't proven to her I can be an independent woman".

"I'm so sorry it got like this" Ash says walking in after her. "It's not right, and I'm not sure I can do much for you. But if you want, I could help you experience something".

Ash gets in front of Lillie and takes slow steps toward her. She, being so shy, backs away from him casually, biting her inner cheek from nervousness.

"What, what are you talking about?" She asks, backing into her nightstand.

"You talk about how innocent you are" Ash continues. "But I see the way you look at me, and a couple other guys for the time we've seen each other. You bite either your tongue or inner cheek as well. I can read you pretty well". He gets close to her ear before saying "I know you can be one dirty girl".

The whisper makes Lillie shiver before the shock of Ash's hands at her sides makes her snap back to reality. He lifts her up quickly and sits her onto the table behind them. He flips the skirt part of her dress up so it catches on her knees. Ash hooks the edges of her white panties and slips them off so quickly she cannot stop him. He plays with them in his hand feeling just how damp they are. He makes her eyes meet his as he gives the underwear a sharp sniff.

"Fuck that's hot" Ash says playing with himself through his pants. "I'll bet you make most men you come across pitch their tents".

Lillie's face goes beat red as she covers her eyes and tries to speak; no words do end up coming out. Her nervous side takes her over; not that the relief she got from losing her panties helped. Just looking at how nervous her cute little face got was making Ash massively horny. He undid his jeans and pulled his cock out, jerking it a little to get it at full go. He grips under Lillie's legs and spreads them so her sopping hole is presented to him.

"Ash, please, wait I-" Lillie starts.

"Don't worry" Ash reassures her. "I'm not gonna go in you, unless you tell me otherwise. But I know what you're feeling trapped, forced to be with a man you have no interest in, so I just want to show you something".

"But I don't think, a-ah, haa" Lillie stutters as the erotic feeling shuts her up.

Ash begins rubbing his member along the outside of Lillie's vagina. He intended to keep his promise of staying out of her, but even just rubbing against her shaking, supple skin, feels so nice. The light essence began to escape Lillie and lube up Ash's cock, her vagina heating from the sensation of the veiny member knocking at her door. Ash could see how twisted she still looked, he began to slow to a stop.

"I'm sorry if I pushed you too hard" he says. "I just wanted you to think about your feelings, not just the ones of your family. Do you want me to stop?"

Before the idea of stopping could even cross his mind again, Lillie's hand grabbed onto Ash's shoulders. Her now left weakened hands squeezed the cotton material. Her hair was covering her eyes now, and she didn't speak. However, Ash's eyes grew as he saw her shake her head enough to prove her answer to him.

Obliging, Ash sped back up again and tried to fit himself between her bottom and the table, grinding against her even more firmly. Light moans yipped out from Lillie's mouth as she tried to control her breathing; her grip on Ash's clothing tightened as she got off. Ash couldn't help but smile as he moved back and forth, taking in Lillie's personal scent.

"It feels good doesn't it?" He rhetorically asks. "Having a man wanting to please you as well. The thought of me drilling into you slowly, then deeper, then faster, until you explode from the inside out. I can make it happen, you can imagine me inside you, making you mine for that short time before returning your body back to you".

Ash's grinding soon comes to a halt. He lets go of Lillie and her grip on him stops.

"I might have tried too hard there" Ash says. "But at the very least I owe it to you not to force you to come by my actions. It was good to see you again, and I hope you make sure to value your needs as well as the needs of your family".

Ash fixes himself up and heads out of the room. Lillie continues to sit there, dripping from below, holding her now mushy-feeling self up with her arms. You wouldn't know what she was thinking by just sitting there motionless. But she was for sure thinking about something important.


The time had come to canvas the locations of Team Armageddon activity. Ash and Jeremy combed the beach, both wearing shorts, Ash was shirtless in order to tan evenly and Jeremy dawned an open Alolan (Hawaiian) shirt. It wasn't gear ready for combat, but the boys blended in well and had their pokeballs on them. It was over 90 degrees out and there wasn't much suspicious activity. The nerdy blonde was worried he might burn since outside wasn't his favorite kind of place. Ash stood in between him and the sun to give the team mate some shade.

"This is ridiculous" Jeremy groans. "I can handle surveillance but not up close and personal like this. I feel like I'm melting".

"Sorry" Ash says. "They asked me who I wanted to work with and I said you since we go well together. Me and Dawn stand out as a duo too much so I needed a different partner for this".

"Well I should consider myself lucky" Jeremy says. "I'm normally picked last for junk so thanks. But next time pick someone who doesn't turn as red as a Corphish after 10 minutes of direct light".

"Hehehe, I will note that" Ash chuckles. "I can't believe these Team Armageddon goons are showing up in the most random locations and causing trouble".

"There is a pattern to their points of attack" Jeremy retorts. "We just need to uncover why they go where they go. And soon".

The intense heat starts to take its toll on the young men, there is not a cloud in the sky and their sweat is dripping off of them consistently. This mission was becoming harder just because of the Alolan atmosphere. Ash likes good weather but he did not miss Alolan's version of hot days. Finally some action occurs when an explosion goes off in the distance of the beach.

"That must be the attack" Ash says, taking off. "Let's go!"

"Oh joy, now we run" Jeremy says in a snarky way.

Meanwhile on site, Dawn is dealing with the grunts.

"Go Rockruff, use crunch!"


"Dodge it Pachirisu and use discharge".

The white and blue squirrel leaps up and shocks the pup zapping it into an immobile state.

"Gah, Rockruff no. Grrr. Get that thing out of here. We can't hold them off forever!"


Pachirisu runs up to the distracted goon and rubs against his cheek paralyzing him. Before another one can call her pokemon Dawn runs up and smashes her knee into the woman's chin. Dawn's knee hurts after the exchange but it clocks the grunt out of commission.

"Come on out Piplup" Dawn calls.



The blue penguin pokemon conjures up a giant shining whirlpool and launches it at the last goon. Before the blast connects he presses a button on the device attached to his wrist. The two drones with spinning propellers fly away and take a shaking sac up with them. Once out of range the goon gets sucked in and spun around, crashing into a tree unconscious.

Dawn retrieves her pokemon and calls for the ship with the signal device she was given.


The blue haired girl turns around to see Ash and Jeremy with beat-red faces run up behind her.

"Are you ok?" Ash asks concerned.

"Yeah, I fought against them but I got the Armageddon guys" Dawn replies.

"OH, that's, huuu, great, huuu" Jeremy pants. "So, we didn't, huuu, need to come, huuu, so quickly. Oh my Arceus" he wheezes.

"Well that's great you handled it on your own. I'm so glad you came on these missions to help" Ash says.

"Thanks" Dawn says. "But some drones got away with whatever pokemon they were trying to take. It looks like they're targeting specific pokemon for sure. I just wish we knew what their end game is".

"We sadly don't know yet," Ash says. "But we need to find out. At the very least we can take these guys into custody for the time being".


The trainers were given thanks for another day of hard fighting. Even with the kidnapping of the pokemon, the agents were confident they were beginning to unravel the true intentions of this nefarious group. After a long shower and some contemplation of his own Ash was getting ready for the trip out.

Ash just finished putting a belt through the loops of his jeans. He was also wearing his one Kalos shirt with the black torso and white sleeves with black around the edge of the arm holes. He was clean and comfortable, just the way he likes it. He started to pack up his clothes, gear, and other belongings as he thought about dawn kicking some serious butt today. Those Armageddon guys were bad news but as long as they keep showing up and arresting these pokemon stealers then eventually the group would be out of members. Ash wanted to face off against their leader. He needed to deal with this guy who is making his men commit these horrible acts.

With all this in his head his thoughts shifted to Lillie. Ash thought about his troubled friend and how she was getting roped into growing up so quickly without wanting to. Her mom needed to have more faith in her. Ash knew Lillie could make something more of herself, she just needs a little push in the right direction. He wanted her to get out of her shell a little, that shy girl was filled with a lot of strong emotions she just didn't show off much.

He was just about done packing up when there was a knock at his door. He opened it and was astonished to see Lillie standing in front of him completely naked. Her face was flushed with embarrassment but she wore a weak-face of confidence.

"Geez Lillie" Ash hissed as he grabbed her wrist and pulled her into his room, locking the door after checking no one else was around. "What is this about?" He asks, turning to face her.

Lillie's response consists of grabbing Ash's cheeks and pulling him into a sloppy kiss with her. He moans a little as they kiss repeatedly before pushing her back.

"No, no, wait" He says still confused. "We can't just do this Lillie".

Ash's expression changes seeing Lillie look sad, now covering her breasts with her arms.

"I just" she says sounding like she's about to cry. "I wanted to do something that made me feel like I have the power. I chose this, but…"

"Hang on" Ash says, putting a hand on her shoulder. "I'm sorry for getting tough. I just don't want to get you in trouble. But I respect that you want to feel in control and you deserve to have that".

He stares into her naturally sad eyes with his mouth parted open slightly. He leans in and gives her a much more simple, and well functioned, kiss. 1 turns into 2 as they both start to meld into each other. Ash's one hand slides from her shoulder to her arm while his other hand mirrors the spot on the other arm. Regaining her confidence Lillie relaxes her arms and re-exposes her bare chest.

Their kisses start off small enough, each having strained looks on their faces, both unsure of this being a good idea. Lillie decides to go for broke as she suctions her kisses into Ash's mouth. Her arms come up and wrap around around Ash's neck as she jumps at him forcing the young man to hold onto her thighs. The motions sends Ash walking backwards to maintain balance. Still with her eyes closed in the make out, Lillie holds out one hand to hit the wall before Ash completely backs into it; her one foot hooks to a shelf on the wall.

Ash pulls back from the kiss to eye down the small but sexy girl holding onto him right now. He stars at attraction to her long, lean leg that holds onto the wall like an ape-like pokemon. His gloved hand softly caresses he butt cheek before gliding down her pale thigh. He turns back to meet her eyes as she does with his. They both smile a little and kiss deeper than before. Ash is gentle holding onto her body, his hands slowly run along her skin, making Lille feel safe. Lillie's left hand stays around the raven-haired boy's neck as the other rubs from his shoulder to his clothed tone peck. Feeling the cotton material is still her feeling Ash, when her fingers graze his bare neck and come back down every other repetition the fingers hook lightly on Ash's shirt collar and pull at it a little to get access to skin for a longer duration. Ash's finger starts to circle around her clit, exciting the girl even more. Lillie's inexperience shows as her kisses are as if she's trying to eat Ash's face; he can't help but smile at her motions. The blonde also tries to grind herself into Ash's groin but that mostly just serves to Ash losing the power in his legs to hold her up.

Although she doesn't really know what she's doing, Ash could tell that Lillie has all the passion she'd ever need. Ash pushes off from the wall and lays them down on the floor rug with him on top. He finishes their lip-locking with one big, overdramatic smooch before using one hand to undo his pants. Lillie cannot even smile at him as her look of wanting is all she can show. Once Ash has his jeans open he slides them and his underwear down past his butt. Seconds later Lillie is grabbing the hem of Ash's shirt and pulling it up, she wants it off. With help from the girl, Ash grabs the back of his shirt with one hand and pulls it off, shifting his weight from one hand to the other to get the shirt off completely and lay it down next to them.

Lillie's hands explore Ash's muscled back, something she has always wanted to do. Ash sucks on her neck getting audible moans from the usually so quiet girl. Ash's hard member starts tapping against Lillie's hole. The Ketchum boy leans his back up and looks Lillie in the eyes.

"You're sure you want this?"

Without getting an actual answer, Ash feels Lillie trying to pull him into her. Figuring this really is what she wants, Ash pushes his mass into her. Lillie chokes on her moaning, gripping Ash's body as his length fills her walls. It hurts, but it'll be worth it. Lillie knows this as she trusts Ash. Once he is inside Ash closes his eyes and remains still, awaiting for Lillie's strained breathing to clam in pace. Lillie's leg quivers as she tries to adapt to the bizarre sensation, she's never felt part of her tear apart and it was not fun. Things felt warm, the blonde figured she was bleeding, but she dare not look.

After a literal couple of minutes, Ash looked at Lillie's face. He wiped the tears from her eyes and held her cheek. She grabbed his hand with hers and gasped as the raven-haired boy finally started to thrust in and out of her. The sensation was still sore, the opening itself seemed unable to stretch, but the movement on the inside started to feel good. Ash's solid cock rubbed along various parts of her vagina, giving her larger amounts of pleasure in ever-changing locations.

Ash moved his way through Lillie internally, he was happy he could do this for her, giving her a sense of freedom as she wanted him, her friend, to be her first. Not to mention pushing himself through her tight muscles felt great. He was gentler than he usually would be with girls, as he didn't want to break the girl who had been through so much in the past day. But Ash gave Lillie a good time, making sure they both benefited from the interlocking of genitalia.

In a shocking turn of events Lillie flipped the two of them over, she drooped over Ash as she tried to ride him and get his dick more familiar with her body. Lillie's moans were full volume, echoing against the rooms. She wore a face of pain and suffering but the emotion was pure bliss. The door to the balcony was still open but at this moment she didn't care who heard her. She was having sex, of her own choosing, and it was great. Lillie leaned back, bouncing her hips higher, staring up at the ceiling trying to focus on all the friction on her flesh. With her body as free as never before, Ash's hand snaked up her sweating midsection and fondled her breasts.

"Oh, ah, oh, Ash, I'm close" Lillie groans out as her humping becomes more messy. Sensing her end is near Ash flips them back around so he can pound Lillie a little harder and build some momentum in himself. Lillie practically squeals as she clamps her love cave around Ash and shakes while orgasming. Once the pale limbs go limp, Ash pulls out and jerks himself while watching Lillie pant. He blows his load onto her stomach and then rests back on his knees.

The two of them sit there for a moment, Ash recovering and Lillie coming to terms with what she did. Her arms eventually regain enough strength for her to get herself into a sitting position. Lillie brushes a thick strand of hair out of her face and behind her ear as she gets her composure back.

"Was that good for you?" Ash asks.

"Are you kidding?" Lillie laughs. "It hurt like hell, but then it was fantastic. I haven't felt like I've made a choice on my own in so long. And now I got to give myself to a friend I really like".

"I'm glad" Ash says grinning widely. "I've had a lot of experience doing the dirty dance, and I wanted it to be memorable for you. I saw how emotionally off you were so I made the choice to take you in that moment".

"I know you have your true love" Lillie says happily. "The one who can give you better sex than anyone else in this world. I hope to get that for myself one day haha".

"You will Lillie" Ash says. "I have faith in you. You just need to fight for what you want and that choice for yourself before all else".

"You really have matured through these years" Lillie responds. "I can respect that".

"From all the good and bad I've seen and done, I've needed to grow up" Ash says. "I'll never stop being who I am, but it's okay to learn and grow. I take the path that will help me and those I care about".

"Then I must do that same" Lillie says looking back outside and at the bright moon.


The next day was harsh. Ash and Dawn stayed as long as they could to support Lillie as she clashed words with her mother. They traded insulting blows and it was bizarre. Lillie was like a different person, still shy, but finally standing up for herself. After a long argument she was able to get the arranged marriage postponed so she could prove she could create a life for herself.

Ash was proud of his friend. He knew she had strong confidence in her and it just needed to be brought out. After saying their goodbyes the trainers were off and preparing for the next task at hand.

To be continued…

I plan to keep it up with intertwining the plot while maintaining the lusty adventures. Hope you guys are liking it.

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