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Chapter 58 The Beach Episode

I CHANGED MY MIND, this story will continue to have the smut and the plot. It's my story and I can do as I wish… so I will be sticking to the dual categories. Trust me, you will get your fill of both. I do want to improve the dirty scenes but at the same time that requires I become more original which makes it harder to do so. So bare with me. This story is years in the making so why not make it super f***ing bizarre. I may also work on going back to old short chapters and updating so they are less cringy for rereads.

Also, consider reading some of my other stories. It's hard to focus on just one so long so I like to have a little of everything. Just saying, if you like what I do here you'd probably like what I do with the others.

Another sunny day in the Kanto region leads to higher temperatures than usual which meant it was a great day to go outside. Kanto isn't known for all of its amazing beach land but there are a few hotspots that are comfortable and often publicly taken care of. Today was a day for needing to cool off for sure, but it was also quite a nice day to spend with those one cares about.

Ash, Serena, and Ally were finally going to spend a fun-filled family day at the beach. Ash was driving his fancy red sports car he was able to purchase from his past services to regions. It was a flex, but it was safe and reliable at the same time. Ally had only been to the beach once before and she didn't even really remember it. It was Serena's first time at a Kanto beach as well. She isn't always one for all the sand and screaming kids but Ash explained how it would be good for all of them to be together in a lighter-mood environment. Even though he was just past 20, Ash was becoming quite the insightful guy. The Ketchums needed this time together as their bread-winner was soon set to go back to his high-risk job.

Ash dawned a v-neck t-shirt that was blue on the bottom and faded to white towards the middle and top as well as khaki shorts, Serna wore a tight purple and white bikini with a pink coverup, and Ally had a nice rainbow colored one-piece suit with a white, frilly skirt around it. For the Ketchums, the ride to the beach was usually a little over an hour so they didn't like to commit too many days to it. But seeing as how Ash and Serena could take their daughter for her first real beach trip they figured why not while they have the time.

Parking was a pain, Ash had to circle multiple sections of the lot to get a decent space that wouldn't lead to the 3 of them sweating before even hitting the sand. They grabbed their belongings which had lotion, towels, their lunch, activities, and other beach essentials and headed over to the gate to get inside. Serena noted there were lifeguards stationed every couple of blocks across the sand. She always liked to be sure things were extra safe whenever they took Ally somewhere. She knew although a wonderful world, the world of pokemon could be quite dangerous too.

"I'm gonna go get changed in the locker room" Ash calls to the girls as he flings his bag over his shoulder.

"Why didn't you just dress for the beach at home?" Serena asks confused.

"I don't like driving long distances in a swimsuit, especially a wet one" Ash responds.

"Well next time you could, OH DANG IT WAIT ALLY" Serena yells.

Ally, way too excited for her second time at the beach charges off without even thinking. Pikachu running after in his moment of extreme anticipation too. Serena drops the conversation and chases after her daughter to ensure the girl's safety. Ash laughs a little nervously and heads to the male locker room.

Seeing as how the room was completely barren Ash goes into one of the bigger sized changing rooms, and the door gets closed by him being slammed backwards into it. He hears the lock click before evening getting his wits about him. Snapping back to reality Ash finds his old classmate Mallow dressed as she usually is pressing into him.

"Uhh, hey, uh Mallow" Ash says awkwardly.

"Heeeeeey cutie" Mallow says, slipping in and sucking on Ash's neck.

"Ah, mmm, hey I'm here with the family and I need to get to them soon so" Ash starts as he reaches for the door lock. He soon finds his fingers interlocked with hers.

"I don't want to keep you from the love of your life man" Mallow says grinning. "But I desperately need a cock in the category of say… top 10 in the world".

"Oh I'm flattered" Ash says laughing. "But there's no way I'm… I'm actually in the top 10" he says, eyes going wide as he views the newest addition of Hot Male Magazine.

"You're number 8 to be exact" Mallow says. "I know I made you promise me we'd only do it that one time way back when you won the Alola league and wanted to "celebrate" but I'll be honest, most Alolan guys are pussies who don't hold a candle to Kanto cock".

"I thought it was Kalos with the best lovers?" Ash asks honestly.

"True, but you did go back and win that league too didn't you?" Mallow checks.

"I did" Ash replies.

"Besides" Mallow continues. "You need to get changed right, let me help you with that".

He thinks to himself before sighing and saying "Well how can I turn down a pretty, hard working girl who just showed me I'm somehow in Hot Make Mag?"

"You can't?" Mallow asks rhetorically.

"Fucken aye right I can't" Ash replies before grabbing Mallow by the bare shoulders and pulling her into a passionate kiss.

His tongue grazes across her teeth before they part and both dance around one another. Their kissing is heated immediately with Mallow's neck bending back with Ash pushing his face into hers. Her hands drag down his torso and hook onto the belt loops of his shorts for a moment. Their lips smack together in intense fashion, Ash making sure to suck on her bottom lip with each peck.

Some time passes and Mallow pulls away. "I was hoping Tsareena could join the fun too".

"Oh?" Ash asks. "Well, I suppose so, she is your partner after all".

Mallow gets giddy and presses the button on her single pokeball, the red beam shoots out and from it comes the tall and lean Tsareena. Mallow's single-owned pokemon was also one of her best friends. The two would do anything together, including doing someone else. Mallow knew Tsareena is often considered a high-class pokemon, and so nothing but the best for her partner.

Mallow started to rub Ash through his shorts, slowly feeling the object beneath the material get harder and harder. Ash started to moan softly, staring deep into Mallow's dark-green eyes. She was the one playing with him and yet he was making her blush. That was the thing about Ash, above all else, his inner passion was stronger than pretty much any other person.

Tsareena's interest was getting peaked. She walked closer to the two humans swaying her hips back and forth. Once she was up close and personal, she eyed Ash's upper half all over. Her one paw planted itself on his solid chest and began to feel him causing Ash to shudder only in the slightest bit.

"It's nice to see you again" Ash says to her softly.

Tsareena purrs a little and closes in to start licking up Ash's neck. The sensation sends chills across Ash's body instantly making him feel less heated up. The enjoyment of having his dick smooshed around by Mallow's intricate fingers kept him grounded and happy. His hand slithered around Tsareena's rear and gave her butt a little squeeze; it's less grassy than he thought, showing off the pokemon's living plant-like features.

Soon Ash pushes himself into the pokemon and gets her on her back on the small bench in the room. He kneels down in front of her already lax legs, and parts her vagina open with his hands.

"I've never done this with a female pokemon before" Ash says. "So bare with me".

It doesn't take him long to find a working system. Little licks across the holes and sucking on her flaps is enough to make Tsareena buckle her body and arch her back. Mallow comes up behind and hugs Ash, breathing in his specific scent. She also kisses the bones of his vertebrae that stick out of his neck. Ash starts to go to town on Tsareena, running his hands along her thighs as he licks deeper into her. It was actually more pleasant than with a human girl Ash thought. The juices of grass pokemon are actually really sweet, like honey almost.

He soon licks across the clit of the pokemon causing her to jeer; he continues up until his tongue entangles within hers for a moment. The two thick muscles wrapping around each other battling for control.

Mallow's hug is now a pull as she pulls Ash to his feet; she pushes her hands up his t-shirt until they reach his collar bone. Ash smiles and grabs the back of his shirt's neck hole and pulls it over his head, tossing it onto his bag that got knocked in the corner. He leans against a wall as she undoes his kaki shorts, allows them to fall to his knees and jerks his cock in her hand firmly. She closes her eyes and kisses the tip. Each kiss becomes deeper as she eventually works the member into her mouth and begins to suck on it, lathering it up with her saliva. She can't more than a third of Ash in her mouth so her right hand continues to work the still exposed parts.

Tsareena, not wanting to be forgotten, presses her heaving chest into Mallow's back. The trainer can feel the intense heartbeat of her pokemon partner echo through her ribs. Appearing with ease of prior experience, Tsareena undoes the buttons on the back of Mallow's grey apron and flings the apron over the girl's front, it falling off of her and exposing her reddish-pink tank top. The pokemon pulls the tucked-in top out of the human's shorts so she may reach under the front and play with Mallow's breasts. The feeling is a bit rough, but Mallow loves being played with as she works the cock in her mouth.

Ash watches the amazing scene of a hot pokemon trainer blow him while her pokemon, desperate for attention, rides up the girl's shirt. He runs his hand through Mallow's hair and reaches his other on the shoulder of Tsareena to give them both some affection of his own. He wants them to know he is grateful for the show, even if it wasn't planned. Mallow was getting more turned on, she was rubbing her lower end, getting trapped in the prison of her short shorts.

"Tsareena, get in her pants, ahh, give her some relief" Ash says feeling fuzzy in the head.

Normally the pokemon wouldn't respond to some random guy but he knew what Ash was getting at and agreed to it. Her paws moved from Mallow's chest to down below, opening the girl's tight jeans and massaging the area with all the heat coming off of it. Ash grabbed the back of Mallow's head and pulled her further onto his cock.

Mallow always said how she wanted Ash to help her improve herself, so he was going to help her take dick better. He could see the strain written all over her, but her mouth felt so good. Ash didn't push her too hard, but he had to admit it was nice feeling her gag on him. Mallow honestly felt better having her privates giving some loving; Tsareena was just happy she could do this for her trainer. The 3 of them went on like that for a few more minutes. Ash eventually pulled himself out of Mallow's face and kissed her soggy lips, drawing more of the green-haired girl's breath from her.

"Awww, you want us to take care of you now?" Ash asks, sounding sincere.

Mallow pretends to go cutesy and nods her faked innocent face and quivering lip.

Ash shakes his shorts the rest of the way off and gets his feet out of the leg holes; he then goes and picks Mallow up when he bends back up. He grips the hem of her tank top and lifts it up and off of her; her boobs bouncing with the entry into the free air. He then has Mallow lay on her back on the bench and yanks her bottoms off.

Her tanned skin glistened in the room as her rosy-cheeked face pants in anticipation. Ash circles a finger in her love cave for a few seconds to get her juices flowing. Ash then brings himself to her level and slips himself inside causing Mallow to moan so weakly the sound cuts in and out.

"Oh wow, you feel so good" Ash grunts. "I can't wait any longer".

"Then please" Mallow begs. "Take me".

Obliging, Ash starts penetrating Mallow, running his cock along her walls, smooth and hot. Tsareena then does something quite unexpected by laying down behind Ash. She parts his ass cheeks and starts to lick up inside his hole. Ash is taken aback by this motion but the weird sensation actually helps him focus more on the pleasure he is getting from penetrating Mallow.

Ash speeds up practically ramming into her and bending over to lick her soft stomach. Mallow slams her arms up into the wall behind her to give her some sort of brace; she basically presses herself down onto Ash even harder making it so even though he is swiftly moving in her, it never truly feels like he pulls out. Her vagina clenches the meat forcing it to rock her harder. Her toes and knees bend, unable to gather herself, overtaken by the feeling. Ash knows how to work a woman; he reads Mallow's expressions as he thrusts into her. He slowly aims himself in at different angles and maintains a position when he sees her react to an even stronger sense of pleasure.

Once he's confident he's on her g-spot he circles himself around that area and uses his hands to pull her bottom half even closer to his own. The wetness of their exchange, increasing from both Ash and Mallow. He humps her faster, feeling the rush push through him, his balls suck up into him as he unloads himself in Mallow. The cum spurts out of her as Ash jams it in and out spreading his essence in different sections of the small room.

Ash pulls out and forces Mallow even in her relaxed state to get on her feet and support herself on the wall. He has Tsareena do the same next to her trainer. Ash had his fun but he was more than willing to return the favor. It didn't take long soon after giving both females the 2 in the pink and a thumb in the stink treatment. They both crippled their weight right then and there. Ash used both motioning from his arms and adjustments with his fingers to feel around and stretch the holes of the girl.

Tsareena was feeling so good she started to squirt from her nipples, tears fell from the pokemon's eyes from the enjoyment. Mallow, rested her head on one forearm while she put her other hand on her own breast and squeezed it as she watched her partner devolve into a more primal, horny state. It was so erotic, everyone was sweating, the temperature in the room felt 10 degrees warmer, the ground was becoming soaked from all 3 of them secreting their sex hormones.

Ash kept his pace and smiled as trainer and pokemon came at the same time, their moans reaching a sort of, enjoyable to listen to, harmonization. Ash flipped Tsareena around and felt her heavy breathing on his head as he licked the bizarre but fruity tasting milk from her nipples. Mallow slid down the wall and stared at Ash, thinking about how he always makes sure both he, and his lovers are satisfied in the end. Never a more selfless man has she been able to meet. Mallow then helped Ash get his swimsuit on as she did promise to help him change. He grabbed his bag and said goodbye to the panting couple as he made his way to the sand.


Ash soon found his family with a big umbrella in the ground and towels in chairs.

"Well that took you quite some time" Serena says looking concerned. "I was about to ask Pikachu to go look for you".

"Sorry" Ash says. "I ran into a friend from my Alolan journey and got distracted. No worries".

"Oh, well if you see them again invite him or her over. I'd love to meet another of your friends" Serena says.

Ash pulls his pokeballs from his bag and calls out Totodile, Corphish, Dewott, as well as his other water type pokemon. He instructs them to go have some fun but to stay in his sight. They proceed to run off, Totodile nearly crashing into some poor kid's sandcastle, and they all splash into the ocean. After Serena rubs Ally's skin with SPF 50 all over, Ash takes her by the hand and walks her towards the water. Serena puts her "celebrity" sunglasses on and crosses her legs while she tans and watches her loved ones have the time of their lives.

Ally runs back and forth from the rising tides, the cold water scarring her but also making for a fun event. Ahs laughs a little watching her test out the water, interested by it.

"That's so cool how it keeps moving in and out dad" Ally says wide eyed.

"Hahaha, yeah that's the tide Ally. The ocean is always moving" Ash says.

"And I heard, i-in school from Timmy, that the water moves a lot fu-further during different parts of the day" Ally continues.

"That's true, the moon can also control how much the tide comes in" Ash says.

"Science is so amazing" Ally yells.

"Hmm, where have I heard that before" Ash asks himself out loud. "Hey Ally".

Ally turns to face her young father and gets a small dose of cold water in her face.

"Gotcha" Ash jokes.

The pinked haired pink cups the water in her hands and flings it at Ash. They go back and forth splashing each other and laughing together. Totodile wants in and shoots a water gun and the two. Ash causes a wave and nails the pokemon knocking it onto its butt. Ash starts to get ganged out on with water, Corphish joins in using a soft bubble beam on him. Ash getting pelted can't retaliate anymore, he backs up until the pressure makes him trip and he yelps. Ally and pokemon stop a bit worried, but they smile when Ash sits up and belly laughs.

After about 45 minutes they head back and take a break. Nothing better than enjoying the warm feeling of the sun, being safe and not getting burned of course. Ash stretches out and shows off everything about him. Little did he know someone had noticed him a short while ago.


Over at a big bank of rocks far away from the busier section of the beach, a girl with smooth blue hair nervously stares at Ash. It was another one of his classmates from his Alola journey. Lana bent over and hovered behind a boulder watching. She missed Ash but didn't want to intrude on his family time. She found him while looking for Mallow and stayed to envelop her eyes with his toned upper half.

She was getting hotter than the sun could ever make her. Seeing Ash's strong male physique made her horny even from yards away. She looked around and saw no one was near the rock-bed she stood in; it would be too embarrassing to try otherwise. But at this point, she didn't have a choice, she wouldn't make it back to her hotel room.

Lana finds herself grinding her nether regions on the rock before her. It wasn't comfortable, but she had no choice. Her pussy was quivering and begging for attention. However, she dangerously craved the feeling of someone else rubbing her. It just wasn't the same feeling when she took care of it herself. She knew that crap trick of losing the feeling in one hand to pretend it was someone else just didn't work enough. Her swimsuit underneath her clothes was absorbing the liquid flowing out of her. Speaking of which, she shook her shorts off her thighs and kicked them away.

With less material between her and the rock, she straddled a rough, bent edge and rubbed herself against it. Her vision of the raven haired boy was now blocked, but his sweaty body was burned into her mind temporarily. She'd set every second of her memory on replay as she rocked her body along the hard surface before her.

Her arms soon started to hurt though, getting sore from balancing her as well as keeping her from sitting completely on the rock so as to not get hurt. Lana was getting worried she would be unable to finish; there's a chance she'd fall off and be too weak to continue. This was getting riskier, all the worry to not even finish? Something needed to happen, but she was so busy trying to not lose focus she couldn't also think of a new position or varying plan. All she could think of was Ash. His brave eyes, tan skin, his voice saying her name. 'Lana, Lana, oh Lana'.

"Wow Lana"

That was not her mind, was it…

"What are you doing hehe?"

Lana's face instantly went beat red, she slowly turned her strained neck to see Ash behind her with his hands on his hips. He had a grin of pure joy on his face. How embarrassing indeed. She hopped down off the rock and lowered her head below her shoulders.

"A-A-Ash… I'm s-sorry, I c-couldn't help i-it. You're just so, great" Lana painfully replies. "Bye".

She tries to slip away but Ash grabs her wrist. She stops stunned and he soon pulls her back and gently but quickly pushes her stomach to the rock she was just previously humping, the wet spot still visible. She senses his body close behind her now. Lana shudders as Ash's left hand runs down her chest to her stomach and his right grazes up her thigh and past the part of her ass the suit doesn't cover.

"You know it's pretty rude to stare at someone, especially when they don't know you are" Ash says seductively.

"B-But I"


"Ahh" Lana moans.

Ash silences her by spanking her exposed skin.

"I didn't get to finish" Ash continues. "You apologized, and that embarrassment across your face is punishment enough. And speaking of finish, you haven't yet by my assumption. So, do you want it? I'll only keep going if you tell me to. Otherwise I can go back to my family. I went for a walk and caught you here".

Lana was breathing heavily, her heart pounding she thought it was going to explode and end her misery.

"Use me Ash" she whispers, having no access to her vocal cords.

"First things first" Ash says. "I need my fun. Lift your arms".

Lana does as she is told and Ash pulls her top off in one swift motion leaving her just in her swimsuit. Ash then pulls the straps of her suit down to her waist.

"We don't have many clothes as is, and it's too hot for foreplay" Ash groans into her ear. "But I do have some time to give to this" he says, gripping her small boobs.

"Ahhh, nooo, my boobs are" Lana tries to speak.

"Are fine the way they are" Ash ends for her. "I like them big and bouncy, but I also appreciate small and firm".

Ash fondles Lana's chest softly not wanting to hurt the minimal flesh that is there. It culminates in his fingers closing in on, and twisting her nipples slightly. Ash places soft kisses on her shoulder blades as she folds in half from the enjoyment.

Ash then uses one hand to yank his suit to his ankles and move the small strand of suit out of the way of Lana's hole. Ash's solid cock then gets rammed far into Lana's vagina causing her to scream, Ash quickly muffles her though.

"That was some payback, but don't worry, I'll treat you better starting now" Ash says. "But keep in mind I doubt you want to get caught. This is your one free save, I'm not catching your mouth again".

Ash then goes to pumping himself through Lana, she wraps her fingers around her mouth to keep the moans at a low decibel. Their two naked and sweaty bodies collide together in a sticky connection. Lana can feel her insides stretching, Ash's rock solid prick digging into her further than the other guys she has been with. She knew deep down Ash was one of the good ones, Olivia was right to ask if they were dating, he would have been a keeper.

Lana got rid of that mentality and tried to enjoy the moment as her ass slapped against Ash's nuts every time he slid back into her. The raven-haired boy was vigorously gripping the blue-haired girl's hips as he forced her onto him more. He could hear her moan loudly, her arms were too busy supporting her upper half. Ash shook her body with each thrust, it felt so nice in her cramped little hole. It was like he had to expand the room to fit all of himself inside, the force he needed to use was a little off putting, but pulling out could practically squeeze the cum out of him.

Speaking of which, things inside Lana were getting tighter, Ash could barely move anymore so he just bounced his dick in her listening to the moans escaping her mouth match his pace. He rocked her faster until it was enough to get the small girl to let loose and orgasm. Her sounds echoed in the sunny sky and reached many people, some of whom were trying to see if they could find the ones having the fun. Serena was lucky enough to not hear and in turn not get jealous.

Once Lana was done she rested her nude front on the rock, it was hot but she could no longer lift herself up. She then thought about Ash and said "Ash I'm sorry I couldn't hold on anymore".

"It's fine" Ash replies while pulling out. "Just give me a minute to catch up".

He reached around to manipulate one of Lana's nipples between his fingers while his other hand jerked him further towards completion. It was honestly hard to stay in the mood with the girl checked out but Ash managed while feeling her thin body. He soon came and shot it onto the back of her thighs. The liquid was cold on her heated exterior.

"Well that was fun" Ash says as he pulls his suit back on making sure to hide the slowly fading boner with the material. "Make sure you get cleaned off in the ocean soon. I'll see you around Lana, thanks".

"No, th-thank you" she said basically loud enough to only hear it herself.

Ash joined back up with his family and raced Ally to the sea. They go about splashing each other once again and having some quality time together. Ash succeeded in getting both some personal pleasure and some fun with the ones he holds dear to him.

The beach is a place that can teach the true meaning of happiness. Happiness can be seen all around but mostly it is with those we love. There is love all around, and it is about expressing it to those who deserve it before your time in the world comes to an end. Sometimes happiness comes from realizing something that was always a part of you. Sometimes you find it in changing yourself. And sometimes you find happiness by embracing who you truly are. The beach is not only a place for sun and fun but a place to experience happiness. There are some out there who desire happiness only for themselves regardless of the effect on all others. Those people will not stop, until someone else chooses to stop them. There is a storm coming, and all hell is about to break loose.

To be continued…

So you guys less mad about my update with a double-whammy in this chapter? Also no Lillie in this one because Lilie is best Alolan girl and deserves her own moment. We'll have to go back to some plot next time but I'm gonna try and still give you the dirty stuff in a 50/50 split. I'm working out ways, even if Ash literally has to sleep with a girl to unlock a door. I'LL MAKE IT HAPPEN. Cya!

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