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Chapter 57 Vacation Time Starts

Thank you guys for 500+ favorites, really appreciate it! And as promised for all your dirty little minds, I give you a more laid back chapter because I like to give the gift of entertainment. So enjoy, or don't, but this is what a lot of you wanted so… yeah.

Ash was allowed to return home while the plans for his squad were being taken care of. He was greeted by being attacked with hugs from his lovely wife and daughter.

"I missed you Daddy" young Ally says looking up at him with glittering eyes. "I knew you could beat up all the bad people. Because you're super strong and brave".

"Thank you my dear" Ash says warmly. "Your dad has been working hard to keep the world safe for you to play in" he says, bopping her on the nose with his finger. "And how are you pretty lady?"

"Happy to see not even a scratch on my man" Serena says staring at Ash with that love-filled look she'd give him even back when they were 10.

"I missed you so much," Ash says before planting a kiss across her lips.

"I missed you more" Serena says softly.

"I MISSED YOU THE MOST" Ally cheers jumping in the air with the end of the sentence.

"I'm sure you haaaave" Ash says lifting his girl into the air. He carries her inside, Pikachu running in after the Ketchums.


For the first time in a long time, Ash wasn't in the mood for plowing his wife first thing after seeing her. Serena, although upset, understood he was tired and had a lot on his mind. Having cooked Ash dinner and gone to bed with him, she made a mental note to get what she deserved in the morning. And that is just what she did. Ash woke up the next morning, as he stretched his arms up he noticed his wrists were handcuffed to the backboard of their bed.

"Oh boy" he says grinning a little.

And almost on cue, Serena entered the bedroom closing the sound-proofing door behind her. All she dawned were white panties and an equally white crop tank top, it exposed her stomach and hips to her man. Serena made sure to walk with extra swaying in her legs, she stopped and did a little spin making sure to show him her moderately exposed butt.

"So I take it you weren't happy with no sex last night?" Ash asks, raising an eyebrow.

"No" Serena moans. "But I understand you were tired. So I figured it was fair to give you the night". Her hands travel to her chest and nether-regions as she continues "But you need to understand I, have needs, and having you in my life and knowing what you can do, make those needs more intense and more frequent. So now you can just lie there; I'll take the lead this time".

She pulled the covers off of him exposing his orange t-shirt and white boxers, the air chilled Ash as his legs and small part of his visible belly felt the small gust. A tent had already been pitched in his underwear, Serena grinned once she saw it. She slowly rubbed her hand along the bulge, letting it slip in between her fingers as she tweaked it. Ash's waist led up into her hand but Serena kept going slow, she was intent on teasing her man as much as possible.

"Babe, you're killing me" Ash says groaning. "I need you".

"Oh now you're interested?" Serena coos. "Well now I'm not sure if I feel like it. Tell me how badly you want it".

"I have to have it, love" Ash says. "No woman in the world can make me desire her body more than you. Even in the harshest of circumstances I can't stop thinking of shaving my face between those thick breasts and running my hands along the side of that warm, blonde hair."

"You certainly know how to be smooth with the ladies" Serena smiles. She grips his dick hard through the underwear and says "You're going to be gone a lot, you'll be in danger, I know you can handle yourself, and the world needs you, but I need you too. So PROMISE me here and now, promise me you will stay safe and remember who is waiting for you. Remember who can't lose you".

"I said my family always came first" Ash says in a lust-filled daze. "The pokemon, Ally, and you are my whole world. I will fight the good fight, and then be home in time for dinner" Ash jokes.

Serena glares at him slightly and gives his member a small twist.

"Ahh-" Ash starts. "Mmmm, fuck, oh I promise. I promise to do whatever you want. Now and always, just in turn let me have my fun, AW, mmmmmm".

"I accept your terms" Serena whispers as she yanks off his underwear and frees his pulsating muscles. She laughs a little as her tongue lifts Ash's cock before leaning her hair to one side and taking the dick deep into her mouth. She moves her lips in circles as she blows her man, softly gagging on the meat. Ash breathes in sharply before easily releasing the air, overtaken by his wife's aggressive control over him. He wanted her to own him at this moment and she was in full control. Serena moved her head back and forth faster, moaning quickly as she could feel the beating of the blood inside Ash, she wanted him to bust, her tongue teased the tip, tickling Ash and making the sensation more uncontrollable. Ash arms pulled and jerked the handcuffs scaring the backboard as he released his load in Serena's mouth. Although not fond of the sensation, she didn't want Ash to get the better of her, so Serena joyously took in Ash's love juice.

She coughed a bit as she tried to handle all the cum, Ash watching in surprise.

"Are you ok?" Ash asks, a bit concerned.

"I'm fine" Serena replies wiping her mouth off. "Time for stage two" she says as she grabs Ash's shirt and rips it, splitting it down the middle and yanking the now two sides out of the way.

"What are you doing?" Ash asks laughing.

"Orange is such an ugly color on you, honestly" Serena says casually. "This was just a good time to get rid of it". She stops Ash before he can speak again by planting her hand on his mouth, she uses his face as support while she slides herself down on his cock, she releases her grip and starts riding it. Her pussy lips clamp around tight and pull hard on Ash, sucking him up into her, his penis rubbing along all sides of her. Serena is loud, mouth open, air escaping her lungs as the pleasure becomes known. Ash assists and humps his hips up and down in tandem with her.

"Serena" Ash calls out. "I want a view".

"Of course you do" Serena says. She then grabs her crop tank top and lifts it over her boobs, allowing Ash to get a good look. Ash admires her bouncing chest as she feels him inside of her, muscles constricting form the soft friction. Serena's wetness drains onto Ash as she begins to orgasm, trying her best to not stop moving. Those two proceed to screw deep into the morning.


"Staraptor use close combat!"


"Sceptile use, uh, pin missile. NO! I mean, bullet seed".


The energy shots force Staraptor to avoid and fly high up, unable to attack.

"Well done Ally" Ash says smiling at his daughter.

"Thanks daddy" the young pink-haired girl replies. "But I messed up the name again, haha".

"That's alright, you just gotta keep practicing, besides, sometimes pokemon can just sense what you want to ask them to do" Ash responds reassuringly. "Now how will you deal with this, Brave Bird!".

Staraptor flies straight down during which it encases its body in hot blue energy. Just before hitting the ground, the black and white bird shoots up and flies right towards Sceptile.

"Try to stop it with your hands" Ally commands.

Sceptile finding that order bizarre, still chooses to hold its ground and taking the painful hit on its hands. This continues until Staraptor's attack runs out.

"Great, now hold it with one hand and use leaf-blade with the other!"

Sceptile sees the strategy and does as it's told. Staraptor tries to get away but its wing is in the clutches of a green scaly hand, the leaves on Sceptile's right arm glow and turn into a piercing blade, that blade then gets smashed into the bird knocking it away. Staraptor is able to get up but it struggles.

"I think that's enough for now. Return Staraptor" Ash says retrieving his injured pokemon. He looks at the pokeball and says "you did great out there".

Ally runs up and hugs Sceptile's leg before saying "Thanks for fighting so hard Sceptile. You were amazing".

Sceptiel looks into her sparkling eyes and gives her a nod with a thumbs-up.

"You never fail to impress Sceptile" Ash says walking over to the two. "That's for sure". He places his hand on Sceptile's shoulder and looks the pokemon in the eyes. "Other than Pikachu, you're the only other I trust with Ally's safety. Thank you".

Sceptile smiles at Ash.

"Wow Ash, she certainly seems to be battling just like you" Serena says walking over smiling at her family.

"Serena" Ash calls out in a refreshed happy mood.

"Mom" Ally cheers. "Did you see me battle?!"

"I sure did" Serena says, smiling at her daughter. "Your father likes to battle like that. Taking the opposing trainer and pokemon by surprise with strange tactics and then adding onto them with harsher attacks".

"She's a real chip off of the old block huh?" Ash rhetorically asks.

"Anyways, come on inside you two" Serena says. "I fed the pokemon their poke-block and now I got lunch on the table".

"That's great" Ash says. "I'm starving".

"You're always hungry daddy" Ally says.

Ash just softly laughs knowing it to be the truth.

During lunch, Serena begins to propose an idea to Ash.

"A pokemon master tournament showing!?" Ash asks. "That sounds awesome!"

"I thought you'd like it" Serena says. "I heard about it a week ago and when I heard you were coming home for a while I got us tickets. You planned on taking Ally fishing today, well then tomorrow we can step up for just a couple hours and go watch that. I happened to get a discount by mentioning my relation to you so we are even closer up than I expected to get for the budget I set".

"You are the best" Ash says. "It's gonna be so much fun. Just think about it, all the cool strategies we'll see unfold. They are pros so they will have hard battle after hard battle. Plus, masters tend to have some really rare pokemon. I wonder what we'll see".

Serena warmly smiled at Ash, watching him ramble on about pokemon and battling reminded her of when they were just kids journeying together for the first time. He was a little goofy with how into things he got. But he was also always so strong and inspirational for a 10-year old too. And so the plans were set for the next day.


For the big game Ash was wearing a purple polo with the buttons undone, jeans, and one of his trusted hats, with a blue jacket in hand if needed later. As for Serena, she was wearing a black jersey in relation to a rhyhorn racing team she supported, it had gold rings around the sleeves and a gold 25 on the front. The material was loose and a little see-through so she had a black spaghetti strap tank top underneath. Hanging on her forearm was a pink hoodie in case she got cold. She also wore tight sweat pants that show off the curves of her butt.

The sun was shining brightly, heating the already tense arena; the sky was clear and no issues arose. The tournament was booming with fans, pokemon battles fought by masters were becoming a bigger and bigger phenomenon. Tens of thousands of people filled the stands and were cheering for the even the preliminary matches which made the lower ranked trainers feel good about themselves.

Ash and Serena snaked their way through clumps of people, trying to find their seats. The only downside to the better seats was that it could take a while to get to them. Ash just hoped there wouldn't be some big guy in front of him who stood up way too much. Eventually the Ketchum butts were in seats and Serena took a moment to admire the big grin on her husband's face. She knew today would be a good day for Ash, he deserved it after all the hard work he was putting in.

"This is gonna be so amazing!" Ash cheers.

Serena laughs a little before saying "It sure will. I hope we get to see some cool new combo moves".


The tournament goes along smoothly with strong and rare pokemon being told unique ways of casting their moves, Ash started to take mental notes of some tricks he'd like to try out. He was simply enjoying the show rather than thinking about how he should be in the mix. The dark-haired boy and light-haired girl oooo'd and ahhh'd as the battles got more intense, Darkrais and Latias' started to make appearances. Overall it was a fun showing with an much deserving winner eventually being crowned and handed a nice looking trophy.


With the tournament now behind them, Ash and Serena were on their way home. Even after all the enticing imagery they had witnessed, neither one was worn out. Looking at Serena dressed comfortably but sporty was beginning to turn Ash on too. That jersey for some reason kept emerging in the back of his mind. He wanted to keep looking at his beautiful wife but knew he had to keep his eyes on the road.

"You think I could score a 1st place victory on you"? Ash asks seductively.

"I want you to beat me by a mile" Serena says, smiling back at him. "Let's hurry home".

"That'll take too long for me," Ash says. "We passed a hotel halfway here. Well just check in for an hour. It won't be very expensive".

"Nice idea".

The two of them eventually get to the hotel. Ash gets the key from the kind gentleman at the counter who seemed like he might have known what they were up to. Either way, they get inside their room on the second floor and Serena locks the door once they are inside. Their bag of stuff gets placed on a chair in the room, that's when the couple gave each other the look of lust.

"Come here you" Ash says wrapping an arm around Serena's back.

The lovely couple starts a passionate make-out session; their lips rubbed against each other with each kiss, while their tongues played around in the middle of it all. Serena flipped Ash's hat up so it falls off behind him. Serena pulls Ash's jacket down his arms until it drops, her hands then go back up and cup Ash's face.

Serena lightly pushes Ash into the wall she kneels down and undoes his jeans. Ash stares with shining eyes as Serena opens up his jeans pulling out his almost fully hard penis. She kisses each testicle before sloppily kissing her way up the shaft; she then goes and starts blowing Ash. He leans his head back against the wall and moans as his length grows inside his wife's mouth. Serena wraps her tongue around the member as she moves it in and out of her mouth, savoring it like a lollipop. Losing herself in the motions Serena grazes it with her teeth for a moment snapping her mind back into focus. Ash's waist reacts to the teeth shock but he does not say anything, he has his full trust in her.

"Just like that Serena" Ash says. "Ahhh, you are so good to me. Mmmm".

A moment later Serena lifts up Ash's member and starts using her mouth on his balls. It wasn't her favorite thing to do, but she knew Ash would like the change, and he showed it. She kissed the loose skin when it came into her mouth, and she bounced the balls around with her tongue.

"Ahhh, shit" Ash said. "Mmmm… yeah". He liked telling her how she made him feel, she deserved to hear his moans as well.

Serena soon went back to the rod and blew faster, the sounds of her sucking could be heard every time she moved, taking him deeper into her throat, choking on it. With tears of painful lust falling from her, Serena lets go of Ash, licks his part, and he squirts far.

"Looks like we should clean that" Serena says.

"Screw that" Ash says pulling her up back to his level. "This is one of those lesser places that only cleans the bed sheets. I'm ready for you NOW".

"Oh alright. What am I going to do with you" Serena says.

Ash lifts the jersey off of Serena and tosses it away; they then go back to kissing. Ash's strong hands run themselves down Serena's back, giving her chills. One of the hands makes itself known to Serena's ass. It gives her a little squeeze getting a little moan from her. Ash soon traces his lips down Serena's neck, and he kisses the part of her cleavage the tank top doesn't cover. He sticks his tongue in between the little crack shown by her boobs.

"Oh Ash" Serena says smiling. "I… mmmm. I need it".

Serena grabs the hem of Ash's purple shirt and pushes it up. She makes sure to run her hands across Ash's toned abs. Once she gets close to his head, Ash lifts his arms and feels as the shirt goes higher and higher along him until it leaves his hands. Serena folds the shirt slightly out of instinct and tosses it on the ground. Serena then grabs the bottom of her own shirt and takes it off slowly, showing Ash her pink bra as she twists her body from side to side. The tank top gets discarded and Serena lays down on the bed.

Ash pulls off Serena's sweat pants and she laughs a little as she tries to lift her thighs up so he can easily get them off. Once her light blue panties were shown to the light, Ash climbed on top of his wife and he kissed her once more. His strong but smooth hands running all over her body. Flesh to flesh, heat building, love intensifying.

Ash was naked, he practically jumped out of his pants when he got onto the bed. Using his teeth he nearly rips Serena's panties off as his grunting-ly forces them to join the rest of the fabric on the ground. The point of Ash's tongue touches Serena's left thigh and he tastes her skin as he licks his way up to her love cave. Using both hands he separates the folds of her hole; Ash grins as he feels Serena's legs try to close the view out of natural shyness. She wants him badly but can't help and get nervous when he looks at her naked parts.

Ash sucks on Serena's outer flesh before sticking his tongue inside her and running it forcefully along her inner walls. Serena gasps a few times but lets the air out softly, her back arches as she moves with her man's work. One feminine hand rests on Ash's spiky hair as the other trails down her stomach. Her knees bend, wanting to feel Ash inside her, wanting him to go deeper, control her like a love puppet. She licks her lips as she looks down and watches Ash calmly pleasure her for the fun of it, she's ready for him. Serena grabs the raven hair and gives it a small pull to signal she wants him to move.

Ash positions himself on top of her, his forearms sliding under hers and underneath the pillow. He kisses her passionately as he lines himself up. Freeing her lips so she can moan, Ash pushes his length slowly in. And moan she does, Serena makes the same shocked but satisfied noise she always makes, feeling the long thick limb of Ash enter and rub up against her. He starts rocking his waist back and forth, feeling Serena's muscles pull at his member, the urge of release with no actual liquid present, surging through it as he moves.

"Oh Ash" Serena moans. "I want you to fuck me like a Herdier".

"Woof" Ash responds aggressively.

Serena's newly tough tone is all Ash needs to pull out, flip her onto her hands and knees, and slam right back in. With better access Ash pounds faster into Serena, holding her ass and using it to pull himself into her. With each slap of their parts Serena grunts a little, her hair spilling over her face and shaking along with her winding body. Ash slaps her right ass cheek with the palm of his hand getting a squeak out of his lover.

"Harder" Serena requests.

Ash obliges and smacks her in roughly the same spot with ear-ringing shock. Serena winces but then drops to her elbows, pushing her backside further in Ash's way. He pile-drives her down more and more, humping the wet skin, feeling his balls rise with the building excitement. Serena soon unloads herself onto him, her juices leaking out of her vagina. Ash's chest is getting tense, and it's getting harder to breath, he is close and doesn't want to stop. He is able to move through his wife smoother than before thanks to her orgasm. Ash leans down and wraps his arms around Serena, simultaneously hugging her and using her body as his own flesh light, ruining her insides with his break-neck speed. Ash humps and humps, losing his thoughts in the process, his body is hot and moist, and then, the cold sense of relief washes over his as he comes into Serena. Her eyes close as cum spurts out of her like a geyser. Serena's arms give out and she drops to her head and neck on the bed, her butt shaking as Ash removes his tan cock, coated in sticky whiteness.

"I love you, Serena".

"I, I love you, too".

To be continued…

Yes, yes, more dirty stuff before the plot returns. Look forward to the next one whatever I think of doing for it. It'll be spicy. But I might work on something else beforehand. Cya.

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