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Chapter 56 Gaining an Edge

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH, YEAH! Hear I am and here it is, more pokemon. We hit over 1 million reads on this story too which is AWESOME. Thank you, you dirty guys and gals. I'm finding it hard to decide the direction here, some of you really want plot and some of you only want the nitty gritty dirty crap. So I'm working on how to properly divide the two amongst the story.

Noctowls cooed all around her as she ran through the damp and dark forest. She was scared, her red tank top felt tighter than normal against her chest. Her knees were already scratched from multiple tumbles. When she was able to jerk free from that strangely dressed guy he might have twisted her right wrist.

She must have been running on and off for over an hour. Her breath was dry and heaving. She stopped just for a moment to relax herself and lean on a tree.

"Why are they coming for me?'' she asked out loud to herself. "They said he will not fight if they have me. What are they talking about".

Suddenly she froze, she could hear them in the distance.

"I think she made it over here".

"No you idiot I know I saw her run this way"!

She took off once more, not wanting to allow them to close the gap anymore. She forced her body to power through the pain, her sides felt like knives were being stabbed into her ribs. Her breath was now wheezing. After a couple more minutes she slowed down and stared up in front of her, fear filling her normally kind and innocent eyes.

A middle-aged man in a black robe was riding a Salamance.

"I'm sorry for the brashness of my men," the man said calmly. "But I'm afraid I must ask you to come with us".

"I-I…" she started.

"If you attempt to fight or to flee anymore I will be forced to use violent tactics. And I very much would rather not harm such a pretty face. Please, just take my hand and let your fear dissipate".

He seemed pleasant, but she knew he was dangerous. As much as she did not want to go with them she knew she was backed into a corner. During his talking, the other men made their way up behind her. Fighting would just result in things being harder for her. She reluctantly took the man's hand. He had her sit behind him with a guard watching her as Salamence took off.

"Who are you?'' she asked the robed man as they were in flight.

"My name is Bismuth" the man stated. "I am the most reliable of the Armageddon sages and third in command of Team Armageddon as a whole".

Her eyes grew weary, she was in deep and had no idea why.

"And don't worry, miss" Bismuth said. "We already know who you are".


Ash had brought most of his Pokemon with him when he went on this trip. He left Sceptile and a couple others back home to keep an eye on his family just in case Team Armageddon would find out about the Ketchums and go for them.

Charizard, Greninja, Glalie, Gabite, Leavanny, and many others came with him and Pikachu. The ladder of whom was sitting next to him on the bed as Ash organized the rest into different teams of pokeballs.

"You see Pikachu" Ash says to his best buddy. "When I rotate out the teams they will be well rested and not overworked going on mission after mission".


"Ash" Ash's communicator went off. Agent Von's voice came through it clearly.

"I'm here," Ash says.

"You are needed in the beta command room immediately" Vons responded.

"I'm on my way".


Ash met up with the rest of Team Beta as they were about to be prepped for their next mission.

"Alright everybody, this time it's a race" Agent Raless explains. "Team Armageddon is on their way right now to capture the legendary Pokemon Mewtwo. We do not know their reasoning yet but we plan to intercept them either way".

"How are we planning on helping Mewtwo"? Jeremy asks. "He is not very fond of humanity choosing to live in the woods. Besides, even if we do save him what's to stop another attempt in the future".

"Your thought process is much appreciated Jeremy" Agent Vons starts. "We must convince Mewtwo to stay with us and join our cause if he wants to save the Pokemon of the world".

"Why would he ever come with us"? Dawn asks.

"Because we have someone who he has met" Vons continues. "Someone he knows is a good human. Isn't that right Mr. Ketchum"?

"I did?" Ash asked, holding his chin with his hand. "No, I feel like I would have remembered meeting such a cool pokemon before".

"Oh that's right" Vons says. "You had your memory wiped. Well, just trust me when I say, you two have met before".

"Then it's settled" Raless says. "Ash you and a couple others will race your way to Mewtwo to beat Armageddon to him. We cannot drop you exactly on his location, we do not want you getting detected and countered by the enemy".

"Understood" Another trainer says in the back.

"We won't let you down" Jeremy says adjusting his glasses.


The leaves and sticks cracked under their feet as Ash, Dawn, Tiffany, and Jeremy made their way quickly through the forest floor. Jeremy had his mini-map in hand to ensure they were heading in the right direction.

"Damn this sucks" Tiffany groans softly as they traverse the terrain. "I get they can't drop us at the mountainside cause we could get spotted, but whoever suggested over a mile away can kiss the place my cheeks meet".

'Don't tempt me' Ash thought in his head. He eventually spoke out loud, "I understand your frustration but we gotta stay quiet and keep calm. Although I don't like the idea of an ambush it seems we got no choice.

"STOP" Jeremy quietly and sharply whispered.

Each trainer's feet went solid and planted in the dirt. They all looked at the intelligent one to see his cause for concern. Jeremy squatted down and put a finger to his lips to tell the others to stay low and quiet. They each lowered themselves to his height as he pointed towards the river stream they were following. 3 Team Armageddon grunts were keeping watch down the river bank, and a Golbat flew above.

Dawn crawled her way over to Jeremy and talked to him; both still looking at the mini outpost. "I take it, they're waiting for us right?"

"Indeed they are" Jeremy responded. "If they hear us, they will do everything to slow us down. I bet there are groups like this in multiple spots surrounding the mountain. If they can afford 3 here, and depending on the amount of other groups, then, shit. There are a lot more of these Armageddon creeps than originally calculated".

A pit yanked down on Ash's stomach at the thought of thousands of the guys they faced before. People with cruelty in their eyes, and using their pokemon as weapons for evil.

"Well let's squash them right here and now" Tiffany says getting up.

Ash grabs her arm and pulls her back to her knees; she gives him a livid look but he chooses to shrug it off.

"We can't just go after every little squad we run into" Jeremy says. "That's exactly what they want us to do. It looks like we have reached the perimeter, so there shouldn't be more until you reach the mountainside. I'll stay behind and get the drop on these nerds, you all go save Mewtwo".

"I understand you have the mental abilities to out-thought most people" Ash says.

"Out-think" Jeremy says under his breath.

"But you need to be careful. I've seen big brains outdo themselves and end up screwing things up. Are you sure you are prepared to deal with multiple guys at the same time? Because I'm not comfortable with leaving any one person behind just to continue a mission".

"You are a kind one Ash" Jeremy grins. "But I assure you, I got this".

A couple looks later and soon Ash and the girls were on their feet and quickly running further down their intended path. Once they were out of earshot Jeremy looked at the surrounding area and concocted up a plan. He grinned once something hit him.

"Heatran use overheat" Jeremy yells, making the grunts look around them. A hellacious flaming blast fires out from an opening in the trees and fries the Golbat doing recon, it is unable to battle once the attack ends.

"Such strength," the Golbat owner says shocked.

"But where was it" another grunt asks, panicking.

Before they could pinpoint a location behind them, on the other side of the river, a smaller tree rolls out from the depths of the woods and knocks over each of the grunts.

Jeremy waits in the trees until his other pokemon returns.

"Nice job with the tree Machamp. Just as I planned things to go".

"CHAMP!" Machamp gives a thumbs-up before Jeremy brings it back.

"You did well too Heatran" Jeremy says bopping it with its pokeball. "Not only will these guys be out of commission for a while, but once they don't check in, others might decide to come here and not go reinforce over where Mewtwo and the others are".

Jeremy smiled once again, he loved his big-brain plays.


Ash, Tiffany, and Dawn could see the mountains, unfortunately they also heard explosions.

"Things are gonna go bad fast" Ash says nervously.

"We can't lose our composure now" Tiffany says roughly.

Dawn glances at Ash as they hurry they way towards the light. "Ash, we got this. We have to".


The trio runs into the open, there are several pokemon on the ground injured and unconscious, they seem to be wild. Other wild pokemon, smaller ones, are huddled together in a small cave entrance, they are shaking and scared. Seconds later, the side of the mountain explodes, once the dust dissipates, the weakened purloin is seen stuck to the cracked rock. A red beam from a pokeball envelopes the creature and takes it back. The Armageddon grunt looks at the pokeball with a disgusted look before a blue highlight covers his body and lifts him up in the air.

"What the hell is this" he yells at first. "Oh Arceus, no please I-" SPLAT, SPLAT, SPLAT.

The grunt is forced into the hard mountainside 3 times over, moving at speeds of around 60 miles per hour. The crushes barely audible man is then released and falls to the ground, his limbs bending in ways they aren't normally able to.

"He just got laid out" Tiffany says in shock.

"I wish things didn't have to end that way" Ash says with a cold stare. "But I know there is no way you can argue with, him" he says looking up.

Now floating over them was the first successful pokemon clone, Mewtwo. He glared at the corpse before turning his attention to the young trainers.

"Ash Ketchum" his voice rings out loud from his telepathy. "I had a feeling we would meet again one day".

"So it is true, I did stop you from hurting the world" Ash says surprised.

"You showed me a better way, that not all humans want to use pokemon for their nefarious purposes. But now, these, rotting piles of organic waste, seem to take interest in me once again" Mewtwo exclaims.

"They're not Team Rocket, they are a new group, Mewtwo" Dawn says. "But they might actually be worse".

"Then I will have no regret in leaving them for dead like I have been" Mewtwo says harshly. "Any human who dares to purposely hurt a pokemon out of greed or spite deserves the ultimate punishment".

"Just don't kill them" Ash says. "That's not the right thing to do either. Don't be worse than them".

"I do as I must" Mewtwo puts simply.

"What happened to them?" Tiffany asks gesturing to the other pokemon on the ground.

"Some are my friends, they went down trying to help me fight. Others I liberated from these so-called owners of theirs" Mewtwo replies.

"They messed with your friends just to get to you" Ash says clenching his fist in the air. "That is the lowest of the low. We need to stop them right now".

"Easier said than done" the legendary pokemon says. "Their numbers are vast, and their pokemon tenacious, I have been able to keep the upper hand by-"

A hyper beam attack cuts through the forest striking Mewtwo and blasting him into a hole in the mountain. Ash and the girls turn to see more Armageddon grunts show up. With them is an Agron steaming from the mouth, likely the hyper beam user.

"Well done Agron. He actually did some damage on that one" says a robed man approaching from the forest. He turns to look at the young warriors staring at him in anger. "Oh? It seems that the world defense force thing has sent out some children to do their dirty work".

"You need to leave Mewtwo alone right now" Ash barks.

"We stand to protect both people and pokemon" Tiffany says. "We won't just sit back while anyone uses pokemon as a weapon on others. And we 'children' are about to take you down".

For being usually so aggressive and one track minded, Tiffany could sound quite heroic when she needed to.

"I beg to differ" the robed man replies. "I am Geene of the new seven sages. I intend to capture Mewtwo here and use him to help us in our quest to fix the world for the better".

"How can you create a better world by hurting the living beings in it right now?!" Dawn demands.

"I offered him a chance to come willingly. He denied it and there is no turning back now" Geene replied smiling evilly. "I was given strict instructions to take him under any circumstances".

"And who gave you those orders" Ash asked.

"That answer will come to fruition when time is deemed right" Geene replied.

"Dick" Tiffany sneers.

"Young Trainers" Mewtwo spoke. The dark cave opening blew open even wider as Mewtwo floated out, his eyes glowing a shining blue. "I will ask for your assistance in dealing with these monsters".

"You got it," Ash says. "Go Pikachu!"

"Pika pika!"

"Mamoswine come on out!"


"I need you now, flareon!"


"I'll deal with you, you are requested for a battle, Drapeon! Use pin missile!"

The giant purple scorpion fire the white beams from its claws. Mamoswine couldn't dodge and so it took the blast head on.

"Move Pikachu" Ash commanded. The cute yellow mouse leaping up into the air. "Now, electro ball".

The violent yellow ball materialized in pikachu's tail, then the mouse spun in the air to give enough force to send the blast down. It crashed into Drapeon's face damaging the creature enough to make it back up a few steps.

"Flame charge Flareon" Tiffany asked.

"Dodge that".

Drapeon tried to move but paralysis from the electro ball came into effect and the bug could not avoid the attack. The small fox shot forward quickly in a heated aura and dug its way into Drapeon's torso causing a large burn mark to appear, Drapeon fell and used its arms to hold itself up right.

"Damn that was a rough hit" the grunt said worriedly.

"Iron head!"

That was a command from Geene, his Agron sharpened the horns on its metallic head and jumped straight into Flareon knocking the fox down and tumbling along the ground.

"No Flareon are you alright?" Tiffany asked.

"Now use hyper beam" Geene demanded.

Agron fire and explosive shot but Dawn was waiting for that.

"Ice beam!"

The mammoth got into front of the downed Flareon and shot and icey attack, it froze the hyper beam as quickly as it came at them.

"That shouldn't be possible" Geene said, unhappy.

"It is when we've had tons of practice strengthening that move" Dawn cheerfully replied.

"They'll pay for this" a grunt says, pulling out his pokeball.

"I don't think so" Ash argues. "Quick attack!"

Pikachu speeds in a zig-zag smacking the grunt in the gut and knocking the breath out of him. He tries to get air back in but he falls to his knees in pain. Another grunt throws out an Ambipom.

"Use swift!"

The monkey's fist-like tail slash the air and sharp stars fly out, pikachu somersaults backwards dodging most of the stars until one blows up in its back knocking it down.

"Now close in for a focus punch!"

"Aghh, Pikachu" Ash says under his breath. "Pikachu you gotta do thunderbolt right now".

Almost reading Ash's mind Pikachu releases the both from its body immediately shocking the purple ape and stopping the attempted punch.

"Iron head!"

Agron charges Pikachu, but Mewtwo uses psychic to pick up Pikachu and get it out of the way.

"Take down, Mamoswine" Dawn says.

Mamoswine builds momentum and crashes into Agron and the two damage each other but hold their ground, neither giving an inch.

"Enough of this" Mewtwo says. He charges up and blue ball in his hands and throws it at Agron's side, blasting it away from Mamoswine.

"Damn, that was a focus blast" Geene complained.

"Thunderbolt Pikachu!"

Pikachu fired off its electric blast once again, zapping Geene and the grunts around him. They screamed in pain and several took a knee once it was over.

"Ah, we can't fight like this" Geene says. "Let's get out of here!"

One of the grunts puts in a call on their radio that Armageddon is pulling out. They use smokescreens like they have used before.

"Not again" Ash says running into the smoke. He charges one of the dark figures and knocks it down.

"GET OFF OF ME YOU BRAT!" Geene yells. He rolls them over and tries to ram his elbow into Ash. Ash reacts quickly and jams his knee into Geene's ribs, they roll back over now having Ash on top. He punches Geene right in the nose, subduing the man enough to make him give in.


Back on their main ship beta team was being praised for their efforts.

"You guys did a great job" Agent Vons complimented.

"Not only did you save Mewtwo, but you took one of the sages prisoner" Raless added.

"We kicked some serious butt" Tiffany winked.

"And Jeremy covered our backs" Dawn said.

This time Jeremy blush a bit. "Oh it was nothing" he said with a soft smile. "It was Ash you took down the big bad".

"Thanks Jeremy" Ash says. "We all did it, together. Is he talking?"

"Not yet" Vons says. "But it seems like he will, he says when the time is right".

"Heard that crap before" Tiffany groans.

"Either way I am curious to why he is here" Raless asks confused, gesturing to Mewtwo who has been with them.

"I ask him to come up here, to see what we are all doing to continue to protect the world" Ash says.

"You don't not have to worry about my faith in humanity young Ash" Mewtwo says. "I know many of you do favor the way the world is now".

"It wasn't just that" Ash says. "I know you have your friends to worry about, but I was wondering if you'd be willing to stay here with us?"

"Ash really?" Dawn asked, surprised.

"You're crazy" Tiffany says rolling her eyes.

"You want me to stay here and help you?" Mewtwo asks one eyebrow muscle going up.

"Think about it" Ash says. "Mewtwo, you are safer here and your friends won't be in danger since Team Armageddon is only after you. Plus you can work with us and fight those bastards off once and for all. What do you say?"

"You do make a lot of sense" Mewtwo says. He pauses for a moment, thinking things over before replying, "Very well, for now anyways, I shall stay here and work with you all".

"Cool" Jeremy says.

Ash says his usual "Awesome!".

"I'm not sure this is such a good idea" Raless says concerned.

"It actually makes perfect sense" Vons says after some thought of his own. With Mewtwo here it's one less pokemon to protect from a distance and it can help us fight this ever-growing battle".

Agent Raless just sighs and says "Fine, I won't argue with it. Although it's time we swap out the teams for a while. You guys can go home for a short time and be with your families".

"Oh sweet, really?" Tiffany asks smiling. "We're part timers".

"Indeed" Vons says. "We don't know how long this will go on for and we want you all to still be able to train and maintain your well-being".

"This is great" Ash says, getting excited. "I miss my love and my little girl. "And I know exactly what I'm gonna do when we I get home".

To be continued…

So long and no lemon scene? Yes, I know, deal with it for now. Ash is headed as we speak for some lovey-dovey time with Serena and maybe others. Remember, plot and boning. So those of you here for the boobs and nakedness and all that jazz, look forward to the next one. See you then.

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