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Chapter 55 The First Of Many Battles

I'm sitting here thinking about how I first started off writing this story… it was pure garbage. Then from like chapter 20 and onward it's been garbage sprayed with like febreeze so now it's tolerable. And even now and then something not gone to waste pops out. Like where the story is going.

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'I can't believe it has been over a week and they haven't even set us on a mission yet' Dawn thinks to herself. 'All this waiting for the enemy to strike has been keeping me on edge. If that keeps up my hair is gonna turn gray way sooner than 65, and what's the point of going on at that point. I won't be cute, old, and grey. I will just be grey and nothing about that is cute. Ahhh, at least I have something to take to edge off'.

Dawn looks down at the sleeping, naked Ash. He went to bed in just his boxers but those were easy for her to slip off. Dawn had been riding the Ketchum dick for a good 15 minutes. She could have released sooner but she wanted to be slow and quite so Ash could get his rest. She knew better than anyone how poorly he can battle when he is sleep deprived.

The feeling of him inside of her was wonderful as always. The only thing that could make this better would be if Ash woke up and had his way with her.

Suddenly Ash's dark eyes open and soon bulge wide as he sees what is before him.

"Dammit Dawn" Ash says. "I told you to stop doing that when I'm asleep".

"But you used to love when I'd wake you up by doing something dirty to you" Dawn slightly whines.

"I did. DO" Ash continues. "But we've been here for like 9 days and you have done this for at least half the nights. And we could be sent of a mission at any point. If I keep blowing my hot loads I could get caught off guard. We can make some dumb decisions here and there, but I don't want to be completely stupid".

"Say the guy asking the pretty girl to get off his dick" Dawn mumbles.


"Oh nothing" she continues. "Fine I'll stop".

"Wait" Ash says grabbing her sides. "We might as well finish"

Dawn gives a little "yay" before getting some help from Ash to go harder and faster on him.


Around a dozen trainers were in the command room the next day. This of course included Ash and Dawn. She had changed into her slick, temperature resistant suit that all the trainers were given. Ash continued to wear his Kalos outfit since he told the higher ups he knew he'd battle better in something more comfortable. Lucky for him those weaker clothes could be fixed if they damaged during a mission.

Commander Spenant paced back and forth waiting for all his brave soldiers to show up.

"Normally I will not address individual sections myself, I will leave it to the team heads. But since it is going to be your first day as Team Beta I wanted to wish you all good luck" he states.

"Team Beta" Ash says confused.

"Not to make you 13 sound like another evil group but you are comprised of the most trustworthy and reliable of the trainers that have volunteered. Jeremy, your intelligence, battle combos, and hacking capabilities makes you a team necessity. Tiffany, you have beaten more elite 4 members than any other of the couple thousand people on this ship. Ash Ketchum, you are known in multiple regions for thwarting the dastardly plans of other organizations. All of you are what we need when it comes to taking down the enemy in both infiltration and Pokemon battles. So now good luck, and make the world cheer your names".

"Wow" Thomas says. "The pressure is on you guys. Anyone crapping their pants yet"?

"Shut up Thomas"!

"Haha, smells like you did".

"So we're going to be the relied on team huh"? Jeremy asks walking over to Ash and Dawn.

"It seems so" Dawn says.

"I don't mind" Ash says. "It means we'll see more action. I'm pumped up. I know these guys are bad but I wonder what Pokemon they'll use".

"I had to see it for myself" Jeremy says adjusting his glasses. "You are the real Ash Ketchum. The one who either single handedly or assisted in defeating Teams Aqua, Magma, Plasma, and Flair. A very impressive record, and your positive can-do attitude is well known as well. I must say it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance".

"You're too kind. I'm just a trainer who loves Pokemon and wants to protect the world we share with them" Ash says shaking Jeremy's hand. "Oh and this is my friend Dawn. She's a great Pokemon performer".

"Ah yes" Jeremy says. "I thought I recognized you as well my dear. You must forgive me".

Dawn shakes his hand as well and replies "Oh it's fine, I don't really expect many people to really know who I am".

"Your new moves are as radiant as your beautiful blue hair" Jeremy responds.

She could tell he was just being nice, she saw him talk sweetly to most of the girls he came across on the ship. But seeing the sincerity in his eyes, Dawn couldn't help but blush.

"My oh my" Tiffany says walking over. "Aren't the two of you just sooo humble".

"Tiffany right"? Ash asks. "Nice to meet you".

Tiffany just stares at Ash's hand and snares.

"Look I've beaten multiple sets of elite 4 groups, so just stay out of my way and we won't have any problems".

She walks away, her shoulder pushing into Dawn's as she walks past.

"Not too friendly is she" Dawn says rubbing her arm.

"I guess we don't all need to be best of friends" Ash says looking off into the distance. "But we should get along so our team work is as strong as our individual battling. We need to be ready for a bunch of opponents and as much as I want to fight them all, I know I'm not equip to take on an army".

"We're a team" Jeremy says. "We wouldn't have been put together if they doubted all of us".


"I hope Beta Team will be ready for the first mission today" Vons says out loud heading to the command room.

"I believe they will" Raless replies. "And if they fail we can form an even better team".

Vons gives her an upset stare.

"All I'm saying is we need people capable to taking on Team Armageddon soldiers, if they even beat the grunts we'll be helpless when the sages and their boss show up".

"You and me hand-picked those 13 trainers" Vons says. "They wouldn't be here if we didn't think they had the potential".

"Right" Raless says.

The metal doors open to the conference room. The 13 trainers stood and sat patiently for Vons and Raless to begin. The room fell silent, a few papers were rustled, and the sound of the computer system in the room booting up was audible.

"We thank you for waiting" Vons says turning on the screen-wall behind him.

"Today you will be heading into what we believe is a small Armageddon base location underneath the this grocery store" Raless says showing the picture of the building. "What we need is for half of you to head down there, learn whatever you can about their plans, and arrest those you find as enemies.

"You will always be monitored when you are on the surface but we lose you when you go underground" Vons continues. "Once you have beaten down any grunts, we have officers that will secure them and lock them up. Decide who will go, we disembark in 2 hours".


"You sure you want to go"? Ash asks Dawn. "Everyone wants their chance".

"I'm sure" Dawn responds. "If there is one thing I am good at it's sneaking around. Besides, this is a basic mission, once the more intense stuff comes around I probably won't be much help. So I want to let the stronger trainers rest up for when those times comes".

"Alright" Ash says. "It's up to you".

"Plus, I'll have you there" she says squeezing a chunk of Ketchum ass.

"Pika. Pikachu" Pikachu yells as he scurries over to Ash.

'"Sorry buddy. I want you to sit out for this one. If I bring you all the time they might become aware of 'the guy with the Pikachu on his shoulder'" Ash explains.

Pikachu gives his owner an annoyed look but a soft pat from Ash's kind hand gives the Pokemon the reassurance it wanted.


Once preparations were made, a small shuttle took Ash, Dawn, as well as 4 of their fellow trainers down into some trees near the store they were infiltrating. They spied on the small grocery store seeing a kind elderly man working the front. He sat in his blue lawn chair and moved a piece of straw around in his teeth.

"That is the guy we're here for"? Tiffany asks the other annoyed.

"Doubtful" a tall and fit guy named Dylan says. "From my guess, I'd say they are working either above or below the main store and this poor old guy has no clue he is harboring enemies to the… well world I guess".

"I don't like assuming anything bad about the elderly" Ash says. "But we should check just to be sure".

"Right" Dawn says.

Ash and Dawn decide to walk up to the old man and prod him a little to see if he is aware of the possible threat to his store. They went alone as to not draw any attention.

"Excuse me sir" Dawn says as they approach the man.

"Ah, what can I do you young folk for"?

"We have been…"Ash starts not sure of what to say.

"We've been conducting a survey on what people think the best uses are for Pokemon" Dawn interrupts with her idea.

"Oh well" the old man says. "I suppose the best use would be someone to keep you company to always trust".

"So would you ever in support of Pokemon used for, oh I don't know" Ash says like he is thinking "for uh, war"?

"Heavens no" the old man says disturbed. "Pokemon are not weapons, they are companions for life. Unlike my ex-wife" he laughs.

"Ok great" Dawn says shaking a hand motion alerting the others to enter the store while the elderly man is distracted. "We would love to see what is on sale in your store".

"Take your time" the old man says gesturing to the front door. "Let me know if you have any questions".

"Thank you" Dawn says grabbing Ash's hand as if he was her boyfriend and taking him into the store with her.

Once inside the trainers scoped out the place for anything that seemed out of the ordinary. One pulled on certain nick-nacks that looked as if they could be secret levers. Dylan eyed the tile floor, in case any were steps that would sick in and activate a door. Even Dawn looked around for any signs of Team Armageddon.

Ash on the other hand, stood in the middle of the store in a bit of a daze. This was their first mission and he was surprised everyone had such a good idea of what to look for. He wasn't really sure what to do with himself. He ended up feeling a little bad, here he was the great Team Stopper and at this moment he didn't know what to plan for.

He had always been just in the moment when he fought against bad people before. He would think as a battler, not a spy or agent or whatever. He had always been the one getting attacked, not dropping in on the enemy himself. Except for that time he and misty and the others pretended to be Team Rocket and did their intro. That was a funny time, however, he felt doing that to Team Armageddon would not yield the same comedic result.

This enemy was supposedly smarter and more dangerous. Ash figured he would be more help when it came ot actually battling these guys rather then looking for secret switches and doors. While Ash's brain was flying south for the winter Dylan had found a refrigerator that once forced open it led down a cave-like path. Instead of food on shelves it was a dimly lit hallway.

"Hey guys I found it" he called out to the team making sure not to yell it down said hallway.

"Good find" another trainer responds.

"Alright let's see what we're dealing with" Tiffany says. "I'll take point".

"Ash turns to the young trainer even younger than him standing next to him. "Could you stay out here and watch behind us? We need eyes in the 'back of our heads'". Ash said putting air-quotes around "back of our heads".

"I got you guys covered" the young man says.

Although it was true Ash wanted someone to make sure there was nothing coming up behind them, he also wanted the youngest of the group to stay a safer distance away. He was sure most of these guys were down this hallway they were heading through, but Ash didn't want such a young guy to get in over his head.

As they made their way down, Dylan called out his buddy Arcanine to release small flames from its mouth to better light the way without giving their location too far in advance.

"That was great quick thinking with the whole survey thing" Ash said to Dawn.

"Oh it was nothing. The survey questionnaire has been done a lot, I just figured the older guy would believe it easily enough".

Finally the 5 trainers were before a steel door. The keypad next to it required a 4 digit code to open.

"So do we try to get the code or bust down the door"? Dylan asks.

"They'll see us enter" Ash says reaching towards his belt. "So going in out and catching them off guard seems better for this. Go Donphan".


"Use rollout"

Ash's Donphan rolls into a spinning wheel and rams into the door. The door moves back slightly and some sparks fly out.

"Rollout once more" Ash commands.


The spinning elephant-like creature busts down the door and the trainers rush in. the room was made of earth just like the hallway was. Only a table with some papers on it and a few chairs were in the room.

3 Team Armageddon grunts and a man in a long Brown robe stood ready for them.

"And here I thought we'd be able to completely pack up and leave before any foolish trainers showed" the sage said. "I am Vorn, one of the sages of the Armageddon. One of the select few who will assist our leader in controlling the world of people and Pokemon. Soon all will bow before us. Until then, allow my compatriots to show you a good time".




Three pokemon balls in the air, one form each grunt. Soon before the trainers were three angry pokemon.

"Arcanine" Dylan yelled. "Flamethrower".

The fire dog spewed harsh flames towards the threat, the temperature in the room rose with just that one move.

"Bubblebeam Kingler"

The big orange claw opened and bubbles blasted meeting the flamethrower in the middle for a few moments before both moves exploded into hot steam that rose to the ceiling.

"Go Ivysaur" Tiffany said throwing her pokeball.


"Razor leaf" Tiffany demanded.

Sharp leafs zipped through the air. Both kingler and Mightyena were hit back in pain. Krookodile took close to no damage.

"Krookodile use stone edge"!

The big, red reptile conjured up sharp stones are hurled them at Ivysaur.

"Dodge and use vine whip" The plant pokemon jumped away from the stones and sent out it's vines.

"Intercept it Mightyena" the wolf bit onto the vines surprising Ivysaur. "Now pull it in and use Crunch".

Without time to react Ivysaur found itself in Mightyena strong jaws for a few seconds. The teeth sunk deep into it's back before releasing. Ivysaur fell to the ground hurt.

"Donphan Take Down" Ash commanded.

The trunk and tusks of the ground pokemon rammed into Mightyena sending it flying into its owner and both of them collided into the wall behind them unconcious. Dawn sneaks by the fight to cuff the grunt.

"Now, rollout on Krookodile"

"Kingler, krab hammer"!

As Donphan rolled towards the busy Krookodile, one of Kingler's claws shined bright and was slammed into the spinning pokemon knocking it out of its move and showing signs of bruising.

"Charge Solar beam Ivysaur" Tiffany says.

A yellow light begins to appear from Ivysaur's back plant.

"Slash before it can fire Krookodile"

Three sharp claws grew from Krookodile's fingers, it jumps towards the vulnerable Ivysaur.

"Fire Charge Arcanine" Dylan commands.

Fire surrounds the body of Arcanine as it lunges at and crashes into Krookodile, badly hurting it's side. With one down Ivysaur has finished charging and fires it's powerful ray at kingler, defeating the pokemon. The grunt owner falling to his knees in disbelief.

"Go, Absol" sage Vorn calls out. "Absol, use Psycho cut on the ceiling above them".

"What"?! Ash screams.


The pink slash fires from the curved horn of the composed Pokemon and cracks the ceiling above the trainers. Rocks begin to fall both small pebbles and heavy boulders. Vorn and one of the grunts run out through a ladder behind them.

The trainers take the captured grunts and book it down the hallway, as they began to leave the room however, rocks ended up crushing the one trainer who was with them.

Ash, Dawn, Dylan and Tiffany sorrowful to a degree ran up to the young man waiting for them. Together they all made it to their shuttle and headed back to the floating base.


"As unfortunate as it is to say" Agent Raless says "It appears 13 becomes 12 now".

"I'm sorry about your teammate" Vons says addressing Beta Team. "But that is the risk we all need to take to end this war before it begins".

"I didn't even know his name" Dylan says blankly.

"The family of the deceased will be notified" Raless says. "On a more, positive note, congratulations on a successful first mission. The grunts are in interrogation to see if we can get anything out of them. And now with addressing one sage, the others will be sure to watch their crews much closer, making them easier to get to".

"You guy did good out there" Vons speaks. "Now rest up and work on how to better yourselves for the next mission. Now that the enemy knows we intend to meet them head on they will be sure to be on their toes. Don't let your teammates death be in vain. We will stop Team Armageddon for all those who give their lives to the cause".


'I've never seen anyone just die so suddenly like that' Dawn thinks to herself. 'We really need to give it our all out there each time we go out. Things are going to get worse before they get better. But I need to be strong, strong so Ash won't have to worry about me, strong for my Pokemon, and strong to be able to protect people'.

Dawn looked down at Ash, he was in a white t-shirt and sweatpants this time rather than the nude. It was a little colder in their room tonight, but she didn't mind. It was more fun lifting up Ash's shirt a bit to rub his chest. And she had to be extra careful when pulling his pants down some. It was more fun to have a challenge.

So there she was, bouncing on Ash's dick again. After a couple minutes she couldn't keep the pace and sped up to really feel the pleasure. This once again woke Ash.

"Dawn. We talked" Ash says in a daze.

"I know, but I'm a little on edge after everything today" Dawn says barely slowing down.

"Yeah, me too" Ash replies. "Mmmm, just… don't stop".

Dawn had no intention, even in stressful times Ash still felt so good.

To be continued…

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