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Chapter 54 Evil Rises, Good Ascends

Alright, so now the plot stretches just like Serena's holes. Just joking. I'm actually proud of myself for once. I was able to make this sound like a decent story rather than some thrown in background junk leading to a lemon scene. So I do hope you like where things are headed.

The time has come, reports of more frequent attacks were coming up all over the globe. Special agents and mighty Pokemon trainers were in from all regions. Ash dressed in his Kalos outfit seeing it as his most tactical, and Dawn dressed in her usual outfit plus some tight leggings (realizing just a skirt might not be enough for fighting for the world) stood ready for the command of special agents Vons and Raless.

"Are you sure you wanna risk damaging the memories that come with that outfit"? Dawn asked sincerely.

"I have another set at home" Ash says. "My mom always made too".

"What about-" Dawn started.

"My super soft black t-shirt is home safe and sound" Ash said grinning slightly. "Couldn't save the world with an erection popping up every hour of everyday".

"Haha" Dawn laughed. "Good to hear".

"Maybe when this is all over" Ash starts. "I may just have to do you with that shirt on".

A couple promising smiles were exchanged and that was the end of unintentional sexy talk.

"Ladies and gentlemen" Raless began. "On behalf of the world's government, and us special agents, we thank you for putting your lives on the line in order to save the world from this new danger".

"Who exactly are we fighting"? That question was asked by a young man named Jeremy. His hair was blonde and combed over. He wore a grey turtleneck and blue jeans. The glasses on his face had a thick black border.

"That will be explained at the team briefing" Vons making himself known spoke.

"Well" Tiffany the brunette in the pink tank top barked. "Where is everyone else? I thought there were dozens of cops and trainers coming to this meeting".

"Oh this isn't the main meeting" Raless starts. "It just happens to be a checkpoint where we gather all of the nearby trainers in the Kanto region".

"So where are we going"? Another girl asks.

"How are we getting there"?

"What's the pay like"?

"Shut up Thomas"!

"People please" Vons projects. "Allow me to shed some light on this".

Special agent Vons moves one of the workers at their desks out of the way and he types along the keyboard inputting codes Ash had no idea how to read. Soon after, the metal room they were all standing in started to shake. It felt as though they were rising. Soon a holoscreen appeared at the front of the room to end their confusion. The room they were in was not just some small base. It just so happened to be a ship. Engines and wings had sprung out from the sides and they were lifting out from underground.

Once the ship was a few hundred feet in the air, the engines turns forward and blasted sharp flames out. The ship was now leaving the Kanto region and heading to somewhere a little more fortified. A few more screens opened around the metal room; acting as windows so the occupants could view the land they were leaving behind. Many pidgey could be seen flapping their small wings, exerting much more force to keep themselves in the air compared to the ship. They barely even looked at the strange object as it sped past them, most likely never to be seen again.

Ash and dawn marveled at everything that was going on. The gawking mouth Ash had only grew bigger once he saw their destination. Their small ship long with multiple others of the same kind, were all heading towards and mountain of a ship, it must have been the size of Lumiose city. 6 giant spinning blades kept the behemoth of a cruiser in the air. It hovered above the world, and high enough in the sky for someone on Earth's surface to be unable to view it.

Their ship docked in the bay, and the special agents escorted all participants out. Alongside Ash, Dawn, and the other people they met in their pod, were a couple hundred other trainers with special agents of their own. The army of people were led to a room with a large screen in front of them. Rows upon rows of chairs were filled by all the brave warriors. Other than some soft murmuring not much was said.

After a few minutes a spotlight was shown in the front of the room and the big screen behind it lit up in a blue display. A man middle-aged man with a thick scar across his right cheek stood at attention in the spotlight position.

"Welcome brave pokemon trainers of the world" He started. "I am commander Spenant. I am the big cheese around these parts".

"What's big cheese mean"?!

"Shut up Thomas"!

The commander sighs before continuing "Alright then, I am the one in charge around here. I run the mission by the board and once passed I give them to you. It will but up to you, and your pokemon, to help us defeat the newest most dangerous enemy the world has ever known".

"WHO ARE WE FIGHTING"?! Multiple upset trainers demand.

"I was expecting that response" The commander chuckled. He continued as he slowly stepped to the side of the big screen. He spoke as multiple images filled the blue screen. They revealed pictures of people dressed in red and black costumes. They were sleek, and shown killing people and capturing pokemon.

"Behold, Team, Armageddon" The commander says. "This is no Team Rocket, or Plasma, and certainly no Team Flair. These people plan to build an army of evil pokemon trainers, and take the world for their own. That is most of their motivation we have been able to clarify".

"So you plan to stop their army of pokemon trainers with an army of pokemon trainers"? Jeremy asks annoyed.

"I understand fighting fire with fire might sound a bit brash and risky" Commander Spenant says. "However, until we are able to defeat and capture their leaders, we need to prevent their attacks from dealing too much damage to the world in the meantime. That is where you all come in. In your teams you will embark on missions to challenge the oppression of these vile fiends. You will crush their forces in Pokemon battles and widdle down their army until the leaders come out of hiding. We will then arrest the bastards and save the world. That's it in simple terms at least. The agents heading this investigation under me shall be special agents Vons and Raless".

"Well that sounds convenient to my life story" Ash says under his breath.

Vons takes over the mic from the commander. "We will do our best to supply you all with whatever you need for missions. There is plenty of room on this ship for you and your Pokemon. Food in addition to other supplies are constantly resupplied. You will still be able to socialize when not on duty. Life will go on for you and for Pokemon. For we must protect that bond you and your Pokemon share so you will always be at your best together".

"Wow he can be quite inspiring" Dawn says. "These guys seem more determined to help people than most military operations seem".

"You're right" Ash says. "With them backing us up, we should be able to take down this Team Armageddon and make them pay for harming both people and Pokemon".

"The images here are just the grunts of the team. If you see someone in this uniform, they are apart of Team Armageddon and should be considered highly dangerous and on a mission of their own. The next set of images are more interesting" he says changing the screen. "These 4 men along with another 3 we have not identified are the ones calling the shots. The one with the grey-scared eye seems to have the final say in most matters. They consider themselves the new seven sages. But unlike the originals of Team Plasma who wanted to 'liberate' pokemon from people, these guys seek to use Pokemon as weapons for war. To help them claim this world as their own. So if you run into them be ready for a hard battle. Beat them, and take them into custody".

"There's something you aren't telling us" Ash chimes in. "I can sense it. Vons you need to have faith in us. What aren't you telling us"?

Dawn just stared at Ash in disbelief. He always took bad people seriously, but his judgement and tone were tougher than ever before. It was strangely arousing coming from him. In addition to being very respectable, especially from someone who normally is so goofy.

Vons recovered from his temporary stun and spoke "You are right Mr. Ketchum. And it seems I was right about you" Vons smiles. "We have no proof, but we are quite sure this black shadow you see in this picture here, next to one of the sages, could quite possibly be the true leader. We could be wrong, but it does come off as these are not the ones making the orders, just the ones giving the orders. Orders that come from the true evil, someone who is very intelligent, and very adept in political and battle strategy. Whoever this is, they might not even be able to be captured. Their power and influence extends farther than any team leader ever before".

Some murmuring started up in the crowd of trainers again. People felt uneasy, and the overwhelming nervousness spread throughout the room.

"That's enough everyone" Commander Spenant interrupts. "At any point you will be allowed to walk away from this war. But we need all of you to take the fight to these monsters and stop their rampage. Together, we can show that when evil arises, trainers from all over will stand together and destroy it".

And with that positive comment the murmuring lessened. Ash and Dawn felt off just like everyone else, but they were determined to fight for the world that they live in. To fight the evil threatening the lives of the ones they love. Ash's family is not only the best thing to happen to him, they are the motivation he needs to never surrender, and to take on any battle, no matter how difficult.


"The trainers of the world plan to rise up and fight us" one sage says sitting in a circle with other six.

"They have no idea what they are getting themselves into" another one snears.

"Soon they will find themselves in over their heads" a third one laughs loudly.

The scared-eye sage smiles and says "Soon, the war will begin. And in an instant it will be over, with all of us on the top".

The 7 men grit their teeth and begin laughing. Behind them, sitting in the darkness, red eyes hover over a sharp-tooth smile. The dark lord laughs softly alongside his subordinates.

"He he he he he he hahahahahaha. Yes, soon things will get very, interesting".

To be continued…

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