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Chapter 53 The Calm Before the Storm

Alrighty my somehow still loyal readers. This is gonna be the last kinky one for a while. Then I'm gonna shift to a more serious tone at least for a while (With my upload rate that'll be like a year lol). Anyways enjoy if you like this stuff and look forward to the intense junk I write if you like that. Or don't read either cause my stuff isn't that good. At this point that's the shtick I have been using. Even though it's true and my work is perfectly described as "meh".

Enough of my rambling. Read. Have a nice day. Etc.

Any day now Ash could be recruited to help the police deal with this new threat he was informed about. Something evil is rising, and in his gut he knew, it would be a challenge like no other. This got Ash excited, but he knew he would have to leave his family soon as well as take away from his weekly love-making. So Ash has been trying to enjoy being 'normal' as much as time will allow for.

He finally unboxed the new family room couch and set it up. It's dark red color went well with the complementary dark green rug. He spent a few moments with each of his Pokemon, giving them some much needed love and attention. That was the hard part to making so many friends on his journey's. It was Ash's vow to continue to take care of them… all of them. But he loved his Pokemon dearly and that's why he wanted to fight to keep the world safe. For his Pokemon, his wife, and his daughter.

Oh Ally, the light of Ash's life. She could do no wrong by him. He had been playing with her more. Last week he showed her how to fly paper airplanes which just dazzled her young mind. He even taught her how to clean the Pokemon since she had shown interest in that. Sceptile continued to watch over her, and he promised Ash he wouldn't let anything bad happen to her while her father was away.

And then there was the woman he loved, Serena. Her scent, her look, her feeling, needed to be protected. She was strong, but Ash was the man, he would fight for her as he always did. When they were children, when they were on their journey, when they were lovers, and now as husband and wife. Just two days ago they went for a jog together, like they did when they were younger. It wasn't for training, just for a fun time out.

Ash just wore jeans and a black running shirt, Serena wore her pink Rhyhorn racer suit like she usually did when she ran. They stopped for a break near an old shed. It was quite big and kept them out of the sun. Serena had noticed Ash staring at her, he looked deeper through her than ever before it felt. Getting an idea she walked over to him and put her hands on his shoulders.

Whispering in his ear she told him "I'm not wearing a bra right now".

In that moment Ash smashed his lips into Serena's and he walked her into the nearby wall. His tongue goes deep into her mouth, rapidly rolling itself around hers. Serena was taken aback by how overpowering Ash was being. He was dominant, but usually very casual about. It was a new feeling but she did like the concept of him getting rough with her. He then pulls away from her.

"How much time we got"? Ash asks removing his gloves.

"Enough" Serena says smiling while unbuckling his belt.

Ash's hands move fast as he pulls down Serena's zipper until it goes no further. This shows her tight pink t-shirt and blue panties. Ash then knocks Serena into a table. He yanks the jumper over her shoulders and pulls the upper half to her waist. Ash pushes her onto her back, on the table and moves her shirt up a little. Exposing her pale stomach where he starts licking and kissing the flesh.

"Haaa, mmmm, *gasp*" Serena softly moans while feeling Ash on her bare parts. "What has gotten into you today"?

Without responding Ash grabs the jumper and lifts Serena's legs. Then in a couple swift motions he pulls the jumper completely off and drops it to the ground. Ash undoes his jeans and drops them along with his grey boxers to his ankles. He shifts his confined legs over to the table and hooks the sides of Serena's panties with his fingers. He then slides them off those long sexy legs. Ash slides his 8 inches into Serena until he is all the way it.

"MMMMHAAA" Serena moans.

"I like hearing that" Ash says.

The tan boy then starts humping his young wife. He lifts her shirt just past her boobs to see those babies rocking with his thrusts. Serena wasn't lying when she said she wasn't wearing a bra.

Ash continues to go in and out of Serena. Her hair, hanging over the edge of the table glides in the air along with her body. Serena tightens her eyes, but Ash leans over her.

"Open your eyes" he says. "I want us to burn the image of the other into our minds".

Serena opens her eyes, through a thin layer of tears she stares deeply into Ash's dark eyes as he rubs her insides with his dick. Ash, never leaving Serena's gaze, pushes harder and deeper. His body is heating up, filling him with the hot sexy love that he gets when Serena holds him in her vagina.

He slams into her, rocking her world more and more. As eventually leaves her stare and looks straight, making himself hold on just a little longer. Once he feels the wetness over his dick, Ash lets go and his white essence fills Serena's cavern.

Ash pulls out, watching the sticky substance leak out of his wife. Smiling at a session gone well.

"Ready for round 2"? Ash asks.

"Whenever you are" Serena sincerely smiles back.

"Wait, really"? Ash asks surprised. "Cause I could go again. I was just messing with you".

"Bring it, my love" Serena responds.

Ash then gets that positive, shining look in his eyes. The one Serena loves to see, he is happy and knows what he wants. And that is her.


Serena's moans are louder than ever, she's on her knees on this table, arms being held behind her, getting pulled by Ash's arms. Both of them are now fully naked. His thrusts are slow but heavy duty. Ash admires the drool coming from Serena's front. Her tongue is out, and Ash loves that he can make such a together person like Serena lose all control of her body.

She would only act like this around him. Serena unable to even swallow saliva, sweats from her forehead and feels the heat surrounding her. She's getting tired but is holding out just a little more for Ash. Got to let him get his share.

Soon though, they both release, and lay down on a blanket, naked. They wait for their sweat to dry off before they put their clothes back on. In a joking matter they high five the great "workout" they just accomplished. They laugh at this and then kiss.


It was a hot experience. Ash enjoys every sexual encounter with his woman. However, he also loved when she would kick him out of the house for other "experiences". Ash entered the Pallet town school. He went inside room C245 dressed with a blue t-shirt over a long-sleeve grey shirt. He also had on loose jeans and some old pair of sneakers.

Giselle walked into the room. Her dark hair was a little longer since Ash last saw her. She wore long black stockings that went up to her mid thigh. The short, light blue skirt barely covered anything. She also wore a white, short-sleeved, button up shirt with a light blue vest over it. Her red bow near her neck seemed a bit loose.

"Class is in session Ashy" Giselle says.

"It's just Ash ma'am" Ash replies casually.

"Oh my bad" Giselle says walking over to Ash. She hovers over his desk and gets her chest near his face. "You know I can be very bad with names sometimes. I get so easily distracted." She grabs his hat and tosses it onto the desk next to him. "No hats in school Mr. Ketchum".

Giselle walks back to the teachers desk, she bends down to grabs some notes. With the skirt up and takes notice of the paper thin black thong riding up Giselle's ass. Her thick cheeks encasing the poor defenseless fabric.

"Now" Giselle starts. "We'll start off easy, and work our way up".

Ash knew what she meant but he just thought of how that's like the best way to make love.

"Who is the champion in Kalos"?

"Diantha" Ash replies.

"Good" Giselle says. And with one correct answer Giselle pulls at her bow and undoes it, tossing in onto the back of her chair.

"What Pokemon stopped a machine designed to fire into space"?

"Uh…" Ash thought. "Oh, Rayquaza".

"Correct" Giselle responds kicking off her shoes.

"True or false. Charizard is a fire type Pokemon"?

"False" Ash says confidently.

Off go her stockings; Ash was getting excited, both in mind, and down below.

"I must say you know your stuff" Giselle says impressed.

"When it comes to Pokemon I know a good amount" Ash says chuckling.

"The newly found fairy type Pokemon are strong against what other type"?

"Uh… grass"? Ash asks instead of answering.

"Wrong, I was looking for Dragon. But since you're cute I'm gonna give it to you for free" Giselle teased. Giselle puts down her notes and undoes the two buttons on her vest. She then removes the vest and stares at Ash with a tight smile.

"Well that is it for the quiz. But, do you want to earn some extra credit"?

"I always like to give it a 110%" Ash says. "Bring it".

"Then come here" she says leaning against her desk.

Ash gets out of the chair and walks over to Giselle. Her hands grasp his face as their lips meet in the middle. Ash goes right off the bat with hard, deep kisses. Taking Giselle by surprise she returns the feeling. Giselle feels her skirt rising as Ash rubs his hands on her butt giving one check a light smack that breaks the silence in the room.

The young woman moans into Ash's mouth, she missed all the guys at her old school wanting to give it too her. She needed this, more than the tan boy before her knew. Soon things start to get hot, Giselle pulls on Ash's shirt before pulling away from him. She starts to undo her buttons as Ash lifts his shirt up and off of his body. Giselle then slides her unbuttoned top off her shoulders and shakes her hips out of her skirt allowing that to fall too. Giselle, only left in a tight black bra and her thong bend down before the shirtless Ash. She undoes ash's jeans and pulls them down so his long dong pops out. She then rubs it against her face, enjoying the soft and hot skin against hers.

Ash found this a little strange, he'd never seen a girl hug only this part of him before. But he decided it was best to just roll with it. Soon though, the dark haired girl wrapped her lips around the dick and thrusted it in and out of her mouth, taking in as many inches and then some. She would gag occasionally but she wanted all of the meat in her.

Ash had his head leaned back. He moaned and closed his eyes. He loved the wet and warm feeling he was receiving. Every now and then he would curse in a whisper, these sensations always made him lose some control. Eventually Ash wanted more, he grabbed Giselle's head with his hands and moved her mouth faster on his member. He started off at a moderate pace, really giving the girl his 8 inches. Over time the speed got even faster, charging up his penis before unloading into Giselle's mouth. She took it willingly and smiled knowing Ash had that to give her.

Giselle then gets up and knocks of the items on her desk onto the floor. She lays down on the desk and spreads her legs for Ash.

"Rip this stupid thong and take me" Giselle says not even looking at him anymore.

"Who am I to not help a lady in need" Ash says walking over to her without even dropping his jeans.

In only a couple seconds Ash snaps the thin thong strap; he flings the parts away and then grabs Giselle's thighs, pulling her lower end closer to the desk edge. Ash pushes his still wet member into Giselle.

"Ahh, mmmmmmm" Giselle moans. "Give it to me. Nice and hard".

Ash gives only a couple easy thrusts into her before slapping his balls against her lower half with his quick speed. Her insides churn around Ash's dick, the heat intensifying in Giselle's cave. Ash takes a few different angles, trying to hit her g-spot every now and then. Giselle's hair falls off the desk edge, her body feels like she no longer has control, all her energy is being applied to the pleasure she is feeling right now.

"Ah, ahhhhhh, ah, AAAAHHHHHH"!


Ash is adjusting his pants when Giselle finally speaks again.

"Thank you Ash" she starts. "You did something wonderful for me today".

"Yeah" Ash replies. "That was a lot of fun".

"I mean, you made me feel wanted" Giselle continues more seriously. "Most guys just use me and move on. But even though it was just sex, I felt the passion you put forward. I felt like part of a team rather than a tool of enjoyment".

"Don't sell yourself so short Giselle" Ash says. "You are a good person, and you deserve a guy who will treat you right. I know you'll find that guy someday soon".

Giselle tosses Ash his shirt and says "You better head out, recess will end soon".

"Could you write me a pass"? Ash asks laughing before walking out with a simple wave as a goodbye.

Giselle lays there, still semi-nude. She looks up at the ceiling and ponders her future. Realizing she needs to find a man that can satisfy her with all her needs. And not one that is spoken for.


Another morning sprung over the Kanto region. Ash lay in bed for once with clothing on. He stares at his sweet wife who lay still asleep next to him. He smiles, thinking of all the fun they have had. And, the fun they will continue to have once…

Suddenly his cell-phone starts ringing. Answering it Ash only heard two words.

"It's time" special agent Vons said on the other end.

"I understand" Ash responds. "I'll be there in an hour".

Ash sits up in bed. He looks to his left again and sees his lovely wife now awake with a concerned face. It soon turns into a slight smile, showing Ash she believed in him. Serena knew he would come back to her someday. It was an unspoken promise Ash intended to keep.

After waking Ally and saying goodbye to her, Ash kissed Serena deeply. He would miss her lips, but it just gave him time to come back for new sensations. And with that, Ash and Dawn set out to the police station to meet up with the special agents. Whatever this new threat was, it should be prepared, cause Ash Ketchum is on his way.

To be continued…

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