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Chapter 52 Life Always Changes

In the middle of the vast ocean, no one can hear you scream. The world of pokemon is large and populated. Living beings exist all over. But when it comes to the ocean, at a darkened night, a hush is all over. For miles nothing but the cold engulfment of wetness. Below, creatures waiting for a battle… or their dinner.

The only thing to break this wavey nothingness, is a tall, black castle that stands upon an island. Inside, torches light the way down long quite corridors. Switches dusty but willing to activate the traps connected to them. Down into lowest depths of this castle, down 1000 rock-hard steps is a chamber. Within this chamber lit once again by torches, six men in robes kneel three on each side of the main walkway. A seventh kneels in said walkway, his one brown eye and his gray scard-across eye stare up and the figure with its back to him.

This figure was no man, is was not even human, and it was no pokemon. Black ruff skin with red indentations in the joints was the look to this creature. Two big arms like a man, and two smaller ones under those. Each with sharp claws at the end. Wings retracted close to the back of this beast. The only clothing worn was a sash across the torso, on it: 5 ultra balls, and one master ball.

"My lord" the scard man speaks. "The moon has risen on this day, the day you spoke of. Is it truely time to begin?".

A deep, gravelly voice responds from the black creature. "It is, finally after years of biding time, strengthening our forces, our hour has come. Soon this world will be mine. All who stand with me shall have peace, and happiness. Those who foolishly choose to stand against me shall endure my wrath 10 times over. Pokemon have been used as weapons, but I will use them to win this war. My war. Gentlemen, it's time for my rise to power".

The robed men stand and face their leader. The 4-armed black creature turns to them, a razor sharp teeth smile greets them. Red eyes look to the sky. And goosebump inducing evil laugh fills the air. The future of this world, rests in the hands of only a few.


The cream colored door busts open and quickly slams again once the Ketchum's were inside their bedroom. Ash and Serena were lip locked as they usually were at around 1 in the afternoon. They fueled up with lunch and now wanted to exert that energy pronto. Ash's tongue drilled into Serena's throat as she slipped his jacket off. Their lips smacked together more and more, their mouths opening to the point where one would think they are trying to eat each other.

Serena climbed onto the bed on all fours. She shook her butt in the air like an eager lillipup. Ash's hands calmed her backside with a squeeze to each cheek. He flipped her skirt up and pulled her panties down some. Finally undoing his pants after messing with the button too quickly Ash freed his 8 inches.

Not needing to lube it up since she was leaking, Ash inserted his member into Serena; her eyes rolling back and her tongue falling out of her mouth. Using her hips to hold onto the raven -haired boy thrusted in and out of his wife. Her insides smoothly and tightly rubbing his meat. It wasn't before long that Ash came, filling her with his essence.

Oh but it was only the beginning. Once he was out Serena flipped over onto her back, kicked off her panties and waited for her man. Ash climbed on top of her and started licking her stomach. Her white tank top didn't cover it much so Ash didn't even need to push it up. Serena's hand messed with Ash's hair as her slobbered up her belly. Serena's flesh tasted so nice and familiar to Ash. He sucked on her more and more getting a few giggles from Serena since he was being funny.

"Oh Ash" Serena said pulling her shirt up to her neck and leaving her arms hanging over the bed end. Her braless boobs bounced to life. Ash gladly slid his dick between them and rocked his body. Her smooth jugs cradled his member and got chills from the heat.

"Mmmm, bust that load babe" Serena pleaded.

Ash went a little faster, soon releasing on Serena's face. She licked around her lips, just wanting a small taste. Ash grabbed his shirt from the neck-hole and yanked it off of his body. He lifted Serena's legs and went inside her once more. This being round 2, Ash went faster, his waist smacking against her ass. Things warmed up quickly. Serena's back bent up off the bed, she wanted him deeper, even though no more would fit, even if he had more to give.

"Do it Ash" she says softly. "Full power".

"Yay" Ash just says.

He moves as fast and hard as his body will allow. His force, rocking Serena's entire body. Muscles and skin rubbing tightly and smoothly. All the pleasure overwhelming the two of them. With one more far out and far back in push, Ash fills Serena, her own juices having trouble leaving with all the new liquid entering.

Ash pulls himself free, allowing the white goo to leak out. Serena's legs fall limp and Ash sits on the bed panting heavily.

"You are so good" Serena says.

"Everytime we do it" Ash responds. "I just want you more".


The next day the phone rings. Officer Jenny tells Serena to get Ash on the line.

"What's the matter officer?" Ash asks. "Or do you just want to come arrest me for public indecency again?"

"Another time candy ass" Jenny replies. "This is a more serious matter. Some agents are down at the station and are asking for your help. You did say you would help again when a new threat came into power".

"I want the world of people and pokemon to be safe" Ash says. "I'll be right over".

After hanging up the phone another voice speaks behind Ash.

"I'm coming with you"

"Are you sure Dawn?" Ash asks.

"More trouble, I'll take on a challenge. Besides Serena needs to be here to watch your girl" Dawn says.

"You're right" Ash replies.


"Special agent Vons, this is special agent Raless" Vons says.

"It's an honor to meet two of the world's heroes" Raless says.

"I'm glad my help would be appreciated again" Ash says.

Ash and Dawn met up with the two agents and the police station. Vons was a 45 year old man with grey, combed over hair. Raless was 37 with brown shaggy hair and light brown skin. They both wore grey overcoats similar to that of Ash's old friend Looker.

The conversation was brief but Ash was given the private information that he later repeated to only Serena. There was a new group wanting to take the world for themselves. How they planned to do that was unknown, but multiple attacks in Sinnoh andone in Hoenn revealed they are gathering people, pokemon, and other resources for their forces. Ash along with other pokemon warriors around the world are being called in for when the real attacks begin. Pokemon were needed now more than ever before.

"I'll be ready" Ash says. "I will have to be upping the training with my team though".

"When will you be off?" Serena asks with that worried voice of hers.

"In a couple weeks it seems" Ash says. "But it could be any day".

"And until then" Serena says.

"And until then" Ash says walking up to her and putting her arms on her shoulders. "We are going to continue living our lives". They share a kiss and Ash embraces his wife. Seeing this Ally runs up and hugs their sides. The Ketchums laugh and let her in on the hug.

To be continued…

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