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Chapter 51 Things Back to Normal?

It's back, this stuff… again. We'll see how it goes. Should be some good stuff. Maybe.

It was a cloudy day, the sun shined from just the peak of the clouds today. A cool spring breeze blew through the grass, rustling it. In the small town of Pallet, a known, cozy house stood on new furnishing. Through the front door to the right, a dining room with some nearby empty dishes. Signaling a well eaten breakfast. To the left, the living room quite and warming. A pinked haired girl named Ally around 7 or 8 plays with her toys, smiling that bright white smile everybody loves. Behind the staircase, in a small room, Coordinator Dawn brushes her hair for something like the 20th time today.

Up the stairs, to the right, passed the bathroom, to the end of the hall, one of the two main bedrooms. Soundproof for the sake of others our heroes stay within it's four walls. The young adults, married, and forever in love, show their love in the exciting and adventurous ways that they always do. Now let us see this, the next story in the lives of Ash, and his girls.


The master bed shook up and down while moans filled the room. Clothes were scattered across the floor, a bottle of lube stands on a side table, open with a few hardened spots on it from continuous use. The honey blonde Serena rides her man's dick. Her skirt covering the penetration. Other then that only her light blue bra holding up her now B cup breasts. For you see, Serena's chest had been causing her some back problems, so she went and had them shrunk from c cup to b cup. She checked with Ash first and even though he's not the smartest guy, he knew what to say. 'I'll love you no matter what you look like Serena'.

Those words echo in Serena's mind even now as she jolts up and down on Ash. Speaking of which, Ash is laying on his back, a plain white t-shirt rolled up to his neck. His arms are holding Serena's sides. Something he likes to do as she rides him, it still give him some control even though she leads.

"Aw, heck yeah Serena" Ash says. "Mmmm, it feels so good inside you. I never get tired of it".

"I could do this for hours if I didn't give out sooner Ash" Serena says. "Look at me".

Ash looks up at his girl who reaches behind herself while still forcing herself down on him. She unclasped her bra and toses it away. Her lovely breasts now bounce with her. They lightly slap against her chest. Ash loved to look at her like this, the smooth skin, the bouncing, and nipples now hardened and poking out, cutting through the air.

Ash's hands run up Serena's sides and cup over her boobs. His thumbs rub her nipples, as the palms graze the sides.

"Awwww, ahhhh, mmmm, mmmmm, more" Serena moans.

She starts slamming herself harder on Ash. Both their bodies are shaking now. Ash goes back to holding Serena's sides; he helps her rock his dick. The young man can feel the pressure building up inside him. It runs through his 8 inches and sprays into his wife. Feeling the warm, thick love from her man, the young woman leaks her juices onto him.

Serena sighs and happy sigh and falls onto the bed next to Ash. Ash sits up, pulling his shirt back down to cover his upper half. He then rolls over onto Serena and kisses her.

"How was that"? Ash asks smiling. As if he already knows the answer.

"Wonder, as always" Serena says. "You are so good in the bed".

"You are so good to me" Ash responds.

Serena wraps her arms around Ash's neck and pulls in him for some more kissing. Her arms go down his back as his arms go under her back and pull her nude upper half to his clothed half. Ash always wore pretty soft shirts (there was also the super soft shirt he used once in a while), so feeling her body covered in it made her feel not always just horny, but safe. Knowing Ash was with her.


The next day, Ash was out training with his pokemon. Serena watched as Pignite used flamethrower on Noctowl and then the owl pokemon use peck on the pig. She then went back to cleaning up the house.

What Ash didn't know was that a few malevolent shapes were watching him from the distance.

"Noctowl, Pignite, Sceptial, Noivern?" one says out loud. "How many journey's has this guy been one"?

"Not entirely sure" says another.

"At least half a dozen, perhaps more" a third responds.

"It doesn't matter" says the second. "All we need to be sure is that he isn't going to learn of us".

"Which is why we watch the house, as the boss instructed".

"And make note of where he goes when he leaves".

"We don't have to wait long, soon everything will be ready, and the resurrection will be complete".

"Until then, let's enjoy the simple jobs in life, ha ha haaa".

"Pikachu electro ball, Infernape flamethrower"! Ash commands.



"Torcoal, defend inside your shell! And Donfan dodge and use rollout!"




"Nice job everybody" Ash says pumped up.

"Torcoal use over heat and Staraptor, respond with gust".

The orange turtle pokemon blew out and enormous blaze of fire and the large bird pokemon blew it away as best as it could the blast ended up still hitting Staraptor, and as for the part that was blown ended up catching Ash's one knee on fire.

Ash gasped as he tried to slap out the heat "Duh, ahhhahhh"!

Totadile shot a light water gun at the knee putting it out. Staraptor got up with help from Unfesant and seemed ok.

"I think we are good for now guys" Ash says.

Torcoal, feeling bad, started crying like it usually did.


"Hey it's ok Torcoal" Ash started. "The fact your over heat could be pushed back and only to the side means it's been getting stronger along with you. You're doing great"!

With that Torcoal began to cry tears of joy.

"Oh, brother" Ashs says before laughing.

The rest of the pokemon join in on the laughter, all except Staraptor who seemed a little upset.

"LUNCH TIME" Serena yelled out to those training.

"Alright, time to eat. Come on everybody" Ash says running towards the house.

The army of pokemon follow him to the door.

"Wait Ash I didn't mean for everyo- ahhhhhh" Serena yells as she ends up getting forced back niside the houe by the stamped of pokemon.

To be continued…

I know it was short, but we're getting back into things here.

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