Ash and All the Girls @darkness
Chapter 50 Ash and The End

"Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm" Dawn moaned into Ash's mouth Ash he went deeper and deeper inside her.

Dawn was pinned up against the bathroom wall, her and Ash were both nude and Ash was making her vagina feel great. His hands had their way with her breasts making Dawn come over and over again. It wasn't long until Ash released his load into her.

Later in the day Ash, Serena, and Ally were discussing a plan in case Team Armageddon comes back. Ash was wearing his Kalos outfit and Serena was wearing a black v-neck t-shirt with her red skirt and black stockings. Ally wore a purple top and shorts.

"So if they come through this way," Ash says. "Charizard will cut them off and take out as many as possible. That means you young lady will make a run for it when you hear him roar".

"I cannot believe you thought of five escape routes in case we get attacked again" Serena says.

"Well" Ash says. "We need to be prepared in case they come back. It's obvious they want me out of the picture so they can go through with their plans which officer Jenny is working on finding out what they plan to do".

"If they come back, I know, we can take them" Ally says getting pumped.

Ash and Serena both smile at her.

"I think she is already starting to take after you" Serena says to Ash.

"I am quite charming" Ash responds.

Serena punches him in the arm and laughs a little.

After a little more planning Ash notices Serena seems to be a little upset.

"Are you ok"? Ash asks.

"I'm fine" Serena sighs.

"Because you seem to be-"

"I said I'm fine"! Serena snaps walking upstairs.

"What's wrong with mom"? Ally asks.

"I'll go find out" Ash says glancing out the window. "Why don't you go play hide and seek with the pokemon".

"Ok" Ally says marching out the door.

"Just don't go too far" Ash shouts at her.

Ash makes his way upstairs to the bedroom.

Ash sits down next to Serena on the bed.

"Wanna tell me what's really bothering you"? Ash asks. "I don't like seeing you distressed".

"I'm just scared" Serena says. "I worry for our pokemon, Ally, but mostly, you".

"Hey" Ash says softly, cupping Serena's face. "I'm not going anywhere".

Ash pulls Serena's face to his and they kiss. Serena goes in for more after Ash pulls away but he puts a finger to her lips.

Ash smiles and says "Wait, I'll be right back".

Just a minute later Ash came back. He power walked in and instantly pushed Serena down onto the bed and jumped on top of her. They both smiled and slightly moaned as their lips came together once more. Serena wrapped her arms around Ash's neck. Ash's hands made their way up Serena's shirt, grabbing a hold of her breasts through the bra once reaching them.

Their tongues met in the middle of their kissing session and fought for dominance. Serena's hands moved down Ash's back and around to his front where she undid his jeans and rubbed his dick through his boxers. Ash slid a hand under Serena's skirt and squeezed her thigh getting her to moan louder.

A few minutes later Ash lifted Serena's shirt up and off her. He then strips her of her skirt. Ash sat up just long enough to take off his jacket and reveal his pure black t-shirt.

"Are you ready" Ash asks smiling.

"For"? Serena asks a little confused.

Ash lays back down to continue kissing his wife and as soon as his torso met hers, Serena's pink panties became soaked from her vagina exploding with cum. Ash wasn't wearing just any black t-shirt, it was the super soft shirt. The reason he left before they started was to change shirts so he could increase his and Serena's horniness times 10.

Serena felt up Ash's torso, taking in as much soft pleasure as she could. She was unable to hold in her need to release. Her panties were begging to be taken off from the consistent drowning in her cum. Ash kissed down Serena's chest and to her waist where he slid off her underwear, and licked away some of the juices.

"I need you" Serena says with a pleadful look in her eyes.

"I know" Ash calmly responds while removing his jeans.

Serena sits up, she yanks off Ash's boxers then lays back down, wrapping her legs around his waist, giving her man full access to her insides. Ash plunged into Serena, softly repeating her name over and over again. He lays down on top of her while still penetrating her. Serena runs her hands all over Ash's back. She soon grabs his shoulders and hangs onto him while he makes her feel amazing.

Serena's cum perfectly lubricated Ash's penis making him able to move faster and faster. In the beginning of their relationship Ash could easily get sore from doing this to Serena. But now, he felt good, the super soft fabric around his upper body, the warmth and feel good of where his penis was, and looking down at the most amazing girl he ever knew, Ash loved who he was and where he was in life. He wouldn't trade his life for anything in the world.

"Ash, AAHHHH" Serena yelled as she and Ash came together.

They both laid down side by side on the bed panting pretty hard. They felt like they were in a dream, but they were glad it wasn't. Serena turned to Ash to admire his friendly face. His tan skin and raven hair. The boy from the day she met him, knew she loved him. Ash turned to look at her. He smiled at her.

"Wanna go again"? Serena asked.

"With you, always" Ash replied.

Serena removed her bra and started Ash off with a boobjob, in seconds he was hard again. Ash removed his shirt and tossed it onto the chair nearby the bed. Serena sat herself down onto Ash dick. She placed his hands upon her breasts and started riding him. Feeling every millimeter of Ash's dick moving inside her, Serena felt the thing grow to 10 inches. It felt more like his dick was one with her. Moving around her vagina, making her feel great. Within minutes they both released again.

After their love making Ash and Serena both got dressed. Ash put the super soft shirt in the wash. He washes that shirt differently than the others, a special way to keep it as soft as possible.

During dinner everything was as good as can be until there was a knock a the door.

"I'll get it" Ash said.

Ash he approached the door he saw three figures on the other side. Ash opened the door and standing there was a man, a woman, and a Sandslash.

"Who are you guys"? Ash asked confused.

"We need your help" the man says.

The End?

First of all, yes I'm ending it on that. Secondly, the I got like 30 people wanting the second arc so I will make it. If you want to leave a suggestion for the next arc go ahead but it cannot have anything to do with Ally's birth mom, or the characters having any other children, I already know I will not be doing that. Now, it's time for my break. Enjoy life friends, and I hope to see you all in Ash and All the Girls 2: Fight for the Ones You Love.

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