Ash and All the Girls @darkness
Chapter 48 Recording the Fun

Ok guys. For the third time, I am writing this story the way I want to. If I ask for help I will ask for it, but I am good. So whoever these guests are that are saying "try ..." I must ask you to stop. This my story not yours. I don't want to be mean, but I want this story to go the way I want it to. If I need ideas I will ask, but not right now. I hope you guys can understand.

"Ally"! Ash called.

Ash was in his Johto outfit. It was around 12 in the afternoon and he couldn't find his adopted daughter anywhere. No response prompted another call without an answer still.

"She's not here" Serena said creeping up behind Ash.

"Well where is she"? Ash asked.

"I told Dawn to take her on a long shopping spree to get some new clothes. More Ally only had a few outfits" Serena said.

"Shit, well I would have taken her" Ash said. "It's not weird until she's a teen right"?

Serena giggles and says "That's probably right. The reason I didn't go with her myself is because I thought we could do something new".

"Like what"? Ash asked.

"Well for the times we want to do it but cannot get ready I thought we should have a plan B just in case" Serena says smiling.

"I'm still not following" Ash responds.

Serena sighs and says "I want to make a sex tape".

"Really"? Ash asked surprised.

"Yeah" Serena says walking closer to him. "I thought we could do our little dance, then you light my vagina up with your long, hot dick" Serena says inches away from Ash's lips. "We can use sex toys, bondage, anything you want" she says moving her mouth closer to his.

She pulls away before he could kiss her, bugging him a bit.

"Alright" Ash says. "Let's do it".

It wasn't long until the cameras were recording and on their tripods facing the bed from three different angles. Ash sat on the bed waiting for his wife. A few minutes later Serena walks in. Ash gasps at her beauty. He looked at her black lingerie panties then up at her thin white t-shirt with a very visible black lingerie bra underneath.

"Hey there Mr. pokemon master" Serena says seductively. "You think you can train me into submission"?

"I think I can make it work" Ash says. "But it may take a while. Why don't you have a seat" he says patting his lap.

Serena walks over to Ash. she sit on his lap facing him and wraps her legs around his waist. Their lips instantly press together. Serena slowly pulls Ash's gloves off and throws then far away behind him. Ash's now naked hands cup Serena's face, his thumbs brush over her cheekbones.

Serena soon then pushes Ash's jacket over his shoulders and down his arms. Once the jacket reaches Ash's hands he gets it off and throws it away. Serena pushes into Ash and he falls on his back with her on top still kissing him.

A few seconds later Serena sits up and grabs the hem of her shirt with both hands, she then proceeds to pull the shirt up and off of her. Dropping the shirt to the floor she moves down and undoes Ash's jeans pulling out his standard 8-inch penis.

She feels it up in her hands a bit.

"Aww" Ash says.

"That feel good"? Serena asks.

"Yeah" Ash replies.

"Well, how about this"?

Serena goes on and starts sucking Ash hard. Her hands lightly squeeze his balls as she licks and swallows his dick. Ash massages her head to indicate to keep going. Serena's head continues to bob up and down, feeling the member twitch in between her lips.

"Ah, crap" Ash says.

Serena soon after stops blowing him.

"Why'd you stop"? Ash asks looking up.

"I don't want you to release just yet" Serena says. "The fun is just starting".

Serena pulls off her bra and panties and jumps onto the bed.

"Ash, touch my body, please" she begs.

Ash crawls up Serena's body, his tongue traces into every crevice of her body. Ash kissed up in between her breasts finally reaching her lips once more. Serena's hands slowly roam down Ash's back until they reached his waist. She then grabs the bottom of his t-shirt and slowly pulls it up. Ash stretches his arms forward and Serena pulls the shirt off him and tosses it to the ground.

Ash then kisses down her body giving her vagina a little lick before getting up and removing his jeans and boxers. Ash pulls Serena so her entrance is on the edge of the bed. He then slowly pushes his dick into her. Once he hits her wall Ash begins moving in and out. Serena's body shakes with each thrust.

"Oh yes" Serena moans. "Shove that thick meaty dick inside me. More. Harder".

"You got it baby" Ash replies. "Ahhhh, mmmm".

They were milking it a bit for the tape but they were still serious.

Ash plowed his wife for 20 minutes before releasing.

"Serena… I'm gonna… ahhhhhh" Ash sighs in relief.

"Mmmmmmmm" Serena moans while smiling. "That was nice".

Ash and Serena cleaned up their room and got dressed before the girls returned.

"Ash, Serena, we're home" Dawn called.

"Hey guys" Ash says walking down the stairs. "Did you get some nice clothes".

"Sure did" Ally says. "See".

"I do, those look cool" Ash says. "Why don't we-"


The front of the house explodes knocking all three of them back.

With his ears ringing Ash asks "Ally, are you, ok"?

"Yeah, I'm ok" she responds.

The three Ketchums and Dawn rush outside.

"Crap" Ash says. "It's them".

The red ship stays airborne a few feet off the ground. Five Team Armageddon members stand below it. One of them is Iris whose Dragonite was most likely the one to blow open the house.

"It's good to see you Ash" Iris says.

"I can't say the same for you" Ash replies.

Sceptile quickly appears and stands in front of Ally who holds onto the back of his leg in fear.

"What do you guys want with us"?! Serena demands.

"To end you" the Brigadier General says jumping from the ship and landing in front of his soldiers.

"Who are you"? Ash asks.

"I am the Brigadier General for this unit of Team Armageddon" he says. "I've been assigned to kill all of you so you won't stop our plans for the future. And I see you are all here. Ash Ketchum, your wife, your house guest, and… Ally"?

Ally hides behind Sceptile completely.

"How do you know our daughter's name"? Serena asks eyes widening.

"My ex-wife took her from me because I decided to make this team my life. I cannot believe you have my daughter" the Brigadier says.

"We don't, she's our daughter" Ash says.

"No she's mine, and I'm taking her back" the Brigadier yells. "Go Drapion"!


"Toros I choose you"! Ash calls.


To be continued…

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