Ash and All the Girls @darkness
Chapter 46 A New Ketchum

Ash and Serena have been married for two weeks now and life was good. They are both a year older now. But their sex life didn't change that's for sure.

Ash and Serena were on the sofa watching tv in the living room. It was around 7:30 in the morning.

Ash was wearing a plain white t-shirt and blue sweatpants with white stripes. Serena wore a black t-shirt and pink short shorts, she was sitting on Ash's lap. They were having fun together, but eventually Ash wanted to do something else.

Ash pushed Serena's hair to one side and he started kissing her neck. Serena felt the touch of his soft lips and liked it, but she did keep focused on the television. Ash then pulled Serena's shirt up to her neck to expose her beautiful c-cup breasts.

Since she wasn't wearing a bra, Ash had perfect access to her chest. Ash continued to kiss her neck and his hands felt up Serena's boobs. They were smooth and perky, Ash ran them through his hands, it was an amazing feeling. Serena could feel Ash's bulge touching her tailbone. She was starting to really enjoy this but she wanted to relax too.

Serena decided to give Ash a little something to keep him busy since she knew soon he'd want to get more serious real soon. She pulled his penis out from under his undergarments and started giving Ash a handjob.

Ash let go of her chest and stopped kissing her to lay back. Ash had long deep breaths as the feeling down below was incredible. Serena didn't mind stroking him this way, she could tell he was liking it.

"Oh yeah, Serena" Ash whispered. "You're just amazing".

"I can't believe something as simple as a handjob feels so good to someone like you" Serena says.

"Only when it's from you" Ash replies.

Serena blushes a little but smiles. Ash gets close to her ear to whisper something.

"I want to come inside you" he says while his hands lightly try to push her shorts down.

Serena gets off Ash's lap and pulls down her shirt.

"What's wrong"? Ash asks.

"Ash now that we are married, I was hoping we could… talk about adopting a child" Serena responded.

"Oh" Ash says.

"You hate the idea, I thought you might" Serena getting sad.

"No, no, it's not that" Ash says. "I just never, put too much thought into being a dad".

"But Ash" Serena says. "You would make such a good father. You're nice, caring, brave, funny, not to mention you can teach our kid all about pokemon".

Now it was Ash's turn to blush.

"You really think all of that about me"? Ash asked.

"I wouldn't say it if it weren't true" Serena replied.

"Well, in that case… later today I guess we should go adopt us a kid" Ash says smiling.

"Really"! Serena said surprised then wrapping her arms around Ash. "Yay! Parenting will be so much fun. Especially since neither of us has to work".

They kissed a couple times.

"So should we go now"? Ash asked. "Before all the good ones are taken".

Serena playfully punches his arm.

"They're all good" she says. "Besides" she says leading Ash's hands under her shirt once more. "There's no rush".

"I like the way you think" Ash says groping her breasts.

They start making out and Ash pushes Serena down onto the couch so he is on top of her. Ash lifts her shirt off and instantly sucks a little on her nipples. Serena grabs the hem of Ash's shirt and slowly pulls it up until it is off his head. She tosses it away and grabs Ash's ass.

During this time, Ash was going to town on her breasts. He licked and kissed every centimeter of them. He trailed his thumbs over her nipples to make them hard then suck on them to make them sharper.

"Mmmmmmmm" Serena moans in reply.

"Yeah, you like that" Ash says seductively. "You love it when I play with your breasts".

"Ash I need it now" Serena wines. "Like, right now".

"Yes ma'am" Ash replies.

He quickly pulls off her shorts and panties and drops his undergarments to his knees. Ash rests Serena's legs on his shoulders and then pushes his dick deep into her.

"Ahhhhhh" Serena moans.

Ash starts moving in and out going pretty fast. He loves feeling the inside of Serena, he always gets heated up during the process. If they were trapped in a snowstorm all they need to do is have sex then they would probably melt the snow around them with their lusty heat.

Serena slowly started to come so every time Ash pushed in there was a slight squishing sound.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah" Serena said every time her husband shoved his amazing penis into her.

"Shit Ash, I'm gonna, ahhhhhh" Serena yelled blasting all of her essence onto Ash's penis.

"I only released about 20 percent of mine" Ash said. "Oops".

"Your lubricated now though" Serena said panting. "Masturbate on me" she said.

Ash started pumping his dick feeling the rush quickly move through him until it shot out onto Serena. She now had Ash's love splattered onto her torso.

"Oh shit Serena" Ash said. "I just thought of something".

"What's wrong"? Serena asked.

"If we get a kid, how are we gonna have sex" Ash said. "It's not the same if we can't make noise. And what if it's a light sleeper? Then we can't do it at night either".

"Our room is at the end of the hall right"? Serena asked.

"Yeah" Ash answered.

"So most of the noise would only come through the door" Serena said.

"That's right Ash said. "If we sound proof the inside of the door and close it when we do it, the kid shouldn't hear anything from our room. It's perfect. Damn, I love your brain sometimes".

"You are such a sweet talker" Serena says. "Ok. Let's get cleaned up and go adopt us a child. And some sound proof sheets or whatever".

Once Ash and Serena were dressed in some going out clothes and got the sound proofing walls for their door they made their way to the adoption clinic. There they talked to 5 kids and the one that stood out the most was a 5 year-old named Ally. She had pink hair and bright blue eyes. He had been abandoned by her real parents when she was 3 years old. She was only about 3 feet tall but she was very nice and cute. She was a little shy, but she instantly fell for Ash's personality and Serena's motherly voice. She also really liked pokemon, but she was a little scared of really big ones.

Ash and Serena decided to take her home. She was a little nervous with going home with two people she barely knows, but she was excited to be getting out of there. They filled out the papers while a worker packed Ally's bags. Soon they arrived back at the house and they all walked in.

Ash and Serena gave her a minute to explore the house. Ally liked what she saw.

"Thank you for giving me a chance at a normal life" Ally says to them.

"Oh, you're welcome" Serena replies. "Hey, how about I show you your room".

"Ok" Ally said.

"I'll make us something to eat" Ash said looking down at Ally. "How's a ham and cheese sandwich sound"?

"That sounds great" Ally replies.

The two girls go upstairs and Serena shows Ally her new room. It was a light blue with an oak dresser.

"We weren't sure if we were going to adopt a boy or a girl so we didn't have time to paint it a more gender preferred color" Serena said.

"I love it" Ally said stepping inside. "I really do. Thank you, uh, what can I call you, Mrs. Ketchum"?

"You don't have to be so formal" Serena says. "You don't have to call us mom and dad if you don't want to. You can just call us Ash and Serena".

"Well, thank you Serena" Ally says walking up to her and hugging her.

"Oh, you are just the sweetest thing" Serena says hugging her back.

"Lunch time"! Ash calls from downstairs. "Get it while it's room temperature"!

Ally laughed a little and says "Ash is really funny".

"That's the kind of guy he is, a people pleaser" Serena says.

After lunch, Ally met Dawn. Ash and Serena told her Dawn is a house guest that is staying with them. Then Ally got to meet Pikachu, Piplup, and Delphox. The new mom and dad were going to slowly work their new daughter up to the bigger scarier pokemon. Eventually Ash also sound proofed the inside of his bedroom door.

At night Ash and Serena tucked in little Ally. And then they themselves, went to bed.

To be continued…

Now that was a feel good chapter if I do say so myself. Now, Ally is going to be the ONLY child for now. I'm still getting people who don't read these parts of the stories and tell me to get chicks pregnant even after I say Ash can't make children.

Until next chapter, I hope you guys have a nice day. :)

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