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Chapter 42 Bachelor Party

The day of Ash and Serena's wedding is only a week away and they are excited for it.

"I'm so happy, soon we'll be married and the next chapter of our lives will start" Serena says.

"I can't wait" Ash responds.

"Are you upset about the once a month deal ending Ash"? Serena asks.

"No" Ash says. "It was fun, but you are all I need".

Serena smiles and says "Well, I did plan to give you one last treat before we get married".

"What's that"? Ash asks.

"I'm not telling" Serena says giggling. "You'll just have to wait and find out tomorrow".

The next day Ash and Serena were standing by the front door, Serena was waiting for the special guests to arrive. Ash was only dressed in just a white tank top with a red horizontal stripe in the middle and blue and white striped boxers, since Serena told him to dress very lightly.

"I'm so ready for this" Ash said fists raised. "I can't wait to see what you concocted up".

Serena smiled at him.

A minute or two later the doorbell rang. Serena opened the door and let in May, Aria, and Angie. They were all dressed how they usually were, and they all had a lustful look in their eyes.

"Serena"? Ash asked.

"I thought, why pick just one girl, when three were ready and willing" Serena says. "Here's how it goes, they can use their bodies to try to turn you on and you bang them one at a time in the order you choose".

"This is going to be so much fun" May says.

"Thanks for this Serena" Ash says kissing her. "But I want you to have front row seats to this".

"What do you mean"? Serena asks.

Ash goes into the living room and lays a blanket down to the ground.

"This is where we will be doing it ladies" Ash says. "Serena, strip down to just your bra and lay down on the couch please".

Serena did as she was asked and then Ash tied her arms above her head and to the couch.

"You my sweet" Ash says. "Are going to watch me screw these girls".

"Oh Ash has the hottest ideas" Aria says about to drool.

Ash sits on the very edge of the couch.

"Ok girls, do your thing" he says.

All three girls stand before him and start sexually dancing a little. May squeezes her large d-cup breasts, Aria puts her arms in the air to look helpless, and Angie turns around and fills her hands with her ass. Everyone notices Ash's erection in seconds.

"I want you to suck my nipples until they come off" May says.

"I want your sticky stuff coming out of every hole of my body" Angie says.

"You put your thing in me anywhere" Aria says. "And I mean anywhere".

Ash kneels down on the blanket and says "Aria come here".

"Yay" Aria says getting down.

Ash notices the other two girls looked a little down.

"Don't worry you guys" Ash says. "This won't take too long".

Ash and Aria start making out. Ash quickly pulls open Aria's blouse and starts kissing the top of her breasts. Ash slides her shirt down her arms. Ash slowly strips the Kalos queen naked and renders her helpless. Ash pulls his penis out of his shorts and smiles.

Ash gets her on all fours and shoves his dick in her ass. It hurts, but she does it for him.

"Ash please" Aria begs. "I need some too".

Ash jams two of his fingers into Aria's vagina and instantly starts coming. Ash pulls out and she collapses.

"Well" Ash says. "I have to say I'm a little disappointed. I expect more from Angie".

"Yes"! Angie shouts excited she's next.

Ash gets behind her, he rubs her right boob with one hand, and rubs her left ass cheek with the other hand. He licks the back of her neck and feels her tremble with the pleasure. Ash slid her pants down and entered her body.

"Ahhhhh" Angie cried in pleasure.

She was holding out longer than Aria, but her legs were starting to buckle from standing that way. She bent forward and put her arms on a wall to hold herself up. Ash soon pushes his dick all the way inside her and comes. He then whips it out of her and she comes falling to the floor.

"Well that one was better" Ash said. "Now, last but certainly not least, May. And you know what I want".

May unzipped her shirt and revealed her large breasts for Ash to have his way with them. Ash kissed a circle on the outer rim of each boob, then he painfully sucked her nipples getting May to openly moan.

Ash gets her laying on the ground and gets his penis in between her breasts. He then starts moving his rod, almost as if he is getting himself a boobjob.

"Oh Ash it feels so good having you rub up against my breasts" May says closing her eyes. "I want to lactate gallons". It wasn't long until Ash felt the rush again. He squirted his cum all over May's face which she gladly licked.

"That was fun girls but I'm still hard" Ash says. "Don't feel bad, you haven't built up the endurance like Serena. Dawn, plan B".

Dawn walks into the living room completely nude.

"Time to show these girls how a real lover of Ash does it".

Ash sit down on a chair with his penis in the air.

"Hop on" he says.

"Unlike these girls, I want you naked" Dawn says.

"Come on Dawn" Ash says. "I feel more comfortable with clothing on, it's more relaxing".

"Just this once Ash" Dawn proclaims. "Then you can have it how ever you want from then on".

"Fine" Ash sighs.

He strips naked and finally Dawn starts riding him. She wastes no time easing into it, she gets his whole member in her at once and starts rocking up and down.

They bang for a good 15 minutes before they both come. The three girls masturbate and come while watching them.

Ash united Serena so she could go finger herself in the bathroom. Since his was sort of like Ash's bachelor party he wasn't allowed to bang her. All the girls stayed over for dinner and they all stayed nude just walking around the house. Pikachu was going to go inside but saw all the naked girls in their.

"Ash is at it again" he sighed. "That's my master".

After dinner the three girls left and Ash, Serena, and Dawn got dressed. Dawn went to bed, while Ash and Serena started the final preparations for the wedding.

"This is looking really good" Ash says.

"I know" Serena says. "Only 5 more days I cannot believe it".

To be continued…

So we end another chapter. I want you guys to know there won't be much left after they get married. Since I'm a little OCD I think I'll end this at 50 chapters. But, I have a few surprises planned for you guys. :)

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