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Chapter 41 The Unknown Dangers

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"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, AH, oh shit, oh yes"! Serena yelled as she continued to ride Ash.

"Mmmmm, aww, Serena" Ash said with his face buried in her breasts.

Serena thrusted down hard on Ash's junk, with each thrust his semen would shoot into her a little bit. They were both completely naked and their sweat was pouring out of them.

"More" Ash says. "More, more, more, that's it, I'm gonna…".

"Ahhhhhhhh" Serena yells as Ash fills her with his essence.

Serena gets off of Ash and onto the floor on her stomach, the white liquid slowly pours out her vagina.

For the next 5 minutes they just sit there panting. Unaware Dawn caught the end of their session. She leans her back on the wall and sighs.

"Why isn't he ever that hard with me"? She asks in her head. "I'm not that weak girl he met all those years ago. I can take it. I'll just have to show him".

It's now around 2 in the afternoon. Ash and Serena are now both clean and fully clothed.

"Ash" Serena said. "Remember about how I told you it was actually a good thing you were sterile"?

"Yeah" Ash replied.

"Well, I already know I want kids" Serena said.

"Mmhhmm" Ash responded.

"So, could we adopt"? Serena asked.

"Of course" Ash said.


"You mean, like… before we get married"?

"Well… yeah".

"Serena. I'm not so sure about that".

"Come on Ash, just think about it ok"? Serena pleaded.

"Alright" Ash said still not so sure of himself.

Hundreds of miles away, on the headship of a sky fleet. The sounds of boots rattled along the metal floor.

"Are you sure you are ready for such a task"?

"As ready as I'll ever be".

"Good luck in there".

The one with boots enters and room and salutes the man sitting in the chair.

"Brigadier General sir! I was not expecting you. Might I ask where the Master Sergeant is sir".

"At ease special agent Iris (Yes it's the Iris you are thinking of), the Sergeant has been assigned to another job. So I'm in control for now. Are you ready to go 'take care of' the one named Ash Ketchum"?

"Yes sir" Iris responded.

"Then take for small force and head out. Make Team Armageddon proud".

"Yes sir" Iris said saluting him once more then exiting the room.

"Finally, I'll be able to get my revenge on Ash" Iris says. "I tried to play it off and his dense ass never saw the rage in my eyes. HOW DARE HE PICK THAT BLOND BITCH OVER ME! I'll make him pay".

Iris along with 3 other Team Armageddon soldiers piled into a small ship and took off flying.

"Once we arrive you three deal with the pokemon and the girl. Ash is all mine" Iris commanded.

"Yes ma'am" they replied.

"Ok it's decided" Serena said. "We'll get married in 12 days. I'm so excited".

"Me too" Ash said. "Just you and me… and Dawn…"

"And the baby" Serena interrupted.

"Yeah" Ash said a little nervously.

"Oh relax Ash" Serena said. "You'll make a great dad".

"It's not just that" Ash says. "What about Dawn"?

"What about her"? Serena asked confused.

"Are we really going to let her live here forever"? Ash asked. "How will we explain it to the kid. I like having her here but… I don't know".

"Ash, we took her in" Serena says. "She can stay as long as she wants. I have no problem with her staying here. But we are only having one girl at a time you here".

Ash chuckled a little and said he understood.

A little while later Serena approached Dawn.

"Hey look" Serena said. "Ash wasn't sure about the whole, you living here thing. I thought you could make him want you here a little more".

"Actually I was going to ask you if I could borrow him for a little bit" Dawn said.

"You can have him the whole night, I'm still worn out from this morning Serena said. "I hope our yelling wasn't too bad".

"No need to worry" Dawn replied. "I'm already getting used to it".

Both girls laughed.

Dawn walked throughout the house. No bra, and no pants. She only wore a loose white tank top and very thin black panties. She eventually found Ash, when he saw her he blushed a little.

"Ash" Dawn said grabbing his light blue t-shirt.

"What's up Dawn"? Ash asked.

"I need you" Dawn said with a lustful look in her eye.

"Right now"? Ash asked feeling his blue shorts getting tight.

"Yeah" Dawn said. "Please".

"Well, who am I to deny a friend's needs".

Ash picked up Dawn and carried her to the bedroom where he tossed her onto the bed.

"Ash, I want you to treat me like shit, just this once" Dawn said.

"Wait, what"? Ash asked.

"I want you to be rough" Dawn said. "I know that's normally not like you but I need this".

Ash thought for a second and decided to get into character.

He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her lips to his, then he threw her to the ground.

"Now blow me you slut" Ash demanded.

"Yes sir" Dawn said pulling Ash's dick out of his shorts.

She inserted it into her mouth and blew him vigorously. She was going to slow for Ash though.

"You're not doing it here" Ash said grabbing her head.

Ash moved Dawn's mouth faster and faster catching her by surprise.

"Yeah, yeah…" Ash said.

He then came in Dawn's mouth. It was so much Dawn was about to spit some out when Ash's hand went over her mouth.

"You're gonna swallow all of it" he said making scary eye contact.

Dawn forced it down.

"Now that's how you blow me" Ash said. "Next time don't make me have to do it".

Ash tossed Dawn so her stomach was on the bed. He then started spanking her ass hard.

"YEAH!" Ash roared. "COME ON! You like that. You want your butt nice and red don't you?! Answer me!"

"Yes" Dawn said weakly.

"Yes what"? Ash asked giving her a couple harder slaps.

"Yes, I want you to make my butt red".

"I'll make it so you won't be able to sit for a week".


"Oh Arceus yes"! Dawn yelled.

"What are you doing with that shirt still on"?! Ash asked. "Give me that" he said pulling it off her and tossing it to the ground far away.

Ash then flipped Dawn so her back was laying on the bed now. He gave her breasts a couple intense squeezes then pinched her nipples and twisted them hard.

Ash let up for a second and saw Dawn was panting heavily.

"Alright you've been doing a good job" Ash said. "So for your reward, I'll take my shirt off" Ash says removing the article of clothing.

Ash tore off Dawn's panites and put her legs around his neck. Ash then pulled his shorts and boxers to his ankles and starts ramming deep into Dawn.

"Ahhhhhhh, ahhhhh" Dawn yells in pain and pleasure.

"Mmmm, yeah, right there, oh yeah you like it there" Ash said plowing Dawn.

His dick was starting to give Dawn burns in her vagina, but the pain was being overridden by the pleasure.

After eight minutes of pure ramming Ash pulled out of Dawn, shoved his dick into her ass, and then they both came.

Dawn laid on the bed, her juices and Ash's leaking out of her while Ash laid on the floor panting heavily.

"Oh man" Dawn says. "That was awesome".

"Yeah" Ash replies.

"Dinner"! Serena called from downstairs a few minutes later.

"Alright! Ash yells. "Let's eat"!

To be continued…

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