Ash and All the Girls @darkness
Chapter 39 Taken

This chapter is… darker than before, so… just be warned.

Ash, Serena, and Dawn have been living happily together for about two weeks. Since Dawn is downstairs she can sleep without hearing Ash and Serena shake the bed from time to time.

Kenny was sentenced to four months community service but, he was stripped of his contest privileges and can never perform again. He now lives alone in a depression.

As for today Serena needs to leave to get ready for her showcase.

"Bye" she says kissing Ash.

"I'll see you there babe" Ash says.

An hour later Ash said goodbye to Dawn and drove to the showcase. In the parking lot a van drove up to him and several people knocked Ash out and pulled him into the van.

When Ash awoke he was hanging by his arms which were tied in a thick rope to the ceiling. He could just barely get his feet to the ground. When he did, he looked around. Ash realized he was completely naked. His underwear was hanging on a hook to far away for him to reach, it was if it was teasing him.

Ash shivered from the cold, darkish room. The only light was one lightbulb hanging in the center of the room. Suddenly the door a ways away opened and two men walked in.

"Let me go right now"! Ash demanded.

"Oh, we won't be doing that" one man said.

"Who the hell are you guys"? Ash asked.

"I'm Steve".

"And I'm Chris".

"And we, are going to play with you" Steve said.

"What do you mean"? Ash asked freaked out.

"You'll soon find out" Chris said walking up to Ash.

Chris grabbed Ash's penis and started jerking him off making Ash hard.

"There we go" Chris said.

Ash tried to move away but Chris punched him in the stomach.

"You don't want to try anything or we're just going to make things worse" Steve said. "Chris. Give him 20 lashes".

"Sure thing" Chris replied grabbing a whip.

Then Chris proceeded to whip Ash 20 times.

"And the winner is… the Kalos Queen herself! Seeeeerena"!

"Yes I won"! Serena said.

Once the meet and greet is over Serena decided to check her phone.

"I should call Dawn" she said.

"Hello? Hey Dawn, I won…. Thanks. Yeah, where in the world is Ash, he wasn't in his reserved seat…. Wait. He said he was on his way? I'm coming home".

"Mmmmmm" Ash said as he came onto the ground.

"Good boy" Steve said.

"Why" Ash asked softly.

"Why what"? Chris asked.

"Why, are you doing this to me"? Ash asked his head facing down.

"What we do" Steve started. "Is we take players, much like yourself and we break them, then we kill them".

"What did I do to deserve this"? Ash asked out loud.

"You screwed too many chicks too fast" Chris said.

"Now for the main event" Steve said undoing his pants.

"Ahhhhh" Ash moaned as Steve entered him.

The next day, first thing in the morning the cops were talking to Serena and Dawn.

"When did you first realize he was missing"? Officer Jenny asked.

"When he didn't come home last night" Serena said.

"Has he ever left and not come back like this before"? Jenny asked.

"No" Serena says. "If he was going to spend the night somewhere else he would have told one of us".

"Well" Jenny said. "You haven't gotten a request for money, so they must want him for something".

"Please! Just find him" Serena begged.

"We'll find him" Officer Jenny replied getting up to leave.

"MMMMMMM! AAHHHH!" Ash yelled as Chris slapped his balls him a wet towel.

"Just open your mouth" Steve said. "And he'll stop".

Ash opened his mouth and Steve shoved his dick into his mouth.

"Mmmm yeah. You suck that dick hard you naughty boy" Steve said.

"Detective Marty have you found anything yet" Officer Jenny asked.

"Well, this boot print is very unusual" Marty replied. "They're quite rare, so I would expect not many people to have it".

"Send that picture to Nick in electronics. Maybe he can figure out the dirt bag who took Ash" Jenny commanded.

"Right away ma'am".

"Ahhh… haaaa… ahhhhh "! Ash yelled.

Chris continued to burn Ash's right forearm with a hot piece of metal. With all his adrenalin running, Ash was able to move the rope so Chris burnt it with the metal. Once his one hand was free, Ash punched Chris in the face so he'd drop the metal.

Ash picked up the metal rod with his foot, working through the pain. He got it in his hand and burnt the other rope off. Ash then struck Chris in the face with the rod taking out a chunk of the man's face. Ash then drove the rod right into Chris' chest killing him.

Ash got his underwear off of the hook and put it on. Chris' clothes were too big so he couldn't take them. Ash grabbed a knife and snuck out the door.

"What you got Nick? Officer Jenny asked.

"I got two locations but I'm sure it's this one" Nick said. "32859 Proovington Street".

"You heard him" Jenny boomed. "Let's go"!

Cops raced to go save Ash, hoping he'd still be alive.

Ash got out of the basement and was now in some broken down house. He saw Steve standing with his back turned. Ash went down with the knife but missed and stabbed Steve only in the shoulder.

"You bastard"! Steve roared punching Ash in the face.

Steve painfully tore the blade out of his shoulder and swiped cutting Ash one his left peck. Steve then brought the knife down and it went right into Ash's left thigh. Steve twisted the blade sideways making it more painful for Ash and harder to get out. Steve punched Ash another 3 times finally knocking Ash to the ground.

Steve went to grab a revolver. Once he turned back around Ash was standing and the blade was bloody and in his hand. Ash stabbed Steve in the stomach causing him to fire a shot into the ceiling. Steve fell to the ground holding his stomach. Ash picked up the gun and put a round in between Steve's eyes.

The cops meanwhile finally arrived at the house. Officer Jenny and Ash approached their side of the door. They both opened the door and Officer Jenny found a couple rushing to get their clothes back on for she walked in on a couple making love. Ash opened the door and saw that he… was in the middle of nowhere.

Ash screamed into the black night.

To be continued…

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