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Chapter 38 New Housemate

I wanted this story to be mostly about Ash and Serena, but a lot of you are saying Ash should either have a harem or at least he should marry both Dawn and Serena. I'm terrible at writing harems but I'll think about making Dawn more important.

It's been a week since Serena was nearly raped, she did not want to get out of bed much and she'd flinch whenever Ash tried to touch her.

"Poor thing" Ash said. "I can't imagine how scared she must've been. Damn Kenny".

*ring* *ring*

"Hello"? As asked. "Oh… hey Dawn. Now isn't a really good time, especially after what your boyfriend did. Alright fine, I'm not leaving Serena though, you come over here".

A half hour later Dawn entered Ash's house.

"So, what did you want to talk about" Ash asked annoyed already.

"Look Ash I know you blame me for what happened. I just want to say sorry" Dawn said.

"I don't blame you entirely, and of course you didn't know he would lose it like that" Ash said.

"Ash" Dawn said. "I don't know what to do anymore. Every guy I've ever been with other than you was a dick. And I'm afraid to live by myself in fear Kenny will to get me".

Ash sighed and said "After everything that has happened, we might be willing to let you stay here, with me and Serena".

Dawn perked up a bit.

"Really"? She asked.

"Yes" Ash replied. "Besides, me and Serena do find it fun having you in bed sometimes. And you are a good friend of ours. It may take a little time for things to go back to normal though. I'll bring it up to Serena and see what she thinks".

"Thank you Ash" Dawn said hugging him.

"Ash"! Serena called from upstairs.

"I'm coming"! Ash replied. "That's the first thing she's said in days. I got to go".

"I'll see my way out" Dawn said getting up to leave.

Ash went upstairs into the bedroom.

"What's up Serena"? he asked.

"I never going to be able to get rid of the feeling of his finger inside me unless that feeling is replaced".

"I think I know what I need to do" Ash says undoing his pants.

"Come to me my boy" Serena said removing her shirt to reveal her naked breasts.

Ash closed the bedroom door and then proceeded to make love to Serena.

A few days later Dawn was contacted by Serena.

"Hey Serena" Dawn says. "You sound better".

"I'm back to normal" Serena responded. "Now Ash did bring up the idea of you staying with us. We do have an extra room so you can fit. But I'm going to need you pass a little test before we move you in".

"What do I have to do"? Dawn asked confused.

"Just come over to our house and I'll explain everything".

Dawn willingly drove over to the house. She was wearing a pink v-neck t-shirt and blue skinny jeans. She greeted Serena once she arrived.

"So what's this test"? Dawn asked.

"Ok, so right now Ash is upstairs in our bedroom waiting for you if you choose to accept" Serena says. "He is going to play with you a little and all you have to do is hold out from cumming for as long as you can".

Dawn was surprised this was her test.

"Why do you want me to do that"?

"Two reasons" Serena says. "One, it is a little revenge for sleeping with Ash and getting me caught up in the middle of it. Two, once we are married Ash's once a month deal breaks and he is only allowed to make love to me. However, if I'm not up for it since he almost always is, maybe you will want to take him for a spin".

"I'm not marrying Ash though, right"? Dawn asks.

"Oh no" Serena replies. "You'll just be our house mate. But, we can still have fun from time to time. We'll be like sisters".

"That sounds wonderful" Dawn said. "So how long do I need to hold out for"?

"As long as you can" Serena says. "I'm not giving you an actual time amount".

"Alright" Dawn says. "Then no need to worry".

Dawn heads upstairs to the bedroom.

Dawn opens, walks in and closes the bedroom door. Ash is sitting on the bed. He is in his black and white Kalos t-shirt and loose fitting jeans.

"Hey Dawn" Ash said smiling. "I see you accepted test".

"Yep" Dawn replied. "So how does this work"?

"Just come on over" Ash says.

Dawn gets onto the bed. Ash is sitting with his back leaning against the wall, he has Dawn sit in between his stretched out legs and leans her back on his chest. For a moment Ash just holds her.

"Hahhhhh" Ash sighs. "You smell really good".

"Oh thanks" Dawn replies blushing a little.

"Well, I guess we should get started" Ash says.

Ash's hands reach down and unbutton and unzip Dawn's jeans. Ash sticks his left hand in and just for a moment he rubs Dawn's panties. Soon after he slips the same hand under her panties and starts to lightly finger Dawn.

Dawn tenses herself up, she fears if she releases too soon they may not let her live with them. But Ash feels so good no matter what he does, just his finger made her want to come.

"How you doing"? he asks after a couple minutes.

"Pretty good" Dawn responds.

She gives soft moans of pleasure. Ash knows he'll need to step up his game so he adds a second finger and drives them in as deep as they can go.

"Ahh. Ahhhh" Dawn moans.

She lets just a drop squirt out.

"Careful Dawn" Ash says. "We're just getting started".

After about 15 minutes Ash got serious.

"Come on girl" he'd say. "Just come and this will all be over".

"No" Dawn says. "Not yet".

"Well what if I do this" Ash says shoving it a third finger.

"Ohhhh, too much" Dawn says.

"It's so cute to watch you squirm" Ash says laughing. "How about I take your top off".

Ash pulls Dawn's shirt up and off her body. His free hand squeezes her breasts.

"Ahhhh, I-I'm coming" Dawn says.

Ash moves his hand out of the way as Dawn soaks her panties with her juices. With her bottom half now soaked she had to remove her jeans and panties leaving her just in her black bra.

"There we go" Ash says. "Good girl".

Serena enters the room just for a moment.

"What's her time"? she asks.

"Eh, about 25 minutes" Ash says.

"Ok" Serena says leaving the room.

"Now it's your turn" Dawn says turning around and undoing Ash's jeans.

"Wow, after that you still want to pleasure me"? Ash asks. "I can respect that".

Dawn pulls out Ash's erect dick and puts the whole in her mouth. Then starts sucking hard.

"Mmmmmm, ahh yeah" Ash says. "Right there".

Dawn finds a lot of enjoyment in seeing Ash happy. She wraps her tongue around his member, covering it in her saliva. Dawn then holds onto it as hard as she can while slowly pulling it out of her mouth.

"Awwwwhhhhh" Ash says. "That last part felt great".

"Oh Ash" Dawn says hopping onto his dick and riding him. "I don't even care that your clothes are one, you feel great, and you look hot weather you're naked or not"!

"That's what Serena says too" Ash says. "See. You are right for this household".

Dawn's hands grab onto Ash's shoulders to hang onto him. Ash's wraps his arms around her back to give her a little more height before coming down on his dick. After a few more minutes they both come and Dawn gets off of Ash's dick. She snuggles herself into his torso.

"Oh man, I'm so heated up" Ash says taking his shirt off.

Dawn takes the shirt from his hand and tosses it onto the ground.

"So Ash" Dawn says. "Do I have a good chance of getting in"?

"I'd say so" Ash replies.

Dawn smiles.

After a short nap, Ash met Serena downstairs to talk about Dawn.

"So what do you think"? Ash asks. "I wouldn't mind having her around. She's nice, cute, and could help out around here as a form of payment".

"Well…" Serena says. "I don't see why not"!

"Yeah"! Ash says throwing his fist in the air. "Alright. Hey Dawn! You can stay"!

"Yay. Thanks you guys" Dawn says.

"We'll help you move into the downstairs bedroom" Serena says.

In just a day, Dawn now officially lived at the Ketchum residence. She may not be marrying Ash and Serena, but they know they will all have lots of fun together.

To be continued…

There. I hope you guys are happy. I'll say I am too. Until the next chapter!

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