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Chapter 35 Stay in Shape

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Step, step, step, step.

"Woah, oh man" Ash said taking a seat on the bench outside of his house.

Ash had just got back from running for 5 miles and he needed a breather. Since Ash ate so much and since he wasn't journeying anymore, he needed a way to stay in shape. Ash was wearing the blue jumpsuit he wore for the Rhyhorn race long ago, with a black t-shirt and blue underwear underneath.

All of a sudden Serena walked in front of Ash. He looked up and was surprised at how she looked. Serena wore a light jacket and sweatpants but they were both camo. She also had on his big brown boots.

"What's going on"? Ash asked.

"Silence soldier"! Serena snapped. "You are to speak only if spoken to. Is that understood"?

Ash just stared at her.

"I said, is that understood soldier"? Serena asked getting in his face.

"Yes sir" Ash piped out.

"I'm a woman" Serena yelled.

"Yes ma'am" Ash said.

"How many miles have you ran today"? Serena asked.

"5 ma'am" Ash said. "A personal best".

"I don't care if you set a world record" Serena said trying to sound like an army commander. "It's not good enough. You need to get back out there and run another 3".

"But-" Ash said getting cut off.

"Drop and give me twenty soldier" Serena commanded.

"Yes ma'am" Ash said getting down and doing the push ups.

Once he finished Ash stood back up.

"Now go out there and run another 3 miles. If you do them well, then there may just be a reward in it for you" Serena said.

Ash took off running, he didn't like that he had to run, but Serena looked so hot in that camo outfit he wanted to please her.

It was about 20 minutes before Ash got back. He was surprisingly not sweaty except for his forehead. The day wasn't all that hot.

"You did well" Serena said.

"Thank you ma'am" Ash said in between breathes.

"Meet me upstairs in 5 minutes and you'll receive your reward" Serena said marching into the house.

After about 5 minutes Ash was heading up the stairs and went into the bedroom where he set his hat on a side table. Serena was sitting on the bed waiting for him.

"Don't worry" she said a lot less threatening. "I'm done with the whole 'in charge' thing. I hope I didn't push you too hard".

"No it's fine" Ash said. "Thanks to you I set my running record way higher then I thought possible. So… what's this reward"?

"Oh stop it" Serena said jokingly. "You know what it is".

Ash chuckled a little and sat down next to her.

They kissed just a couple times then pulled back, Serena started rubbing Ash's crotch. She felt he was already hard.

"Turned on already"? she asked.

"You look so cute in all camo" Ash said.

"Hmhmhm" Serena giggled.

Serena pulled down the zipper of Ash's jumpsuit all the way to his crotch where it couldn't go any further. She pulled back his underwear and pulled out his 8 inch penis.

Serena felt the member up and little, she then bent down and started moving it in and out of her mouth.

"Mmmm, ahh, ohh" Ash would say. "Shit. Just like that".

Every 20 seconds or so Serena would pulled it out and either lick it or jerk it with her hand. Then she'd put it back in her mouth and continue the pattern.

Serena then slid her mouth all the way down on it, gagging just a little.

"Ahh"! Ash moaned loudly.

It didn't hurt, he was just in so much pleasure.

Serena released the penis all together and pushed the top part of Ash's jumpsuit off his body. She was then able to pull the jumpsuit and Ash's boxers to his knees. She did this to have better access to his crotch since once she did what she wanted to do, Serena went right back to the blowjob.

"You are just the best Serena" Ash said.

Serena laughed a little with the dick in her mouth. She played with Ash's balls while he stroked her hair.

Their moans filled the room, Ash could feel his cum rising to the surface.

"Serena" Ash said. "I'm about to…" Ash said.

Serena tightened her mouth around the dick and pulled up. As soon as her mouth came off the penis Ash came hard.

A few short cum bursts followed by a slightly longer leak-out.

"Get further on the bed" Serena said.

Ash pushed himself further back onto the bed so his back was leaning against the wall. Serena pulled the jumpsuit and boxers off of Ash's legs, leaving just his t-shirt on.

Serena then undid her pants and took them off, after that went her panties. Serena then aimed her vagina over Ash's member and went down on it. She started riding Ash, her moans becoming increasingly louder.

"Oh that's right" she said. "I want your man meat deep inside me".

Serena undid the zipper to her jacket and then took it off revealing a green V-neck t-shirt.

"You can touch me if you want" she said.

Ash's hands felt up Serena's breasts through her shirt getting an even better reaction out of her.

Serena's hands wrapped around Ash's head and pulled him into the part of her chest the shirt didn't cover.

Ash's hands wrapped around Serena's back and undid her bra through her shirt.

'Wow' Serena thought. 'He is good'.

Ash pulled the bra out of her and tossed it away, he then put his face back to where Serena h\wanted it. He kissed her chest, trying to work his way to her breasts.

They kept the hug going while Serena rode Ash. The bed was shaking at this point since they were going harder. Ash couldn't take it anymore, he lifted up Serena's shirt to her neck and had his way with her breasts. He kissed, licked, sucked, and nipped the crap out of them.

"AHHHH" Serena moaned at the top of her lungs.

Around a minute later Ash came, his semen filled Serena's insides. Serena then came, her juices shooting onto Ash's dick.

They both laid back in bed panting.

"That was so hot" Serena said.

"Sure, yeah. It was good" Ash said. "After today, I'm in serious need of a shower".

"Haha, yeah you are you dirty boy" Serena replied.

To be continued…

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