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Chapter 34 Not Understanding

Ash and Serena have been stepping up their game, they've tried to be kinkier than ever before. Serena has thrown Ash over her lap and spanked him, Ash has released his essence onto Serena's stomach while pulling her nipples with tweezers. They have even given each themselves 5 minute and 10 minute time limits.

Yesterday was their break day, but today was Serena's turn to choose what they do. She lead Ash up the stairs blindfolded. She was wearing only a tight, light blue t-shirt and a white skirt, she didn't not have on a bra or panties. Ash wore a loose blue t-shirt and navy blue sweatpants.

"I can't wait to see what you came up with today" Ash said.

Once they were in the bedroom Serena undid Ash's blindfold.

"I want you to have sex with May" Serena said. "And I'm going to watch and dictate when needed".

May sat on the bed dressed in her usual outfit.

"Are you sure"? Ash asked Serena.

"Yeah, I want to see you screw from another angle and May agreed to it too".

"I'll take any chance to get banged by Ash" May said. "He just knows how to do it right".

Ash blushed a little and thanked her for the compliment. Serena gave Ash and May the go ahead, she sat in a nearby chair facing them.

"Hi" Ash said face to face with May.

"Hi" May said smiling.

Ash face caressed May and pulled her lips to his, he slid his tongue into her mouth and their tongues fought for control. They already started to heat up, Serena started to feel a little wet watching them.

"May I want you to blow him" Serena commanded.

Without hesitation May kneeled down and pulled Ash's penis out of his pants. She then proceeded to suck the already hard member.

'No offense to Serena' Ash thought. 'But May is better when it comes to blowing me'.

May was able to fit almost all 8 inches of Ash's junk in her mouth, she swallowed him hard.

"Suck his balls" Serena said.

May instantly moved her attention to inhaling Ash's sack.

"I wanna see those breasts" Serena said.

May pulled down the zipper of her shirt and took it off. She then unclasped her bra and removed that as well.

Ash was feeling very warm now, his body had relaxed and he was just barely keeping himself from falling. He decided to removed his shirt, Ash also tugged of May's hair signaling her to come up.

May released Ash's dick and kissed her way up his body to his lips were they embraced and tongued. During this Serena pulled her skirt up and little and started fingering herself, masturbating to her fiancé and May.

Ash massaged May's boobs while she started fiddling with his pants, dropping them to the ground where Ash kicked them off. Next May bent down and pulled off Ash's underwear, she then jumped onto the bed.

"A little help Ashy" May said motioning to her pants.

"With pleasure Ash said pulling off May's shorts and panties on one fell swoop.

Serena was getting more and more excited. She drove her finger in deeper and lifted her shirt past her breasts to play with them with the other hand.

Ash started penetrating May, he gave her no time to get ready, he just started rocking her whole body. May held onto Ash's arms, she felt her body melt from the inside out.

Serena began coming and didn't stop, she prodded her entrance watching the live porn. Ash slapped his balls against May's ass, he pulled her hair as he came.

Ash and May laid naked on the bed, Serena was relaxed in the chair.

"WHAT THE HELL"!? Serena's mom yelled looking at all the nude in the room.

"Mom"! Serena said fixing her clothes. "What are you doing here"?

Ash had already fell of the bed trying to get his pants back on.

"I came over to speak with you like I texted" Grace said. "The door was unlocked so I let myself in because I thought you knew I was coming over".

Ash tossed May her shirt to cover up since she was scrambling to find some clothing.

"Then" Grace added in. "I come over here and see you half naked and your so-called man screwing another girl".

"I'm just gonna go" May said running out of the room.

"Mom it's not what you think" Serena said. "It is a deal, I allow Ash to do this, besides I told him to bang her today is one of our kinky days".

"KINKY DAY"?! Grace yelled. "No way in hell is my daughter screwing around with this, this thing" she said pointing at Ash.

"He has a name you know"! Serena yelled back.


Grace slapped Serena across the face.

"Serena" Ash said about to run over.

"No Ash" Serena said holding him back.

"Mom, you need to leave" Serena said darkly.

"No WE are going home" Grace replied.

"NO"! Serena yelled raising the finger with the engagement ring on it. "I am marrying Ash so this is partly my house now and I am telling you to get out before I call Officer Jenny"!

"Ugh"! Grace yelled offended. "If you want to ruin your life like this then fine. But you are no longer my daughter then. You want to come home, then dump this loser and come home where I'll be waiting with a huge pot of I told you so!

"I'm… not… going… home" Serena said trying to contain her anger. "I live here now".

"Goodbye" Grace said before letting herself out.

Once the front door had shut Serena turned around and faced Ash.

"Wow Serena" Ash said. "Are you ok"?

Sniff, sniff. Serena began crying, she buried her face into Ash chest. Ash hugged her to try to calm her.

"Why can't she understand our love" Serena said sobbing.

"I don't know Serena" Ash said. "But it'll be ok. Shhhh".

To be continued…

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