Ash and All the Girls @darkness
Chapter 33 The Surprise

After just feeding all the pokemon Ash came back inside his house. He wore a plain white t-shirt and light blue jeans. It was around noon and Ash wanted to speak with Serena about something important.

"Serena"! he called out.

"I'm down here"! Serena called back from the basement.

Ash went down to the basement, the washing machine and dryer were cleaning the clothes, there was folded laundry around the ground.

Serena stood against the dryer, she wore only pink panties and her breasts were covered by her hair.

"What's going on"? Ash asked already knowing that was a dumb question.

"Do me Ash" Serena said seductively. "Do me right here in the basement".

"You mean the room… or your ass"? Ash asked.

"No I mean the room we are in" Serena said walking closer to him and grabbing his shirt. "Let's have sex on all the clean laundry".

"I like the way you think" Ash said smiling.

Serena laid Ash down so his head was lying on a stack of his shirts. Serena then moved her hair to her back so Ash had a perfect view of her boobs.

"Touch me" Serena said closing her eyes and putting her head back.

Ash's hands rose and moved around and squeezed Serena's c-cup breasts. He flicked her nipples which became instantly hard.

Serena bent down and undid Ash's jeans, she ferociously pulled off his pants and boxers.

"Woah" Ash said surprised by her intensity.

Serena quickly inhaled Ash's dick and blew him hard. Her hands played with his balls with her tongue swirled the member.

"Oh, mmmm, ah" Ash said unable to contain himself. 'Serena's going hardcore' he thought to himself.

Ash felt like he was already going to come and Serena had just started. She moved the member in a couple more times, then Serena went all the way in with the dick then let it go allowing Ash to blast his semen onto the wall.

Ash was panting very hard right now. His breath had been taken away by the immense pleasure he was feeling. Serena gave him no time to recoup, she started kissing just above his penis slowly kissing higher and higher. As Serena moved up, she pushed Ash's shirt up with her lips.

Once she was at his neck Ash pulled off his shirt and pulled Serena to him so he could kiss her. While they were kissing Ash's hands pulled Serena's panties off, so once their lips released Serena hopped right onto Ash's beating rod.

Serena jerked her body up and down, pounding on Ash's dick harder and harder. Ash held onto her sides to help her go up and down.

"Serena" Ash said as he pushed Serena onto her back.

So now Ash was on top and he moved his mass as far into Serena as he could go, he then pulled out and shot cum all over Serena's body. Without hesitation Ash went right back into Serena and continued banging her.

Serena's insides began getting hot.

"Oh Ash, oh Ash" Serena cried. "You are the god of love"!

"You're so hot Serena" Ash roared. "Here put on of your bras in your mouth".

Serena but down on one of her pink bras as Ash came a little inside her then pulled out and released the rest onto her body.

Serena spit out the bra and just laid there panting while Ash sat up, put his shirt back on and leaned on his hands.

"Aw man" Ash said. "That was intense".

"But… amazing" Serena added in.

"Hey, ah later I was going to take you out to dinner" Ash said. "You up for that"?

"Yeah" Serena said. "but first I'm going to have to clean all the you off me and redo all this laundry".

Ash took a look at all the folded clothes and none were dirtied by either of them.

"Actually Serena" Ash said. "All of our clothes are still clean except for the bra you had in your mouth".

"Oh that's great" Serena said. "I only have one article of clothing to wash. Then I'd love to go out to dinner".

The two of them went upstairs and got ready for dinner.

Ash took Serena to The Hungry Gyarados, the name may found a little dorky but the restaurant is very fancy. Ash wore a suit and Serena wore a long blue dress.

Ash engulfed enough food for two people and Serena just laughed. They talked for 2 hours straight and had a fun time.

Ash and Serena even shared a piece of cake together, it was a happy night.

"Well I suppose it's time we get going" Serena said. "It's getting late".

"Ok but I need to say something first" Ash said standing up.

Ash got down on one knee and pulled out a fall box. he opened it to reveal a diamond ring.

"Serena" Ash said. "Will you marry me and make me the happiest man alive"? Ash asked.

With tears in her eyes Serena said "Oh Ash Ketchum. Yes, I will marry you".

Ash out the ring on her finger and they kissed. The entire restaurant clapped for them.

Ash and Serena burst through the door to their bedroom already in a heated make out. Serena quickly ridded Ash of his tie and Ash removed Serena's bracelet.

They kept walking until Serena backed into the bed. Still standing, Ash and Serena looked deep into each other's eyes, during this Ash started to pull down the zipper in the back of Serena's dress and she started undoing the buttons on Ash's dress shirt.

Once both were done undoing the other's clothes Ash pulled the dress down and Serena stepped out of it. Now down to her black bra and panties she pushed Ash's shirt and jacket past his shoulders and off his body.

They resumed their kissing and fell onto the bed. Ash kissed down Serena's neck, in between her boobs, and down to her stomach where he kissed his way around while sliding her panties off.

Ash stood up while he undid his pants and removed them. Ash then proceeded to insert his tongue into Serena's vagina and lick and drool inside her. Serena moaned and pleaded for Ash to continue, this was one of the happiest nights of her life.

It wasn't long until they were both completely naked. Ash was taking it slow this time, moved in and out of his now fiancé slower than usual. He kiss and sucked on her breasts and told her he loved her.

Serena ran her hands through Ash's hair, she'd kiss him from time to time and told him she loved him too.

After 20 minutes of pure penetration Ash came inside Serena and soon after she released too. They covered their naked bodies up and cuddled up for the night.

Serena soon fell asleep. Before drifting off himself, Ash kissed Serena's forehead and whispered to her he'd never let anything bad happen to her.

To be continued…

I hope you guys didn't think it was gonna end there? Gotcha if you did. No there will be around 50 chapters before I end this so no worries. I already have some other exciting chapters planned out. Remember if you guys want the next chapter out sooner than later a few nice reviews will motivate me more. ;)

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