Ash and All the Girls @darkness
Chapter 30 The Repayment Part II

Dawn was on her way to see Ash and Serena. Ash said she needed to repay both of them and so Dawn would have to offer them her body.

Dawn didn't mind this, she was looking forward to it. Even though Serena is Ash's girlfriend Dawn still has a crush on him. She is fine with the, friends with benefits thing though.

She told Piplup she was going out alone since her partner goes almost everywhere with her. Piplup understood though, he knew she was going to be doing something dirty, it's hard to get something past the little water pokemon.

Dawn is wearing a pink tank top with a black furry jacket. She is also wearing a pink and black checkered skirt with her pink boots.

It wasn't long until Dawn stood at the door of the Ketchum residents. She knocked on the door and sensed movement inside.

Serena answered the door, only she was in a black bra and panties. Dawn looked at her and blushed a little.

"Dawn hi" Serena said. "Come right in".

Dawn entered the house and put her boots with the other shoes on the nearby carpet.

"I see you were expecting me" Dawn said.

"You said you were coming over today" Serena said. "Follow me to the bedroom if you are ready".

The girls walked to the bedroom, inside Ash sat on the bed, he was in a plain white t-shirt and white boxers.

"Dawn, it's good to see you" he said.

Serena sat down on the bed next to him.

"You look so cute" Serena said.

"Thanks" said Dawn. "I feel I came a little over dressed".

"Nonsense" Ash said. "You look great. Come, it down".

Dawn sat on the bed between the two of them. Ash leaned into Dawn and kissed her. They kissed a couple times over until Serena pulled Dawn into her lips. Ash was surprised how quickly both girls adapted to kissing each other, it was as if they'd done this many times before.

The girls soon separated for air. Serena reached under Dawn's skirt and pulled out and off her pink panties. Serena then put her head under the skirt and began licking inside Dawn's vagina.

Dawn leaned onto her hands and closed her eyes as she felt major pleasure down below. Ash was feeling left out so he pushed Dawn's hair to one side and started kissing her neck. Dawn moaned soft happy moans from the enjoyment.

Ash soon grabbed Dawn's jacket and pulled it off her shoulders, Dawn let it fall to her hands until it was taken away by Ash and tossed to the floor.

Ash had Dawn lay on his lap and they made out while Serena continued to lick and taste Dawn's juices.

A little while later Dawn came a little and Serena moved out of the way so the juices could flow.

"Ash" Serena said. "Go to your wall position".

"Ok" he said.

Ash pulled off his boxers and leaned his arms on the wall, his erection stood, very hard.

"What are we doing"? Dawn asked.

Serena took her hand and pulled her up then said "Come on, this will be fun".

Both girls kneeled below Ash's privates, Serena sucked on Ash's balls while Dawn sucked on his dick.

"Oh, oh yes" Ash managed to get out.

The immense pleasure Ash was feeling from having both areas pleasured at the same time was wonderful. Serena could tell Dawn was a little nervous for some reason so she put her hands on the girl's sides and moved up and down to try to comfort Dawn, it seemed to work.

Ash was holding out pretty good, he didn't want this feeling to end just yet so he held his load in.

As Serena rubbed Dawn's sides, she eventually rubbed higher and higher making sure to take the tank top with her so once it was high enough Dawn got the hint and took the shirt off.

Serena used this time to feel Dawn's breasts from under her bra. A few minutes later Ash couldn't take it anymore.

"Dawn" he said. "I'm about to…"

Dawn released the penis and white hot semen shot out onto the floor.

The girls stood up, Ash took Dawn and got her against the wall, they made out while Serena pulled off her bra and panties.

Then the girls traded places so now Serena was kissing Ash and Dawn removed her skirt and bra. Ash then took a moment to look at the two naked girls before him.

"You both are just so beautiful" he said.

The girls both smiled and blushed.

Dawn laid down on the bed and Serena put on her strap on dick, she then started penetrating Dawn with the rubber member. Ash took off his t-shirt and shoved his penis into Serena's ass causing her to moan loudly.

The three of them started screwing. Their naked bodies heating up from the lust. Dawn played with Serena's boobs while Ash slapped Dawn's ass while still ramming into Serena's.

After around 15 minutes both of the girls came, their juices soaked the openings of their vaginas. Serena pulled out of Dawn and took off the penis. She had Ash pull out of her then went and laid down on the bed.

"I'm not done" Ash said.

In a matter of seconds Ash pushed his dick into Dawn's vagina, catching her off guard Dawn let out a groan.

Ash shook the whole bed plowing into his blue haired friend. His penis felt good inside her and a few minutes later he pulled out and came onto Dawn's body.

"That was amazing" Dawn said.

"It was really good" Serena said.

"I enjoyed myself" Ash said panting. "Would you guys ever want to do that again".

The girls looked at each other and smiled a little bit.

"Sure" they both said.

An hour or so later Dawn said goodbye to her friends and left.

"See" Ash said to Serena. "I told you she'd do it, and it was fun".

"It was good" Serena said. "You were right. But nothing can beat just the two of us in bed".

"Oh of course not" Ash said. "It's just nice to try something… or someone, new from time to time".

To be continued…

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