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Chapter 29 The Repayment Part I

"Come on Ash when is it going to happen" Serena whined.

"Relax" Ash said. "In all do time. We'll both get what we want".

"You said if I gave her mom a job, you'd get her to-" Serena said.

"I know what I am doing" Ash said cutting her off. "I saw a look in her eye when I talked to her, things will get interesting soon".

"You better hope so or your chances of getting some of this will be slim".

"Don't worry" Ash said. "I'm going over there now".

Dawn was cleaning the house. She had won a Grand Festival a short while ago so she is taking a break from it and so she got a small summer home in Kanto to hang out with Ash and Brock.

She was dressed in her normal clothing, a tight white tank top with a bigger black tank top over it. Also a pink skirt which wasn't very long.

There was a knock at the door and Dawn answered it. It was Ash, dressed in his Sinnoh outfit, it gave Dawn memories of when they traveled together. He didn't have his gloves on though, Ash doesn't wear gloves anymore, never. But he was as handsome as always, his bright kind eyes, and his dark raven hair.

"Ash" she said. "Come in, please".

"Thank you" Ash said walking in and closing the door behind him. "So Dawn, I, mm" Ash said being cut off by Dawn wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him.

Ash returned the kiss and wrapped one arm around her back and the other around her ass. Ash picked Dawn up and her legs went around his back.

Their tongues met in the middle and battled for dominance. Ash kicked his shoes off and back into a wall. They separated for air and during this time Dawn removed Ash's hat and pulled down the zipper of his vest. Dawn then slammed her lips back onto Ash's for more heated kissing.

Dawn pulled back just for a moment to say "My bedroom is the room right over their" then her lips went back to her friend.

Ash made his way over to the bedroom carrying Dawn. Once inside he closed the door with his foot and slowly approached the bed.

At the bed, Ash threw Dawn onto it, she looked at him with lustful eyes. Ash tore of his vest and undid his jeans. He got on the bed next to Dawn and quickly removed her panties, he then eased two of his fingers into her vagina.

Dawn had wonderful sensations flowing through her body. Ash's fingers went in a little deeper then stopped, Dawn looked at him but he just smiled.

"Ash please" Dawn said pleading.

"Give and take Dawn" Ash said. "What will you do for me".

Dawn off her first tank top and pulled Ash in for more making out. It was enough to satisfy Ash for his fingers did go in deeper and moved all around. Dawn moaned through the kissing.

"Ash" she said taking off her other tank top. "I need you to touch me more".

Ash removed her bra and ran his lips across the girl's breasts. Dawn's body was so smooth, the skin was perky, she jerked from his fingers' movements.

Ash's tongue grazed Dawn's nipples causing her to flinch. Dawn felt helpless, she felt she couldn't stop Ash had she wanted to. She belonged to him for that short while.

"Serena is a lucky girl" she thought to herself.

"Ash" Dawn said. "Finish me off".

Dawn pulled Ash's boxers down just enough to pull out his penis and lined it up with her entrance. She didn't care that Ash wasn't naked, it felt more real this way, she needed him now.

"As you wish" Ash said.

Within seconds Ash was completely inside Dawn, his dick furiously moved in and out of her. Serena was the only one who could handle something like this. For Dawn, it was a combination of pain and pleasure.

"More, MORE you animal" Dawn said.

Ash penetrated Dawn for a solid 20 minutes, neither of them giving an inch. Dawn could feel the member inside her, the feeling was overwhelming. Her body was on fire, sweat dripped from her forehead, her insides started closing in on the dick.

A few seconds passed then Dawn came, her warm liquids coated the penis, the warmth and her cries of releasing sent Ash over the edge. He came, deep inside Dawn.

Once it was over they laid there, panting from the excitement that just unfolded.

"That… that was half your payment" Ash said.

"Wait" Dawn said happy on the inside. "There's more"?

"You, me, and Serena" Ash said. "Once we do that, we'll be square".

"But, we could still do it from time to time, right"? Dawn asked.

Ash looked at her and smiled.

"I would like that" he said.

Some time passed then Ash laughed a little.

"What's so funny"? Dawn asked.

"Oh, I'm just remembering the first time we did it" Ash said. "I was your first, you wanted it to be someone you trusted".

"Yeah, it was nice" Dawn said.

"Ha, you didn't know what to do" Ash said.

"Oh, shut up" Dawn said. "I still enjoyed it. And, I know you did too. I remember it well".


Ash and Dawn are sitting in Dawn's tent, they are wearing their Sinnoh clothes since it was during their Sinnoh journey.

"You know" Ash said. "If you're not ready I completely understand".

"No Ash" Dawn said. "I am ready, I want to show you I'm not weak".

"I already don't think that" Ash said.

Dawn smiled and kissed him. Ash kissed her back and soon they were making out.

Dawn didn't know a whole lot about sex, so she just pushed her tongue into Ash's mouth and met his in a saliva filled battle.

Things got a little hazy but Dawn remembered the part where Ash was shirtless and she was down to her bra and skirt and she was kissing his chest.

Dawn started from the neck and kissed down to his stomach, but when Dawn started moving back north Ash put his hands on her hand and forced her to stay down there, he wanted her to blow him a little. They held this conflict position for a moment then Dawn backed down.

"Ash" she sighed. "I've never done this before".

"That's ok" Ash said. "Just pretend you are sucking on an ice cream cone or a lollipop".

"Ok" Dawn said.

She undid his jeans and pulled out his dick. Dawn out it in her mouth and moved it in and out.

The texture was strange, Dawn felt a little weird but felt better once she could tell Ash was liking what she was doing.

Eventually they filled positions and Ash was on top. He kissed in between Dawn's breasts for a moment then licked his way to her skirt where he unzipped it and pulled it off. he then pulled off her panties and licked inside of her.

It was the first feeling of true pleasure Dawn had ever felt. Ash's tongue inside of her seemed like it should be weird but she enjoyed every moment of it.

"Oh Ash" Dawn moaned. "I want it".

Dawn remembered the night ending when she was riding Ash.

Ash looked up at her and smiled. She moved up and down on his dick. It hurt at first but slowly eased into a fun time. Dawn came alongside Ash, it was one of the best nights of her life.


"Yeah" Dawn said. "I didn't know much about what I was doing".

"But, you're more experienced now" Ash said.

"I'm actually looking forward to you, me and Serena" Dawn said. "She does know though right"?

"She knows" Ash said. "We'll be looking forward to it too. Make a good enough impression and maybe Serena won't mind if we fool around more than once a month".

To be continued…

Also tell me if you guys want me to bring back that Seximania place sometime.

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