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Chapter 25 Who's Gonna Win?

Here's another chapter for you guys. See if you can spot my little easter egg.

In the car on the same day as Serena and Shauna's little… session Serena had an idea.

"Since I'm not 100 percent about this threeway, it's only going to happen if Ash wins" Serena says.

"Ok" Shauna says. "I'm not worried, Ash is really strong. He'll win".

The girls continued on their way.

At the tournament Ash had already beaten Iris' Emolga and Axew. His Greninja was facing against her Dragonite.

"Dragonite use ice beam" Iris yelled.

"Greninja dodge then use water pulse" Ash commanded.

Greninja dodged the blast and hit Dragonite dead on.

"Thunder punch" Iris said.

Both electrical fists hit Greninja.

"Greninja can you still battle"? Ash asked.

The frog-like pokemon gave Ash a nod.

"Then use hydro cannon"! Ash yelled.

The blast was strong enough to make Dragonite unable to battle, Ash was moving on to the finals with Cameron.

"Good job Ash" Iris said. "But don't think you'll be so lucky the next time we battle".

"You too" Ash said. "And I'll be looking forward to it".

They shook hands and Iris headed home.

Ash went to the pokemon center in Blackthorn city to heal his damaged pokemon.

"We hope to see you again" Nurse joy said.

"Thanks Ash" said.

After walking away Ash thought to himself "Hope to see me again? What, she wants me to have injured pokemon"?

"Ladies and gentlemen" the announcer bellowed over the loudspeaker. "The final battle is about to begin. Contestants take your sides". Ash was about to walk out onto the field when a familiar voice called his name.

"Hey Ash" the female voice said.

Ash turned around to see his girlfriend Serena standing there.

"Serena" Ash said happily as he ran and hugged her. "What are you doing here"?

"Well I wanted to tell you something" Serena said.

She pulled Ash's head into her boobs.

"Whether you win or lose you'll still get this. But, if you win…"

Then Shauna walks up to Ash and puts his hand down her jeans so his hand is on her naked butt.

"... you'll get this as well" she said finishing Serena's sentence.

Ash gave them his second key to his hotel room and they said they'll watch from the window.

Ash then entered the field trying to conceal his erection. A few seconds later Ash and Cameron's 3 on 3 began. Switching once with Pignite and Kingler, Ash beats Cameron's Lucario and Excalibur.

Then Cameron called out Hydreigon, which Ash knew things were about to get interesting.

Hydreigon's tri-shot burned, zapped, and froze Kingler making him unable to battle. Pignite only landed one fire pledge before being defeated by Dragon Rush.

Ash called out Pikachu, the true battle began. Pikachu landed two thunder bolts and an iron tail but Hydreigon wouldn't back down. Hydreigon hit Pikachu with a dragon pulse but the little pokemon quickly got back up.

Hydreigon used dragon rush and Pikachu used iron tail, both pokemon collided and knocked each other back, both taking a lot of damage. The next hit would decide it.

Pikachu used electro ball but missed. Hydreigon used dragon pulse and Pikachu used electro ball again, both pokemon were hit and both were unable to battle. The cameras replayed the footage but it was too close so it was left at a tie.

Ash and Cameron each won 5 grand and they admitted that was an amazing battle.

Once Ash said goodbye to Cameron he headed for his hotel room. On his way there Ash wondered what the girls would say since he didn't win nor lose.

Ash entered his hotel room and locked the door behind him. The girls were on he bed kissing a little which just made Ash hard.

"Hey, guys" Ash said a little nervous.

"Hey Ash" they said together.

"We saw what happened" Shauna said. "A tie".

"I think you did a really good job against a tough opponent like Cameron" Serena said.

"Thank you. So, what about the… you know" Ash said.

"Well if you won we were going to let you have your way with the both of us" Shauna said. "But, since you didn't win, but didn't lose we'll still show a good time, but our way".

"How so"? Ash asked relieved that they were still willing to bang him.

"Start stripping" Serena said smiling.

"All the way, slowly" Shauna said looking at Serena then also smiling.

Ash pulled down the zipper of his jacket then took it off. He then grabbed the heim of his tank top and slowly pulled it off his body. Next Ash unzipped his jeans and kicked them off. Finally Ash pulled off his underwear and laid on his back on the bed like the girls told him to do. His erect penis stood straight in the air.

"Now what"? Ash asked.

"Now this" Shauna said pulling out some rope.

Together the girls tie Ash's arms and legs to the bed.

Serena then gets on top of Ash and begins kissing his toned chest, using her tongue at little intervals to make some kisses more sloppy. Shauna begins kissing Ash's lips, his tongue begging for access to her mouth which she grants him.

Serena slowly kisses her way down to Ash's member where she lickes the tip with her tongue and then starts sucking and swallowing the majority of his dick. Ash moans fierce moans of pleasure, his eyes tightly shut for a moment.

"No fair" Ash manages to squeeze out.

"Aww, poor Ash" Shauna says sarcastically. "Don't worry, we aren't going to have all the fun". She looks over at Serena who releases Ash's dick just to say "Give him something to play with" before going back to sucking his hard member.

Ash looked at Shauna thinking he knew what he was going to get to 'play with'. Shauna pulled off her shirt and then removed her bra. She then put her breasts in Ash's face so her could kiss them and suck her nipples like how he liked to do to girls.

Shauna tried to keep herself up so she would smother Ash but is was hard when he started to suck on her boobs.

"Oh Ash" Shauna said. "You are being such a good boy".

Serena sucked and swallowed more and more, she added in the motion of licking Ash's penis like an ice cream cone. Anything she could do to turn him on even more.

Ash could feel the rush flowing through his penis and since he knew Serena didn't like to swallow his semen he gave her a warning between Shauna's boobs.

A few seconds later Serena released Ash's penis and watched him come. They gave Ash a couple minutes to rest before stroking his penis to be erect again. Shauna took off her jhorts and panties. Serena pulled her panites out from under her skirt.

Shauna started to ride Ash while Serena sat on his face and he licked inside her. They only did this for a couple minutes before the girls came and Shauna hopped off Ash so he could come, free from worrying about pregnancy.

The girls released Ash's limbs and they were getting ready to go to bed. Ash wanted to put his clothes back on but the girls didn't allow it. Serena said he could put his tank top back on but that was it, so he did.

They then all went to sleep together.

To be continued…

So did you see the easter egg? Also I hope you guys enjoyed.

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