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Chapter 21 New Beginnings

First of all thank you guys for all the positive feedback on the latest chapter. Since you guys liked it so much I decided to continue this series. I got a couple ideas from Mister Looney Tune which I will be using. Enjoy!

Ash and Serena had a long night sleep after their best night ever. The sun was now up and it was around 10:30 in the morning. Serena finally woke up feeling a little sore.

She was naked except for her open lingerie top which she removed. She looked over at Ash, he was still asleep, his upper half was covered by his white t-shirt, but his bottom half was nude. His penis laid there limp which gave Serena an idea.

Serena moved down across the bed and took Ash's member in her hand, soon it was in her mouth and she was gently sucking on it. Almost immediately Ash began erect, the penis lengthened and went so far into Serena's mouth she gagged a little.

After a couple minutes Ash awoke and looked down to see his girlfriend giving him a nice blowjob.

"Mmmm" Ash moaned. "That feels good".

Serena sucked and sucked, she would also swallow from time to time.

"Mmm, mmmmmmmm, mmm" Serena moaned.

"Serena I'm about to… eh…" Ash said.

Ash then came in Serena's mouth and she swallowed his salty essence.

"Ahhhhhh" Ash said. "What was that for"?

"For giving me the best night ever" Serena said smiling.

"Aw come here you" Ash said.

Serena pounced on top of Ash, they gave each other a barrage of kisses.

"I guess we should go take a shower" Ash said.

"Yep" Serena said.

She moved her vagina down on Ash's dick once and then pulled it out.

"Let's go" she said getting up and giving Ash a seductive look.

Ash got up and took off his shirt, he tossed it in the laundry basket then followed Serena to the bathroom. Serena turned the water on so it was at a warm temperature. Ash, not erect, entered the shower with her.

"Things are already wet" Serena said.

"Haha, I guess so" Ash replied.

They started kissing each other little by little. 5 minutes later Serena pushed Ash off.

"Ok we need to actually start washing each other or we'll just shrivel up in here".

They both put soap in their washcloths and started cleaning each other.

During the process they'd give each other small pecks in random places. It wasn't long until they washed the soap off.

"There is just one place left to clean" Ash said pointing to Serena's vagina. "And I know how to do it".

Ash had Serena put her arms on the wall and spread her legs. Ash then covered his penis in soap and shoved it into her.

"Oh it feels weird but also really good" Serena said.

"I, got, to, get, you really, clean, now" Ash said in between thrusts.

Thier bodies began making smacking noises from the naked watery contact. A little while later Ash came getting semen on Serena's insides and a little on the outside which soon was carried away by the water.

They got out of the shower and dried off. Ash just put on a pair of underwear and worked on breakfast. Serena got dressed for she was going to meet up with Shauna again and hang out.

When Serena left she said she would be too long and drove off. Serena felt the fresh breeze against her face, she drove to Shauna's house in a matter of minutes. Shauna was renting a house since she wanted to spend some time in Kanto.

Serena knocked on the door once she arrived.

"Hey Serena".

"Hey Shauna".

"Come on in" Shauna said.

"So what did you want to talk about"? Serena asked.

"Well I hopping to hear about this best night ever thing you told me about" Shauna said.

Serena started to blush.

"You really want to hear about that"?

"Yeah" Shauna said pupils getting bigger. "Just a little. Please, please, please, pleeeeeeeease"?

"Oh alright" Serena said. "I mean I arrived, he greeted me, we had dinner then talked for a while. Once we decided we were ready we went upstairs and…"

"And…?" Shauna asked.

"And… it was something that should go down in the history books" Serena said. "I never felt closer and loved Ash more".

"Wow" Shauna said.

"Even the foreplay was none of this earth" Serena said. "I felt my clothes for the first time, they weren't a barricade to the fun, it so good to slowly strip down alongside my man. Not to mention his shirt was super soft. I never wanted it to end. Once we did get to the main part we did it for a straight hour. Afterwards I wanted to do it with him again, so we did, After that he wanted to go again so we did. Then we went to sleep, and I never slept better. I may have been a little sore but I would have been willing to pay a lot more had I known it was going to be that good. Even this morning I decided to have a little fun with him just because I can, and he was up for it.

"Wow" Shauna said. "I would never had guessed it was that good".

"I will never forget that night" Serena said. "I'm not even sad we'll never be able to feel as good as then again, it doesn't matter to me".

"Serena" Shauna said. "Can I asked you something"?

"Anything" Serena said.

"I know you said how you let Ash get it on with other girls once a month" Shauna said. "Well, could I be Ash's once a month"?

Serena was a little surprised to hear that from her friend.

"Um, sure" Serena said. "I have a fashion show to go to tomorrow, so it you wanted to do it then"?

"That's perfect" Shauna said. "And Ash won't mind"?

"He'll be just fine with this" Serena said smiling. "We'll I should be going" Serena said walking out the door. "One last thing Shauna… I will warn you, you have no idea what you are getting into".

Serena then leaves a puzzled Shauna.

Once she returned home she told Ash about what happened.

"Shauna tomorrow. Sounds great" Ash said.

"I knew you'd like it" Serena said. "I can tell she has been wanting some lust for a while so, don't go too easy on her".

"Sure" Ash said.

To be continued…

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