Ash and All the Girls @darkness
Chapter 20 The Best Sex Ever

Ok guys here it is, the super sexy chapter I have been promising you. I have decided to turn this chapter into the peak of my dirty pokemon writing. I am going all out and ham even revamping this chapter to make it a big bang. I'm excited myself, tell me what you think of it. I will also have some surprising chapters coming up in the future for this story. ENJOY!

Side note, if you don't know what Ash's Kalos clothes look like, I suggest you look them up so you can imagine him better (The t-shirt is like the one he is wearing in the cover picture for this story).

It was a bright and sunny day in the world of pokemon. It was one of those days that felt like nothing in the world could go wrong, peace was truly in the air. The Kanto region was as happy as could be, more specifically the the town that quite often kept to itself and had it's own secrets, Pallet town. The pidgey and pidgeotto were flying through the sky, chirping. Down on the ground, dugtrio, weedles, spinarks, gravelers, even garydos are enjoying their day. Pikachu and the rest of the pokemon gang are sleeping in today. They are all huddled around each other in the big grey barn, nice and comfy.

At the Ketchum residence Ash and Serena were already awake. It was around 8:30am in the morning and they had already eaten. Ash was in his pajamas, sitting in the living room watching tv while Serena was upstairs, taking a shower. The blue soap on the shower-rack made her smell like fresh fruit, and her conditioner made her hair as smooth as silk. Once she was done a little perfume around the neck and on the boobs was all she needed to top herself off.

Ash and Serena were both excited for tonight, they planned to have the best sex ever. They had made love so many times, but this time they made an actual agreement to go all out, 110%. Since they were still so young and in their physical primes it was time to make personal history and experience sexual positions in the mightiest of glory possible. Ash did a little research on how to pleasure women to the extreme and will be ready to try what he has learned out on his lovely girlfriend. They have been together for a long time, but haven't had many memories to look back on. Sure it is only love making, but it will go in their inner history books forever and be one of the big romantic moments they share together.

Ash knew Serena planned to go out for the day and would return at night, so he had all day to get ready. He waited by the front door for his girlfriend to come and say goodbye. When Serena walked down the stairs Ash stared at her in amazement.

Serena was wearing a plain white, v-neck t-shirt with an unbuttoned red and black checkered flannel over it with the sleeves rolled up. She also had on dark blue skinny jeans.

"Well" Serena said smiling. "How do I look"?

"Incredible" Ash replied. "If we didn't plan anything I'd strip you right here and now".

"Aw, thanks Ash" Serena said blushing. "You always know what to say you perv".

She walked up to him and kissed him.

"I am going out" Serena said. "I planned to have a little girl talk with my friends. When I return… we can have our special night".

Serena kissed Ash again, this time he pulled her into him, rubbing his semi-hard self against her waist and kissing her with all the passion he had in the morning. After a quick mental revive from that hot moment, Serena left.

"Damn" Ash sighed while smiling. "Alright, time to get things ready".

Ash went outside to the barn all his pokemon occupied and told them he and Serena were having a 'date night' and did not wish to be bothered. All the pokemon agreed, knowing how rowdy their trainer could get with his females, even meganium chose to respect her master's needs. Ironically what Ash doesn't know is that all his pokemon know he is good in bed, so date night means sex which they are totally fine with leaving him to. Pikachu and a couple other pokemon are rooting for Ash tonight, they want him to score so they can keep a record of how many times in a year Ash gets laid. They like to brag about it when other trainer's pokemon try to say Ash is so lame for inventing incredible battle techniques. Ash Ketchum is a jack of all trades, a master of the battlefield and of the bedroom.

Ash checked the fridge to make sure the all the food for the great dinner he had planned would be ok to use. He was going to cook them a lovely fish dinner. In the world they lived in, pokemon were hunted and used for food, just not a lot. Ash and Serena mostly only had fish-like pokemon to eat, but they rarely ate that too. Ash was going to spend a little time relaxing. He didn't need to start the food for a while. Just thinking about Serena made him want to go and relieve himself but he wanted to be at his best for tonight. Might as well be as good a time as any to get cleaned up. He went to his room and grabbed his Kalos jacket, he decided rather than getting all fancy he'd take himself an Serena down a trip to memory lane as he dresses like he did back during their first journey together.


Serena meanwhile, was hanging out with a few girlfriends. She was with Shauna and Miette, they were at the next town over at a fancy café talking and having a good time.

"So Serena" Miette asked. "How have, you and Ash been"?

Serena blushed a little.

"Fine" she reply's.

"Oh no you don't" Miette said. "Don't go deflecting. I've heard how good he is as a romantic. Once that thick outer shell of his was broken by his first time, women are just as important as pokemon to him. I want some serious details".

"Yeah me too" Shauna said. "Have you guys… you know… fooled around yet"?

Serena sighed and said "A little".

"I knew it" Shauna said. "I thought you were glowing and I was right".

"I could tell she was glowing a couple months ago" Miette said. "I want to know what he does that makes him so good to the sac".

"What?! Serena asked shocked. "No. I'm not telling you two about what we've done!"

"Why not?" Miette asked. "I thought you would jump at an opportunity to make me jealous".

"Please Serena" Shauna begged. "Just a little bit. We are so curious" she says with a pouty expression.

"Alright, fine" Serena said. "But just a little. I guess the best place to start would be the beginning. It seems he almost knows when I want to do it, he gets that look in his eye, such love and passion, wanting to show me just how I affect him. He gently kisses me, and slowly feels my body. It's the little sensations that slowly envelop me and make me lose all sense of time. It becomes only him and me, and the heated passion breaks out all around us".

"Wow" Shauna says. "That is so cute".

"He'll then lay me down, and run his lips along the parts of me that are exposed. He'll usually remove his jacket, and tease me by touching one of my private areas. Then, within a few minutes, he'll slowly strip me down, until I am wearing nothing. I'll feel up his back and gradually pull his shirt off. I'll kiss his toned chest and move down lower to undo his pants and give him some relief. He doesn't tell me how to blow him or handy him, he just lets me do my thing and he loves it.

"You are killing me" Miette says. "But, go on".

"When we get to the serious part, he never goes animal or hurts me. He starts off slow, working his way into me, then going faster and faster until we release. He'll try different technics some nights. He even tied me up a couple times. The feeling of him inside me compared to any other guy is unbelievable. Our bodies feel as though they are moving as one. I feel like nothing else in the world matters, at least at that moment.

"Sounds like he is the one for you" Miette says. "I knew you two were a bigger deal than you let on back in Kalos".

"Ash is a great guy" Shauna says. "He is a great match for you Serena. I hope I meet my special someone soon".

"You will" Serena says. "You both will".

Miette stares at Serena for a moment.

"Are you two, planning on doing something tonight"?

Serena turns a darker shade of red and says "Is it that obvious"?

"No" Miette says. "It was just a feeling".

"Well I better be going" Serena says getting up. "I've got to get home for Ash".

"You two have fun tonight" Shauna said smiling.

"Hey Serena" Miette says snarky. "Wear a condom!"

Serena without even turning around grins and says "He's sterile so I can take it raw and true". She sways her hips with some sass as she heads to her car leaving the two girls gawking at both her luck and her newly brought about attitude.


Back at the house Ash was cooking dinner and setting the table. Brock had given him some pointers to sweep the women off their feet with food and Ash was sure going to use as much information as he could.

"The fish has about another 20 minutes" Ash says looking at the clock. "I guess I'll just take it easy. Don't want to get all sweaty just yet. Got to stay well kept for my lady".

It is around 5 in the afternoon and Serena is driving herself home.

"Aw man I am so excited" she thought. "It won't be long now".

Serena felt the fresh breeze in the sky against her face, she took a deep breath in and knew she was ready for Ash.

Once Serena got home she removed her shoes and socks by the door, right next to Ash's. She came over to the table and sat down, the food looked amazing. She soon heard Ash coming the down the stairs, and once he arrived, it was Serena's turn to stare at him in amazement.

Ash looked so handsome to her, she couldn't help but blush at seeing his nostalgic appearance. Ash was wearing his Kalos outfit which consisted of tight, dark blue jeans, his blue and white short sleeved, collared Kalos jacket over his comfortably fitting dark-grey t-shirt, which Ash claims in recent time he made super soft, just to increase Serena's horniness.

Ash removed his hat as it was just for a show and sat down at the table. With that both he and Serena began eating. Throughout their romantic dinner they shared some jokes and flirted ever so subtly.

"Mmmm" Serena said after a while. "Ash, this is delicious".

"Thanks" Ash said. "I was happy with how it turned out".

It only took them about 30 minutes or so to eat. Once they were finished, they sat in the living room for a short while and talked, digesting their food and waiting for their stomachs to return to normal flat sized. They talked, and teased, they even laughed a little. Ash told her the story of how Charizard saved him from Aerodactyl but then just blew fire on him anyways. Serena talked about how fletching used to peck at her to wake her up in the morning. Once the clock said 6 in the evening, they were both ready.

"Are you ready for the best sex ever"? Ash asked smiling.

"Oh but of course" Serena said. "I'm so excited. Come here you. Let's do this".

They walked up the stairs into the master bedroom. Ash closed the door once they were inside.

"I love you" Ash says to Serena.

"I love you too" she replies.

They walk up to each other, their eyes staring deeply into one another. Their souls bind together as they desire one another. Slowly they lean towards each other, the anticipation building. Their first kiss is the soft peck, the second was longer and more passionate. Then they go into a full on make out session.

Their kisses were deeper and more powerful than ever. Serena gently removed Ash's gloves and tossed them to the floor. Ash's hands then went around Serena's sides and he pulled her into him; feeling her breathing life against him made Ash feel like he truly had everything he wanted. He won his fair share of titles and tournaments, he has money to spend on wants, and he is even lucky enough to have this beautiful and kind girl want him so badly. Serena's arms wrapped around Ash's back and hold onto him, never wanting to let go. She was so happy to have the guy she loved for so many years choose her as the one he wanted to be with. He made her feel like royalty and that she was the only girl he ever really needed.

Eventually their kisses become a little shorter and faster. Their tongues meet in the middle, this time not battling for control but moving around each other in a nicer way, dancing, spreading their saliva to each other. The muscles intertwine and run along teeth and cheek alike. Serena felt her vagina getting a little wet, her skinny jeans were pushing on it causing her to feel restrained, she wanted Ash to strip her. The raven haired boy brought his hands down to Serena's ass, he gave her cheeks a little squeeze and got a soft moan form her mouth into his. Ash felt the bulge in his pants, he was getting harder and harder by the second. He wanted the release but knew the sexual tension alone would make him even crazier. The two of them were becoming very horney, the blood was rushing all-throughout their bodies, they were ready for more.

After about 10 minutes of pure making out, Ash's hands moved to Serena's shoulders. He slowly slid his fingers under the edges of her flannel and pushed it past her shoulders and down her arms until it hit the ground. They continued their intense kissing. With his right hand Ash rubbed one of Serena's breasts while his left went down and felt around her thigh, getting her to bring it up and rest on his hip. With one hand Serena was holding onto the back of Ash head, pressing him into her face, the other began rubbing the outside of his jeans, feeling the rock hard flesh underneath. Ash sighed gruffly every few kisses as he lost himself in being played with. Serena's hands slithered around Ash's torso, then up to his neck. She grabbed the zipper of his jacket and slowly pulled it down, the slight vibration sound lasting longer than one would notice until it was undone. She listened to the slow sound of the teeth unlocking. Serena's index fingers then hooked into Ash's pant loops as she grinded her midsection into him. Their clothes received most of the feeling, but the motions they made, made them want to be inside one another.

"Black, blue and white are definitely your colors" Serena says parting from Ash after he gasps from her friction.

Their lips separated completely, Ash and Serena stared at each other and smiled. Serena laid down on the bed, Ash took off his jacket and then got on top of her. He laid down on Serena and she put her hands back on him. For the first time tonight she felt the fabric of Ash's plain dark-grey t-shirt, it was the softest thing she ever felt. The cotton fabric felt like silk, she ran her fingers along her lover's back and every inch had the same feeling.

"Wow Ash"! she said. "You weren't kidding. This thing is so soft. It's like Arcanine fur but I know it isn't".

"Feeling more turned on"? Ash asked.

"Mmmmmmm. A lot more" Serena said. "This is awesome".

"I did it for myself at first, but when you told me how soft material did it for you, I knew I had to surprise you hehe" Ash continues.

The one thing about Serena was she got turned on by soft material, since Ash's shirt was 'the softest thing she has felt in her life' Serena knew they were in for one heck of a night.

Ash took advantage of her v-neck and began kissing her neck and the little bit of her chest the shirt didn't cover. Serena gave soft moans of pleasure and ever so slightly rocked her body with Ash's. He sucked on her collarbone before kissing lower trying to push the v-neck as far as he could with his lips.

Ash's hand gripped the left breast of Serena and squeezed, increasing the volume of her moaning. He cupped and felt the fleshy jug through his fingers. After a little fun the hand slid further down Serena's body, moving Serena's top up an inch to graze her stomach with his fingers. Serena got chills from the light sensation and dug her neck into the pillow she laid on. Ash's hand went even further and pulled on Serena's thigh, it bent at the knee and got pulled into Ash. He used his other hand to hold onto the bed help him dry hump Serena. He continued to suck on the skin of her neck, as Serena's chin went higher, he moved towards the middle of her neck getting as close to biting her skin as possible without actually doing so.

"Ash" Serena whispered. "Please, I need a little relief".

"Alright" Ash said.

Ash undid Serena's skinny jeans and pulled them down a little, he then placed his palm over her pink panties and circled her privates feeling the underwear slowly turn more damp. Ash pressed harder trying to drive his finger into the divot of her panties, he could hear Serena begging for more as her vagina quivered from his touch.

Eventually Ash budged and grabbed the waist of Serena's pants. He jerked them down using one side then the next getting them to her ankles. Ash then grabbed the foot holes of her jeans and yanked the jeans off completely in a quicker, smoother motion. He pinched the bottom cover of her underwear and moves it off to the side.

"It looks great" Ash says admiring the well taken care of hole that glistens before him. Serena gave him a little blush as he then bent his head down. Ash opened Serena's vagina with two fingers and inserted his tongue.

"Ahhhh, mmm, ahhhhhh" Serena would say as her man ate her out.

Ash's tongue would teasingly lick the outer rim them dive as far as it could go into her. Ash tasted the salty juices Serena had to offer, his tongue drooled into her, causing Serena to lose it. While his tongue worked the inside, Ash used a couple fingers to message to outside. Serena asked for some relief and she was glad she did. Ash worked his tongue up to the little clit and savored the taste as Serena jerked her lower half. The tan hands roamed up and down the supple pink skin of Serena's bare thighs. He worked all parts of his mouth as he practically sucked on her nether regions, speeding up a little to push her over the edge.

A few minutes later Serena came, her juices leaked onto the ground for she moved not wanting to dirty the bed just yet. While she recovered Ash kissed her waist. He entangled his fingers into the hem of her t-shirt and pushed up to her neck. The shirt hooked on one boob but was pulled over the other exposing the cup of Serena's detailed pink bra. Ash prodded her stomach with his tongue and trailed his way up, turning the motion into open-mouthed kisses. He kissed and tasted multiple sections of her torso feeling her deep breathing push her skin into him more. He kissed in between each exposed rib on her left side before tracing the sternum to kissing the material in between her bra. He stayed there for a moment, kissing in her center, taking in her scent and listening to the soft moans of reassurance.

Ash then looked up and the honey blonde girl with her remaining clothes barely covering anything anymore. He liked looking at her like this. She was at his mercy, mostly exposed, just smiling at him. He shot his face forward kissing her roughly, Serena's hands holding his face as she took him in. They kissed a few times before parting.

"Oh wow, that was great" Serena said as the couple progressively flipped themselves over so now she was on top. "I think it's your turn now".

"Sounds good to me" Ash says before he sits up and Serena puts her arms in the air. Ash grabs the hem of her shirt and slowly pulls it up. He stripped her of the top and tossed it out of the way before laying back down. The hot blonde was left in nothing but her bright pink undergarments.

Serena's attention moved down below, she unbuckled Ash's belt, her eagerness showing in the loud metallic clinking being audible to the whole room. Quickly the belt was pulled out of his pants and got thrown to the ground. Next Serena worked undoing the button and then moved to yanking the zipper of Ash's jeans. With the restrictions taken care of she got the pants off of him. Finally Serena pulled Ash's underwear down to his knees so she could witness his long, sturdy penis in all of its glory.

"It is as wonderful as I remember" Serena said.

"I'm glad you like it" Ash said. "It serves me quite well".

Serena gripped Ash's tip in between her thumb and index finger, using them she massaged back and forth. The sensation was tight and painful on Ash, but the teasing just got him more amped up. Serena eventually worked all her fingers in and was soon firmly grasping the cock on her hand. She began to lick the tip and circle around it with her tongue. Within a few seconds Serena moved the member further and further into her mouth, going down until it hit the back of her throat. Serena blew Ash in long, slow movements using her hand to jerk the bottom part she couldn't get to in motion with her head. She'd gradually pull it out and lick it like an ice cream cone, keeping it form being too wet. She'd even run her lips up along the side and smile whenever Ash shivered from the feeling.

Then she'd put it back in her mouth and continue sucking. The combined abilities of her tongue and her mouth, Serena gave Ash head like never before. She went up and down, up and down again and again for about 5 minutes. Ash was surprised she was going this long as he was made aware when they were first ever intimate about how easily her jaw cramps up. The truth was Serena didn't mind doing this for Ash one bit. She liked the taste of his flesh.

"Mmmm, just like that" Ash would say. "Ahhhhhh, you are so good Serena". He ran his hand through her hair, twirling it in his fingers. Instead of closing his eyes, he kept his neck up and watched everything she did, amazed at how sexy Serena was.

Serena later started swallowing Ash's dick, her force was so strong Ash felt the rush going threw his member. She moved all the way down on the penis, gagging herself, and in dealing with the pressure her tongue came out to lick Ash's balls.

"Oh fuck" Ash says. "This is so hot. I'm about to come".

Serena removed Ash's penis and right after semen shot out and onto the corner of the bed. It felt good, but his member lost no hardness from that last transaction. Ash was so horny he felt as if he could go all night.

"Ahhhhh" Ash moaned. "That felt really good. Thank you".

"Of course" Serena said. "But you don't need to thank me. We're in this together and I want us to experience every moment of passion as a couple".

"Well then I guess we should experience the main event" Ash grins.

He then has Serena lay back down and kisses her body. Sticking his tongue out for short intervals then just going back to his lips. Ash kissed from Serena's neck in a straight line down through her boobs, passed her stomach, his fingers softly following not too far behind, down to her legs where he then took off her panties completely.

Serena reached back and unclasped her bra, after the snap she crossed her arms as she pulled down her left strap, then her right, smiling as Ash stared intensely with anticipation. Seeing as she intended to make him do it, Ash reached out in a careful motion to take it off her and toss it away. Ash began a kissing assault on Serena's breasts, he made contact with every single part of them. They were soft but didn't collapse from his lips. The surface of the skin was so pure, so clean, it had no flavor but he loved that it was all Serena. Then Ash circled each nipple with his tongue and gently sucked on them. During this Serena entangled her hands in Ash's raven hair. She massaged his head as a way to tell him he was doing good. Ash kissed Serena boobs for a solid 10 minutes.

"Wow you are really going at them" Serena said.

"I can't help it, I just love these things" Ash replies. "I need to feel every part of you, because I love every part of you".

Ash yanked his blue boxers off and dropped them to the floor. With better access to his dick Serena jerked it slowly not wanting to leave it alone. He was going to remove his shirt when he stopped.

"I'm going to leave this on" he says firmly.

"I was going to ask you to" Serena said still running her hands all over the shirt.

"Some how, I think it's turning me on more" Ash continues, smiling. "From the bed, to seeing your amazing body, to the clothing, I'm just so hard. Haha, this is definitely my favorite shirt now".

Ash eagerly reaches over to the dark oak nightstand and was now going to reach for a condom when Serena tells him to wait. He stares at her with that innocent look of concern whenever he overreacts to her responses and thinks she's uncomfortable. It was such a wrong thing to do but yet it made her happy to know how quickly he'd drop out of lover mode and care about her emotionally.

"I don't want you to wear a condom, at least not this time" she said.

"Really?!" Ash asks like an ecstatic child. "ALRIGHT! This is going to be so awesome".

Serena laid down on her back and Ash adjusted himself on his knees and readies himself at her entrance. At that moment, Ash eased his penis into Serena's love cave, slowly going deeper and deeper until his full eight inches was inside of her. The stayed like that for a moment as the blonde girl caught her breath and adjusted to the strecthing taking place. Ash soon began moving in and out, in and out, going at a moderate pace.

"Ahhhh, ahhhhh, mmmmmm, oohhhhh" Serena moaned. "Oh this is greaaaat".

"Serena, I love you" Ash whispers to her.

"I love you to Ash" Serena says.

"You are mine, and I am yours" Ash continues. "I love being a pokemon trainer, but when you kissed me back at that airport all those years ago, I felt complete. I'll never let you go".

"You are just the best" Serena says. "You make me feel great no matter where and when. When I'm with you life just feels at peace. I'm wetter then ever before, and I crave you".

Ash went in deeper, deeper, and deepest, he rocked her body until she got used to him. With every going smoothly he then started to go faster, their bodies were revving to match the humping. The warm smooth interior of Serena gripped Ash member tightly and pulled on him, giving him the most satisfying feeling. Ash's balls began to lightly slap against Serena's butt, she knew he was all the way in. Serena could feel the shockwaves of pleasure as Ash was moving inside her, knowing he was in her, making almost one whole being. Serena was releasing small amounts of juices for she could not contain it all anymore, but she surprisingly held out for the both of them. Coming at a surprise, Ash began jizzing into her, 3 short bursts of liquid love ran through her as the young man's balls rose into him a bit. After taking a couple deep breathes Ash went back to the pounding. They were both shocked he was going again almost instantly but Ash realized he had the drive in this moment, and he wasn't about to let himself lose it.

Lengthy time was passing, but to the lovers having the time of their lives, it felt as it had been just a few moments. While still penetrating her, Ash laid his upper half back down onto her body to feel her heat. Serena orgasmed again once her front side was exposed to the shirt. Ash began to kiss in between Serena's breasts giving her even more to sense, his whole body felt around hers and she felt his. Being in each other's grasp allowed their love to fill the room. Their hearts contained the ultimate passion one could hold for another, and that passion but being run throughout their persons as they made love. Ash's thrusts became powerful as he sent enormous amounts of pleasure straight into Serena's core, her body was being overwhelmed with the sensations. She orgasmed for the 3rd time clamping around his member, things inside her were so slick she could feel Ash still driving his way through her. As he continued, Ash looked at Serena. In a loose state of mind he watched her strained face as she had shut her eyes to handle the contracting her muscles. While Ash penetrated, laying on Serena pushed his dark grey, super soft shirt into his chest, it smoothly rubbed against his pecks and felt amazing, combine that with every centimeter of his cock being dragged by Serena's insides, and he could feel the force of release roar all throughout his body. They normally would be feeling sore by now, but all those feelings left their minds as they screwed. All they focused on was the pleasure they were experiencing. It was as if they were entering another plain of existence. Ash and Serena began to feel so good they felt less human and more spiritual, more primal. In this moment, they only belonged to each other and no one else, not even the planet they lived on.

The speed of the two continued to increase. "Ah, oh, oh, uh, ah, mmm, mmm, make this permanent" Serena yelled.

At this point Ash has been penetrating Serena for an hour straight and they are finally getting close to the end. Ash stopped concentrating on the girl's face and just looked down at her bouncing breasts, unable to hold his head up anymore, just before his final boss of semen arrived. The combination of Ash's amazing penis and his t-shirt sent Serena to a land of eustasy she never felt in her life. Serena's hands grabbed the middle part of Ash's shirt and held on while she had the greatest orgasm of the night. Serena's juices flowed out of her like a waterfall. She moaned as loud as she could, practically sounding animalistic, she lost her sense of decency and just came. Once she was done she released Ash's shirt and she was relaxing internally. Ash during this was still doing her, amazed by her reactions and the effect he had on her. A few seconds later it was his turn to come. His left hand was holding onto the bed, the right one was surprisingly grabbing a good hold of his shirt just like Serena did. His dick was seizing and his anus was clenching and unclenching each second. Ash's moans turned into groans as he pounded Serena as fast as he could, the pressure built up more and more before having a pint of semen leave him.

Ash could feel the rush explode out of him. "Ah, Serena, I LOVE YOU! AAAAHHHHHH!" His essence poured into Serena, filling her insides with his love, the cum cream-pied out and splashed around their midsections as Ash finished.

Once he was done Ash pulled out and laid down next to Serena blacking out for a few seconds as this immense orgasm took all the energy he had in a freak of nature instance, both of them were heavily panting. After a little time to recover from the unbelievable experience, they loosely turned to look at each other.

"So" Ash says in between breaths. "That was the best sex ever am I right"?

"Oh yeah" Serena said. "Nothing will ever be near as good as tonight was… no offense".

"None taken" Ash said. "I out did myself. I set a record that I do not plan on passing after tonight".

Several minutes had passed since they released and Serena soon got on all fours and looked at Ash with lustful eyes. Her butthole was clean and small, untouched but ready with the lube they both physically produced and ran down to that part.

"Get it in there" she says. "I've never been one for doing something so unnatural, but tonight, I really want it".

"I was hoping I could possibly tempt you" Ash says rising to reach her body. "I'm excited".

Ash brought his arms out of his shirt sleeves and pushed the whole clothing article up and off his body leaving it on the nightstand. First using a probing finger to prep her, then with cock in hand, Ash rammed into her ass.

Ash gave Serena wet and hard thrusts as he pounded her butt. Ash could feel his penis getting longer just with this, things were so tight it was hard to move. The hotness of the situation masked the pain for the. Serena's eyes were closed and she was moaning through her teeth. It felt so weird but it was also erotic to have someone fill the other hole. Serena's muscles were stretching for Ash's huge member impaling her. She bent form her hands onto her forearms, sticking her rear end further up so Ash could get into her more. She felt exposed, her cheeks flushed, Serena lost all law and order of her body as she took the anal. Ash's pre-cum slowly poured into her ass, filling every crevice. Serena could feel herself widening with these strong, invading thrusts until it was too much for her and she came again, pretty much at the same time Ash fully came into her again. Ash released so much it leaked out of Serena and rolled down to her pelvis before dripping off.

"Together now Serena" Ash strains to say.

"Y-yeah" Serena responds in obvious pain.


"Mmmmmaahhhhh"! They both yell as Ash erupts deep inside Serena and as her juices explode onto the bed.

For the second time they laid back and panted.

"Let it be... set in stone" Ash said. "This night was the night... we had the best sex ever".

"Best sex to ever exist in this world" Serena corrects smiling.

Once again resting after a heated exchange, Ash and Serena tossed all their clothes in the hamper to be washed another day. However, Ash's shirt was put into a separate laundry basket, Ash said he'd wash and wear it only for only specific occasions to keep the valuableness of the shirt special. It also needed to be washed a different way.

After all the lust, all the passion, and all the loving, Serena went to take a shower. It refreshed her after having places licked, sweat, and groped, she just felt too 'dirty' too sleep. Ash changed the bed sheets and rubbed himself over with a wet washcloth to clean himself up a bit. That one orgasm took a lot out of him and even though he wanted to clean up, he didn't feel like showering. Ash changed into a plain white t-shirt and light blue underwear. He now was laying in bed with his eyes closed, relaxing for the first time in over 2 hours. The sound of the water hitting the walls in the bathroom were actually quite soothing to listen to. He found himself smiling because of how satisfied he was with the job he performed on Serena.

Once the water stopped running Ash opened his eyes and waited for his girlfriend to come into the room. Serena came in dressed in a lacey black bra and panties each with respective red outlines, she also wore a loose black lingerie top that was only held together by a tied, red bow in the middle.

Serena leaned herself against a wall and put her arms up, mouth gaping, a saddened look of pleading escaped her eyes.

"What's going on"? Ash asked laughing a little.

"We have done so much already but I'm still wanting some Ash. The night is still young, so I thought we'd make the best of it" she replies.

"I'd like to take you up on your offer." Ash says. "But I think my batteries still need to recharge" he says gesturing to his privates.

Serena turned around, she put her hands on her ass and slowly shook it, this caused a bulge to appear in Ash's boxers.

"It looks to me, like you found some back-up batteries" Serena says smiling.

Ash just smiled back at her. "Come here you" he says.

Serena got onto the bed and climbed on top of Ash, she then began to kiss him with renewed hunger. She rubbed her butt against Ash's bulge making him more turned on. Ash runs his hands through Serena's hair, they were going slower than before but they were committed. Serena drags her body along Ash's as she brings her head above his and gets her chest in his face. Seeing free skin Ash goes and starts kissing that instead, nipping at her flesh. The Ketchum boy goes and bites the knot on her top soon after. Serena then pulls back undoing to knot, and starts relaxing her arms to let her top slide right off.

Serena pushed Ash's shirt up just passed his nipples. She then kissed his chest, these kisses were deep and passionate just like earlier in the night. She'd swirl her tongue around his nipples before slowly moving down to his waist. Then Serena came back up and smashed her lips back onto Ash's making him harder with her unpredictable moves.

Ash was starting to get fired up, he he gripped Serena's thighs and told her he wants it. Serena removed her bra and slid her panties to her ankles where she kicked them off. She tore Ash's underwear off and then hopped onto his dick. This time it slid in with minimal resistance, but the wonderful feeling for the girl was all the same.

Serena began riding Ash, she used her hips to bring her as high up as she could go, then dropping back down onto the member. Her hands were firmly on Ash's chest, her fingers taking refuge under the remaining section his shirt, the white material rising ever so slightly more with the bouncing. The bed started to creak a little with their continuous rocking, it being an unfortunate bearer of all of their evening pleasantries. The pleasure resurfaced within both of them as Ash's dick once again feeling pleasured, comforted Serena's wet insides. Serena had to admit as much as she loved feeling owned by Ash, this sensation of holding him down and watching him react to her influence was a nice change of pace.

Although only after a few minutes Ash couldn't control himself and he released inside Serena. Serena moaned as she felt the warm liquid fill her body, soon her essence retaliated against Ash's, shooting down onto him.

After all was said and done Serena drained her pussy and pulled her black panties back on not wanting to sleep 100 percent naked, Ash in turn fixed his shirt so it was fitting not wanting to risk the bunching up ruining his eventual slumber. Laying on the bed all snuggled up, Serena was holding onto Ash, rubbing his chest, their eyes were closed. The room smelled of sweat and great decisions. A few minutes later, out of nowhere, Ash flipped over on top of Serena surprising her.

"Again"? she asked shocked.

"Just one more time" Ash says looking serious.

"Ok, bring it" Serena replies with a sigh.

Their lips met once again as they passionately kissed. Their tongues go and meet in the middle and push up against one another. These two were getting seriously worn, but their drive for a sex-filled night kept them going. One of Serena's hands roamed the bottom half of Ash's back while the other grabbed his semi-hard member and jerked him to full go again. She liked playing with him, knowing her touch made him get like that every time. It wasn't long until Ash shifted his focus to sucking on Serena's boobs again. The teasing of her nipples got Serena in the mood fairly easily. He planted kisses all along her chest causing Serena to give soft, but tired, moans of enjoyment.

Without removing them, Ash pushed her panties to the side so he had decent enough access to her vagina. Ash then grabbed the back of his shirt's neck hole and swiftly pulled it off and tossed it away. He was so heated up as much as he wasn't a fan of sleeping nude either, he made this choice to avoid sweating and getting scummier than he already was.

For the final time tonight Ash penetrated Serena. She was so used to feeling him inside her now but it still continued to feel so good for both of them. Ash's member was rubbing against every inch of Serena's now really sensitive vagina, engraving it's presence permanently into her. His balls lightly slapped against Serena's ass proving he was going kind of fast right threw the gates. Serena's breasts jiggled slightly as she moved with Ash's thrusts, she grabbed onto the railing of the back of the bed to hold onto while Ash rammed her. Her destroyed and giving in look was so enticing, so Ash stopped going fast and went in hard, then pulled back, waited a few seconds, and then slammed in her hard again. Ash did this about a dozen times and got their horny bodies to a point where the rush hit both of them, allowing them to come for the final time tonight.



Ash pulled out and they collapsed onto the bed, the orgasms wiped Ash out and made Serena lose all thinking capabilities. They started going to sleep happy as could be.

"Best night ever" Ash says to himself just before drifting off to sleep.

To be continued…

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