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Chapter 19 Waiting for Greatness Part II

Guys I will promise you that there won't be any yaoi or anything weird like that one chapter I deleted ever again. Next chapter will be the intense chapter that I have been promising you guys. For now, enjoy this one.

Ash had two days left until he was going to have his special night with Serena, he wanted to have a little 'practice' before hand but she said they'd have to wait until that night. Ash decided to spend the day with his friend Dawn.

Dawn got over her crush on Ash and is with her new boyfriend now. Although her and Ash were still friends. They met up and things were a little awkward, since they haven't been intimate in a very long time. Today they were going to hang out together, Ash did bring Pikachu with him.

Eventually they found each other at the pokemon center. Dawn was dressed the way she always was, Ash was in his Johto outfit.

"Hey Dawn" Ash said once they first met up.

"Hi Ash it's good to see you" Dawn said with a smile on her face.

"Likewise" Ash replied. "Is there somewhere you wanted to go? I'm fine with pretty much anything".

"I wanted to go to this brand new museum in Blackthorn City" Dawn said.

"Sounds good to me" Ash said. "Let's go".

It was about 20 minutes later when they arrived at the museum. Ash taught Dawn about Entei, Raikou, and Suicune when they saw the statues of those three. He told her about their abilities and what things they have done. Dawn was interested in what happened.

Later she told Ash more about Dialga and Palkia which interested Ash. Anything pokemon related interested Ash.

They had been in the museum for a couple hours and were soon going to leave. Ash and Dawn did visit a room the used to belong to a famous pokemon trainer. But before they could leave the door shut closed and locked, the bang caused the limit switch on the heater to go off so the temperature in the room started to go up.

Dawn could see this from the little window.

"This is bad" she said. "The temperature is rising".

"I'll get us out of this" Ash said.

He tried his best to open or break down the door but it was useless.

"I guess we'll just need to hope someone finds us soon" Dawn said.

Ash realized Pikachu was on the other side of the door and told him to go get help. The mouse pokemon ran off in search of help.

"Pikachu will get us out of this" Ash said. "We'll be out of here in no time".

Ash sat next to Dawn on the bench in the room and took his hat and gloves off, Dawn removed her hat as well. The room was around 80 degrees for the time being.

Pikachu ran as fast as he could, he ran into the main lobby but a guard kicked him out since his trainer wasn't with him. Pissed off, Pikachu needed to find a way back into the museum. He used iron tail on an outside vent and ran into it hoping he could save his best friend.

Now the room was 85 degrees and rising, Ash took off his jacket to try to cool off a little. Since his clothes were just slightly heavier than Dawn's, she was doing a little better than he was.

"Well this was an interesting way for our day to go" Ash said.

"Well" Dawn said. "I'd rather be stuck in a room with you than most other people".

"Thanks" Ash said.

Pikachu was slowly but surely making his way into the museum. Once he got back in he had maneuver his way passed the guards. He managed to trick on into following him where he gave the guy the slip. Pikachu then hit the one sitting at the front desk with his tail and the guy was unconscious.

Pikachu needed to find the camera guy so before he would get kicked out he could show the guy where Ash and Dawn were. Pikachu looked around but was becoming a little lost. It took him a few minutes to find the directory and see where the security room was. Once he found it Pikachu ran in that direction.

Time was running out though, the room was up to 100 degrees. Ash and Dawn were sweating a normal amount but they could feel the slight dehydration coming on.

"I hope Pikachu gets help soon" Dawn says.

"I knew he'' get us out of this" Ash said. "He is the most determined pokemon I know".

"I wonder where he got that from"? Dawn asked rhetorically.

Soon Ash couldn't take it anymore.

"I didn't want to have to do this but I need to take this off".

Ash pulled his black t-shirt off his body and laid it in his lap. Dawn blushed a little and shifted in her seat. Ash knew what she wanted to do so he turned away from her so now he was looking at the wall.

"If you want to… you know" he said a little nervously. "I won't look".

Dawn thought about it for a moment and then pulled her black tank top off to reveal her white bra. They looked at each other's backs from their peripheral vision and blushed.

Pikachu finally found the camera room and noticed the guy was asleep (of course). Pikachu zapped the guy awake.

"Ah jeez" the guard said. "What's the big idea"?

"Pika-pikachu. Pika pika pikachu pika" Pikachu tried to explain.

"Wait a minute" the guard said. "You don't have an owner with you which means you cannot be in here".

Pikachu ran on top of the camera system before the guy could catch him and pointed to one of the cameras.

"What the"? the guard said looking at the camera. "Why are they not fully clothed in there"? Wait, they are trapped aren't they"?

Pikachu shook his head to say yes.

"Let's go get him" the guard said.

They quickly ran to the aid of Ash and Dawn.

The room was now 120 degrees and Ash and Dawn were getting woozy.

"Ash" Dawn said. "If by… by any chance, that we don't make it out of, here…"

"Don't talk like that" Ash said. "Pi-pikachu, is going, to get us out of here. No, doubt".

A few seconds later the door opens and cool air floods the room. Pikachu jumps into Ash's arms and hugs him.

"Aw Pikachu" Ash said. "Thank you. I knew you could do it".

"Thanks Pikachu" Dawn said.

They got their clothes back on and Ash drove Dawn back to the pokemon center, he then went home from there.

Pikachu went to go play with the other pokemon and Ash stayed inside to kiss Serena hello.

"Did you have fun"? she asked.

"Yep" Ash replied.

"Good" Serena said. "I'm almost done with dinner. Go wash your hands".

"Yes ma'am" Ash said saluting her.

He went upstairs and washed his hands.

Ash started thinking about what happened with him and Dawn. He thought about how she was still willing to be shirtless near him. These thoughts turned Ash on and little and he quickly stripped down to his t-shirt and underwear. This was usually the attire Ash wore to bed and to masturbate.

Ash sat on his bed and pulled his underwear down to his ankles. Ash's penis was erect and he began pumping it, trying to get the pleasure out fast so he could go eat.

Ash didn't know why he was turned on to Dawn all of a sudden but he was hard alright. Ash's hand moved up and down faster. His other hand rubbed his chest for more pleasure.

"Come on, come on" he said. "Ahhhhhhh" Ash said as he came.

Ash's white semen leaked out of his hole and onto the floor. He quickly cleaned it up and got dressed.

Ash then went downstairs to have dinner with his girl. They were ready for their special night.

To be continued…

Ok guys, next chapter will be one of the best chapters this story has ever seen.

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