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Chapter 18 Waiting for Greatness Part I

Ok a few things I need to say. First off I'm sorry for that crappy chapter 18 I made, I deleted it and will replace it with this one. Also, for a while I cannot take anymore requests because I am overbooked with stories. Other than the story I promised The Constitutionalist and KJC71790 I am sticking with the stories I have going on. if you would like to give a SUGGESTION about something the characters do in one of my already going on stories go ahead, but not an idea for a whole new concept. As for now, enjoy this story.

That special night including the very soft clothes was approaching rapidly. Ash told Serena in 3

days, on that Sunday, he would give her the best night ever.

Serena never really understood why soft things made her horny, it just sort of happened. Just like today, she told Ash she didn't want to do it until their special night arrived.

"What a stupid idea that was" Serena said. "I suppose in the meantime I'll have to find something to occupy myself".

That day, Serena went to the shopping center in town. Pallet town was receiving a town revamp. They were becoming more technological and more efficient.

At the store, Serena had an idea of something to do to keep her mind busy. She bought a new, fluffy rug for their bedroom. Serena also bought some new… 'toys' for herself.

It wasn't very expensive, but it would have been worth it either way. She also took the time to stock up on groceries since Ash wrote a list. Serena drove herself home after around an hour of shopping.

Once she arrived home Serena unloaded the groceries in the fridge and cabinets and went upstairs. Serena went into the bedroom and she set her bag of toys on the dresser. Serena then replaced the old rug which went into the garbage, with the new fluffy one she bought.

Serena then undressed down to her bra and panties and told herself it was time to play. She laid down onto the rug and almost immediately she became turned on.

"Wow" she said. "Soft things really are a turn on for me".

She rolled around on the rug for a couple minutes until she wanted more.

Serena took off her panties and went over to her bag. She pulled out a small dildo and brought it over to the rug. She thought about Ash as she pushed the rubber into her.

"Oh Ash" Serena said. "Ohhhhhh Ash".

She didn't go in too deep with the dildo, but it was effective. She tortured herself with it to the point of moaning.

Serena's other hand went to her breasts as she felt them up. erena played with herself like that for a while, until she eventually came.

As for Ash, he went out for the day, and he too wanted some action before the big night. Ash went to see an old friend of his Angie.

The two of them had always been similar, Ash knew Angie liked him a little, although, Ash wanted to see how far she'd go.

Ironically enough, Ash was dressed in his Sinnoh outfit. Once he found Angie who has been working part time at her parent's other day care in Kanto she greeted him with a hug.

"Hey Angie" Ash said.

"Hey Ash" Angie replied. "It's been a long time huh"?

"Too long" Ash replied.

"I hear you're some big shot with the ladies now" Angie said.

"Sort of" Ash said a little nervous.

"Well" Angie said getting closer to Ash. "You wanna try me out"?

"Wait" Ash said. "It's as easy as that".

"Yep" Angie replied. "I've been laid lots of times. I've bet I've gotten it on more times than you have".

"You'd lose that bet" Ash replied confidently.

"Then prove it" Angie said. "Show me your experience".

Angie took Ash into her house, past her parents and into the bathroom where she locked the door.

"My parents are home so we have to be quiet" Angie says. "But I want to do you in this bathroom".

"There's nothing wrong with being safe" Ash said holding out a condom.

Angie smiled and began to kiss Ash.

Ash had never kissed Angie before, her lips were forceful, but still comforting at the same time. Angie wanted to tear into Ash right away, but she restrained herself the best she could. She at least needed to get things moving so she pulled on Ash's hands and got his gloves off.

Ash knew things were picking up so he pulled off Angie's while sweatband on her one arm. Soon Angie slowly took off Ash's hat and placed it on the counter by the sink.

After a few more minutes Angie unzipped Ash's vest, pulled it open, then pushed it back off his shoulders where it fell off his arms, onto the tile ground. Angie's hands felt Ash's chest through his t-shirt, it was nicely toned, perfect for any girl.

Ash grabbed and pulled off Angie's green shirt, he tossed it to the ground and started kissing her neck. Angie gave whispery moans from feeling Ash's lips on her neck.

"Mmmm, ahhhhhh" she would say.

A minute later Angie's hands went under Ash shirt and pushed it up. Once it couldn't go any higher Ash pulled it off, Angie took it from his and laid it on the counter instead of on the ground.

"Your t-shirt is white, on the ground it could get dirty, and my parents are very observant. They could figure out we were doing stuff" Angie said.

"Fine by me" Ash said.

Angie began kissing Ash's bare chest, it felt amazing to both of them. Angie soon kneeled down and undid Ash's jeans and pulled them to his ankles, soon then went his underwear. Angie then went about sucking Ash's hard dick.

"Mmmmm" Ash said. "Yes… just like that".

Angie moaned every time she moved the appendage into her mouth. Ash tasted great, Angie thought she might as well be sucking a celebrity off. It wasn't long until angie got bored though and stood up.

Angie's pants and panties went to her ankles, meanwhile Ash put the condom on.

"Give it to me hard" Angie said.

Ash gladly rammed into Angie's hole pushing her into the wall. Ash went in and out as fast as he could, the sensation was incredible. Ash went so fast his balls began to slap against Angie's ass which turned her on that much more.

After 15 minutes Angie came first. It took a few more minutes until Ash released his load into the condom.

"Ok" Angie said getting dressed. "You won".

"Thanks" Ash said also getting dressed.

Ash said goodbye to his friend and went home to his girlfriend. They only had two days left to wait.

To be continued…

remember Ash is allowed it do it with other girls, Serena allows it. I hope this chapter was ok. In 2 chapters I will write the 'special night'. Trust me, it will be great.

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